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Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era

Jerry Mitchell - 2020
    The killings would become known as the “Mississippi Burning” case and even though the killers’ identities, including the sheriff’s deputy, were an open secret, no one was charged with murder in the months and years that followed. It took forty-one years before the mastermind was brought to trial and finally convicted for the three innocent lives he took. If there is one man who helped pave the way for justice, it is investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell. In Race Against Time, Mitchell takes readers on the twisting, pulse-racing road that led to the reopening of four of the most infamous killings from the days of the civil rights movement, decades after the fact. His work played a central role in bringing killers to justice for the assassination of Medgar Evers, the firebombing of Vernon Dahmer, the 16th Street Church bombing in Birmingham and the Mississippi Burning case. His efforts have put four leading Klansmen behind bars, years after they thought they had gotten away with murder.

The Last Book on the Left: Stories of Murder and Mayhem from History’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

Ben Kissel - 2020
    Deeply researched but with a morbidly humorous bent, the podcast has earned a dedicated and aptly cultlike following for its unique take on all things macabre. In their first book, the guys take a deep dive into history’s most infamous serial killers, from Ted Bundy to John Wayne Gacy, exploring their origin stories, haunting habits, and perverse predilections. Featuring newly developed content alongside updated fan favorites, each profile is an exhaustive examination of the darker side of human existence. With appropriately creepy four-color illustrations throughout and a gift-worthy paper over board format, The Last Book on the Left will satisfy the bloodlust of readers everywhere.

Evil at Lake Seminole: The Shocking True Story Surrounding the Disappearance of Mike Williams

Steven B. Epstein - 2020
    The Florida State grad was juggling fatherhood with a thriving real estate appraisal career. And that very evening? He and his high school sweetheart, Denise, planned to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary.But Mike Williams never returned home.When an intense search of the lake's marshy waters turned up only his hunting boat and a camouflage hat, investigators reached the morbid conclusion he'd fallen overboard and drowned, his body eaten by alligators. Nearly two decades passed before the dark secrets hidden at Lake Seminole--and elsewhere--were finally revealed.EVIL AT LAKE SEMINOLE is a diabolical tale of betrayal, greed, and deception--and of a courageous mother who devoted her life and savings to uncovering the truth of what really happened to her son.

Missing from the Village: The Story of Serial Killer Bruce McArthur, the Search for Justice, and the System That Failed Toronto's Queer Community

Justin Ling - 2020
    On paper, an investigation continued for a year, but remained "open but suspended." By 2015, investigative journalist Justin Ling had begun to put in multiple requests to speak to the investigators on the case. Meanwhile, more men would go missing, and police would continue to deny that there might be a serial killer. On January 18, 2018, Bruce McArthur, a landscaper, would be charged with three counts of first-degree murder. In February 2019, he was convicted of eight counts of first-degree murder.This extraordinary book tells the complete story of the McArthur murders. Based on more than five years of in-depth reporting, this is also a story of police failure, of how the gay community failed its own, and the story of the eight men who went missing and the lives they left behind. In telling that story, Justin Ling uncovers the latent homophobia and racism that kept this case unsolved and unseen. This gripping book reveals how police agencies across the country fail to treat missing persons cases seriously, and how policies and laws, written at every level of government, pushed McArthur's victims out of the light and into the shadows.

Wilder Intentions: Love, Lies and Murder in North Dakota

C.J. Wynn - 2020
    But this time, she didn’t show—and Christopher’s calls went unanswered. The police found what looked like a scene from a horror movie at their home. The backdoor kicked in. A bedroom splattered with blood. And a pregnant young woman violently stabbed to death.Could Christopher have murdered the woman he claimed to love? Or was the crime done by an intruder Angila had feared for weeks? Angila’s womanizing ex-husband, Richie Wilder, Jr., aimed detectives straight toward Christopher. The evidence, however, pointed squarely at Richie.Kindergarten teacher Cynthia Wilder thought her dreams had come true when she married Richie. But while her husband sat behind bars, Cynthia grew lonely. When she shared some disturbing details with a former lover, Cynthia finally revealed the truth behind the sinister plot to kill Angila Wilder. After four years of lies and deceit, the real story would shock a community to its very core …

Into the Forest and all the Way Through

Cynthia Pelayo - 2020
    Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Poetry CollectionInto the Forest and all the Way Through is a collection of true crime poetry that explores the cases of over one hundred missing and murdered women in the United States.

The Witness

Nicola Tallant - 2020

I Survived: A True Story.

Victoria Cilliers - 2020
    Her parachutes failed to open and she plummeted 4,000 feet to the ground, sustaining life-threatening injuries. Miraculously, she survived. Then the police arrived at her door. Someone had tampered with her parachute and they suspected Emile.In I Survived Victoria describes how she fell for Emile, and how the charming man she thought she knew gradually revealed a darker side, chipping away at her self-worth until she found it impossible to sift truth from lies. Can she really believe that her husband – the father of their two young children – tried to kill her? As more shocking revelations come to light, and she has to face his trial and relentless media scrutiny, she struggles to come to terms with the past. Even a guilty verdict does not free her because Emile is not ready to let her go . . .Powerful and honest, I Survived is the story of a woman who was put through hell and yet found the strength to forge a new life for herself and her children. (less)

Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein

Bradley J. Edwards - 2020
    In June 2008, Florida-based victims’ rights attorney Bradley J. Edwards was thirty-two years old and had just started his own law firm when a young woman named Courtney Wild came to see him. She told a shocking story of having been sexually coerced at the age of fourteen by a wealthy man in Palm Beach named Jeffrey Epstein. Edwards, who had never heard of Epstein, had no idea that this moment would change the course of his life. Over the next ten years, Edwards devoted himself to bringing Epstein to justice, and came close to losing everything in the process. Edwards tracked down and represented more than twenty of Epstein’s victims, and shined a light on his network of contacts and friends, among them Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Edwards gives his riveting, blow-by-blow account of battling Epstein on behalf of his clients, and provides stunning details never shared before. He explains how he followed Epstein’s criminal enterprise from Florida, to New York, to Europe, to a Caribbean island, and, in the process, became the one person Epstein most feared could take him down. Epstein and his cadre of high-priced lawyers were able to manipulate the FBI and the Justice Department, but, despite making threats and attempting schemes straight out of a spy movie, Epstein couldn’t stop Edwards, his small team of committed lawyers and, most of all, the victims, who were dead-set on seeing their abuser finally put behind bars.This is the definitive account of the Epstein saga, personally told by the gutsy lawyer who took on one of the most brazen sexual criminals in the history of the US, and exposed the corrupt system that let him get away with it for far too long.

Murder Games: The New York Murders (50 States of Murder)

Jon Mills - 2020

I Catch Killers: The Life and Many Deaths of a Homicide Detective

Gary Jubelin - 2020
    This is the memoir of a homicide detective.Here I am: tall and broad, shaved head, had my nose broken three times fighting. Black suit, white shirt, the big city homicide detective. I've led investigations into serial killings, child abductions, organised crime hits and domestic murders. But beneath the suit, I've got an Om symbol in the shape of a Buddha tattooed on my right bicep. It balances the tattoo on my left ribs: Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. That's how I choose to live my life.As a cop, I got paid to catch killers and I learned what doing it can cost you. It cost me marriages and friendships. It cost me my reputation. They tell you not to let a case get personal, but I think it has to. Each one has taken a piece out of me and added a piece, until there's only pieces.I catch killers - it's what I do. It's who I am.Gary Jubelin was one of Australia's most celebrated detectives, leading investigations into the disappearance of preschooler William Tyrrell, the serial killing of three Aboriginal children in Bowraville and the brutal gangland murder of Terry Falconer. During his 34-year career, Detective Chief Inspector Jubelin also ran the crime scene following the Lindt Cafe siege, investigated the death of Caroline Byrne and recovered the body of Matthew Leveson. Jubelin retired from the force in 2019. This is his story

Start by Believing: Larry Nassar's Crimes, the Institutions that Enabled Him, and the Brave Women Who Stopped a Monster

John Barr - 2020
    For decades, osteopathic physician Larry Nassar built a sterling reputation as the go-to doctor for America's Olympians while treating countless others at his office on Michigan State University's campus. It was largely within the high-pressure world of competitive gymnastics that Nassar exploited young girls, who were otherwise motivated by fear and intimidation, sexually assaulting hundreds of them under the guise of medical treatment. >In Start by Believing, John Barr and Dan Murphy confront Nassar's acts, which represent the largest sex abuse scandal to impact the sporting world. Through never-before-released interviews and documents they deconstruct the epic institutional failures and individuals who enabled him. When warnings were raised, self-serving leaders chose to protect their organizations' reputations over the well-being of young people. Following the paths traveled by courageous women--featuring a once-shy Christian attorney and a brash, outspoken Olympic medalist--Barr and Murphy detail the stories of those who fought back against the dysfunction within their sport to claim a far-from-inevitable victory. The gymnasts' uncommon perseverance, along with the help of dedicated advocates, brought criminals to justice and helped fuel the #MeToo revolution.

