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Sons of the Sand: The Complete Series

Kimberly Loth - 2018
     But she didn’t. Instead she threw a shoe at me after I burst forth from my vessel. She commanded me to leave and so I had to obey. But the need to see her again is powerful and I’m not sure I can resist. She will come easily, like the others. Three thousand years may have passed, but women always stay the same. They fell for pretty words and gave up their lives willingly. This girl would be no different. She’d make her wishes and her soul will be mine. And if she resists a little, well then, the end will be all the sweeter. Buy this heart-stopping paranormal romance now!

Return of the Dragons Books 1-3 (Return of the Dragons, #1-3)

Rinelle Grey - 2021
    This three book bundle of paranormal, dragon shifter romances features dragon princes who've been asleep for three hundred years, forbidden love, and fated mates. Contains the following stories: Bound to the Dragon Prince Waking a sleeping dragon prince with a kiss seemed like something out of a fairy tale. Only this dragon shifter needs far more than just a kiss. Lure of the Dragon ShifterDragon shifter Wayrian is attracted to the hot human cowboy the goddess claims is her fated mate, but that’s a deal breaker for her grandfather, who wants her to impress the new dragon prince… Sleeping Dragon Prince Sleeping Beauty never looked this hot! It’s finally Lisa’s turn to wake her very own dragon prince with a kiss (and more), but with a battle raging outside, things quickly turn sour.

Undraland Books 4-6 Bundle

Mary E. Twomey - 2015
     Lucy and her Merry Band of Thieves are certain that if they can survive the farlig fisk, nothing is too great to tear them apart. They never counted on their ship landing in Bedra, a land filled with women who use lavender powder to suck the wills from the strongest of men. Jens faces his greatest test as he tries to make it out of Bedra unscathed by the manipulative Mares. Tensions run high as laplanding takes Lucy and Jamie to a whole new level of angst that they must work through together. Foss sheds more layers of his Depravity of Man curse, catching Lucy’s eye as they trek through Undraland on their way to tear down the last portal in Elvage. Charles Mace stands by his sister’s side as her Uncle Rick makes an executive decision that changes Lucy’s life forever. This is a 9-part Adult Urban Fantasy Series based in Norse Mythology Reading Order: Undraland Nøkken Fossegrim Elvage The Other Side Lucy at Peace Lucy at War Lucy at Last Linus at Large Other Books by the Author: Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter Volumes of the Vemreaux: The Way The Truth The Lie Saga of the Spheres: The Silence of Lir Secrets The Sword Sacrifice

Midnight Hunter (The Midnight Trilogy Book 3)

Dani Hart - 2020
    Does she have what it takes?

Gaia's Secret: The Complete Pandoran Series Quartet

Barbara Kloss - 2019
    TWO WORLDS. ONE LOVE. Eighteen-year old Daria Jones feels trapped in the cow-strewn suburbs of Fresno, California. And with a father so overprotective he's installed video and thermal surveillance down the street, she doesn't get out much. Until the night he disappears. Following the trail of notes he's left behind, Daria gathers three things: a dark force is hunting her, her father's fled to another world on a cryptic mission, and the only one left to trust is her ex-best friend, Alexander Anderson. The more she learns about her father's absence, the more she realizes she must go to this other world to find him. And Alexander is the only one who knows how to get there. Amidst a world of diabolical creatures, ancient magic, and bizarrely intuitive vegetation, Daria must find her father before the dark force finds her. But the truth of who she really is could be her greatest enemy of all. [First Edition published February 2, 2015] Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and the Lunar Chronicles. The Complete Pandoran Series Includes: Gaia's Secret The Keeper's Flame Breath of Dragons Heir of Pendel

Thorns (The Devious Fae, #1)

Katerina Martinez - 2021
    but I kissed him anyway, and now I'm here. My fault.Oh, where's here? It's definitely not the Blind Raccoon, one of Seattle's grungiest, dirtiest, most prestigious dive bars. No, that beautiful stranger at the bar is the reason I'm plucked out of the human world, where most things make sense, and brought to a place called Arcadia - the world of the Fae.A world of monsters.He brings me to a mansion called Emerald Hall, and while it's breathtakingly pretty, I'm a prisoner here, stuffed into a cell and warned not to be seen by the other Fae. I have to try to get out of here, using every trick I learned growing up, but I can't help wanting to know more about the man who stole me from my home and brought me all the way to his.You know, after he tried to kill me.There's something about him, about this place, and about me. Secrets just waiting to be unraveled, if only I cared to pull the threads. But who has time for that when there's escaping to do?

