UNLOVED IN NUDE TOWN: Stories of Modern Indians Obsessed with LOVE, LUST, and AMBITION

Kulpreet Yadav - 2017
    In "Caterpillars in Their Usual Hurry", an alcoholic businessman whose girlfriend has walked out on him decides to make more money, only to discover that his future and past can’t coexist. "The Window at the End of the Street" is the story of Anita, a recently widowed woman, whose return to her parents’ home becomes the cause of both her mother’s death and Anita’s incurable attraction to her neighbour. "Nude Man at the Window" is the second-person narrative of an egoist millionaire who is accused of murdering a prostitute after she claims to have fallen in love with him. "Why I Don’t Lock up My Wife Anymore" is about a man who accidentally discovers his wife in bed with a total stranger and decides to do the unthinkable. "Unloved in Nude Town" is about three friends, one of whom falls in love with a stranger named Mona and pays a price he could never have imagined. With its delicate wit and a strong sense of place, "Long Way from Home" is the story of a gigolo who falls in love for the first time. A second-person narrative, "All You Need Is One Good Shot", is the story of a young police officer who is kidnapped by his wife, who he thinks still loves him.

A Pretty Beach Wish

Polly Babbington - 2020
    In A Pretty Beach Wish we delve back into the wonderful seaside town and as Pretty Beach gets warmer there are days on the beach, glorious afternoons in the garden and something Juliette had always wished for comes floating right on into her life. With her garden and love life blooming Juliette can hardly believe all her dreams really have come true. As the sun shines, the dahlias flourish, and the sea sparkles, Luke and Juliette's love story goes from strength to strength and everything is looking exceedingly rosy - that is until one fateful day when Juliette’s world is changed forever.

The Gray Lady of Wilmer (Gulf Coast Paranormal Book 15)

M.L. Bullock - 2020
    Reports of a strange gray ghost causing accidents on Highway 98 brings the team to the small town of Wilmer, Alabama. But not everyone in the area is happy to see Midas and the crew. Small town secrets make it difficult to get a sense of what's really happening on Bloody 98 but the team has a new secret weapon. As they take the investigation to the supposedly haunted forest near the highway Joshua finds a body. Sierra witnesses an old crime and Midas tries to keep everyone safe. Will this paranormal investigation end in chaos or will they find answers for the family that called them. Can they help the Gray Lady of Wilmer find peace? Gulf Coast Paranormal is a fictional series about paranormal investigations by M.L. Bullock. What readers have to say... "I couldn't put this book down. Had to see where things were going to take the characters. Love all M.L. Bullocks stories!" "I absolutely love this series and these books are so hard to put down. I can't wait for the new books in the series to be released." Want to follow me on social media and see my writing progress? Eager to get peeks of my daily life, and my embarrassingly extensive planner collection? I have you covered. Follow me here: Facebook--Twitter – Instagram @AuthorMLBullock Website: MLBullock.com

The Puppeteer

Brian O'Sullivan - 2017
    He recruits the beautiful, resourceful Evie, but they slowly get in over their heads as they begin to suspect the proprietor of a highly prominent, far-right website. The man, already one of the most influential in Washington D.C., is about to become all-powerful: he’s just been given incriminating dirt on the President of the United States. Frankie and Evie now find themselves in a cat and mouse battle with the future of the country at stake.

Biogenic Convergence: Apocalypse Part III

Chris Berkness - 2019
    This exposed an ecosystem that had been hidden from the sun for over 120,000 years. Imbedded deep in the ice shelf was an object. The object was carrying a deadly virus that killed most of the world's population. A group of strangers, bound by circumstance, embark on an epic adventure to develop a vaccine to save what is left of the human race. In the sequel, Akureyri Gateway, one of the three individuals that is immune from the deadly virus visits a cave in Akureyri, Iceland. This cave holds the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding the origins of the worldwide pandemic. The adventure continues with Biogenic Convergence, the third installment in this series.

M.V.P.: His Most Valuable Player

Mz. Lady P. - 2018
    He may be the man in the streets but he’s an abusive monster to Yoka at home. A hurtful discovery about Zuri sends Yoka to Miami to be with her best friend Seven. While in route she runs into the infamous Sheikem “Sheik” Shakur. They’re perfect strangers who just happens to save one another’s life unexpectedly. Never in her life has she met a man with a heart of gold like his. But, with everything she’s been through Love is the last thing on her mind. While in Miami a chain of events will bring both Yoka and Seven closer than they already are. They have more in common than they know. Seven is in a secret relationship with Sheik’s brother Hussein. Follow Yoka and Seven as they embark on a journey of forbidden love with men that wasn’t theirs to begin with. While the men realize being married is nothing when your heart isn’t in it anymore. MVP will show you that a man’s Most Valuable Player on his team is the woman he least expects it to be!!!