Broken Faith: Inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, One of America's Most Dangerous Cults

Mitch Weiss - 2020
    In the eyes of her followers, she's a prophet--to disobey her means eternal damnation. It could also mean hours of physical abuse. The control she exerts is absolute: she decides what her followers study, where they work, whom they can marry--even when they can have sex.Broken Faith is the meticulously reported story of a singular female cult leader, a terrifying portrait of life inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, and the harrowing account of one family who escaped after two decades. Based on hundreds of interviews, secretly recorded conversations, and thousands of pages of documents. It's the story of an entire community's descent into darkness--and for some, the winding journey back to the light.

Trial by Fire: A Devastating Tragedy, 100 Lives Lost, and A 15-Year Search for Truth

Scott James - 2020
    It would take nearly 20 years to find out why—and who was really at fault. All it took for a hundred people to die during a show by the hair metal band Great White was a sudden burst from two giant sparklers that ignited the acoustical foam lining the Station nightclub. But who was at fault? And who would pay? This being Rhode Island, the two questions wouldn't necessarily have the same answer.Within 24 hours the governor of Rhode Island and the local police commissioner were calling for criminal charges, although the investigation had barely begun, no real evidence had been gathered, and many of the victims hadn't been identified. Though many parties could be held responsible, fingers pointed quickly at the two brothers who owned the club. But were they really to blame? Bestselling author and three-time Emmy Award-winning reporter Scott James investigates all the central figures, including the band's manager and lead singer, the fire inspector, the maker of the acoustical foam, as well as the brothers. Drawing on firsthand accounts, interviews with many involved, and court documents, James explores the rush to judgment about what happened that left the victims and their families, whose stories he also tells, desperate for justice.Trial By Fire is the heart-wrenching story of the fire's aftermath because while the fire, one of America's deadliest, lasted fewer than two minutes, the search for the truth would take twenty years.

We Thought We Knew You: A Terrifying True Story of Secrets, Betrayal, Deception, and Murder

M. William Phelps - 2020
    William Phelps is one of America's most celebrated true crime authorities. In WE THOUGHT WE KNEW YOU, he takes readers deep into the murder of Mary Yoder, a popular wife, mother, and healer in Upstate New York -- telling a gripping tale of a family drama, a determined investigation, and a killer with the face of an angel.In July 2015, Mary Yoder returned home from the chiropractic center that she operated with her husband, Bill, complaining that she felt unwell. Mary, health-conscious and vibrant, was suddenly vomiting, sweating, and weak. Doctors in the ER and ICU were baffled as to the cause of her rapidly progressing illness. Her loved ones--including Bill and their children, Adam, Tamryn, and Liana--gathered in shock to say goodbye.In the weeks that followed Mary's death, the grief-stricken family received startling news from the medical examiner: Mary had been deliberately poisoned. The lethal substance was colchicine, a chemical used to treat gout but extremely toxic if not taken as prescribed. Mary did not have gout. Another bombshell followed when the local sheriff's office received a claim that Adam Yoder had poisoned his mother. But Adam was not the only person of interest in the case. Pretty and popular Kaitlyn Conley, Adam's ex-girlfriend, worked at the Yoders' clinic. She'd even been at Mary's bedside during those last terrible hours. Still, some spoke of her talent for manipulation and a history of bizarre, rage-fueled behavior against anyone who dared to reject her. Had Kaitlyn and Adam conspired to kill Mary Yoder, or was the killer someone else entirely?In another twist, accusations were hurled at Bill Yoder himself, ricocheting blame in still another direction...Renowned investigative journalist M. William Phelps details this incredible story piece by piece, revealing a heartless plan of revenge--a scheme that would tear a family apart, divide a community, and result in two gripping, high-profile trials.

Gorilla Killer: A True Story of Betrayal, Brutality and Butchery

Ryan Green - 2020
    Despite his grim and bulky appearance, he introduced himself politely, in a soft-spoken voice whilst clutching a Bible in one of his large hands. She invited him in. The moment he stepped into her home, he lunged forwards, wrapping his over-sized fingers around her throat and forced her to the ground. She couldn’t scream. He had learned the dangers of a scream. She slowly slipped into darkness. Given what would follow, it was probably a kindness. The ‘Gorilla Killer’, Earle Nelson, roamed over 7,000 miles of North America undetected, whilst satisfying his deranged desires. During a span of almost two years, he choked the life out of more than twenty unsuspecting women, subjected their bodies to the most unspeakable acts, and seemingly enjoyed the process. The concept of Serial Killers were largely unknown to the North American public in the 1920s but the local authorities and press were fast becoming aware of the devastating and horrific reality that unfolded before their eyes. Nelson would eventually become the first real ‘superstar criminal’ who everyone had heard of and talked about. Before Bundy and BTK, there was Earle Nelson. Gorilla Killer is a chilling account of Earle Nelson, the first known American serial sex murderer. Ryan Green’s riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller. CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further

Irreparable: Three Lives. Two Deaths. One Story that Has to be Told.

Mark Gerardot - 2020
    When what had begun as a harmless flirtation blossomed into a passionate love affair, Mark confessed his infidelity and began taking the painful steps toward what he thought was an amicable but long-overdue divorce. What he didn't realize, however, was that Jennair was taking steps of her own--steps that would end with both women dead and Mark a prime suspect in their murder.A harrowing account of marriage, infidelity and murder, Irreparable is a must-read for anyone who has ever been faced with, or thought about betrayal, divorce, or electronic surveillance of a loved one. Based on hundreds of hours of recorded conversations and videotapes documenting a marriage as it shatters and a romance as it blooms, Irreparable will stun and surprise you on every page. The suspense builds as each chapter takes you deeper into the grief of a man tortured by his guilt, and the madness of a heartbroken woman determined to destroy the man she loved.Unexpectedly thrust into the media spotlight after a life-altering personal tragedy in 2018, Mark Gerardot's obsessive two-year search to understand the bewildering secret life that led his wife to kill and to come to terms with his grief and remorse for his own actions is told in his debut book, "Irreparable". Determined to share the sad but true story of his 24-year marriage, the events that led up to the tragedy and the lessons he has learned since, Gerardot hopes to help others who find themselves at a crossroads in a troubled marriage or relationship. "We have a responsibility," Gerardot says "to not only take care of those we love, but those we hurt, to make sure they're okay."

The Monk: The Life and Crimes of Ireland's Most Enigmatic Gang Boss

Paul Williams - 2020

Cold Heart

Kimberly Tilley - 2020
    Ed Burdick, a wealthy manufacturer known for his kindness and generosity, and his wife Alice had a life few could imagine. The couple had three lovely daughters, a beautiful home, and they were fixtures in the elite Elmwood Avenue set. Despite rumors of trouble in the Burdick marriage, few believed it until Ed ordered his wife out of their home and filed for divorce. The whispers about their separation abruptly ended when Ed Burdick was found murdered in his den while his family slept upstairs. The police found a mosaic of conflicting clues at the crime scene. The investigation uncovered shocking information about the Buffalo tycoon’s life, and no shortage of suspects with a motive for murder.The murder of Ed Burdick is the true story of the great unsolved mystery of turn of the century Buffalo and a terrible wrong that was never put right.

Losing Jon: A Teen's Tragic Death, a Police Cover-Up, a Community's Fight for Justice

David Parrish - 2020
    This is true crime at the highest of levels. Scary, heartbreaking and completely insightful."--Brad Meltzer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Escape ArtistDavid Parrish was in disbelief when he learned that nineteen-year-old Jon Bowie's body had been found hanged from a backstop at the local high school's baseball field and the death declared a suicide. David had known Jon and his twin brother since they were boys. He had coached them on the baseball field and welcomed them into his home for sleepovers with his own sons. However, when David learned how Jon's body was found, he felt compelled to find the facts behind this incomprehensible tragedy.Soon, David would learn of a brutal incident at a local motel where Jon and his brother had been severely beaten by police officers, the charges filed against those officers, and the months of harassment and intimidation Jon and his brother endured. Few in the utopian community of Columbia, Maryland, believed Jon could commit such a final act. Like many others, David wondered how a fateful night of teens blowing off steam could lead to such a tragic end. As law enforcement failed to find answers and seemed intent on preventing the truth from surfacing, David uncovered a system of cover-ups that could only lead to one conclusion--Jon's death was an act of murder."A true page turner, filled with almost-too-unbelievable-to-be-true details of one community's fight to find justice for one of its own . . . the issues raised, particularly when it comes to questions of police brutality and cover-ups, are very much relevant today." --New York Times bestselling author Lisa Pulitzer Includes 16 Pages of Photographs

Drugs, Guns & Lies: My life as an undercover cop

Keith Banks - 2020
    This is what it's really like to be an undercover police officer.'Banks has told his story in a raw and honest autobiography. It is the best true crime book published in Australia in a decade.' - John Silvester, Crime Reporter for The Age Undercover was like guerrilla warfare; to understand your enemy, you had to walk amongst them, to become them. The trick was to keep an eye on that important line between who you were and who you were pretending to be.This is the true story of Keith Banks, one of Queensland's most decorated police officers, and his journey into the world of drugs as an undercover operative in the 1980s. In an era of corruption, often alone and with no backup, he and other undercover cops quickly learned to blend into the drug scene, smoking dope and drinking with targets, buying drugs and then having dealers arrested. Very quickly, the lines between his identity as a police officer and the life he pretended to be part of became blurred. This is a raw and confronting story of undercover cops who all became casualties of that era, some more than others, when not everyone with a badge could be trusted.

