Point of Impact

Clair M. Poulson - 1988
    Judge Poulson's desire in writing "Point of Impact" is to draw attention to the problems of underage drinking, drunk driving, and alcoholism. And in doing so, he hopes that others will come to realize that this is something we all must deal with if lives are to be saved, both on the highways and wherever alcohol is being abused.

Dakota's Revenge

Janette Rallison - 1998
    Despite her Mormon faith, seventeen-year-old Dakota hates her new home in Arizona, sabotages her mother's remarriage, and plots revenge against the boys who have worsened her poor self-esteem by publicly insulting her.

Road to Bountiful

Donald S. Smurthwaite - 2013
    How did business major Levi Crowne's life culminate in a summer job so pathetic? Just when it seems impossible to utter "will that be paper or plastic?" one more time, his wealthy Aunt Barbara offers Levi a golden opportunity: she will pay him to drive her elderly father, Loyal, from North Dakota to the Utah retirement home that awaits him. Eager to make a quick buck, Levi accepts the job. How bad could it be? Escort the old man to Glad Tidings Assisted Living Facility as quickly as possible, collect his pay, and get on with life. But nothing ever goes as planned. As the unlikely duo cross the plains--navigating through everything from tornadoes to seedy motels to biker bars--he's surprised at the feeling of kinship he develops with his passenger. In what becomes a life-changing adventure, Levi finds himself transformed by a gentle and wise old man who inspires him to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Sammy's Song

Alma J. Yates - 2005
    How could Marnis parents bring someone like him to live with her normal family? And now its Marnis responsibility to babysit him. But soon Marni discovers there are some advantages to taking care of her older cousinand that someone unique is hidden beneath Sammys uncommon exterior. However, Marni still isnt looking forward to taking him to the first day of school. What will people think when they find out she is related to Sammy? What will they do? And, most importantly, what will she do? Destined to become a modern classic in LDS fiction, Sammys Song will open your eyesand your heart. Published: August 2005

My Mom's a Mortician (Kevin Kirk Chronicles, Vol. 1)

Patricia Wiles - 2004
    After all, normal people don’t live in houses with dead bodies downstairs! Once in Armadillo, Arkansas, Kevin tries to adapt to the family business. When he’s targeted by the biggest bully in the seventh grade, Kevin begins to “hear” advice from an unlikely source — Cletus McCulley, an old Mormon fisherman and one of his mother’s dead customers. Cletus’s messages from beyond the grave lead Kevin to uncover not only the bully’s secrets, but the truth about a family tragedy that shattered his parents’ faith and led them away from God. It’s up to Kevin to find the courage to face the bully, and to find a way to help his family heal. Winner of the 2004 Middle Grade Fiction Award from the Association for Mormon Letters.“This portrayal of small-town Mormon life sets an excellent example for future children’s novels set outside the highly-concentrated Mormon communities of the West.”—Association for Mormon Letters

Turning Hearts

Deanne Blackhurst - 2009
    Her recurring dream makes it seem urgent - the dream with the shiny gold frame and the vaguely familiar faces smiling down at her. The dream in which her grandmother says, "You must find them. You're the only one who can."When Amanda gets to California and starts teaching, she wonders which family she was sent there to find. What happens next is something she never would have expected.

Molly Mommy?

Tamra Norton - 2005
    And in the middle of it all, Molly receives some incredible news——she’s pregnant!In the familiar, humorous, and often poignant tone of her previous books, Tamra Norton has once again created an enchanting tale. Molly Mommy? will give you some good laughs, pull at your heartstrings, and ultimately leave you feeling confident with your role in Heavenly Father’s eternal plan of happiness.


Blaine M. Yorgason - 1992
    There's a woman who screams incessantly at her children, a "righteous" man who regularly beats his teenage son to"pound a little sense into him." and a prominent member of the community who abandons his family, taking their furniture and financial support with him. When it is discovered that a trusted fellow Church leader is sexually abusing his three daughters, the bishop is almost overcome. But more devastating even than this is his gradual realization that the post painful and unresolved scars in his congregation exist within the walls of his own home."It's a secret," she whispered softly, fiercely."Everyone is sworn not to tell. It's the deep, dark secret that you hold inside, because to tell it would mean to destroy the perverted balance of things."Even she, who should have known better, had agreed to remain silent. But this time something was going to be done. She wouldn't have to remain silent too long. This time something was going to be done...Powerfully and poetically written, Secrets is a must for all who have been touched by the ragged arm of abuse or who want to be supportive of someone who has been. A compelling novel based on true experiences, it offers solid information about healing and brings the reader to a deeply moving appreciation of the Saviors' atonement. Secrets confronts one of the most serious issues of our day. And as it weaves a tender and intriguing love story, it passionately draws the reader into its powerful message of hope.

A Candle in the Window

Michele Ashman Bell - 2001
    "Why do you want to do that?" "So Mama can find her way home," she said innocently.— This is the first Christmas without Mama, and John's family is struggling to face the holiday without his loving wife. However, eight-year-old Emily is convinced her mother will come and visit her on Christmas Eve. And right now, Emily needs her mother more than ever. Bring the magic and wonder of Christmas into your heart with this heartwarming picture book that is perfect for a wintry evening read-aloud. It just may begin a new tradition in your family. Published October 2006 32 pages

Cutting Edge

Jeffrey S. Savage - 2001
    It's the perfect job. A hot new company is in desperate need of his expertise--and they're willing to make it worth his while. But everything changes when Travis discovers that someone has been stealing sensitive files off of his computer, and the person he confides in mysteriously disappears. Before long, Travis realizes that he can't trust anyone; not his coworkers, his boss, not even members of his ward. Travis must use all of the means at his disposal to prove his innocence and keep his family alive. Because in Silicon Valley, while some ideas are worth billions, other ideas can get you killed.

Lightning Tree

Sarah G. Dunster - 2012
    But after years of harsh treatment by her foster family and memories that seem to hint at an unthinkable crime, Maggie is forced to strike out on her own to separate the facts from the lies.

The Ball's in Her Court

Heather Justesen - 2009
    As Denise's search leads her closer and closer to the one person she hoped she'd never have to face again, she begins to realize that her future depends on just one person--herself.This emotional and inspirational love story proves that life is full of unexpected twists and turns--especially when it comes to facing your demons, fighting for love, and finding happiness for the future.

The Hidden Path (The Book of Mormon Sleuth, Vol. 3)

C.B. Andersen - 2003

For Time & All Absurdity

Robert Farrell Smith - 2002
    While he was on his mission, the girl of his dreams went off and got married. Theirs was to have been a match made in heaven, and Ian can't believe that Bronwyn is really, finally, irredeemably out of reach. And when his dad runs afoul of the law, it would seem that things couldn't get much worse. Lost and disheartened and tormented by the loss of his one and only love, Ian ventures back into college. There he is saddled with one of the most irritating roommates anyone ever endured and begins an odyssey of dating misadventures that will make you wince. If you've ever been in love, gotten "Dear Johned," gone to college, or endured a nightmare blind date, you'll recognize this cast of characters.

Beneath The Surface: A Novel

Jeni Grossman - 2002