Island At The Top Of The World

Ian Cameron - 1961
    Vintage movie tie-in paperback

Men of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs - 2006
    With this exclusive omnibus, the third in our series, the SFBC gathers three more of these classic tales, adventures set on a brutal world where fierce green warriors roam the dead sea bottom and red men rule a civilization of decaying splendor.A Fighting Man of Mars: When a nobleman's daughter is abducted at the point of a gun that can disintegrate metal, it portends great danger for the empire of Helium. To rescue the woman he loves and locate the source of the gun, Hadron of Hastor must run the gauntlet of giant Martians, man-eating apes and a xenophobic city where he is sentenced to "The Death" - a place of roiling horror that will carry him to the weapon's mad inventor...and a surprising twist of fate.Sword of Mars: John Carter hires on as bodyguard to Fal Sivas, a scientist who steals ideas from other inventors and then has them killed. Sivas' greatest invention - a spaceship run by a mechanical brain - come in handy when Carter's wife, Dejah Thoris, is taken hostage on a moon of Mars. There, inside a castle built of precious gems, the Carters' fate may be sealed...unless they can foil invisible foes, cannibalistic cat-men and a powerful guild of assassins.Synthetic Men of Mars: In a vat on an island in the Toonolian Marshes, a grand experiment has gone awry. Ras Thavas, the Master Mind of Mars, has learned the secret of growing humans from a single cell, but now these invulnerable warriors have taken control and cloned an army to conquer the world. As John Carter and young warrior Vor Daj discover, the only thing worse than a monster that cannot die is a giant writhing mass of them - a grotesque mutation that will grow to consume everything in its path.

The Green Odyssey

Philip José Farmer - 1957
    It has been called "rollicking science-fiction adventure," "uproarious," "swashbuckling," and "sheer fun," and described by science-fiction critic Sam Moskowitz as "filled with engaging humor."

The Exile Waiting

Vonda N. McIntyre - 1975
    Earth has been rendered uninhabitable for much of the year by terrible storms during which its only city, Center, constructed around a natural cave system, is sealed from the outside.Mischa, a young thief whose capabilities are enhanced by hereditary mutation, is trying to escape with her drug-addicted brother from the dominance of her uncle. So when a starship arrives commanded by the twin alien pseudosibs Subone and Subtwo, Mischa seizes her chance. She is soon assigned for training to Jan Hiraku, who quickly realises that Mischa has immense abilities. All goes well until Subone, in a moment of cruelty, lures Mischa's brother into a fight and then kills him. Mischa attacks Subone and both she and Jan have to flee the wrath of the brothers and take refuge in the deep caves underneath the city.

The Mighty Orinoco (Extraordinary Voyages, #45)

Jules Verne - 1894
    The text contains all the ingredients of a classic Verne scientific-adventure tale: exploration and discovery, humor and drama, dastardly villains and intrepid heroes, and a host of near-fatal encounters with crocodiles, jungle fever, Indians and outlaws -- all set in a wonderfully exotic locale. The Mighty Orinoco also includes a unique twist that will appeal to feminists -- readers will need to discover it for themselves.

The Hugo Winners Vol 1 and 2 1955-1970

Isaac Asimov - 1962
    Here are twenty-three award-winning stories for the years 1955 to 1970, each with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.All the stories are unusual and contain that special something that marks them as a prize winners. Highly original and provocative, they examine the mystery of existence and the very real possibilities that lie within the realm of future experience. And together they provide a lavish treat of the very best writing chosen by the most prominent people in the field - truly superior science fiction.Contents:The Darfsteller by Walter M. Miller, Jr.Allamagoosa by Eric Frank RussellExploration Team by Murray LeinsterThe Star by Arthur C. ClarkeOr All the Seas with Oysters by Avram DavidsonThe Big Front Yard by Clifford D. SimakThe Hell-Bound Train by Robert BlochFlowers for Algernon by Daniel KeyesThe Longest Voyage by Poul AndersonThe Dragon Masters by Jack VanceNo Truce with Kings by Poul AndersonSoldier, Ask Not by Gordon R. Dickson"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman by Harlan EllisonThe Last Castle by Jack VanceNeutron Star by Larry NivenWeyr Search by Anne McCaffreyRiders of the Purple Wage by Philip Jose FarmerGonna Roll the Bones by Fritz LieberI Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream by Harlan EllisonNightwings by Robert SilverbergThe Sharing of Flesh by Poul AndersonThe Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World by Harlan EllisonTime Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones by Samuel R. Delany

Strange Fiction

H.G. Wells - 2008
    Each piece of narration is invested with gristliness and wit. Talking Book World


Andre Norton - 1980
    An embittered wanderer, his son, and a young girl with healing gifts explore the wastelands of a new planet, risking their lives to learn its horrible secret.