The Pottery Cottage Murders: The terrifying true story of an escaped prisoner and the family he held hostage

Carol Ann Lee - 2020
    A family of five held hostage in their home. A frantic police manhunt across the snowbound Derbyshire moors. Just one survivor. The definitive account of the terrifying 1977 Pottery Cottage murders that shocked Britain. For three days, escaped prisoner Billy Hughes played macabre psychological games with Gill Moran and her family, keeping them in separate rooms of their home while secretly murdering them one by one. On several occasions Hughes ordered Gill and her husband, Richard, to leave the house for provisions, confident that they would return without betraying him in order to protect their loved ones. Blizzards hampered the desperate police search, but they learned where the dangerous convict was hiding and closed in on the cottage. A high-speed car chase on icy roads ended with a crash and the killer being shot as he swung a newly sharpened axe at his final victim. This was Britain's first instance of police officers committing 'justifiable homicide' against an escapee. The story of these terrible events is told here by Carol Ann Lee and Peter Howse, the former Chief Inspector who saved Gill Moran's life more than 40 years ago. Peter's professional role has permitted access to witness statements, crime-scene photographs and police reports. Peter Howse and Carol Ann Lee have made use of these, along with fresh interviews with many of those directly involved, to tell a fast-paced and truly shocking story with great insight and empathy.

County Lines

Jason Farrell - 2020
    From the street slang that was once known as 'going country' - it sees powerful drugs gangs supplying outside of the capital through an underworld 'emerging markets enterprise', using children as young as 12 and vulnerable men and women to do their dirty work.Teens whose bereaved relatives assume they led ordinary lives, who tell us they were 'good kids', suddenly end up stabbed to death with no seeming motive. At night, on a usually quiet suburban street, a massive knife fight erupts and two kids end up on life support. Their parents tell the news they weren't in a gang ... What is really going on?

Vampire Killer: A Terrifying True Story of Psychosis, Mutilation and Murder (Ryan Green's True Crime)

Ryan Green - 2020
    His pregnant wife, Teresa (22), was nowhere to be seen. The radio was still playing and there were some peculiar stains on the carpet. Wallin nervously followed the stains to his bedroom and encountered a scene so chilling that it would haunt him for the rest of his life. Teresa had been sexually assaulted and mutilated. She was also missing body parts and large volumes of blood. Four days later, the Sacramento Police Department were called to a home approximately a mile away from the Wallin residence. They were not prepared for the horror that awaited them. Daniel Meredith (56) and Jason Miroth (6) were shot multiple times. Evelyn Miroth (38) was disfigured, disembowelled and abused like Teresa. She was also missing body parts and large quantities of blood. David Ferreira (2), who Evelyn was babysitting, was nowhere to be seen and likely in the hands of the deranged mass murderer. It was official, Sacramento had a blood-thirsty serial killer in their midst. The FBI and local police were under no doubt that he would kill again and that his crimes would continue to escalate if not apprehended immediately. Vampire Killer is a gripping account of Richard Chase, and one of the most gruesome true crime stories in California’s history. Ryan Green’s riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller. CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further.

Boy Missing: The Search for Kyron Horman

Rebecca Morris - 2020
    Where is Kyron Horman? Why hasn't the woman who police suspect is responsible for his disappearance-Kyron's stepmother-been charged? On the last day he was seen, June 4, 2010, the boy with the toothy smile, crew cut, and glasses posed in front of his science project on frogs. Kyron grinned for a photo taken by his stepmother. She said he walked to his second-grade classroom and turned to wave at her. Then he vanished. That Kyron disappeared from his grade school got the attention of parents around the world. The twists of the case -adultery, sexting, murder-for-hire-keep the story in the spotlight. On the tenth anniversary of Kyron's disappearance, New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Morris tells for the first time the story of the investigation and the toll the boy's disappearance took on his family and law enforcement. Based on years of research and interviews with people close to the case, including Kyron's mother, Desiree Young. the book is the story of the boy's disappearance, the suspicion that quickly fell on one member of a messy blended family, and how Desiree Young turned grief into advocacy. "Boy Missing" examines what recourse families have as they wait for a loved one to be found. It challenges a common assumption in no-body cases: that prosecutors must wait until there is a confession or remains are found. No-body cases can be prosecuted successfully. Jeff Guinn, author of "Manson" and "The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple," calls "Boy Missing " "an important book and one readers will never forget." Rebecca Morris is the author of "If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children," "Ted and Ann: They Mystery of a Missing Child and Her Neighbor Ted Bundy," and other books. A veteran journalist, she appears frequently on network and cable TV as a crime expert.

The Last Narc: A Memoir by the DEA's Most Notorious Agent

Hector Berrellez - 2020

Killer Kids Volume 6: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill

Robert Keller - 2020

Babes in the Wood

Graham Bartlett - 2020
    They would never return home; their bodies discovered the next day concealed in a local park. This devastating crime rocked the country.With unique access to the officers charged with catching the killer, former senior detective Graham Bartlett and bestselling author Peter James tell the compelling inside story of the investigation as the net tightens around local man Russell Bishop. The trial that follows is one of the most infamous in the history of Brighton policing – a shock result sees Bishop walk free.Three years later, Graham is working in Brighton CID when a seven-year-old girl is abducted and left to die. She survives . . . and Bishop’s name comes up as a suspect. Is history repeating itself? Can the police put him away this time, and will he ever be made to answer for his past horrendous crimes? Both gripping police procedural and an insight into the motivations of a truly evil man, Babes in the Wood by Graham Bartlett with Peter James is a fascinating account of what became a thirty-two year fight for justice.

True Crime Case Histories, Vol. 5: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories

Jason Neal - 2020
    Television shows and newspaper articles often gloss over the shocking details because it may be too grisly for the average viewer or reader.When researching these stories, I commonly use actual police reports, court documents, and first-hand descriptions. Some of the details can be disconcerting. I do my best to not leave out any of the details in my books, no matter how depraved they may be. My intent is not to shock, but to show precisely how twisted the mind of a killer can be.That being said, if you are overly squeamish, this may not be the book for you. If you’re okay with it, then let’s proceed.Volume 5 features: longer stories, more photos, a bonus chapter, and an online appendix with additional photos, videos, and documents. Volume Five features twelve of the most incomprehensible stories of the last fifty years.

Deadly Women Volume 8: 20 Shocking True Crime Cases of Women Who Kill

Robert Keller - 2020
    At some point, a woman has to say, “enough.”Sandy Cain: A bored dental hygienist gets lured into a master/slave relationship by an online predator – his mistake. Sheila LaBarre: They called her “Crazy Sheila,” a more than appropriate nickname for this gun-toting, knife-wielding, femme fatale.Michelle Michael: A deadly fire, a $500,000 inheritance, an obvious suspect. Her alibi seems unbreakable. But is it?Lastania Abarta: Chico Forster was a player, who used up his conquests and then cast them aside. He’s picked the wrong woman this time. Plus 12 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Deadly Women Volume 8. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Hunting Whitey: The Inside Story of the Capture & Killing of America's Most Wanted Crime Boss

Casey Sherman - 2020
    The leader of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang and #1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, Bulger was indicted for nineteen counts of murder, racketeering, narcotics distribution, and extortion. But it was his sixteen-year flight from justice on the eve of his arrest that made him a legend and exposed deep corruption within the FBI.While other accounts have examined Bulger’s crimes, this remarkable chronicle tells the story of his life on the run, his capture, and his eventual murder inside one of America’s most dangerous prisons—”Misery Mountain”—in 2018. Interweaving the perspectives of Bulger, his family and cohorts, and law enforcement, Hunting Whitey explains how this dangerous criminal evaded capture for nearly two decades and shines a spotlight on the dedicated detectives, federal agents, and prosecutors involved in bringing him to justice. It is also a fascinating, detailed portrait of both Bulger’s trial and his time in prison—including shocking new details about his death at Misery Mountain less than twenty-four hours after his arrival.Granted access to exclusive prison letters and interviews with dozens of people connected to the case on both sides, Sherman and Wedge offer a trove of fascinating new stories and create an incomparable portrait of one of the most infamous criminals in American history.Hunting Whitey includes an 8-page photo insert.