Skinner's Elves: A Bob Skinner Christmas Story

Quintin Jardine - 2017
    Two pillars made them and supported them through their lives; now one is gone and the other is near to collapse. Can he be renewed, or has he been conquered at last? Major James Andrew Skinner, AKA Jazz Morgan, takes up the story. Quintin Jardine's 6,000 word short story is a glance into the future that was born from a joke, when he used its title as a throwaway line to a friend. 'A great title for a children's book,' she observed. This isn't a children's book, but in a real sense it's a take about children and the power they have to help us overcome, and emerge from, the deepest despair.

25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work

Greg Reed - 2014
    Well ‘next’ might be exaggerating it a little. A sale would be more appropriate. Each night I’d return home and let out a bunch of expletives that would make my dog blush. I was often in a foul mood. Then after 10 years of struggle I discovered, developed and implemented a bunch of real estate marketing strategies which I am going reveal in this book that saw my income virtually double in one year. After 2 years of using these real estate lead generation skills my income shot up another 50%. The word soon got out that I had discovered a way to make ‘easy’ (no such thing) real estate sales. Real estate referrals became my method of operation. Companies were approaching me to move camps. In fact one company placed me on a $200,000 package to help boost sales. The strategies worked for me and they’ll work for you. This book is for real estate sales people, real estate agents or brokers who are totally overwhelmed with the complexities of selling real estate. It’s for agents seething with frustration at their pathetic sales. And it’s also for successful real estate agents wanting to take their real estate career to the next level. You have two obstacles from making a killing in real estate sales: 1. You have no idea what business you are REALLY in. Most real estate sales people think that they are in the real estate business to assist people with their real estate buying, selling, leasing or managing needs.While partly ‘true’ unless you have a real estate lead that wants to buy, sell, lease or manage a property through you, you have no business. PERIOD. 2. A belief that you are ‘Gods’ answer to all things real estate.Let’s face it. Real estate agents are an egotistical bunch. How often do you see advertisements stating “Billy Blogs – No. 1 For XYZ Real Estate” or “Cheryl Champion – Top Real Estate Marketer, Mars Tribune” Who gives a toss. The public certainly don’t and nor should you especially if you are a newbie just getting started. With my real estate lead generation tips you’ll soon be the ‘king’ or queen’ of your local area. My real estate lead generation strategies are by no means complete. But they are a good start in raising you from the depths of despair to making you the champion agent you so rightly deserve to be. Here’s my appeal to you. Believe in yourself. Believe in your real estate career. Follow my suggestions. Implement those that appeal to you and be consistent. These real estate lead generation strategies take time but they have helped me sell over $400 million of real estate. They will work for you to.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: I Love to Draw!

My Little Pony - 2014
    The book provides step-by-step drawing instructions to help kids become Equestria portrait masters. Then they can decorate their creations with stickers, stencils, or their own drawings!

Deception Island: Jurassic Judgment Book 2

Janice Boekhoff - 2021

Hot Topics Flashcards for Passing the PMP and CAPM Exam

Rita Mulcahy - 2003
    Now you can study at the office, on a plane or even in your car with RMC’s portable and extremely valuable Hot Topics PMP® Exam Flashcards—in hard copy or audio CD format. Over 300 of the most important and difficult to recall PMP® exam-related terms and concepts are now available for study as you drive, fly or take your lunch break. Order them both! This product is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide Third Edition (2005).

Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die

Billy Dering - 2021

Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home

David Philipps - 2010
    The Band of Brothers had been deployed to the most violent places in Iraq, and some of the soldiers were suffering from what they had seen and done in combat. Without much time to recover, they were sent back to the front lines. After their second tour of duty, the battalion was renamed the Lethal Warriors, and, true to their name, the soldiers once again brought the violence home.Lethal Warriors brings to life the chilling true stories of these veterans—from their enlistment and multiple tours of duty to their struggles with ptsd and their failure to reintegrate in society. With piercing insight and employing his relentless investigative skills, journalist David Philipps shines a light not only to this particular unit, but also to the painful reality of ptsd as it rages throughout the country.By exploring the evolving the science and the stigma of war trauma throughout history—from "shell shock" to "battle fatigue" to "combat stress injuries"—Philipps shows that this problem has always existed and that, as the nature of warfare changes, it is only getting worse. In highlighting the inspiring stories of the resilient men and women in the armed forces who have the courage to confront the issue and offer a potential lifeline to the soldiers, Lethal Warriors challenges us to deal openly, honestly, and intelligently with the true costs of war.

OS X Lion: the Ars Review

John Siracusa - 2011

The Woman Who Built a Bridge

C.K. Crigger - 2018
    Ambushed and left for dead, he has even more cause to be grateful when the bridge-builder saves his life. Shay’s savior turns out to be a mysterious young woman with extraordinary skills. More importantly, she’s a strong ally when he and a few other men are forced to defend themselves and their ranches against a power hungry rich man. Marvin Hammel seems determined to own everything in their small valley, his intention to gobble up not only their homes and their livelihoods, but the water that flows through the land. January Schutt just wants to be left alone to hide her scars. She’s rebuilt the bridge that crosses the river onto her property, and lives like a hermit in a rundown old barn. All that changes when she takes in a wounded Shay Billings. Now she’s placed in the middle of a war over water rights. But has she picked the winning side?