Waltz of Shadows

Joe R. Lansdale - 1999
    1Bill, who's 24, hooks up with the Disaster Club, four hedonistic youths obsessed with sex and death who plan to throw a scare into a philandering doctor. While they stake out the doctor, they stumble into a hit on his wife. The hired assassins are Fat Boy and Cobra Man, both major-league psycho killers. The wife is butchered, as are Bill's companions; he escapes and turns to his Uncle Hank for help. Reluctantly, Hank gets involved, recruiting his long-estranged brother Arnold and going up against the gruesome twosome. This launches The Lost Lansdale, Subterranean's issue of older, unpublished work from the much-admired noir crime writer (Bad Chili, Freezer Burn, etc.). The author's longtime readers will note his trademark deluge of salty profanity, stark East Texas settings, casual violence and graphic excess. They will also encounter an uncharacteristic lack of humor and a tedious predictability: the characters that wise readers expect to survive generally do, the remainder are far less fortunate. Of the many violent scenes, only one featuring a rape manages to truly shock. While not without raw power and some stylistic flourishes, this novel, written in 1991, is inferior to Lansdale's more recent work and will appeal mostly to collectors and the most dedicated fans.Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

The Far Cry

Fredric Brown - 1951
    No one knew where she had come from, or why she had died, or who killed her. Years later a man moved into the same house and discovered that nothing is more seductive than an unsolved murder.

Dust Devils

Roger Smith - 2011
    Hunting the real killer, father and son take a bloody road trip into the heart of darkness, uncovering a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of the state.Praise for Dust Devils"A bloody, hair-raising revenge tale." The Times"A tour de force of a chase and pursuit thriller. I would put Roger Smith in the same class as Elmore Leonard, he's that good." Shotsmag"Truly powerful writing." Florida Times-Union"Terrific." Star-Telegram"A brilliant work." The Drowning Machine"Smith is the master of the coolly-described nightmare." Der Spiegel"A crime ride that is dark, riveting and original." Cape Times"A fast-paced, frenetic tale. Dark and bloodsoaked." Business Day"So painfully precise, lucid and compelling, you can't help but read on." Frankfurter Rundschau"One of the best noir thrillers of 2011. A must read!" Keith Rawson - editor of Crimefactory"A great thriller." Die Welt"Topping my list of favorite crime thrillers of all time. Absolutely breathtaking." Dave Zeltserman - The Caretaker of Lorne Field and Small Crimes"An amped-up, page turning noir, sure to leave the reader blistered and bruised with satisfaction." Frank Bill - Crimes in Southern Indiana"Shocking, unsparing and very satisfying." Mack Captures Crime"Noir at its most brutal and honest." A.N. Smith - Yellow Medicine

Black Alibi

Cornell Woolrich - 1942
    But then the killer cat escapes into the heart of a large South American city and soon a woman is found torn to death. As the police search for the deadly jaguar, one man looks deeper--for a creature more terrible than any jungle beast...

Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre

Rod Glenn - 2007
    There's a newcomer to the small Northumberland village of Haydon . a charming novelist and film buff, researching a crime thriller about a serial killer on a rampage in a remote Northumberland community. The only trouble is, it's a work in progress and it's going to be non-fiction. 392 innocent men, women and children stand in his way to achieving a sadistic dream. As the worst winter in more than a century approaches, can two investigating police officers trapped with the terrorised residents stop this monster?

Three Bullets

R.J. Ellory - 2019
    Kennedy's presidential motorcade rode through Dealey Plaza. He and his wife Jackie greeted the crowds on a glorious Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas.BUT WHAT IF IT MISSED?Mitch Newman is a photojournalist based out of Washington, D.C. His phone never rings. When it does, a voice he hasn't heard in years will tell him his former fiancée Jean has taken her own life.WHEN THE TRUTH IS BIGGER THAN ALL THE LIESJean was an investigative reporter working the case of a lifetime. Somewhere in the shreds of her investigation is the truth behind her murder.WHO WOULD BELIEVE IT?For Mitch, piecing together the clues will become a dangerous obsession: one that will lead him to the dark heart of his country - and into the crossfire of a conspiracy...