True Crime Case Histories; Volume 4: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories (True Crime Collection)

Jason Neal - 2020
    The stories included in this book are truly depraved and shocking. They are not for the squeamish. Many true crime television shows and news articles often leave out the gruesome details, simply because they may be too much for the average viewer or reader. With my books, I try not to leave out the details no matter how vicious they may have been. My intention is not to shock, but to provide a clear and accurate description of some of the most evil minds of the world. Though the stories are brief, I do my best to include enough detail so that the reader can get a better look into the demented mind of the killer.This volume features twelve of the most incomprehensible stories of the last sixty years. Trying to understand the motivation behind murders like these can be an exercise in futility. But one thing is for sure, — the stories in this volume will keep you turning pages.Volume 4 features: longer stories, more photos, three bonus chapters, and an online appendix with additional photos, videos, and documents.In this book you’ll learn about a story that has haunted me since I was a little kid growing up in southwest Washington. I lived a normal American life where I could ride my bike around my small town from dusk till dawn without a care in the world. When I was twelve years old, a boy in my neighborhood just a year older than myself disappeared and was later found murdered. At the time I didn’t know many of the details, but after researching the story all these years later and realizing that monsters like Tommy Ragan exist.

Maybe You Die: The True Story of a Couple Living the All-American Nightmare

Nancy Lee - 2020
    Smiling, the palm reader tells Nina that she has a long lifeline, as she traces it on her hand. As soon as the words are uttered, the palm reader's facial expression turns to one of fear. In broken English, she whispers, "Break - very bad break in middle of life. Maybe you die."Nina does come close to death at age thirty-four when she and her family are involved in a serious auto accident. She assumes she has successfully cheated the death that the palm reader prophesied. Unfortunately, the sinister and tragic break in the lifeline and its deliverer are yet to be revealed.

The Altar Boys

Suzanne Smith - 2020
    A community betrayed ... The whistle-blower priest who paid the ultimate price Glen Walsh and Steven Alward were childhood friends in their tight-knit working-class community in Shortland, on the outskirts of Newcastle, New South Wales. Both proud altar boys at the local Catholic church, they went on to attend the city's Catholic boys' highs schools: Glen to Marist Brothers and Steven to St Pius X. Both did well: Steven became a journalist; Glen a priest. But when Glen discovered another priest was sexually abusing boys, he reported the offending to police, breaking Canon Law and his vows to the Catholic 'brotherhood' in the process. Just weeks before he was due to give evidence at a key trial against the highest cleric to ever be charged with covering up child abuse, Father Glen Walsh was dead. Two months later, his friend Steven also died, only weeks before he was to marry the love of his life. Ensuing investigations revealed that at least 60 men in the region had taken their own lives. Why? What had happened, and why were so many from the three Catholic high schools in the area?By six-time Walkley Award-winning investigative reporter Suzanne Smith, The Altar Boys is the powerful expose of widespread and organised clerical abuse of children in an Australian city, and how the cover-up in the Catholic Church in Australia extended from parish priests to every echelon of the organisation. Focusing on two childhood friends, their families and community, this gripping and explosive story is backed by secret documents, diary notes and witness accounts, and details a deliberate church strategy of using psychological warfare against witnesses in key trials involving paedophile priests.

A Tangled Web

Leslie Rule - 2020
    . .It was a bleak November in 2012 when Cari Lea Farver vanished from Omaha, Nebraska. Cari, thirty-seven, was a devoted mother, reliable employee, and loyal friend--not the type to shirk responsibilities, abandon her son, and run off on an adventure while her dying father took his last breaths. Yet, the many texts from her phone indicated she had done just that.It appeared that Cari had dumped her new boyfriend, quit her job, and relinquished custody of her son to her mother--all by text. While Cari's boyfriend, Dave Kroupa, and her supervisor were bewildered by her abrupt disappearance, they accepted the texts at face value. Her mother, Nancy Raney, however, was alarmed and reported Cari missing. Police were skeptical of her claims that a cyber impostor had commandeered her daughter's phone and online identity.While Nancy was afraid for Cari, Dave Kroupa was growing afraid of her, for he believed Cari was stalking him. Never seen or heard, the stalker was aware of his every move and seemed obsessed by his casual girlfriend, Shanna "Liz" Golyar, often calling her "a fat whore" in the twelve thousand emails and texts he received in a disturbing three-year deluge.How did the stalker know Dave's phone numbers immediately after he changed them, the names of his lady friends, even what he wore as he watched TV? He and Liz reported death threats, vandalism, and burglaries, but the stalker remained at large. The threats were vicious, vile and often obscene, sent mostly via text and always in Cari's name. There was some truth in the messages, but all of them contained one big lie. The culprit was not Cari -- but had killed and planned to kill again.With mesmerizing detail and compelling narrative skill, Leslie Rule tracks every step of the heart-pounding path to long-awaited justice--from a sociopath's twisted past to the deadly deception and the high-tech forensics that condemned the killer to prison, where the tangled web of manipulations still draws trusting souls into danger.

The Edge of Malice: The Marie Grossman Story

David P. Miraldi - 2020
    But all of that changes when she drives her car into the darkened parking lot of a fast food restaurant. After she lowers her car window to place an order at the drive-thru, a man suddenly appears and places a gun at her temple. What follows is every woman's worst nightmare. The Edge of Malice is a true story about struggle, determination, and a quest for justice. The author, an attorney, places the reader into the swirling currents of the courtroom where no outcome is ever certain. But the story does not conclude when the legal battle is over. The reader follows Marie as she struggles to resolve the unrelenting anger that the legal system has been unable to extinguish. In the end, Marie's journey to find inner peace is as improbable as it is transformative.

Murder Most Vile Volume 28: 18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases

Robert Keller - 2020
    Thus are the seeds of yet another tragedy sown.The To Do List: A much-loved sportscaster becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his wife. His alibi appears solid but is undone by one glaring oversight.Twisted: The victim lay face down on the bed, the back of his head obliterated. It looked like a botched robbery but something bothered detectives. The man’s shorts were on backwards. The Ripper’s Apprentice: We all have our heroes. For Anthony Arkwright, it was Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.Hate Crime: Shawna was obsessed with her married lover. The only thing standing in the way of her happiness was the man’s wife. She had a plan for that.Dearly Departed: Marie had lived a tragic life, with so many of her relatives dying before their time. At least she had a steady stream of bequests to ease her suffering.The Body on the Train: The trunk gave off an offensive smell and, on inspection, turned out to contain the mutilated remains of a middle-aged man. Who was he and why had he been killed?Friend Request: An online predator lures a naïve teenager into a face-to-face meeting. What happens next is both tragic and shocking.˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

Blood Runs Coal: The Yablonski Murders and the Battle for the United Mine Workers of America

Mark A. Bradley - 2020
    Seven months earlier, Yablonski had announced his campaign to oust the corrupt president of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), Tony Boyle, who had long embezzled UMWA funds, silenced intra-union dissent, and served the interests of Big Coal companies. Yablonski wanted to return the union to the coal miners it was supposed to represent and restore the organization to what it had once been, a powerful force for social good. Boyle was enraged about his opponent’s bid to take over—and would go to any lengths to maintain power.One of the most infamous crimes in the history of American labor unions, the Yablonski murders triggered one of the most intensive and successful manhunts in FBI history—and also led to the first successful rank-and-file takeover of a major labor union in modern U.S. history. One that inspired workers in other labor unions to rise up and challenge their own entrenched, out-of-touch leaders.

Brooklyn North

Peter McDonnell - 2020
    Jonathan Fleming, Sundhe Moses, Jabbar Washington, and John Bunn were among dozens of innocent New Yorkers who spent decades in prison —guilty until proven innocent. This documentary follows their relentless fight to unveil an insidious pattern of police and prosecutorial corruption in Brooklyn at the height of the war on drugs and a historic peak in violent crime in the 1980s and '90s.

Through a Mother's Tears: The tragic true story of a mother who lost one daughter to a brutal murderer and another to a broken heart

Cathy Broomfield - 2020
    Cathy's worst fears had been realised...Through a Mother’s Tears is the poignant and heartbreaking story of how Cathy lost not only Kirsty, her youngest daughter, but Kirsty’s big sister Hayley, who died of heartbreak when the agony of her baby sister’s loss became too much to bear.

Grand Theft Auto: The NYPD’s Auto Crime Division

Vic Ferrari - 2020
    During the 1990s, New York City was averaging over a hundred thousand vehicle thefts a year. New Yorkers accepted their fate, frequently finding an empty parking space where their vehicle was left the night before. Victims called the police who'd take a report without offering much hope they would ever see their car again. The NYPD's Auto Crime Division is a hundred and twenty member unit created to combat auto theft, stopping those who roam the streets at night looking to steal your vehicle. Detectives working round the clock chased professional car thieves, junkies, and mobsters throughout the five boroughs to turn the tide on a plague that engulfed New York City. Retired NYPD Auto Crime detective Vic Ferrari walks you through the underground world of auto crime, exposing the methods, players, and scams most don't get to see. Like the time two nuns stole mother superior's car for a wild ride in the Bronx that landed them in trouble. Or the inventive car thief whose expensive tastes that led him to steal one BMW too many. How about the diplomat's husband who imported a stolen Mercedes into Manhattan? Grand Theft Auto is everything you wanted to know about auto crime covering twenty years of confidential investigations, arrests, car chases, NYPD politics, and a cast of characters that made up the NYPD's Auto Crime Division and much more.

