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Hide and Seek by Dana Marie Bell


Cursed by Fire

Jacquelyn Frank - 2015
    Condemned to have his battle-hardened body licked by flames only to regenerate and be consumed all over again, Dethan has lost all hope—until the Goddess of Conflict appears. She will release him from torment—if he’ll use his power and strength as a warrior to raise an army and defeat a fierce enemy faction of gods.   Free to live as a man once again, Dethan meets Selinda—heir to the throne of Hexis—and his thoughts quickly turn from the conquest of cities to the conquest of this headstrong beauty. Betrothed to a cruel, calculating powermonger, Selinda needs a champion, and so Dethan enters into another bargain: If she will share her bed—and her body—with him, Dethan will save her city from destructive forces within and without. As the lovers ignite a searing passion, Dethan will risk all—even the wrath of the Goddess of Conflict—for a chance to make Selinda his forever.

Daughter of Aphrodite

C.M. Owens - 2013
    He's sexy, rich, and... persistent. Against her better judgment, she falls for him harder than she ever thought she could. But, Devin's secretive eyes and cryptic conversations leave her worried a stinging heartbreak is inevitable. Devin's secrets come to light, leaving her completely shocked and horrified. But not as horrified as she is when she learns her own secrets. Adisia never believed in the world of supernatural until it came crashing down at her feet. Now she's stuck in between the two realms, both promising to leave her destroyed. Devin refuses to lose her, and to keep her safe, he'll sacrifice everything. With death's breath on their back, they're forced to face a force they're not ready to contend with. Too many fates lie in their hands, and too many are ready to tear them down. Their love may just be the key to saving the world from the fate the dark hands are trying to deal.

Goddess Legacy

M.W. Muse - 2013
    rather Adin Shepard was the hottest guy in school before he graduated a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s summer vacation and she’s not sure when she’ll get to see him again. Until he shows up at her surprise seventeenth birthday party. Cue saliva glands--it’s time to drool.But her giddiness is cut short when her guardian delivers an emotional blow, telling Legacy her mother hadn’t died when she was baby, but that she’d left for Legacy’s protection all those years ago. After the initial shock, she expects some story about how her mother was in the Witness Protection Program or something else just as crazy, but when she’s told that her mother is a Greek Goddess and that Legacy is changing into one too, she thinks her guardian needs a trip to a mental hospital. Legacy a goddess? Um, yeah. Right. And her BFF is the Easter Bunny.While trying to make sense out of something that was impossible to believe, Adin asks Legacy out on a date. She is thrilled that her fantasy might become a reality, but when she meets the new guy in town, River, she discovers everything isn’t always as it seems, and the legacy she wants just might not be the legacy she is destined to have.


Christine O'Neil - 2013
    After sixteen years being just plain me, suddenly, when I lose my temper, my fingers become weapons of mass destruction. Turns out I'm a semi-god, descended from Aphrodite. Sounds cool in theory, but when I accidentally put my ex-boyfriend in a coma, things go downhill pretty fast.Now some new guy named Mac Finnegan has made it his mission in life to continually piss me off. I'm stuck learning how to use my new powers while also dealing with regular high school problems, and with this annoying—and super-hot—guy all up in my business, I'm about to flip out.But it gets worse. I just learned there's this watchdog council of semis who keeps an eye out for any bad apples. They think I'm the baddest of the bunch and want to take me out before I do any more damage. My nemesis Mac might turn out to be my salvation, only he's got secrets of his own...and they may just kill us both.

Beautiful Mistake

Lacey Carter Andersen
    Not ghosts and monsters, everyone knows that stuff is crap. No, Sharen hunts demons. And her job is dangerous as hell. Pun intended.But she doesn't mind. She knows the rules. There's no way she'll ever become tied to a demon, she's just too damn good at her job.Yet when she meets three demons who challenge everything she thought she knew, will she make a mistake that will cost her everything? And will she accept becoming the plaything to three alpha demons or fight them with her last breath?~Beautiful Mistake is a short, 10,000+ word story. It is SCORCHING hot and will make you wonder why all your dreams aren't filled with sexy demons who know just how to possess a woman.~