The Child Taker & Criminally Insane Box Set

Conrad Jones - 2013
    Detective Alec Ramsay Crime Mystery Suspense Series Books 1-3 The number 1 selling thriller, The Child Taker and the sequel, Slow Burn, plus the best selling Criminally Insane in one digital edition.

Silent Source

James Marshall Smith - 2016
    Forensic mastermind, Damon Keane, investigates a series of bewildering cases of a fatal syndrome—a slow, excruciating death—cropping up in Atlanta. Now a priest is dying at Grady Memorial hospital. Delirious and in torment . . . hints of torture carried out within the walls of his sacred church. The only clue for the crime is the dying priest’s rosary beads: they’ve miraculously turned the color of blood. But Keane knows he’s not chasing something supernatural. He’s pursuing a killer—a man twisted by anger and a lust for vengeance.The mystery races from Atlanta to London’s Hyde Park to the edge of Siberia, a place once home to the world’s most secret atomic city, now mecca for the international nuclear black market. The killer is making chilling preparations to submerge Atlanta in a cloud of death. Keane is always one step behind. Time is running out.It all comes together on a bustling July 4th weekend at the world’s busiest airport—Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson. And Damon Keane has learned that the only way to take down this sinister madman is to outmatch his cunning in a face-to-face showdown. SILENT SOURCE was one of three international finalists for the 2015 Clive Cussler Grand Master Award. The fast-paced thriller will appeal to fans of David Baldacci and James Patterson.

68 Kill

Bryan Smith - 2013
    Chip Taylor’s girlfriend Liza had the perfect plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. It should have been an easy in and out kind of deal. Nobody would get hurt and they would come out of it with enough loot to solve their problems. But things started going wrong as soon as they were inside the rich man’s house, and for Chip it was only the beginning of the longest, most terrifying ride of his life.

DCI Yorke Boxset: Books 1-3

Wes Markin - 2019
    This terrific boxset brings together Wes Markin's first three bestselling novels in the terrifying and shocking DCI Yorke series. Book 1: One Last Prayer for the Rays. School should be the safest place in the world. Not this winter. Detective Michael Yorke faces his most harrowing case yet. When 12-year-old Paul disappears from school, Yorke’s only clue is a pool of animal blood. Fearing the worst, he turns toward the most obvious suspect, recently released local murderer, Thomas Ray.But as the snow in Salisbury worsens, Ray’s mutilated body is discovered, and Yorke is left with no choice but to journey into the sinister heart of a demented family that has plagued the community for generations. Can he save the boy? Or will the evil he discovers change him forever? Book 2: The Repenting Serpent A vicious serial killer slithers from the darkness, determined to resurrect the ways of a long-dead civilisation.When the ex-wife of one of DCI Michael Yorke’s closest allies is left mutilated and murdered, Yorke and his team embark on their greatest test yet. A  deeply personal case that will push them to their very limits. And as Yorke’s team are pulled further into the dark, the killer circles, preparing to strike again.  Book 3: The Silence of Severance Your wedding day should be the most unforgettable day of your life. And this is one wedding that will never be forgotten. When a police officer’s wedding day ends in brutality and chaos, DCI Michael Yorke is pulled away from his own wedding and into the bloodiest chain of events Wiltshire has ever seen.As a heatwave tightens its grip on Salisbury, Yorke and his team face a race against time to find the most sinister and intelligent adversary they have ever faced. Christian Severance. But as the team chase Severance into the shadows of a dark past, Yorke’s own history starts to drag itself into the present. Can they stop Christian Severance before he achieves the unthinkable? And will Yorke survive the revelations that claw at him from the darkness? Praise for One Last Prayer for the Rays: "An explosive and visceral debut with the most terrifying of killers. Wes Markin is a new name to watch out for in crime fiction, and I can't wait to see more of Detective Yorke."  – Bestselling Crime Author Stephen Booth ‘A pool of blood, an abduction, swirling blizzards, a haunting mystery, yes, Wes Markin’s One Last Prayer for the Rays has all the makings of an absorbing thriller. I recommend that you give it a go.’ – Bestselling Author Alan Gibbons  ‘Wes Markin has created a really high energy novel that I just want to rave about everywhere.