Circle of Blood: Books 1 - 3

R.A. Steffan - 2017
    Literally.In another lifetime, six vampires lost their mates - and their mortality - to an unimaginable evil power. Despite the veil of death separating them, the strength of love draws them together across the ages. But now, if they can't reunite with the reincarnations of their lost soulmates soon, it may just mean the end of the world.from the Big Easy to the ancient island of Cyprus and the ritual-steeped nation of Haiti, follow of night-walkers who are all that stand between humanity and chaos as they try to gather together the prophesied Council of Thirteen. Six vampires. Six reincarnate mates. And. . .the mysterious Other. Without the Council, the world will fall to darkness and become a wasteland haunted by the undead. But the demon who covets dominion over humanity will stop at nothing to thwart the vampires on their quest.In the eternal battle between Light and Darkness, love my be the greatest weapon. . . or the greatest weakness.From 'USA Today' bestselling author R.A. Steffan and fresh new voice Jaelynn Woolf comes a steamy paranormal romance series perfect for adult fans of vampire fiction.RUNNING TIME ⇒ 27hrs. and 31mins.©2018 R.A. Steffan (P)2018 R.A. Steffan

Forever Night (Blood Red #4)

W.J. May - 2016
     Unfortunately, she’s wrong—things are about to get a whole lot worse. If she ever wants to see her family reunited, she’s going to have to rely on the one person she most wants to see destroyed: Petra. In a race against time and the enmity of the Rogue Reds, Kallie and Petra must seek out an artifact that can undo the damage of the vampires’ faction war. As Petra seeks to turn Kallie to her side, Kallie must weigh whether she’s right to place any trust in her birth mother, and if she must, is it worth losing her allies and the ones she loves? Fall in love with immortar vampires and werewolves in this paranormal fantasy series. Blood Red Series: Courage Runs Red Night Watch Marked by Courage Forever Night

Resurrected (Vampire Legacy, #1) Excerpt

Morgan Rice - 2012
    This file contains Part One of the book only, which is 20,000 words.In RESURRECTED (Book #1 of the Vampire Legacy), 16 year old Scarlet Paine finds herself changing in mysterious ways. She is becoming sensitive to light, able to read peoples’ thoughts, and is faster and stronger than she’s ever been. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her, and tries to ignore it. But she can only dismiss it for so long.Caitlin Paine, her mom, knows too well what’s happening to her daughter. She underwent the same transformation to vampire once, centuries ago. But now, in the present day, as a mere human, she has no memory of it. All she has is the journal she found in the attic—her mysterious vampire journal—telling of her exploits in another time and place, and of the vampire race being eradicated. But was there one exception to the rule? Could it be that Scarlet, her daughter, is the last remaining vampire on earth?As Scarlet tries to fight who she’s becoming, she also tries to fight her intense feelings for Blake, a boy in her grade who she has a crush on. She can’t tell, though, if he’s into her, and with the big Halloween dance just days away, the pressure is on. She would do anything for Blake to ask her. But Vivian, the meanest of the popular girls, is also on Blake’s radar, and she’ll do anything to make Blake hers—and to make Scarlet’s life a living hell.Luckily Scarlet has her own clique of friends to back her up, including her best friends Maria and Jasmin. They, too, have guy troubles—but it isn’t until Sage appears, the mysterious new boy, that her friends become obsessed. Scarlet finds herself attracted to him, too—and is surprised when it is her, of all the girls in the school, that he pays attention to. But her mind is set on Blake, at least for now, and she continues to hope he’ll ask her to the dance.Just when it seems that Scarlet has what she wants, her body changes. Soon it may be impossible for her to be near her fellow humans. Soon, she may have to choose between her desire to live and her desire for love.Book #2 in the series, CRAVED (Book #2 of the Vampire Legacy), is now also available.“Grabbed my attention from the beginning and did not let go….This story is an amazing adventure that is fast paced and action packed from the very beginning. There is not a dull moment to be found.”--Paranormal Romance Guild {regarding Turned}“A great plot, and this especially was the kind of book you will have trouble putting down at night. The ending was a cliffhanger that was so spectacular that you will immediately want to buy the next book, just to see what happens.”--The Dallas Examiner {regarding Loved}“Morgan Rice proves herself again to be an extremely talented storyteller….This would appeal to a wide range of audiences, including younger fans of the vampire/fantasy genre. It ended with an unexpected cliffhanger that leaves you shocked.”--The Romance Reviews {regarding Loved}Morgan Rice is the #1 Bestselling author of THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, an eight-book series which has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into six languages. Morgan is also author of ARENA ONE, the first book in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic action-thriller trilogy.

