Book picks similar to
The Disappearance by Katherine Webb


The Last Train

Sue Lawrence - 2018
    on 28 December 1879, a violent storm batters the newly built iron rail bridge across the River Tay, close to the city of Dundee. Ann Craig is waiting for her husband, the owner of the largest local mill, to return home. From her window Ann sees a strange and terrible sight as the bridge collapses, and the lights of the train in which he is travelling plough down into the freezing river waters.As Ann manages the grief and expectations of family and friends, amid a town mourning its loved ones, doubt is cast on whether Robert was on the train, after all. If not, where is he, and who is the mysterious woman who is first to be washed ashore? In 2015, Fiona Craig wakes to find that her partner Pete, an Australian restaurateur, has cleared the couple's bank account before abandoning his car at the local airport and disappearing. When the police discover his car is stolen, Fiona conducts her own investigation into Pete's background, slowly uncovering dark secrets and strange parallels with the events of 1879.


Darryl Wimberley - 2008
    With debts to dangerous men piling up, he becomes an unwilling recruit for a Cincinnati gangster needing an expendable tool to recover his stolen cash and railroad bonds.

Leaving Pimlico

P.B. North - 2014
    I can never get used to this, Alexi. Having you, that is. How did I deserve you? Deserve me? You don't have to do anything to deserve me. I love you. It's as simple as that. I love you for what you are. All you need to do is love me back. You don't earn love, as a payment in return.Peter Kingsmill's life had run into the sands since the death of his wife. What was a glittering London career had lost its shine. Until, that is, his life is turned upside down by an unexpected collision of events. He inherits the family estate, meets a girl seventeen years his junior and receives an anonymous letter which casts doubt on all the certainties on which he has built his past life.What follows is a journey of discovery which takes him back in time to war-torn Europe. To a story of betrayal in the secret world of spies and double agents, and ultimately to redemption and a bright new life.The narrative moves at speed from the dusty plains of pre-war Poland to the frozen winter landscapes of German-occupied Norway and finally to the gentle pastoral of the north Yorkshire hills. It is a story of a search for the pieces that make up a human life; and of the love that binds those pieces together....Do you remember the Snow Queen story? I can complete the pattern now. I have everything I need.

The Vixens

Frank Yerby - 1947
    Now, his honor belonged to an insane woman, Sabrina; his heart to the golden-skinned hellion, Denise.SABRINA -- Behind her beauty was a mind warped by terror. In the dark confusion of her life, there was only one sharp reality -- her love for her husband, who had spent his wedding night in another woman's arms.DENISE LASCALS -- She was the talk of Louisiana. Her open pursuit of pleasure made women whisper. Her violet eyes made Laird forget his wife.America's latter-day secret societies are born in this sequel to The Foxes of Harrow: Defeated feudal lords of the South attempting to set back the clock of history. White Leaguers and Klansmen swoop down to terrorize recently liberated Blacks. Brawling, thieving northern carpetbaggers display no conscience other than the dollar sign. Mulatto half-breeds wander about with confused identities fall victim to there own confused behaviors. As creeping swamps and forests reclaim the once luxurious Southern mansions, scalawags, men of Southern birth and breeding, and carpetbaggers reach out and feed on the decay of a wounded, bitter South.

Semper Fi / Call To Arms / Counterattack

W.E.B. Griffin - 1994
    The first three volumes of the author's Marine saga, Semper Fi, Call to Arms, and Counterattack, are published together in a World War II epic reaching from Shanghai to Guadalcanal.

The Cemetery Keeper's Wife

Maryann McFadden - 2018
    Though she's known him only twelve weeks, his tender love seems like a miracle of fate after her years alone.On her first walk through the lush and silent grounds of her new home, Rachel discovers a stunning monument to Tillie Smith, who died in 1886. Reading the words carved into the stone, "She Died in Defence of Her Honor," Rachel is overcome by a powerful memory buried deep in her past.A series of uncanny coincidences linked to Tillie Smith follows, setting Rachel on a journey that grows into an obsession: Why did the murder of a poor kitchen maid at the local seminary become a national sensation? Why were people in town trying to keep her from finding the truth? But most disturbing of all, why was Tillie reawakening a past Rachel chose to bury long ago. A past that could threaten her marriage.The Cemetery Keeper's Wife poignantly blends fact and fiction as two women scarred by shame, and separated by more than a century, reach across time to rewrite history.

The Masada Scroll

Paul Block - 2007
    Douglas and, more recently, Christ the Lord by Anne Rice and Stone Tables by Orson Scott Card, The Masada Scroll is bold and reverent, with deep and important meaning for today's world.  At the heart of this timely novel is the discovery of a previously unknown gospel that predates the four gospels of the New Testament. The scroll introduces a mysterious symbol that combines the Star of David, the Cross of Christianity and the Crescent and Star of Islam. None of these symbols existed at the time the Gospel was written, adding to the mystery that Michael Flannery, an Irish priest, must unravel.  Flannery discovers that the symbol represents the Trevia Dei, or Three Paths to God. At the heart of Jesus' message is the unity of the paths that lead to God. The true meaning of Trevia Dei has become perverted over the centuries, turning the message of unity into a single path to salvation.  But there are those who do not want the message of this wonderful book of light and love brought to our troubled world, who have chosen to separate rather than unite God's children. The Masada Scroll is the story of the new Apostles who struggle to bring the simple message of Jesus back into a world desperate for joy. The Masada Scroll is a tale of the timeless quest for spiritual truth and redemption. It is a story that will change the way you look at the world…and your own heart.

