All That Followed: A story of cancer, kids and the fear of leaving too soon

Emma Campbell - 2018
    This is a deeply felt memoir about motherhood, survival and learning to live for whatever life throws at you." CLOVER STROUD, author of The Wild OtherAn extraordinary story of facing life s multiple (!) trials with love, resilience and courage, told in Emma s warm, funny and unflinchingly honest style. AMY McCULLOCH, author of Jinxed and The Potion DiariesWith four children (three of them triplets!) and a relationship break-up to contend with, some things get a little lost in the mix. Like symptoms. Emma Campbell bravely and honestly offers heartfelt thoughts on what happens when cancer becomes an unwelcome guest at an already crowded party. She shares her own terror and pain, mixed with the heartwarming and unexpected. The extraordinary kindness of people and the gritty detail of battling a life-threatening illness, all while being a single mum to four children. She opens up about her angels and demons, losing and then finding love again, a constant fear of death mixed with the joy and relief of living, the anxiety of cancer returning - then facing it when it does. This book has grown from Emma's blog Me And My Four. Eager to share with her followers in more detail, the secrets, the fears, the triumphs and the terrors that she faces each day, in a life as unpredictable as your

Adventures of an Air Force Wife

Becky Corwin-Adams - 2013
    If being a young military wife wasn't difficult enough, add a baby to the family. The adventures begin at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois where the family of three lived in their first apartment. An overflowing bathtub, a missing hamster, and some too close neighbors added to the mayhem. To make life even more exciting, the young family was forced to leave their "comfort zone" in the midwest and relocate to cold, snowy Minot, North Dakota. Can you imagine moving 1,400 miles from home in the middle of winter at tender age of 18? Arriving in a far off northern tier state with no home, no furniture, and not much money presented many unique challenges. Share the adventures as a young mother daydreams about the rich people who shopped at the former fur store she lived above. Did she find any forgotten fur coats in the vault at Van de Streek Furs? This book details a young family's struggle to survive the brutal North Dakota winters, and creatively live on an airman's pay. Have you ever gone dumpster diving to provide for your family? The adventures take place in the '70s, before cell phones and the internet. Remember CB radios? In the '70s, they were a great way to communicate and meet new people. Would you entrust the care of your baby to someone you met on the CB radio? Read about the family's move to the coveted base housing, which came with a new set of rules and problems. Have you ever thought about joining the military or marrying a service member? Then this is the book for you! This book is an interesting read for current or former military wives, who will be able to relate to the challenges of living from paycheck to paycheck. You haven't shopped until you have waited in line at the commissary for an hour or more on payday! Learn the story behind the slogan, "Why not Minot? Freezin' is the reason. Ice is nice."

Joan's Descent Into Alzheimer's

Jill Stoking - 2014
    Her late husband had hidden the truth, Joan has Alzheimer's disease. As Joan's mind continues to unravel, family relationships are put to the test. When Joan is abused by those entrusted with her care, the question arises; is anyone prepared to reveal the truth of what really goes on behind closed doors?

Love & Justice: A Compelling True Story Of Triumph Over Tragedy

Diana Morgan-Hill - 2015
    At the age of 29, Diana Hill fell under a London train. In 7 seconds the tall, glamorous businesswoman went from busy woman of the world with everything to live for to double-leg amputee, her life in ruins. Then it got worse. A few days after her accident, as she lay in hospital, traumatised and heavily sedated, she learnt via a newspaper article that the railway’s Transport Police were to interview “The Fall Girl”, as the Press had labelled her, with a view to prosecution. She had boarded a moving train, they said, and trespassed onto their railway line. Her fight for justice took 5 years and was, she declares with no hesitation, a more harrowing experience than having both of her legs ‘stolen’ from her. As any young, single woman would be, Diana was shocked to the core by the sudden, catastrophic change in her body image. What man would ever love her now? The issues surrounding sexuality and disability are explored here with stark honesty as she recalls her complicated love life, the High Court dramas, and the rawness of her pain amidst a turmoil of emotion, all told with tremendous humour, charm and heart. For Diana loves to tell stories. Especially true ones. A brutally honest, heartwarming memoir that shocks and delights in equal measure – when you're not crying for her you're laughing with her: "A computer is a thing that can be disabled, not a person." Diana Morgan-Hill

