Haunted: The Ghosts That Share Our World

John Pinkney - 2011
    Author-journalist John Pinkney has investigated several thousand hauntings,and this collection contains many of his most intriguing cases. Against a background of authentic photographs and artwork, Pinkney's unique book describes *The case of the newsreader who died at the microphone - then haunted his radio station for the following 25 years. *The 'asphalt apparitions' that haunt highways worldwide - prompting some authorities to install roadsigns warning living drivers. * The mansion owner who, after intense detective work, discovered her resident ghost's horrific secret.*The drowned man's face that invaded an official police photograph. *The furious phantom that shocked a million TV viewers.* Telephone calls from the tsunami dead. And much more. This enthralling book is a comprehensive survey of modern hauntings - offering authentic reports and analysis of supernatural events in the 20th and 21st centuries. ALSO by JOHN PINKNEY IN EBOOKS: Alien Airships Over Old America...The Mary Celeste Syndrome...Australia's Strangest Mysteries... A Paranormal File...Thirst: An Inheritance of Evil...The Girl Who Touched Infinity...The Key and the Fountain.

True Ghost Stories: Real Haunted Ouija Boards

Zachery Knowles - 2016
     With such a long and diverse history, it’s unsurprising that Ouija has thrown up some interesting experiences. To some, it’s just a bit of fun; a spooky parlor game to pass the time with friends. For others, however, the terrifying encounter haunts them for a lifetime; an experience never to be forgotten. These people would instantly erase their experience, if only they could… Haunted Ouija Boards dives into some of the scariest encounters, giving us a spooky glimpse into the paranormal world—the book is filled with true stories from non-believers, believers, and Spiritualism fanatics, giving you a wide range of sources. Disturbing tales of lingering ghosts, ominous warnings, and implausibly correct predictions for the future are contained within. As we dig deeper, though, the stories become darker—demonic encounters, spirits physically attacking houseguests, and even the Ouija board becoming the motivation for murder. Never underestimate the powerful entities that the Ouija board can connect you with. As well as the compilation of terrifying true tales, Haunted Ouija Boards highlights just how dangerous this “simple board game” can be, and how to enjoy it safely—if that’s even possible. Haunted Ouija Boards will challenge skeptics to become believers. All of this, made possible by one board, with 26 letters, ten numbers, and a few simple words. And a little help from the spirit world, of course. Ready to scare yourself senseless? Scroll to the top of the page and hit buy!

Strange Things In The Woods: A Collection of Terrifying Tales

Steve Stockton - 2013
    In this volume, read about:-An invisible organist in the sky, a floating coffin and a giant mysterious ball-The spooky sounds of ghostly kittens, a screaming woman and a crying baby-Giant snakes, Bigfoot-like creatures and a lake monster-Haunted cabins, mysterious dwellings and sites of strange cult activity-Tarot cards nailed to trees, an Ouija board that wouldn't burn and a voodoo doll- And many MORE true stories!

True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire 4

Jim Harold - 2015
    True Ghost Stories and More. Haunted, Chilling Short Stories That Will Freak You Out!-A Physician Encounters A Mysterious Patient He’ll Never Forget A Woman Learns She Has Been Followed By A Demon Driving A Car -A Deceased, Famous Singer Takes The Stage During A Seance-PLUS 67 More TRUE, Spooky Stories From The Popular Campfire Podcast FREE Audio Download With Purchase On this special audio Campfire, exclusively created for readers of TRUE GHOST STORIES: Jim Harold's Campfire 4, Jim replays the audio of his 5 favorite stories from this compilation.You will hear the original retelling of these stories by actual Campfire callers. It is a paranormal countdown in the spirit of the old Top 40 radio shows. Using the link EXCLUSIVELY SHARED WITH CAMPFIRE 4 READERS IN THE BOOK, you'll be able to download or stream this BONUS content to the device of your choice. It is Jim's special thank you gift! 18 Million Downloads Can't Be Wrong! Jim Harold's paranormal podcasts have been downloaded over 18 million times, and the program that gets the most response is his popular Campfire show. In this book, TRUE GHOST STORIES: Jim Harold's Campfire 4, Jim shares 70 more of the best stories ever featured on the program. You'll read REAL PEOPLE's experiences with ghosts plus some UFO, shadow people and angel stories added for flavor. Real World Paranormal Activity If you like The Conjuring, or The Exorcist you'll love the real thing! BUY TRUE GHOST STORIES: Jim Harold's Campfire 4 TODAY!NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE TO READ A KINDLE BOOK, SEARCH AMAZON FOR THEIR FANTASTIC FREE READING APPS FOR ABOUT EVERY DEVICE KNOWN TO MAN!!!!

Supposedly Haunted: True Life Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator

E.E. Bensen - 2016
    He discusses what brought him into the paranormal research field, describes real life supernatural events witnessed firsthand during his numerous investigations, and also provides an opinion of what all of it might be. Experiencing paranormal phenomena has a way of changing one's perspective. Locations include Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Preston Castle, The Washoe Club, The Stanley Hotel, Old Tooele Hospital (Asylum 49), Farrar Elementary School, and more!

Echoes of a Haunting - Revisited

Clara M. Miller - 2009
    It tells the story of a family under siege. From the time the Dandy family moved to their "home in the country" in 1970 until they fled it in 1974, they were plagued but unexplainable and terrifying events. When they tell you ghosts can't harm you, take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps they can't affect you directly but they can sure cause incidents that can kill. The book is told in semi-diary form to keep it in (hopefully) order. If you don't believe in the paranormal, you'd better not read this book. If you want to learn something, by all means read it and learn.