Kingdoms of the Wall

Robert Silverberg - 1992
    At its Summit, on the highest peak of all, far above the clouds, live the gods themselves. Each year, from the village of Jespodar at the foot of the imposing Wall, twenty men and twenty women, selected and trained at arduous length, set forth on a Pilgrimage. Against overwhelming odds they will attempt to scale the Summit, meet with the gods, and gain new knowledge. A few Pilgrims will return as madmen. Most will never be seen again.For Poilar Crookleg, the Pilgrimage has been a lifelong dream. Years ago he and his childhood friend Traiben vowed that they would one day make the Pilgrimage together, converse with the gods, and return not as madmen but as teachers of wisdom. Now it is their year of selection, and the two young men set forth among the chosen forty, determined to succeed where so many before them have failed.Along the way, they must brave ghosts and ravenous Wall-hawks, traverse terrifying Kingdoms and blasted landscapes of heat and ice, and then face the greatest challenge of all…the temptation of eternal life in a paradise of pleasure. At the end, for the few who endure, lies the Summit itself, and with it the secret of the gods—a secret so strange and unsettling that it will shatter centuries of belief and change the world forever.In Kingdoms of the Wall, Robert Silverberg has crafted a masterpiece of the first order, an adventure filled with awesome mystery and disturbing revelation, a voyage to the heart of creation itself as the inhabitants of an alien world strive to learn the truth about themselves and their gods, a truth as harsh and unforgiving as the forbidding heights of Kosa Saag.

Sannikov Land

Vladimir Obruchev - 1926
    Suddenly the rock cracked wide open, and that part of the ledge on which Kostyakov was lying tilted slightly, then broke off and hurtled into the water below. A desperate scream mingled with the splash of the water and the clatter of the boulders smashing against each other; a column of dust and water rose in the air, burying one of the members of the expedition. There were five of them. Courageous travelers, they set out to find a mysterious island that was seen for the first time amidst the ice of the Arctic by Yakov Sannikov. After crossing interminable ice-fields, they at last found Sannikov Land, "discovered it for science." This land, or rather the crater of a huge volcano, was the home of the flora and fauna of a remote geological period. There the travelers met men of the Stone Age and their contemporaries, mammoths, cave-bears and other animals. The expedition unriddled the island's secret, elucidated the reason for the disappearance of the Onkilon tribe, which at one time lived in North Siberia. This fascinating scientific romance takes the reader into a lost world. Academician Vladimir Obruchev (1863-1956) was an outstanding Soviet geologist and geographer, a famous traveler and investigator of Central Asia and Siberia, an indefatigable popularizer of scientific knowledge. Vladimir Obruchev's scientific romances Plutonia (1924), Sannikov Land (1926), Gold Prospectors in a Desert (1928) and In the Heart of Central Asia (1951) enjoy wide popularity. They call upon young people to study the past of the Earth and to solve the mysteries of Nature.

Rip Foster Rides the Grey Planet by Harold L. Goodwin, Science Fiction, Adventure

Blake Savage - 1952
    He could hardly believe his ears. Could a green young Planeteer, just through his training, possibly carry out orders like these? Sunny space, what a trick it would be!There are a thousand dangers to be faced in high vacuum -- and all of this while carrying out an assignment that will take every reader's breath away.

PartnerShip/The Ship Who Searched/The City Who Fought

Anne McCaffrey - 1994
    6 cassettes.

Dune: Red Plague

Brian Herbert - 2016
    Anderson continue Frank Herbert's science fiction Dune epic with this original story, Dune: Red Plague.A fatal red plague is spreading among the people of Walgis, a world that has joined the anti-technology Butlerian movement, led by Manford Torondo. As the population continues to suffer and die from the disease, hope arrives in the form of vaccines transported by Venport Holdings.But Torondo believes Venport's act of charity is actually Walgis's test of faith...At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Cityborn

Edward Willett - 2017
    Within its corroding walls lies a stratified society, where the Officers dwell in luxury on the Twelfth Tier while the poor struggle to survive on the First and Second, and outcasts scrabble and fight for whatever they can find in the Middens, the City's rubbish heap, filling the Canyon beneath its dripping underbelly.Alania, ward of an Officer, lives on Twelfth. Raised among the privileged class, Alania feels as though she is some sort of pampered prisoner, never permitted to explore the many levels of the City. And certainly not allowed to leave the confines of the City for any reason. She has everything a young woman could want except a loving family and personal freedom.Danyl, raised by a scavenger, knows no home but the Middens. His day-to-day responsibility is to stay alive. His sole ambition is to escape from this subsistence existence and gain entrance to the City--so near and yet so far out of reach--in hopes of a better life.Their two very different worlds collide when Alania, fleeing from an unexpected ambush, plunges from the heights of the City down to the Middens, and into Danyl's life.Almost immediately, both of them find themselves pursued by the First Officer's Provosts, for reasons they cannot fathom--but which they must uncover if they are to survive. The secrets they unlock, as they flee the Canyon and crisscross the Heartland from the City's farmlands to the mountains of the north and back again, will determine not only their fate, but the fate of the City...and everyone who lives there.

Wine of the Dreamers

John D. MacDonald - 1951
    A story of world conflict that is bound to grip you.