A Kick at the Pantry Door

Philip Whiteland - 2013
    We have your favourite table ready and waiting and a selection of tasty and unusual dishes for your delectation and delight (but do bear in mind that the kitchen closes shortly as the Chef needs to go to his second job, rodding out blocked sewers). We have a few choice 'nostalgedy' stories for Starters, some meatier ones for your Mains, a selection of 'curmudgeonly rants' or keen observations (you take your choice) for Dessert, and something unspeakable to go with your Coffee and Mints.Philip Whiteland tickles your fancy (it's not a crime yet) once again with this compilation of stories, often with a food-based theme, from today and yesterday. Pull up a chair and tuck in!

You Can't Run: The Terrifying True Story of a Young Woman Trapped in a Violent Relationship

Mandy Thomas - 2015
    I knew he would never stop, so I just had to do what I could to survive." Mandy Thomas was just 18 when she met the man who would change her life forever. She was soon under his spell – and then her real nightmare began. Mandy found herself part of a cruel and violent relationship that she couldn’t escape. Until one day he went too far… You Can’t Run is Mandy’s searingly honest and moving true story.

From Sequins to Sunshine - Year One (Lorna's Life in Spain Book 1)

Lorna Penfold - 2013
    They moved to start a new life breeding alpacas. Lorna started an online blog to keep track of her day to day life. Nearly six years down the line and Lorna has decided to make the first year of their new life available for everyone to read. Lorna's new life is full of ups and heartbreaking downs, but through it all she is determined not to let this new life get the better of her.

My Every Breath: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Hope

Anna Maynard - 2019
    Throughout her tumultuous childhood, Anna found for a life of normalcy and despite the death of her older sister, France—who succumbed to the same disease—Anna pursued her dream to live a long, productive life with courage, determination and hope.

Fighting For Our Lives: A memoir: The raw true story of one mother's fight for life for her and her baby

Heather Choate - 2015
    She was ten weeks pregnant with her sixth child. Her unborn baby was at risk due to the fast-spreading and highly dangerous cancer in Heather’s body that had already spread to her lymph nodes. Doctors told her she needed to abort her baby to save her life. Heather told them, “I’d rather die than take the life of my baby.” She and her husband set out to find a way to save both her and her child. The journey pushed them to the fringes of their stamina, tested the strength of their familial relationships and found them clinging to their faith like it was the last bit of thread on a lifeline. We all have unexpected adversity in life. It’s those things that we think “will never happen to us” which sneak up on us like shadows turning sunshine into darkness. It could be the loss of a job, the birth of a special needs child, the downturn of the economy or an unexpected health challenge. Most of us would easily crumble under such circumstances, but Heather found that its not about what happens to you, its about what you do with it. You don’t have to almost die, to learn how to live and Heather shows us how. Despite adversity, nearly impossible challenges can be met, families can be strengthened and faith can sustain even the most desperate souls on their journey. She brings her role as cancer-warrior into the real lives of readers, addressing topics that affect them most: • Dealing with doubt and insecurity • Discovering who they really are, and what true beauty is • Renewing their passion • Negotiating family strife • Releasing relentless regrets • Establishing a mother’s role in society • Succeeding against temptation • Weathering their worst fears • Pressing on against fatigue and illness • Uprooting bitterness • Learning to rely upon God’s will and plan Fighting for Our Lives takes readers on a journey of self-examination, appreciation for the beauties of today, and leaves them with a takeaway that could actually change their lives. *10% of this books profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. Thank you for helping support those in the fight! Tags: cancer memoirs, cancer memoir, cancer book, cancer books, cancer stories, cancer story, Christian memoirs, Christian memoir, Christian faith, Christian books, Christian books, memoir, memoirs, memoirs and biographies, memoir and biography, cancer memoir and biographies, cancer memoir and biography, biography, autobiography, biographies, autobiographies, faith, faith story, adversity, adversity story, adversity memoir, christian inspirational books, inspirational books, inspirational books for women, christian memoirs, christian books, memoirs, memoirs and biographies

Midwife: A Calling

Peggy Vincent - 2015
    When Peggy Vincent first found herself holding a naked baby in her bare hands as a student nurse in 1962, she never dreamed the path her life would take as a result of that accidental catch. Countless births followed. Hippies, lawyers, teenagers, welfare moms, marijuana growers, smugglers, spiritualists, Orthodox Jews, neurologists, Christian Scientists, Muslims, the rich and the poor...this list scratches only the surface of her diverse clientele. Told with warmth, humor, and sincerity, these tales will resonate with all those who remain as enchanted as Peggy by the unique art of giving birth.