Bedtime Stories, Volume 1: 40 Creepy Tales from Around the World

Richard While - 2019
    This book contains 40 of the most disturbing and haunting tales from around the world, some of which you may have heard of, others you have not.

Coast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America

Leslie Rule - 2001
    An employee of the St. James Hotel in New Mexico watches in shock as a fair-haired toddler with a terribly disfigured face disappears into the floor. This is just one of the paranormal mysteries Leslie Rule shares with us--a result of extensive interviews and research uncovering the reasons behind ghost sightings across the country.Coast to Coast Ghosts features dozens of spine-tingling, real-life ghost stories and approximately fifty black-and-white photographs taken by Rule, including some believed to have captured actual apparitions.Only the reader can decide. . . .

A Strange Little Place: The Hauntings & Unexplained Events of One Small Town

Brennan Storr - 2016
    Packed with stories of hauntings, UFOs, Sasquatch, missing time, and much more, A Strange Little Place takes you into a small town full of thrilling secrets and bizarre encounters.Chronicling over seventy years of unusual occurrences in his hometown, Brennan Storr provides exciting, first-hand accounts of unexplainable phenomena. Discover the sinister mysteries of Rogers Pass, the strange craft and spectral music of the Arrow Lakes, and generations of hauntings in the infamous Holten House. As a magnet for the supernatural, Revelstoke invites you to experience things you never thought possible.

The Ghosts on 87th Lane: A True Story

M.L. Woelm - 2007
    It still is. I began recording my experiences, hoping to one day share them. I kept waiting for the incidents to stop, so I'd have a logical conclusion to my book. So far, that hasn't happened. It may never happen. I'd like to get my story told before I become a ghost myself. The True Story of a Haunting Beginning in 1968 and spanning four decades, this true story chronicles the hair-raising experiences that nearly drove an ordinary housewife and mother to the breaking point.Not every haunted house is an old Victorian mansion, as the author and her family discovered when they bought a modest house in the suburbs. Even a post-war starter home can be a dwelling place for earthbound spirits--especially if it holds a tragic secret from the past. Eerie feelings of being watched, disembodied sobs, mysterious scratches appearing on her throat, and a child's voice crying, Mommy! convinced M. L. Woelm that she was sharing her home with ghosts. This is her story.

Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf

Christopher Balzano - 2012
    Discover for yourself in this eerie, spine-chilling, and alarming collection of true tales and classic stories of possessed possessions.Unearthed by veteran ghost hunters Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg, each page of "Haunted Objects" reveals unsettling accounts of unexplained paranormal activity surrounding everyday items. From dolls to rings, these innocent looking items have disturbing tales to tell.You'll never look at chairs, dresses, paintings, and the common items in your home the same way again.

Paranormal Intruder

Caroline Mitchell - 2013
    A knife embedded in a kitchen cupboard, crockery smashed by invisible hands, and blood-chilling growls emit from thin air. Caroline and her husband Neil search for answers as they try to protect their family from the unseen entity that seems determined to rip them apart. The biggest question looms over them like a dark cloud ... who is going to help us? There are emergency services for many things, but not of this nature. It might be easier to believe temporary insanity, if not for the vast amount of witnesses. Police, fire services, mediums, priests and investigators all become embroiled in the mystery. The family struggles to cope, and Caroline grows concerned for her husband’s failing health as he withdraws from the world. However, the entity has only just begun. Paranormal Intruder is the true story of one family’s brave fight against an invisible entity. Described as one of the best-documented cases of paranormal activity, this page turning book will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

True Singapore Ghost Stories : Book 3

Russell Lee - 1994
    This is the biggest of the Angsana Russell Lee series - 192 pages. More readers are now telling us about their encounters with the supernatural. Theses are not merely stories - they're all true!

Haunted Healthcare 2: Medical Professionals and Patients Share Their Encounters with the Paranormal

Richard Estep - 2019
    The first pair of hands to hold us when we enter this world, and the last to comfort us when we leave it, usually belong to a member of the healing profession. Where one finds death and drama, one also finds ghosts. Small wonder that doctors, nurses, paramedics, and the patients that they treat, regularly encounter the spirits of the departed. Sometimes those spirits are friendly. But not always... Join Richard Estep, paramedic, paranormal investigator, and cast member of TV’s “Haunted Case Files,” “Haunted Hospitals,” and “Paranormal 911,” as he uncovers the true-life hauntings of nursing homes, hospitals, and other places of healing. Welcome to the world of Haunted Healthcare...

Cops' True Stories of the Paranormal: Ghosts, UFOs, and Other Shivers

Loren W. Christensen - 2016
    Christensen asked men and women in uniform—police officers, sheriff deputies, SWAT, command, correction officers, and MPs—to convey their experiences with the paranormal. These are veteran officers that have been there and done that, but on one occasion they were confronted with the unexplained ... Here are some of the stories told within: Close Encounters of the Second Kind Vanished Trapped Eyes Dead Man Walking Dead Man's Cane A Touch of Thanks The Snitch The Warning The Light The Couple Wrong Number Ghost Prisoner Tower 7 Hospital Morgue Coffee and Cups The Stabber The Faceless Mannequin White Eagle The Man in the Window Strange Place Forest Lawn Cemetery Scratches A Sign in Twisted Metal He Pulled The Trigger Four Times