AGATHA CHRISTIE Premium Collection: The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Secret Adversary, The Murder on the Links, The Cornish Mystery, Hercule Poirot's Cases

Agatha Christie - 2020
    DavenheimThe Adventure of the “Western Star”The Tragedy at Marsdon ManorThe Million Dollar Bond RobberyThe Adventure of the Cheap FlatThe Mystery of the Hunter’s LodgeThe Kidnapped Prime MinisterThe Adventure of the Egyptian TombThe Adventure of the Italian NoblemanThe Case of the Missing WillThe Chocolate BoxThe Veiled LadyThe Lost MineThe Affair at the Victory BallThe Adventure of the Clapham CookThe Cornish MysteryThe Adventure of Johnnie WaverlyThe Double ClueThe King of ClubsThe Lemesurier InheritanceThe Plymouth ExpressThe Submarine PlansThe Market Basing MysteryThe Adventure of the Christmas Pudding


Billie Sue Mosiman - 1984
    He waited in the shadows, a dark and deadly presence. He was no novice at this terrible trade--he had struck before and he would strike again. And with each new killing he became less human...and more vicious. He stood patiently, a wire garrote in his strong hands, ready to claim yet another victim. Soon he would have one more to add to his growing list unless they could stop him. But how could they when they didn't know who he was? What he was? To a terrified city he was known only as the Wireman. Set in the 1970s, two brothers return from the Vietnam war with blood on their hands. Learning to kill the enemy wasn't something that would go away when they returned home to Houston, Texas. Could one of them be the serial killer, Wireman? Could the other stop him? Loosely based on true crimes which occurred in Houston, Texas in 1978-80. A suspense thriller by Edgar-Nominated author, Billie Sue Mosiman.

The Murdered House

Pierre Magnan - 1984
    Miraculously, a three-week old child evades the violence and is given up to the custody of the Sisters of Charity. 20 years later, the young orphan, possessive of so traumatized a history, sets off in search of answers.

The Someday File

Jean Heller - 2014
    In Jean Heller’s first mystery featuring the scrappy newspaper columnist, Deuce finds out in short order that if you mess with organized crime, you have to be tough—and you’d better be as much detective as reporter. When she walks into a seedy neighborhood bar in a suburb of Chicago–-all six feet of her, topped with auburn curls—she’s searching for a human-interest story. What she finds is Vinnie Colangelo, an aging mobster living on bad beer, cheap bourbon and regret for the life he wasted.Vinnie hints at secrets much bigger than his rap sheet should entitle him to, and Deuce immediately discovers that somebody’s willing to kill to keep those secrets buried. She uncovers a series of crimes committed over nearly six decades, and, as her human interest story morphs into a hard-boiled, action-packed mystery, she finds herself dead center in a storm of threats and reprisals from the mob.It’s not enough that the mob’s after her, and corrupt government is concealing the evidence that would explain why; even her own editors, frightened of lawsuits and losing subscribers, want her off the story.Fortunately, she has many allies: a network of loyal co-workers and contacts, even an ardent new admirer. But which ones can she trust? At least one of them, she suspects, is hiding a secret–- corruption? Murder? The veteran reporter knows: if you’re talking Chicago crime scene—it’s probably both.Though attacked in her home, stalked, and shot at, Deuce doggedly batters the well-oiled machinery of terror that has kept the secret buried so long. Heller meticulously builds her heroine’s investigation, as the evidence--and the danger--converge in a white-knuckling confrontation.

House 23

Eli Yance - 2013
    They never found the killer. The police blamed him, as did everyone else.He's been alone since her death. Confined to the house where she was murdered, forced to live a hermit's existence as he struggles with his grief and self-loathing. But there's hope: a beautiful woman, a woman who looks uncannily like his dead wife, moves into the house across the road and befriends him.Joesph Lee's life seems to be improving, but after the light at the end of the tunnel there's another descent into a world of darkness, because the stunning look-alike, and the imposing structure of house 23, are hiding disturbing secrets.House 23 is a dark suspense thriller. A gripping, and often disturbing, story with a mystery twist.