The Texas Tower Sniper: The Terrifying True Story of Charles Whitman

Ryan Green - 2020
    From the outside, the Whitman’s appeared to be living the American dream but within the household, lay a much darker reality. Charles Whitman Sr made sure his family wanted for nothing and in return, he demanded perfection. Lethargy or failure were unacceptable and resulted in violence. Growing up under the brutal rule of Charles Sr took its toll on Charles Jr. He could not live up to the impossible expectations set by his father nor could he accept his failures. Charles Jr struggled to control his inner thoughts and temper, and his life started to unravel. He needed to put an end to his trajectory. He wasn’t going to slide into mediocrity. He wouldn’t go silently into suicide and oblivion. The world needed to know his name and what he was truly capable of, for the rest of time. The Texas Tower Sniper is a chilling account of one of the largest campus shootings in American history. Ryan Green’s riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller. CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further

A Woman of Force

Mark Morri - 2020
    In her incredible 36-year career with NSW Police, Wallace took on murderers and drug suppliers, and dismantled the state's most nefarious gangs.Tenacious, perceptive and sharp, Wallace commanded a range of police crime squads, bringing order to the wild west of 1990s Cabramatta and busting criminal bikie gangs with Strike Force Raptor, until her retirement in late 2019. Her inner strength and empathy meant that she was a constant go-to for some of the state's toughest cases, and her poise and compassion earned her a special place in the lives and hearts of her colleagues - and the grudging respect of her criminal foes.In Wallace's official biography, veteran crime writer Mark Morri brings to life the jaw-dropping true story of a police trailblazer and woman of force.

Black Hands: Inside the Bain Family Murders

Martin Van Beynen - 2020
    One lay dead from a single bullet to the head. The other was the only survivor: David Bain. Since then, the country has asked: Who killed the Bain family? David, or his father Robin? And why?Award-winning journalist Martin van Beynen has covered the Bain story closely for decades. His 2017 Stuff podcast, Black Hands - based on the manuscript for this book - topped the charts in New Zealand and around the world and has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Now, his book brings the story completely up to date: exploring the case from start to finish, picking through evidence old and new, plumbing the mysteries and motives, interviewing never-before-spoken-to witnesses andguiding readers through the complex police investigation and court cases, seeking to finally answer the question: Who was the killer?Black Hands is a riveting read from the first word to the last, by a skilled writer who knows his subject inside out.“If anyone can pass judgement it can only be those who sat through the whole trial.” - David Bain in New Idea

Those Days in January: The Abduction and Murder of Meredith Hope Emerson

John Cagle - 2020
    The search would last only five days before the worst came to pass. Gary Hilton, suspected in the deaths of three more hikers across the Southeast, was arrested for her murder. What was once a small mountain town had fallen into the sights of a serial killer. Less than a month later, Hilton would plead guilty and be sentenced to life in prison in one of the swiftest cases in Georgia history. Lead investigator John Cagle shares the details of the investigation from start to finish in this day-by-day account. Witness the struggle firsthand to seek justice for Meredith, all while protecting her memory from the opportunists, sensationalist reporters, and unscrupulous practices that threatened to deny her the dignity she deserves. Discover not only the facts of her murder, but the impact on the personal lives of those who worked tirelessly to find her. For them, those days in January will never end.

The Zodiac Revisited, Volume 1: The Facts of the Case

Michael F. Cole - 2020
    Not satisfied with the simple act of murder, he taunted law enforcement and the public by writing letters to local newspapers. Through often cryptic and bizarre content—including four ciphers, three of which have never been solved—the psychopath played a twisted game. Reporters dubbed the man the "Cipher Killer," but the murderer chose a different name for himself: the Zodiac. Eventually, he would claim to have murdered thirty-seven. Law enforcement, however, could only account for five.In 1971, authenticated communications with the Zodiac ceased. The elusive fugitive resurfaced briefly three years later, sending a small number of communiqués, before disappearing for good. What started out with shocking abruptness slowly dissolved into mysterious uncertainty. To this day, the Zodiac's true identity remains one of the twentieth century's greatest mysteries...In Volume 1 of The Zodiac Revisited, Michael reviews the facts of the case, building a foundation for the analysis that follows in Volumes 2 and 3.

On My Watch: From Police Cadet to Police Chief

William Zsenyuk - 2020

Secret Narco: The Great Train Robber whose partnership with Pablo Escobar turned Britain on to cocaine

Wensley Clarkson - 2020

Dancing with the Octopus: The Telling of a True Crime

Debora Harding - 2020
    From the immediate aftermath to the possibility of restorative justice twenty years later, Dancing with the Octopus lays bare the social and political forces that act upon us after the experience of serious crime. A vivid, sly and intimate portrait of one family's disintegration, this is a darkly humorous and ground-breaking narrative of reckoning and recovery.

Kaihan: Bizarre Crimes That Shook Japan: Volume One

Tara A. Devlin - 2020
    A crime so brutal and shocking that it caused Japan to finally change its stubborn laws. Yet the criminal’s bizarre actions after the murders have yet to be truly understood or explained, and he remains free to this day.Ever wondered if someone could successfully vanish into thin air? How about the strangest place a body could be hidden? Or what it would take for a single person to pull off the largest heist in Japanese history?Kaihan: Bizarre Crimes That Shook Japan looks at 21 different cases from Japan that were so baffling, so bizarre, so mystifying that most remain unsolved to this day. From murders to disappearances to robberies, these strange crimes defy explanation and have puzzled both detectives and the public for decades. What really happened? Why? How were so many criminals able to get away with it? What makes them so strange and, the more you think about it, so terrifying? Hit that Buy Now button to find out!

The 1976 Psychological Assessment of Ted Bundy (Development of the Violent Mind Book 4)

Al Carlisle - 2020
    We were standing in the corridor outside my office and Ted was about to return to his cell. It was an unusual question to ask... I was caught off guard by the question.”   “…With this question, Ted had put me in a lose-lose situation. My best option might have been to tell him that I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer his question. However, I said to him, “I don’t know, but if you did, I believe you will do it again.”   I’m sure it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. He didn’t say anything. He turned and walked back to his cell. In future conversations we had together he never again asked that question.”   “ …Putting all the information I had gleaned from the test data as well as the phone conversations and the personal interviews with Ted… I concluded that it was my opinion that Ted’s personality fit the crime for which he was found guilty. I submitted my report to the court. Then all hell broke loose.”          - from The 1976 Psychological Assessment of Ted Bundy   Many books have been written about Bundy, but rarely have we had the opportunity to understand the inner workings of his mind. Now, Dr. Carlisle shares the step-by-step psychological assessment process regarding how he determined that Bundy was indeed a violent person and would likely continue to kill if he was set free.   Book four in the Development of the Violent Mind series.

The First Time He Hit Her

Heidi Lemon - 2020
    A hard worker. Quick to laugh and easy to like. She was happy, confident, strong. A woman who always looked after herself and her kids. Close with her family and her friends, she was much loved. Then, in 2013, she met Marcus Rappel. A local tradie, he was charming and sincere, they dated and fell in love. That should have been the end of a happy-ever-after story. But for Tara, it was much uglier. And for her family it would be devastating.A year later, Tara was pregnant to Marcus. Her family had been worried for a while, but Tara didn't tell anyone how Marcus's jealousy was souring the relationship. She tried to keep it quiet. Despite everything, she never imagined he would be physically violent - he would never hurt her.Tara was wrong. One fine day, the last day of summer in 2015, she was holding their newborn baby in her arms when he attacked her with an axe. Her murder seemed to come out of the blue. But as this extraordinary, often shocking book reveals, it did not.THE FIRST TIME HE HIT HER is an attempt to understand why dozens of women are murdered each year by men who profess to love them.

50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Volume 9

Robert Keller - 2020

Forsaking All Others: The Real Betty Broderick Story

Loretta Schwartz Nobel - 2020

A Deal With the Devil: Discovering Chris Watts: - Part Two - The Facts

Netta Newbound - 2020

Mayhem: Unanswered Questions about the Tsarnaev Brothers, the Us Government and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Michele McPhee - 2020
    --T. J. English, New York Times-bestselling author. This thrilling and meticulously researched account is an eye opener for anyone with lingering questions. Investigative journalist Michele R. McPhee reports the details and delivers the facts, piecing together the puzzle so readers are able to come to their own conclusions.This page-turning narrative goes a long way toward answering questions that still linger about the notorious Boston Marathon bombing, such as: Where were the bombs made? And what had been Tamerlan Tsarnaev's relationship to the FBI?Mayhem casts a spotlight on the US Government's relationship with the older Tsarnaev brother as his younger brother, Dzhokhar, continues his efforts to have his death sentence commuted.The federal government may be forced to confirm a longstanding relationship with Tamerlan and its decision to shield him from investigation for the Sept. 11, 2011 ISIS-style triple murder of three friends. As they infamously did with Whitey Bulger, federal agents appear to have protected Tamerlan because of his value as a paid informant. Mayhem is a substantially revised and updated first paperback edition of Michele R. McPhee's earlier book about the bombing, Maximum Harm.