Deadman's Lament

Linell Jeppsen - 2013
    Twelve-year-old Matthew Wilcox leads a charmed life on his family's sprawling ranch in Washington Territory until a series of tragic events leave him orphaned and in the clutches of a vicious band of outlaws. Threatened by the gang leader's perverted cousin, Top Hat, Matthew also faces Indian attacks, dangerous wildlife, and a deadly snowstorm. He survives but burns with an overwhelming hunger for revenge.Thirteen years later, Matthew - now a Spokane County sheriff - realizes that Top Hat is riding again with a new gang called the Mad Hatters. It means risking his friends, his family and the love of a good woman, but Matthew must find the man who destroyed what he once loved most in the world. To that end, he and his posse venture into Idaho gold country to capture the Mad Hatters.Top Hat, however, has a different idea. He turns the tables, heading to the sheriff's hometown of Granville and going after everyone Matthew holds dear.What follows will haunt Sheriff Wilcox for the rest of his life as he confronts the hatred, vengeance and retribution buried deep in his own soul. Matthew will do anything, though, to put an end to A DEADMAN'S LAMENT.

Direct Hit

Mike Hollow - 2015
    In the sky over East London the searchlights criss-cross in search of the enemy. On the first night of the Blitz, a corpse is discovered in a van in the back streets of West Ham. Detective Inspector John Jago recognizes the dead man as local Justice of the Peace Charles Villiers. But a German bomb obliterates all evidence. Villiers was not a popular man, both powerful and feared. As the sirens wail, the detective must start matching motive to opportunity - and it doesn't help when his boss foists an intrusive American journalist on him. Jago soon discovers the dead man held many secrets, some reaching back to World War I. A lot of people wished Villiers dead - and an air raid is a good time to conceal a murder.


Mechtild Borrmann - 2011
    Flash forward to November 1997: Robert Lubisch brings the group back together for the first time in decades to investigate a tragic family secret. Trust is shattered when one of the friends turns up murdered, leaving all of them guilty until proven innocent.Winner of the 2012 Deutscher Krimi Prize for best crime novel.

The Bones and the Book

Jane Isenberg - 2012
    When Aliza's bones turn up in Seattle's underground streets in 1965 along with a book written in Yiddish, recently widowed empty nester Rachel Mazursky offers to translate the book. Aliza's surprising and poignant story compels Rachel to search for clues to the identity of the young woman's murderer, but her quest for the truth unearths disturbing secrets about her own past as well as Aliza's. The Bones and the Book carries the reader back to a far-flung outpost of the Jewish diaspora where gold, good table manners, and assimilating often trump Torah, tribe, and tradition. "Isenberg's story pulled me in right from the startling prologue. The twin historical stories of Aliza and Rachel are compelling and poignant. The lives of these women in 1900 and 1965 are beautifully woven together, the strands balancing each other as each discovers her strengths and revises her own identity as a woman and a Jew." - Sharan Newman, author of The Shanghai Tunnel

Island Madness

Tim Binding - 1999
    Who can be confident today how he or she would have behaved under such circumstances?' Antonia Fraser, Books of the Year, Sunday Telegraph 'How close is the relationship between menace and protection, how powerful the seduction of treachery and how intense the relationships forged in the crucible of a small island are vividly demonstrated by Binding...a novel of rewarding subtlety and insight into the best and worst of human nature' Jane Shilling, The Times 'Tim Binding is a very clever writer...As a murder- mystery, this is immensely readable. But it is much more than that...a thought-provoking study of men and women in a time of madness' Simon Linnell, Daily Telegraph 'Binding captures the essence of life under occupation with fine description of character and a taut plot...There are heart-stopping twists and turns in the way in which people behave and react...This is high-class fiction: tense, compassionate, surprising and moving' Catherine Pepinster, Independent on Sunday

Ghost Swifts, Blue Poppies and the Red Star

Nathan Dylan Goodwin - 2018
    The Great War is over, but for Harriet Agnes McDougall its effects endure. Plagued by the need to understand how her middle son, Malcolm came to meet his death in the Belgian trenches, Harriet must embark on a voyage of discovery to retrace her son’s movements. With peace now prevailing across Europe, her investigations lead her to Flanders, still scarred by the effects of the recent war. As she uncovers the circumstances surrounding Malcolm’s death, she encounters various dispossessed young men, who are returned from war only to find that they seem no longer to have a place in this altered society; something which Harriet determines to address.

A World Away

Stewart O'Nan - 1998
    Set at a remote beachfront cottage in the Hamptons one summer during the Second World War, A World Away follows the fortunes of the Langer family, whose oldest son, Rennie, is missing in action in the Pacific theater. As we are soon aware, there is another battle raging at the same time, this one on the domestic front, as Anne and James Langer's marriage begins to unravel. In part to repay her husband for his affair with a student, Anne begins a clandestine romance with a soldier stationed at a nearby base. Yet all the passion and tenderness she finds with her lover is unable to ease Anne's empty ache from having her family torn apart.Thousands of miles away, Rennie is wounded in the effort to drive the Japanese from the island of Attu in the Aleutians, as Dorothy, his young wife, gives birth alone in San Diego. When Rennie comes home, his spirit as wounded as his body, it's clear that James and Anne must repair their own broken lives if they're going to help their son heal and bring their family back together. A World Away is a rich, romantic story that has all the depth and generosity of spirit Stewart O'Nan's work is known for.

Eleanor's Secret

Caroline Beecham - 2018
    When she meets handsome artist Jack Valante, her dreams seem to be finally coming true when Jack promises to help her pursue her ambition of becoming an artist. But after a whirlwind romance, Eleanor is devastated when Jack is posted overseas.When Eleanor receives some unexpected news she desperately tries to find Jack. But with the young couple torn apart by war, will they be reunited and find happiness at last? A heartwarming wartime saga perfect for fans of Ellie Dean and Nancy Revell.