Tales From The Bedside: True Stories From A Night-Shift ICU Nurse

Stephanie Klipple - 2016
    Her stories will captivate you, make you laugh, warm your heart, shake your head, and just maybe... will inspire you, too. Step inside to go behind the scenes of a world unlike any other in the healthcare industry. "Cynics do not contribute. Skeptics do not create. Doubters do not achieve." - Gordon B. Hinckley "Be amusing: never tell unkind stories; above all, never tell long ones." - Benjamin Disraeli • Download your Free Kindle App, now. Read Kindle books on any device (smartphone, tablet, pc).

Year 1 - Fur Babies in France: From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream (Adventure Caravanning with Dogs)

Jacqueline Lambert - 2018
    Then, never having owned a tin box on wheels, they accidentally bought a caravan. They named her ‘Kismet’ – which means ‘Fate’. Half way down the second bottle of CCC (Caravan Celebratory Champagne) they made the perfectly rational decision to go straight from being First-Timers to Full-Timers. Within a month, they had sold most of their possessions on eBay and rented out their apartment to tour in Kismet full time. They called it ‘Early Retirement’ and set out to Live the Dream by touring Europe with their surfboards on their roof. ‘Fur Babies in France’ is the story of their first year on wheels with Kismet and ‘Big Blue’ – their trusty tow vehicle (and toy box) - a Hyundai iLoad panel van. It was a steep learning curve; one that involved lots of breakages and started on Day 1 with a near-death experience! However, Jackie and Mark approach all of their mishaps and misadventures with more than a pinch of humour. And avoiding the crowds to tour France by the back roads, they finally found what they were looking for; beauty, peace and tranquillity, with a bit of windsurfing thrown in!

Unwanted: The true story of a new life grown from love, loss and the ultimate betrayal

Suz Evasdaughter - 2020
    Confused, little Suz begins to blame herself for her mother's death. Her father eventually brings them back, but instead of finding a safe haven to rebuild their family, Suz finds herself plunged into a life of misery at the mercy of an uncaring and brutal stepmother.Unwanted tells the story of Suz's struggle to escape from her broken home and leave her fractured past behind her. But lurking in the shadows is a dark family secret...

Secondhand Scotch: How One Family Survived in Spite of Themselves

Cathy Curran - 2016
    Lillian Low's homespun values-people come in all flavors just like ice cream-bring joy and humor into the Low house. When restless Joe Low ditches one suburb for another because he wants a do-over, Lillian tells him, "How the hell many do you need? Don't you know that wherever you go, you've got to take yourself with you?" Along for the ride is the colorful, extended Low clan, who turn up to celebrate the arrival of Joe and Lillian's army of kids. They eat, sing, Joe gets plastered, and all too often, scotch-fired arguments lead to some good old-fashioned fistfights. The mayhem that actually started the brawl gets swept under the carpet, and when Curran finally pulls it up, pandemonium emerges from hell with a vengeance. Through the vision of a sensitive young girl with a wickedly funny voice, "Secondhand Scotch" uncorks some harsh realities, but never ceases to warm and entertain.

Illegitimately yours, Michael and Me: A memoir of secrets, adoption and DNA

Catherine Taylor - 2019
    This often harrowing tale reveals their lives in the sixties and seventies, and through to Mother's Day 1985 when Michael suddenly becomes a 'missing person.'In 2017, Catherine set out to resolve the facts surrounding her adoption by taking a DNA test. The results are not what she expects. An ambitious undertaking follows using genealogy records, DNA-matched relatives and the construction of a family tree of over three thousand people. As pieces began to fall into place, her search takes an unexpected turn.While seeking an elusive parent, Catherine is vastly unprepared to receive news of Michael. The closed door of an unsolved mystery is suddenly thrown wide open and Catherine is faced with the aftermath affecting many more lives than her own.