Lord High Executioner: The Legendary Mafia Boss Albert Anastasia

Frank DiMatteo - 2020
    legend who helped create the modern American Mafia—one body at a time—featuring shocking eyewitness accounts . . . Umberto “Albert” Anastasia was born in Italy at the turn of the century. Five decades later, he would be gunned down in a barber shop in New York City. What happened in the years in between-- and why every crime family had reason to want him dead-- is one of the most brutal and fascinating stories in the history of American organized crime. This in-depth account of the man who became one of the most powerful and homicidal crime bosses of the twentieth century from Mafia insider Frank Dimatteo is the first full-length book to chronicle Anastasia’s bloody rise from fresh-off-the-boat immigrant to founder of the notorious killer’s club Murder, Inc.—featuring never-before-told accounts from those who feared him most . . . They called him “The One Man Army.” “Mad Hatter.” “Lord High Executioner.” Albert Anastasia came to America mean and became a prolific killer. His merciless assassination of Mafia godfather Vincent Mangano is recounted here in chilling first-hand detail. He set the record: the first man in the history of American justice to be charged with four separate murders—and walk free after each one. But in the end, he was the last obstacle in rival Mafia hoodlum Vito Genovese’s dream of becoming the boss of bosses—and paid the ultimate price . . .

FBI Miami Firefight: Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau

Edmundo Miriles - 2020

The Ryan Green True Crime Collection: Volume 4

Ryan Green - 2020
    Volume four contains some of Green’s most intriguing accounts of violence, abuse, deception and murder. Within this collection, you'll receive: Kill 'Em All: A True Story of Abuse, Revenge and the Making of a Monster During his time in prison, Carl Panzram was repeatedly beaten, tortured and sexually abused by fellow prisoners and staff. The brutal mistreatment had a lasting impact. When Carl left prison, he set out to rob, burn, rape and kill as many people as he could, for as long as he could. His campaign of terror could finally begin and nothing could stand in his way. Buried Beneath the Boarding House: A Shocking True Story of Deception, Exploitation and Murder In 1988, Detectives dropped by a missing man’s last known address, a boarding house for society’s outcasts. The owner, Dorothea Puente, was a charming old lady who was famous for her charity work. The search revealed nothing untoward but one of the guests shared some unusual insights leading up to the disappearance that would grip an entire nation. The Townhouse Massacre: The Unforgettable Crimes of Richard Speck On the evening of 13 July 1966, an intoxicated Richard Speck broke into a townhouse in Chicago to rob a group of student nurses. Speck woke the residents and ordered them into a room, calmly requesting money in exchange for their safety. The young women obliged. They believed he would take the money and leave but Speck had other plans. The Curse: A Shocking True Story of Superstition, Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism Straining under a curse that was put on her by her mother, Leonarda Cianciulli became highly paranoid and superstitious. When her eldest son, Giuseppe, told her that he was going to join the Army, Cianciulli believed the only way to keep him safe was through the most extreme means – human sacrifice. The Ryan Green True Crime Collection contains chilling accounts of some of the most brutal and bizarre true crime stories in history. Green’s riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller. CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further

The Acid Alchemist

Robert Brown - 2020
    As a young child his life was shaped by his parent’s extreme beliefs. Little did he know that the recurring nightmares of his early life would lead to one of the most horrific cases in British criminal history. Other than his obsession with cleanliness, John George Haigh was described by his acquaintances as someone who was as normal as any young man during the 1940s in England. In fact, most people said he was a true gentleman with exceptional manners and a profound love for classical music. However, in the back of John’s crisp mind was a much darker side; a craving for wealth combined with a lust for blood… After spending many years in prison for fraud and theft, John Haigh concluded that the only reason he always got caught was because people talked. What if I can make them disappear? he thought one evening. What if I can stop them from talking to the police? Using his scientific knowledge (and a tiny bit of the legal system he had read about while in prison) he derived a new sinister plan to get rich. That was the disturbing turning point in his life. That was the point when John The Gentleman became John The Serial Killer. This is the true story of the notorious Acid Bath Murderer, a cold-blooded murderer who imagined he was above the law. A man who believed he could literally get away with murder… Caution: The material in this publication has a strong adult theme and is intended for an adult audience. Reader discretion is advised.

Before They Executed Him: A Wife's Story of Death Row

Shari Bower - 2020

Without a Trace: Unsolved Disappearances and Mysterious Vanishings

Troy Taylor - 2020
    Such strange and chilling tales run the gamut of the terrifying and the bizarre and include crime victims, lost explorers, ships vanished at sea, outdoor disappearances, and supernatural mysteries that defy all explanation. Among these pages you’ll find accounts of America’s Lost Colony, history’s most famous ghost ships, famous figures who vanished into the unknown, the unknown fate of America’s first kidnapping for ransom, a vanished heiress, lighthouse keepers who impossibly disappeared, the killer who escaped the noose – permanently, the Grand Canyon adventurers who were never seen again, the Prohibition lawman’s nephew who was never found, the Ohio sorority girl who never made it home, the abducted housewife who disappeared, the Hollywood starlet who left her family behind, a missing West Point cadet, the babysitter who vanished on Halloween, the missing Texas couple who may have been Russian spies, the little boy who walked away for good in the Smoky Mountains, a missing heiress to a candy empire, a missing TV news reporter, a long distance runner whose run never ended, plus infamous vanishings of figures like Theodosia Burr, Amelia Earhart, Glenn Miller, Judge Crater, Jimmy Hoffa, and far too many more! Just remember as you turn the pages, that if these people so easily vanished from the face of the earth, then it means it could happen to anyone – perhaps even you. You may want to read this one with the lights on.

Broken Blue Line: How Life as Britain's Supercop Broke Me

Alistair Livingstone - 2020
    Its well written, honest and informative. Alistair Livingstone put his life on the line, and now he’s put his heart on the line. Courageous and human. Highly recommended.’Mike Pannett, author of Now Then Lad . . . and Crime SquadAs a police officer, Alistair Livingstone was dubbed Supercop by the media for making more arrests than any other officer in the UK. But then Ali broke down. Broken Blue Line is the vividly told story of what brought him to that point, and the beginning of his slow, painful recovery.Ali was dubbed Supercop for making more than 1,000 arrests over one eighteen-month period, when the average arrest rate for officers in England and Wales is just nine a year. In his work as a police officer, he dealt with life-and-death situations on an almost daily basis: saving lives as a hostage negotiator; rescuing the occupant of a house fire; providing tactical advice during some of the most violent incidents; clinging onto a suicidal man hanging from the roof of a multi-storey car park; and entering a flat that had been blown up in an explosion just moments before. Ali was also engulfed in the aftermath and devastation of losing a colleague and friend who died doing the job she loved, and he witnessed the unprecedented response to the serial killings in Ipswich and the profound effect it had on the community and the police.But then an agonising and debilitating mental breakdown left the seemingly indestructible sergeant desperately seeking help. After almost two decades helping some of society’s most vulnerable people he became so troubled by what he had seen and done in the line of duty that he hit rock bottom. Ali had no option but to walk away from the job that had defined him to embark on his biggest challenge yet: regaining his mental health.Ali’s book offers an insight into the real world of modern policing: the demands and challenges faced by frontline officers throughout the UK. Ali’s hope is that by opening up about his experiences and his struggle to regain his mental health in this no-holds-barred account, he will help to remove some of the lingering stigma that attaches to mental illness within the police and other professions and prevent others from making the same mistakes that he did.Ali says that he thoroughly enjoyed being a police officer and got to experience the sharp end of policing in so many different ways. When he finally made the decision to leave he was devastated and the months that followed his breakdown were the toughest he’d ever faced. Now that he is on the road to recovery, he hopes that by sharing his story it’ll shine a light on the challenges of modern policing and the toll it can take, and, in doing so, to help others.

Cold Case North: The Search for James Brady and Absolom Halkett

Michael Nest - 2020
    Double murder? Métis leader James Brady was one of the most famous Indigenous activists in Canada. A communist, strategist, and bibliophile, he led Métis and First Nations to rebel against government and church oppression. Brady's success made politicians and clergy fear him; he had enemies everywhere. In 1967, while prospecting in Saskatchewan with Cree Band Councillor and fellow activist, Absolom Halkett, both men vanished from their remote lakeside camp. For 50 years rumours swirled of secret mining interests, political intrigue, and murder. Cold Case North is the story of how a small team, with the help of the Indigenous community, exposed police failure in the original investigation, discovered new clues and testimony, and gathered the pieces of the North's most enduring missing persons puzzle.