The Faerie Games

Michelle Madow - 2019
     Growing up on the magical island of Avalon should be great... but I have no magic to speak of. And my parents forbid me from leaving. So when I sneak out to Earth for a night and meet a hottie named Julian with ice blue eyes that leave me breathless, of course I say yes to a date with him. But when Julian pulls me through a magical portal, I realize he isn’t human. He’s a half-blood faerie sent to bring me to his realm of the Otherworld. Because apparently, I’m a half-blood faerie, too. And I’ve been chosen to compete in the annual Faerie Games—a brutal, gladiator-like competition where half-bloods fight to the death. Too bad I can’t get my new magic under control. But with all eyes on me, I only have two options: Die in the Faerie Games, or win and earn my freedom. Now the other players—including Julian, who still captivates me even though I should hate him—better watch out. Because I’m determined to get home. And I’ll fight anyone blocking my path to get there. Full of magic, mythology, adventure, and romance, The Faerie Games is the first book in an addicting young adult urban fantasy series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow that will keep you reading late into the night!

Crescent Moon Manor

Kat Blak - 2020
    After a reckless night of drinking and a pity party for one, I may have taken a few sexy men to bed.Seven years later, after losing my job and our house, I found a job advertised in a local paper for a live-in cleaner. Everything was going perfectly, until strange incidents started happening around the manor. My daughter is experiencing distressing symptoms, unlike anything I have seen before. Trying to juggle my daughter, the job, and the men that live in the manor, I truly believe I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Open Your Eyes

Aspen Winters - 2018
     My name is Clara Daniels. I was your average New Yorker with a degree in business and a need for a job. Everything in my life was normal; well, as normal as it could be with an overbearing mother obsessed with the Lord and trying to find me a man. Not to mention, dealing with the many chauvanistic men that dominate the business world of New York. Then one day, I ran into Fate - literally - and my entire world was changed. Now, my normal is being the human soul for four, overpowering, disturbingly hot gods. Think Zeus, Aries, Hades - see where I'm going with this. Turns out all that mythology was true. Now, I'm the only chance these four gods have to continue to live and soon they'll become my only chance. Unfortunately, there's a group of people that don't agree with this and I just became their next target. Can I trust them to protect me? Or will they let me down like so many others before them? Only Fate knows...and she's not telling.

Seven Sins

J.R. Thorn - 2020
    My mother’s dead. My brother struck a deal with the Incubus King that gets me in all sorts of trouble, and my dreams are plagued by a black fog of death that’s determined to hunt me down.Seems like destiny has finally caught up with me, and she’s a bitch.If I want to survive what’s coming next, I’m going to have to face this darkness I’ve been running from all my life. Hell isn’t a terror locked in my dreams. It’s real, and I’m going to need to find my mates to conquer it, starting with the sin of lust—my favorite.Turns out being the long-lost Queen of Hell has its perks.Seven Sins is a complete 3-book Fast-Burn Paranormal Reverse Harem collection ready to be devoured. This edition comes with a bonus scene not available anywhere else at the end of the book. Content includes violence, mature sexual scenes, F/F, F/F/M, F/M… you get the idea. (Sonya’s a succubus, what can I say?) Scroll on up and one-click now!

Demigod Captive

Lucy Auburn - 2020
    She cursed me with life. Now I'm stuck in Godblood Prison with two hot demigods fighting for my attention.Apparently when you're the daughter of Death, saving people is against the rules. Rules Ares, the God of War and sovereign ruler of the Celestial Realm, strictly enforces.For the crime of saving a mortal, I've been captured. Chained. Imprisoned.And I can't say that I mind.No more godblood powers racing through my veins? Check.No more hunger for death nipping at my heels? Check.And while the guards who watch over this place may think they have the demigods within contained, the truth is, we make our own rules.We find our own fun.Sexy Vesuvius, son of the God of Fire. Stone cold Jasper, son of the Trickster God. Even mortal Damien, the god hunter who took me in... they all have things I crave from them.There are others, too. Demigods who rule this place. Who seek to destroy. To free themselves. Or, failing that, to simply kill each other.The politics of Godblood Prison just might undo me before I get up the courage to escape...But can I really turn my back on the people here, and the misery I've seen?I'm the daughter of Death. I'll do what I must to survive.Godblood Prison is a high heat, paranormal prison series full of steam, violence, and demigods who do what they please. No choosing inside.

