Frank Roderus - 1981
    He had been saving the pay he sweated so hard for, and he reckoned there was enough to set himself up with a spread of his own. He thought he might look into the Triple X Ranch, the one they called the Whiskey Brand. It had prime cattle land and was a bargain... or so it seemed.

The Stalking Moon

T.V. Olsen - 1965

Barbed Wire

Elmer Kelton - 1980
    And neither side takes prisoners!

The Changing Wind

Don Coldsmith - 1990
    He was called White Buffalo, and he would be the greatest medicine man the People had ever known.  The spirit of the ancient gods beat in him like a savage drum--a mystical power as old as the land, as primeval as primitive man himself.  But even as he fought to lead his people out of the darkness of the Stone Age, his world trembled on the brink of a great and terrible transformation.  It would be a century swept by the inevitable winds of change; a time when ignorant, evil men like the warrior Gray Wolf of the Head-Splitters would seek bloody vengeance, and when once man would fight against all odds to save his tribe and his heritage from brutal destruction.

Lawless Prairie

Charles G. West - 2009
    Caught up in a daring jailbreak, Connor is now on the run from both the law?and the lawless.

Trouble at the Redstone (Leisure Western)

John D. Nesbitt - 2008
    Will Dryden followed the trail of a missing man to the Redstone Ranch, where he will have to find the truth about three other murdered men.

West Of The War

L.J. Martin - 2016
    Captured and paroled, only if he'll head west of the war, he rides the river into the wilds of the new territory of Montana where savages and grizzlies await. He discovers new friends and old enemies...and a woman formerly forbidden to him. Action adventure at it's best from the author of Nemesis, Mr. Pettigrew, the Montana Series, and many more acclaimed westerns and historicals.

Ezekiel's Journey

Johnny Gunn - 2017
    A lesser man might just give it up; but Ezekiel Hawthorne isn’t a quitter. While thousands head to the California gold fields in wagons, Ezekiel loads his mule and embarks on an amazing venture across the continent alone, bound for the good soils and abundant waters of Oregon. Savages, tornadoes, and a lack of knowledge don’t slow the man down a bit. It’s a beautiful half-Shoshone woman who has the biggest impact on Ezekiel’s new life.

Ride With the Devil

Robert Vaughan - 2004
    Mason Hawke emerged from war a scarred man, a man unable to return to a life of power and privilege. His only way out is to start his life anew, concealing his past from those he encounters. But things don't always go according to plan, which Mason finds out when he stops in a town where he knows the local sheriff, a man who has the town under his thumb. All he wants to do is settle down and pretend the past never happened. But now Mason has to decide whether to live the easy life, forgetting his past, or to risk sacrificing himself, and help the town break free of the tyrannical lawman, at the risk of exposing something he'd wanted to keep buried.

The Tall Men (The Classic Film Collection)

Will Henry - 1900
    Seeking riches, vengeance and violence, they struck out from Texas for the gold fields of Montana. And then they met Nathan Stark—a man just as bold, and even more cunning. Together, they set out to gain their fortune with an epic cattle drive through the heart of the Sioux Nation. It was a journey never before made by white men...a journey that might never be attempted again.

Ride the Man Down

Luke Short - 1942
    Phil Evarts is dead, and the Hatchet Range is up for grabs. That’s 70,000 acres of prime turf just waiting for the man rich enough to buy it . . . or the gunman crazy enough to kill for it. Every schemer in town has his eyes on Hatchet, and Bide Mariner leads the charge. An unscrupulous rancher who’ll stop at nothing for cash, Mariner has the money and the guns to take whatever he wants. Only Will Ballard stands in his way—and that means Ballard is marked for death.   The foreman at Hatchet Range, Ballard is an honest man who’ll do anything to keep the ranch from falling into Mariner’s hands. In a town so rotten with greed that even the sheriff is against him, Ballard must stand alone to save this little piece of the American West.   Voted one of the top twenty-five westerns of all time by the Western Writers of America and made into a 1952 Republic film starring Rod Cameron, Ride the Man Down showcases award-winning author Luke Short at the height of his writing powers.

The Bells of El Diablo

Peter Brandvold - 2012
    But during a guerilla mission in the north Georgia mountains, he learns first-hand how horrific and destructive the war really is. Having lost his taste for bloodshed after a brutal act on a night-cloaked bridge, he goes AWOL…and he isn’t alone.Crosseye Reeves, a former sharecropper on the Dunn plantation, was there to witness James’ moment of horror. And he’s had his own bellyful of war. Together, the men make for Denver, where a tale of treasure in Mexico gives them a new destination…perhaps even a new life.“Brandvold’s writing is fast-paced yet so richly detailed you can smell the gun smoke and taste the dust. Not to be missed!”—Wayne D. Dundee

The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison

Stephen Bly - 1995
    But the real challenge is the cowboy who's guiding her to it.

Blood Trail

John Legg - 2014
    Now, his hunt for his own brother becomes a quest…and the man who saved him shows him that a blood trail is the easiest to follow! And he must follow it to the end. His end, or his brother's.

No Man's Land (Jack Ballard Book 1)

Linell Jeppsen - 2018
    Sometimes he's able to stop it from hurting innocent people—and sometimes he causes it. It can’t be helped, though. He is a good man with a fast gun, and in West Texas in the late 1800’s, trouble lies around every bend. Only he and his filed-down .44-40 Colt can stop it.