The Alchemist's Apprentice (The Birch Harbor Series #4)

Kristen Selleck - 2014
     Abraham's Men have failed. The alchemists have achieved immortality, and the last thing standing in their way is an old book of spells. A book which Chloe was given to safeguard. Find out what happens to Chloe, Seth, and the rest of their friends, in this thrilling conclusion to the Birch Harbor Series!

Crystal Seeker

Sophia Sharp - 2011
    A private, prestigious boarding school located on a beautiful, pristine island, it's everything she's ever dreamed of. If she could only stumble upon the right guy there, everything would be perfect.Following a rocky start, Tracy settles in and comes to love the island. Everyone is fascinated by the new girl, and Tracy is quick to make friends and meet not just one, but two different guys.However, it doesn't take long for her friends to help her discover a latent ability deep within herself... an ability that is unlike anything she's ever experienced.And her ability is coveted. There are others who would take advantage of her, to make use of her powers for their own gain. Suddenly, Tracy starts to realize that underneath her perfect little getaway might lurk a threat. A danger. And as she gets deeper and deeper involved, finds herself lost in a world of love, lies, and supernatural magic.

Mortality Complete Box Set: Books 1 - 4

Everly Frost - 2018
    A fast-paced romance perfect for fans of action, intrigue, and strong female leads who fight against all odds. In a world where nobody can be killed, one girl will change it all. In an alternate world where everyone is invincible, Ava Holland has the power to change everything—but first she has to survive. When her brother’s death rocks the foundations of the world she lives in, Ava’s only ally is the boy she should fear the most. Michael Bradley is the strongest, fastest healer anyone’s ever seen. But Michael has secrets, too. From the glittering skyscrapers of Evereach, to the icy mountains and bio-technology of Starsgard, and the burning deserts of Seversand, Ava and Michael fight for their freedom against government conspirators, terrorists, warriors, and the ultimate battle against the man who wants to use Ava as his own weapon of death. When the secrets of mortality are revealed, it’s up to Ava to save them all. Contains: Beyond the Ever Reach - Mortality Book One Beneath the Guarding Stars - Mortality Book Two By the Icy Wild - Mortality Book Three Before the Raging Lion - Mortality Book Four

