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The Legacy of Aaron Geist by Terry Durbin


The Scarred Governess of Livington Manor: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Sally Forbes - 2022

A Summer All Her Own

Rosanne Keller - 2006
     The roles of celebrity wife and mother satisfied Anna Sandoval completely-until her husband, a famed international journalist, suffered a fatal heart attack. Now, a year later, still young and with her children grown, Anna seeks an interlude from grief and a fresh start on the timeless isle of Crete. In a small Greek community of ancient hills soaked in sun and surrounded by sea, Anna adapts to a slower pace and simpler lifestyle. Gradually, she rediscovers a passion for drawing and becomes protégé to a local artist and his sage wife, whose combined insights help Anna transform life into art-and take charge of her destiny. But when two very different men invite her into their lives, she must decide not just what kind of love she wants, but whether love itself is worth risking everything she's gained.

Alistair MacLean: The Key is Fear

Robert A. Lee - 1976

Nine Fingers

Tony Bowman - 2014
    Grisly murders on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway are being blamed on a rogue bear. Only one man understands the true nature of the beast that haunts the parkway. And, he knows the only thing that can stop a werewolf is another werewolf.

Riotous Assembly : Wilt :

Tom Sharpe - 1984

A Mother's Love

Mary Morris - 1993
    Abandoned by her mother at age seven, Ivy is a new single mother who must cope with financial difficulties and a demanding infant.

Primary School Confidential: Confessions From the Classroom

Mrs. Woog - 2016
    Woog lifts the lid on a world that's part jungle, part nursery, a place both sweet and feral, where the rule of law is tenuous at best and primitive desires hold sway over order and discipline. And wait till you see the children!We're talking about primary school, that special place where little kids turn into big kids, where letters turn into words, numbers turn into more confusing numbers and lunchboxes turn into bacterial breeding grounds. Where teachers rule (mostly) and parents realise primary school's not just for children - that back at school too, just in different roles.Having been a student during the Smurf, Swatch and Strawberry Shortcake Era, and then a teacher in tough-as-nails South London and a back-of-Woop Woop country school, Mrs Woog knew her way around a primary school and thought nothing could surprise or intimidate her . until she became a primary school parent!You'll laugh till lemonade comes out of your nose in this irreverent, hilarious, no-holds-barred and loving homage to primary school and all who dwell in it. Therapy for former teachers, a revelation to prospective parents, a trip down memory lane for us all, Primary School Confidential is a joy to read and essential homework for anyone interested in what really happens beyond the school gate.

How To Be a Woman Quick Reads 2021

Caitlin Moran - 2021
    But a few nagging questions remain...Why are we supposed to get Brazilians? Should we use Botox? Do men secretly hate us? And why does everyone ask you when you're going to have a baby?Part memoir, part protest, Caitlin answers the questions that every modern woman is asking.

Love and War 1

John Jakes - 1984
    The young would clash on the bloody battlefields of Bull Run and Fredericksburg, while in intrigue-ridden Washington and Richmond strong-willed men and beautiful women would defend their principles with their lives...or satisfy illicit cravings with schemes that could destroy friends and enemies alike. This surging drama is the second part of the trilogy that includes NORTH AND SOUTH and HEAVEN AND HELL. "Craftsmanship nears artistry....A coherent and penetrating vision of the seamy underside of war." (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Single, Again, and Again, and Again …: What Do You Do When Life Doesn't Go to Plan?

Louisa Pateman - 2020
    She was constantly reminded of how her time was running out. Single, Again, and Again, and Again ... follows Pateman and her quest to find her happily ever after. Convinced all the good men were taken, she continually reassessed her aspirations to accomplish her life plan. Feeling defeated after a string of failed relationships and frustrated with her inability to find her soulmate, she reexamined her priorities and played the cards she was dealt. Finding inner courage, she discovered ways to create extraordinary experiences out of her perceived failures.


John Gideon - 1994
    Alone in a world of mortals, Lewis Kindred begins to feel the presence of others like himself. Others who hunt. Others who kill. But there's one difference between Kindred and his kin. Kindred will not surrender his last shred of humanity.

The Elements of Scoring: A Master's Guide to the Art of Scoring Your Best When You're Not Playing Your Best

Raymond Floyd - 1998
    The Elements of Scoring explains how paying attention to the way you play -- regardless of your level of skill -- will guarantee you fewer strokes, a better overall game, and at the end of the day, more fun. With a practical and encouraging touch, Raymond Floyd shares his vision of what makes a scorer and shows how you can become this most dangerous of opponents. Discover the ten mistakes amateurs make that pros never doLearn why the 6-foot putt is the most important shot in golfPlay to your strengths and hide your weaknessesBanish first-tee jitters and focus on the rest of your gameKnow when bogey can be a good score Golf is a game of mistakes: The secret to better golf lies in making fewer of them and making sure the ones you do make don?t prove too costly. With Raymond Floyd as your teacher, you are sure to shoot the lowest scores you can, day in and day out, playing the game like a true scorer.

More Than Just Coincidence

Julie Wassmer - 2010
    Little did Julie know how momentous this meeting was set to be. Twenty years earlier, when Julie was just 16, she had become pregnant. Worried how her parents would react, Julie had kept her pregnancy a secret right up until the day she gave birth. Ten days later, she'd been forced to make the hardest decision of her life: to give her baby up for adoption. As the years passed, Julie often wondered what had happened to her daughter. Now, through the most extra-ordinary of coincidences, Julie was about to find out. A temporary secretary called Sara had just started working in the agents' office. Sara had recently discovered that she had been adopted, and had just got hold of her birth certificate. According to the certificate, her mother's name was Julie Wassmer.

Sharpe's Victory

Rachel Murrell - 1997
    The series is scheduled to appear on A&E in the U.S. this fall. "Sharpe's Victory" relates the stories of all 14 films with on-set anecdotes and detailed historical information on Sharpe's battles and the military world leading up to Waterloo.130 color and b&w illustrations.

Second Dance

Elizabeth Johns - 2015
    When she accompanies her grandson and his new wife on trip to Italy, a chance encounter with a past love turns her world upside down. For over thirty years, Luca Faranese, Conte de Salerno, has tried to forget about the woman who stole his heart. Fate gives them a second chance, but will their love be enough to keep them together forever the second time?