Night of the Tiger

N.J. Walters - 2013
    Only one woman’s touch can release him. After that, all he has to do is stay alive for twenty-hours, and his soul is safe from Hades for all eternity. But is the woman who sets him free a distraction sent by Hades?When graphic novel illustrator Aimee Horner visits a traveling carnival, she’s drawn to an abandoned carousel and its carved white tiger. One touch of her skin against the massive beast, and Aimee’s world is changed forever.The ancient curse is broken, and Hades and his demons are out for blood … and Roric’s and Aimee’s souls.Each book in the Hades’ Carnival series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.Series Order:Book 1: Night of the TigerBook 2: Mark of the BearBook 3: Pride of the LionBook 4: Howl of the WolfBook 5: Heart of the SerpentBook 6: Flame of the PhoenixBook 7: Lure of the JaguarEntangled Publishing LLC imprint: Entangled: Select Otherworld

Dragon's Nanny

Kayla Wolf - 2019
     I never believed in mates. Until I met her. My daughter’s nanny. My hands, demanding and possessive, want to pull her close. My dragon, raw and instinctive, wants to mark her as mine. But I’m her boss and I need to keep things professional. How am I supposed to resist her intoxicating scent when we live together? The battle inside my head is brutal, but my body has already decided. She’s my mate. She can stop me from having my way with her. But she can’t stop me from protecting what’s mine. I’ll utterly destroy any obstacle that stands between us. And I’ll show her what it means to love a dragon. “West Coast Water Dragons” is a paranormal romance series about a bunch of very hot dragon shifters who live on a peninsula that is abundant in everything but females… Bless the woman who gets lost here. The series consists of stand-alone stories, each with a HEA, that are connected through the dragons who live on the peninsula. This story contains mature content and is intended for 18+ readers only.

North of Need

Laura Kaye - 2011
    Called to life by the power of Megan's tears, snow god Owen Winters appears unconscious on her doorstep in the midst of a raging blizzard. As she nurses him to health, Owen finds unexpected solace in her company and unimagined pleasure in the warmth of her body, and vows to win her heart for a chance at humanity. Megan is drawn to Owen's mismatched eyes, otherworldly masculinity, and enthusiasm for the littlest things, and her heart opens enough to believe he's a Christmas miracle. But this miracle comes with an expiration-before the snow melts and the temperature rises, Megan must let go of her widow's grief and learn to trust love again, or she'll lose Owen forever.

The Toll

Jeanette Lynn - 2015
    Cross him twice—pay a price. You don't cross the old river bridge past the day's last light unless you expect to pay a toll. The rumors were true, and everyone knew, a beast resides beneath.When Daphedaenya's sister disappears, everyone is frantic to find her. Unlike her older sibling, who was well versed on fading into the background, staying out of the way, and being careful not to kick up a fuss, Otvla has somehow managed to get herself tangled up with a troll. A big, menacing troll, who demands payment, immediately.Can Daphedaenya get the the creature to see reason? Will he accept the trade her family offers? You don't cross a troll and get away with it. A toll owed will be paid, sacrifices will be made. Those the village spoke about in whispers, long gone but never forgotten, never seen or heard from again, weren't around to tell.Warning: This book contains sexually explicit material, foul language, and subject matter which may make some readers uncomfortable, such as rape, suicide, and violence. This book is intended for readers 18 and older.


Felicity Heaton - 2016
    Caged by the manifestation of his power, held apart from those he loves by his own fire and starved of physical contact, Ares lives a cold existence driven by duty and the desire to return to his world.Until his world collides with a daemon who steals his power and a mortal female who shatters the ice around his heart and awakens the true fire within him—a soul-stirring passion both dangerous and seductive.Megan has wandered far from her home, driven from everyone she loves by the devastating realisation that she is different to them all. Unsure who to trust in the world, she keeps to herself, until a fateful stormy night brings a temptingly handsome warrior crashing into her life and into her heart—a warrior who seems to hold powers more frightening and marvellous than her own.When the New York gate comes under threat, and Ares is put to the test, will he choose his duty and regain the power he needs in order to save his world or will he choose the desires of his heart and sacrifice his fire so he can be with the woman becoming his whole world?