Heir of Dragons: The Complete Series

Sean Fletcher - 2021
    A murderous ancient order. A destiny she can’t ignore.Kaylee Richards is a dragon shifter. Not that she knows that. But when her budding storm powers are awakened, she’s thrown into a supernatural world full of magic, mystery, and danger. The problem? Kaylee has a rare type of magic; a magic that’s attracted the wrong kind of attention: Slayers, a murderous ancient order dedicated to eradicating all dragon-kin like her. They’re planning something big. Something deadly. And they need Kaylee to do it.Unless Kaylee can master her unstable storm dragon magic and put an end to the Slayers' sinister plans, it won't just be the end of her and those she loves; it'll be the end of all dragon-kin.For a limited time, grab all four books of this fast-paced young adult fantasy series for almost half off buying each individually! Enter the world of Heir of Dragons, featuring a feisty heroine, sinister magic, a hate-to-love romance, and dragon shifters! Perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Harry Potter."This is something that must be read." ~Sherry, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★“This…was so good. I had a hard time putting it down!” ~Cassie, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"Awesome characters. It kept me drawn in from beginning to end!"~Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★"This…is an absolute must for fans of Harry Potter..."~Rosemary56, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

Mystic Academy: Magic Awakened

Lara Violet - 2021
    An ice witch whose secrets are the only thing colder than his magic.Aaron Morningstar. A chaotic, arrogant, bad boy who has a trail of broken hearts in his past. Leather jackets, high cheekbones and jet black hair… would you expect anything less from the son of the devil?Darius Flintclaw. A ruthless, alpha-male wolf shifter who stalked my dreams long before I met him. One minute he’s trying to kill me, the next he’s demanding my obedience.Will I be able to face my past?Or will they break me before I discover the truth at Mystic Academy?Mystic Academy: Awakened is book one of a reverse harem paranormal academy series. It contains cursing and sexual situations. This book contains a cliffhanger that continues into book two.

Witch Court: The complete series

Megan Montero - 2019
    A week before my sixteenth birthday I sneak out of my house and discover why. Turns out I am not just a normal teenager. I’m a witch blessed with a gift someone wants to steal from me. And not just anyone…the evil King Alataris. For a thousand years the people of Evermore have suffered under his tyranny. The Mark on my shoulder says I am the Siphon Witch, one of five Witch Queens fated to come together and finally destroy him. The only thing keeping Evermore safe is the Stone that shields the witch kingdoms from Alataris’s magic…and now he’s found a way to steal it. Suddenly, I’m sent on a quest to find the ancient spell to protect the Stone. My only hope for surviving is through my strikingly beautiful and immensely powerful Guardian, Tucker. The laws of Evermore state that love between us is strictly forbidden, and it appears I’m the only one willing to give in to the attraction… When the quest turns more dangerous than expected I realize I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I was raised human. But I have to learn my magic fast because If King Alataris gets his hands on me he’ll steal my magic and my life…but if he gets his hands on that Stone we all die. Over four MILLION pages read. 500+ five-star review for the series. Now for a limited time, save over 50% compared to buying the individual books by reading the entire Witch Court series in this special bundle deal! “Fantastic Series! This was a great young adult series! The world building is great, and the characters and story line keep you interested from the start. Plenty of action and adventure and a forbidden romance. I highly recommend this series!” Cindy, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ So where do I even begin I am hooked, I want and need more. This book is captivating I didn't want to put it down like ever and I definitely didn't want it to end. I loved every aspect of it and I highly recommend this as I'm sure everyone will love it as much as I did. The storyline is on point and it has what every romance in my opinion should have a delicious bad boy who is forbidden WHAT!!! Add this with zinnia being your average girl only to find out she isn't so average after all. Wow just wow! Dixie, Amazon Reviewer★★★★★ Holy Moly, I was not expecting to fall in love with this series. Is there any way to give this novel more than 5-stars. I cannot wait to read more from these characters and this world. Highly addicted already eep! This novel is a must read, I cannot recommend this novel enough. Nicole, Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★ As a huge fan of the classic stereo typical witch Book series, I felt the originality of the author’s opinions, statements, characters and overall scene Descriptions. It really transported me to where ever these characters went! If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, the sweep series, the secret circle series or any other magical witchy romantic series, this is the book for you. Judith, Goodreads reviewer★★★★★ Boy, oh boy!!! Action packed, full of twists and turns, with great world building!!!! Not to mention the sizzling and yet forbidden attraction between Zi