Me And Jimmy Blue Eyes: Growing Up with the Last of the Gentleman Gangsters

Carole Cortland Russo - 2020

In Search of the Rainbow's End: Inside the White House Farm Murders

Colin Caffell - 2020
    . . both deeply moving and quietly inspiring' FREDDIE FOX'A beautiful, very moving book' CRESSIDA BONASIn 1985, the shocking murder of a family of five in a quiet country house in Essex rocked the nation. The victims were Nevill and June Bamber; their adopted daughter Sheila Caffell, divorced from her husband Colin; and Sheila and Colin's twin sons, Nicholas and Daniel. Only one survivor remained: the Bamber's other adopted child, Jeremy Bamber. Following his lead, the police - and later the press - blamed the murders on Sheila, who, so the story went, then committed suicide.Written by Sheila's ex-husband Colin and originally published in 1994, In Search of the Rainbow's End is the first and only book about the White House Farm murders to have been written by a family member. It is the inside story of two families into whose midst the most monstrous events erupted. When Jeremy Bamber is later convicted on all five counts of murder, Colin is left to pick up the pieces of his life after not only burying his ex-wife, two children and parents-in-law, but also having to cope with memories of Sheila almost shattered by a predatory press hungry for stories of sex, drugs and the high life. Colin's tale is not just a rare insider's picture of murder, but testimony to the strength and resilience of one man in search of healing after trauma: he describes his process of recovery, a process that led to his working in prisons, helping to rehabilitate,among others, convicted murderers. By turns emotive, terrifying, and inspiring, Colin Caffell's account of mass murder and its aftermath will not fail to move and astonish.

No, Pete Townshend: The Kids Aren't Alright 5

Les Macdonald - 2020
    Part One consists of six true crime stories of juveniles who have committed murder from the ages of 8-14. Christian Romero, Jamarion Lawhorn, Two Unnamed Girls, Cody Posey, James Ortega, and Josue Orozco are covered in part one. Part Two adds 13 more true crime stories covering juveniles from the ages of 15-17. Nehemiah Grieg, George Adorno, Charles Wiliams, Jurgen Bartsch, Holley Harvey, Sandra Ketchum, Christopher Churchill, Ashley Benton, Lavaya May, Laisha Landrum, Rocky Almestica, Clay Shrout, Christopher Simmons, T.J. Jones and Toronto Patterson are all covered here.

Crime, Hunt For A Serial Killer

Chuck Morgan - 2020
    She didn’t tear the wings off butterflies when she was a kid, and she never killed a neighbor’s cat. She was a typical college student until that summer a year ago when she made the discovery that would change her life.CRIME DENIED ( Book 5)Now, Alicia is back. A predator of the highest level and she’s preparing to fulfill a promise she made to her late grandfather. A promise that will embolden her and secure both her and her grandfather’s sick legacies. With time running short and already involved in a major investigation, can CBI agent Buck Taylor and his team stop her before anyone else has to die, and will one of Buck’s oldest friends pay the ultimate price in Alicia’s quest for fame?

Keeping On: How I Came to Know Why I Was Born

Gemma Hoskins - 2020
    "Who killed Sister Cathy?” is a question Sister Cathy’s students, colleagues, friends, family members, and community have been asking for years. One of those people is Gemma Hoskins, one of Sister Cathy’s former students who appeared on The Keepers, the 2017 Emmy-nominated Netflix docuseries that soon had the rest of the world asking that same question, too. Sister Cathy’s life and death have both deeply inspired and haunted Gemma in a number of ways, and she’s made it her life’s purpose to uncover what really happened on that November night in 1969. In Keeping On, Gemma takes readers on a journey of her life, from her childhood and her time as Sister Cathy’s student at Archbishop Keough High School through present day. She reflects upon the experiences that have shaped her, including her own experiences as a teacher, grassroots investigator, and fierce advocate for truth and justice. With candid prose and unyielding honesty, Gemma openly and honestly continues not only the global conversation about the truth behind Sister Cathy’s murder, but also reflects upon how Sister Cathy’s life profoundly touched those who knew and loved her.

Murder Maps: Crime Scenes Revisited. Phrenology to Fingerprint. 1811-1911

Drew Gray - 2020
    Organized geographically, the elements of each murder—from the prior movements of both killer and victim to the eventual location of the body—are meticulously replotted using archival maps and bespoke plans, taking readers on a perilous journey around the murder hot spots of the world.From the “French Ripper,” Joseph Vacher, who roamed the French countryside brutally mutilating and murdering at least eleven people, to H. H. Holmes and his “Murder Castle” in Chicago, crime expert Dr. Drew Gray recounts the details of each case. His forensic examination uncovers both the horrifying details of the crimes themselves and the ingenious detective work that led to the capture of the murderers. Throughout the book, Gray highlights the development of police methods and technology, from the introduction of the police whistle to the standardization of the mug shot to the use of fingerprinting and radiotelegraphy in apprehending criminals.Vividly recreating over one hundred individual murder cases through historic maps, photographs, newspaper excerpts, court papers, and police reports, Murder Maps is perfect for everyone interested in criminal history, forensics, or the macabre.


Lise Pearlman - 2020
    Yet what was reported was largely fake news. Nearly a century after undocumented immigrant Bruno Richard Hauptmann was executed for the dastardly crime, questions still linger. If the wrong man was convicted, who did it? When? Why? Where? How? The shocking answers this book suggests have eluded all prior authors. Extensive research into dusty archives yielded crucial forensic evidence never before analyzed. Readers are invited to reexamine “the crime of the century” with fresh eyes focused on a key suspect – a tall man wearing a fedora that obscured his face. He was spotted with a ladder in his car near the Lindberghs’ driveway early that fateful night. The police let an insider who fit that description oversee the entire investigation – the boy’s father, international hero Charles Lindbergh. Abuse of power, amorality and xenophobia all feature in this saga set in an era dominated by white supremacists and social Darwinists. If Lindbergh was Suspect No. 1, the man who got away, what was his motive? Who else was involved? Who helped cover up the crime? Read this book and judge for yourself.

Depraved - The Moors Murderers

C.G.C. Cook - 2020

The Spider: Inside the Criminal Web of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Barry Levine - 2020
    By now, the basic contours of Epstein’s horrendous crimes—his decades-long serial abuse of young women and underage girls—are familiar. But for all that has been written about Epstein since his shocking death in a lower Manhattan jail cell, an astonishing amount remains unknown. A shy Brooklyn kid turned renegade financier, Jeffrey Epstein never wanted to play by the rules of polite society. He was elusive in life and he has remained just as elusive in death. What is known is that he had amassed nearly $600 million by the time of his death. That fortune allowed Epstein to pursue a privileged, secretive life, jetting between his fortress-like homes in Manhattan, New Mexico, and Little St. James, his private island. Behind these closed doors, Epstein socialized with scientists and world leaders and preyed on powerless young women. In this dogged work of reporting, Barry Levine shines a light into the darkest corners of Epstein’s world, including • Epstein’s young adulthood and earliest accusations of sexual misconduct• the murky sources of Epstein’s fortune and business dealings
• Epstein’s circle of confidantes and employees, particularly the nature of his long relationship with socialite Ghislaine Maxwell• his ties to powerful men, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner, and Donald Trump• Epstein’s last hours as a free man in Paris and the secret operation to arrest him at a New Jersey airport before he could flee• new details on Epstein’s final days in jail and the mystery surrounding his death Featuring rare and never-before-seen photographs, The Spider exposes how Epstein operated and evaded justice for so long—and how he drew so many others into his criminal web.

Murder in the Family: How the Search for My Mother's Killer Led to My Father

Jeff Blackstock - 2020
    Murdered mother. Emotionally neglected children. An elaborate cover-up. Family dinners will never be the same."I think that my father murdered my mother."That terrible belief spurs author Jeff Blackstock to investigate the circumstances of his mother Carol's death in 1959. Carol Blackstock died at age 24--poisoned by arsenic--but the cause of her death remained shrouded in mystery for decades. George Blackstock was a career diplomat in Canada's foreign service, posted to glamorous Buenos Aires in the late 1950s with his wife Carol and their three children. A little more than a year after the family's arrival, the vivacious young mother, now emaciated and in terrible pain, was transferred to Montreal for treatment of a mysterious illness that proved fatal. Within a year, George Blackstock had remarried, and a young woman named Ingrid became the feared stepmother to Jeff and his two siblings.Carol's parents immediately had suspicions about their son-in-law George but were unable to get justice for their murdered daughter. Class privilege--George was the scion of a Toronto establishment family and Carol was from modest beginnings--and an aversion to scandal all figured in an apparent cover-up. But secrets have a way of eventually disrupting all families. A damning autopsy report about arsenic poisoning, found among their grandmother's effects, leads Jeff Blackstock and his sister to horrifying revelations about their father. Eventually, they confront him and accuse him of their mother's murder. But George offers only vague explanations that don't add up. George died a broken man, mostly abandoned by his adult children.A compelling story of a high-society murder, a heartbreaking tale of emotionally neglected children, and an inquiry into the power and privilege of the Anglo upper classes of the time, Murder in the Family chronicles the shocking legacy of deeply buried secrets and betrayal in one's own family.

And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown

Judy Bebelaar - 2020
    More than half were in their twenties or younger. And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown begins in San Francisco at the small school where Reverend Jim Jones enrolled the teens of his Peoples Temple church in 1976. Within a year, most had been sent to join Jones and other congregants in what Jones promised was a tropical paradise based on egalitarian values, but which turned out to be a deadly prison camp. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the late 1970s, And Then They Were Gone draws from interviews, books, and articles. Many of these powerful stories are told here for the first time.“Many people have forgotten about these Jonestown deaths and many others have never learned about them in the first place. This book is an antidote to that forgetfulness by putting a face on some of the victims. It teaches us how not to forget, but instead to bear witness to these interrupted lives.” – from the Foreword by Herbert Kohl, educator and author

Victims of the Ax Fiend: Mystery, Mayhem and the Church of Sacrifice Murders

Troy Taylor - 2020

A Life Divided: A psychologist's memoir about the double life and murder of her husband - and her road to recovery.

Jan Canty - 2020

Because They Were Women: The Montreal Massacre

Josée Boileau - 2020
    Each of the victims of what became known as the "Montreal Massacre" are remembered, their lives cut short on December 6, 1989, when a man entered their school and systematically shot every young woman he encountered, motivated by a misogyny with roots that go far beyond one man and one day.

The Man Who Would Be Jack: The hunt for the real Ripper

David Bullock - 2020

In Cold Blood: Discovering Chris Watts - Part One - The Facts

Netta Newbound - 2020
    He then went on to dispose of their tiny bodies into huge tanks filled with toxic crude oil.Nico Lee Watts, Chris and Shanann’s unborn son.No doubt, most of you watched the story unfold on the news, open-mouthed, in total shock. What could push a loving father to brutally murder his family? Surely there was some mistake? We all have preconceived ideas of how a monster should look–grotesque, hideously deformed, a crazed madman–not this handsome, mild-mannered, shy, polite gent who was often portrayed as the perfect husband and father.So, what happened?During this series we will look at the facts, the police investigation, the evidence, hear Chris Watts’ explanation and his reasoning. We will try to make some sense of what occurred during the early hours of August 13th 2018.We will endeavour to present to you all aspects of the case, right from the initial investigation and how it unfolded, to the first and subsequent confessions all transcribed word for word (where possible) from actual video and audio footage obtained from the FBI’s Discovery Files.

Crisis Actor

Matt Lee - 2020
    A lecture on fame told through a two-way mirror. Thirty minutes till curtain call.“An artist’s statement and a terrorist’s manifesto are synonymous.”

Cuddies Strip

Rob McInroy - 2020
    It has been longlisted for the Crime Writers' Association John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger Award 2021.In August 1935, Marjory Fenwick, seventeen, and Danny Kerrigan, eighteen, go for a walk on the Cuddies Strip, a lovers’ lane on the outskirts of Perth, Scotland. There is a full moon and, although it is ten o’clock in the evening, the residual heat from the day’s sunshine lingers. Marjory and Danny kiss, hold hands, walk.In an instant, their lives are changed forever. A shotgun sounds and Danny collapses to the ground. Terrified, Marjory runs for help but she hears footsteps behind her and as she tries to cross a stile she is dragged back into the fields.What she doesn’t know then is that her ordeal is only just beginning.Cuddies Strip is a fictionalised account of a true crime which shocked the quiet city of Perth. The novel follows the investigation, as Inspector Conoboy and PC Bob Kelty struggle as much with their own colleagues as they do with the mystery behind such terrible crimes. And it follows the experience of Marjory, for whom justice would become a bitter commodity.Cuddies Strip details the unfolding investigation as Conoboy and Kelty race to solve the crime before the killer and rapist strikes again, but it also examines the mores of the times and the casual treatment of women in a male-dominated society. It is a novel of hope and belonging, trust and love.

Flight 7 Is Missing: The Search For My Father’s Killer

Ken H. Fortenberry - 2020
    But Ken Fortenberry, an award-winning journalist whose father was the copilot and navigator aboard the ill-fated plane, has devoted nearly sixty years of his life to unraveling this cold-case mystery, and has come to a staggering conclusion: that the victims of the crash were deliberately murdered. A remarkably researched book packed with information and emotion, Flight 7 Is Missing: The Search for My Father's Killer is a gripping page-turner that reads like a fast-paced murder mystery. Join Fortenberry on his crusade as he tirelessly tracks down every possible lead and eventually exposes the person he believes responsible for this tragic crime. Capt. John J. Nance, Alaska Airlines (Author and Aviation Analyst, ABC World News): To we professional pilots routinely flying the oceans of planet earth, the possibility that our loved ones back home might someday be told that our flight is missing is beyond a recurring nightmare. Author Ken Fortenberry yanks you into the dark heart of such a nightmare as he chases the missing answers to a major airline disaster across the cold trails of six decades, all to answer the key question which has haunted him since his early years: Who killed his father. This is a must-read!

Before Chappaquiddick: The Untold Story of Mary Jo Kopechne and the Kennedy Brothers

William C. Kashatus - 2020
    Kennedy plunged off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, off the coast of Cape Cod. Mary Jo Kopechne, a twenty-eight-year-old former staffer for Kennedy’s brother Robert, died in the crash. The scandal that followed demeaned Kopechne’s reputation and scapegoated her for Ted Kennedy’s inability to run for the presidency instead of acknowledging her as an innocent victim in a tragedy that took her life. William C. Kashatus’s biography of Mary Jo Kopechne illuminates the life of a politically committed young woman who embodied the best ideals of the sixties. Arriving in Washington in 1963, Kopechne soon joined the staff of Robert F. Kennedy and committed herself to his vision of compassion for the underprivileged, social idealism tempered by political realism, and a more humane nation. Kashatus details her work as an energetic and trusted staffer who became one of the famed Boiler Room Girls at the heart of RFK’s presidential campaign. Shattered by his assassination, Kopechne took a break from politics before returning as a consultant. It was at a reunion of the Boiler Room Girls that she accepted a ride from Edward Kennedy—a decision she would pay for with her life. The untold—and long overdue—story of a promising life cut short, Before Chappaquiddick tells the human side of one of the most memorable scandals of the 1960s.   Purchase the audio edition.

The S-Bahn Murderer: The Hunt for, and Confession of Paul Ogorzow, Nazi Germany’s Most Notorious Serial Killer (The Fallen' Series Book 3)

A.G. Mogan - 2020

Cold Fury: The Cannock Chase Murders

David J. Cooper - 2020
    Why would a man, married to an attractive young woman, want to sexually assault and murder innocent little girls?In the late 1960s, Cannock Chase in Staffordshire became the centre of the biggest murder hunt in Britain.The bodies of five year old Diane Tift, six year old Margaret Reynolds, and seven year old Christine Darby were found dumped there.The killer thought he was cleverer than the police and slipped through the net four times.He would have continued with the killings but he made a big mistake.Find out what happened and how the police eventually caught up with him.

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Volume 10

Robert Keller - 2020

The Hostage Rescuer: The Return of a Child Into a Mother's Arms

Darren Franklin - 2020
    Two close encounters with death convince the author, Darren, that his career in the sometimes murky world of global private security is not the healthiest. Meanwhile Scottish nurse Diane is on a life-changing route of her own after a Shirley Valentine-style romance on a Greek holiday island. While she moves to Australia to marry her Greek lover and to start a family, Darren escapes a contract on his life and teams up with a former British special forces operative to get into the business of rescuing abducted children. Darren's and Diane's paths cross when Diane's marriage breaks down, her ex abducts their four-year-old son Theo back to the Greek islands and, when all attempts to get her son back via the courts have failed, Darren's company is called in to carry out a daring snatch raid. As Diane waits anxiously in the wings, Darren and his small team must contend with hostile locals, double-crossing police and dubious legal contacts to conduct surveillance on their target, formulate a plan and grab the boy before making their hazardous escape. They can trust no-one. A whole island community is ranged against them, they have their suspicions about their own lawyer and the charity go-between who completes their team is actively leaking details of their plans, putting the entire mission, and possibly their lives, in danger. Set against an all-too-real epidemic of parental abductions, and a background of frequent failed recovery attempts, the action swings from Britain to South America to Australia, to the USA and the Greek Islands on a roller-coaster of drama and emotion from start to finish.

Lizbeth of Maplecroft: Confessions of Lizzie Borden

Jessica Michaels - 2020
    The gruesome killings, committed in broad daylight, in an occupied house, while leaving no conclusive evidence linking to the killer or motive, have baffled everyone.The brutality of the crimes, where nothing was taken, suggests a crime of intense passion that could only have been fueled by either hatred or love, or perhaps both.Imagination blends with facts, as you are taken on a chilling journey into the splintered mind of Lizzie, now known as Lizbeth, as she confesses to her closest friend at her beloved home. Tension builds as she opens up, telling her buried truths, starting with the reasons behind the brutal murders. Next, and not for the faint-hearted, she describes the how, before revealing the coverup.Lizbeth of Maplecroft: Confessions of Lizzie Borden is an intense thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Book of Matt: The Real Story of the Murder of Matthew Shepard

Stephen Jimenez - 2020
    . . It was a horrible murder driven by drugs." -- Prosecutor Cal Rerucha, who convicted Matthew Shepard's killersWhat role did crystal meth and other previously underreported factors play in the brutal murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard? The Book of Matt is a page-turning cautionary tale that humanizes and de-mythologizes Matthew while following the evidence where it leads, without regard to the politics that have long attended this American tragedy.Late on the night of October 6, 1998, twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard left a bar in Laramie, Wyoming with two alleged "strangers," Aaron McKin-ney and Russell Henderson. Eighteen hours later, Matthew was found tied to a log fence on the outskirts of town, unconscious and barely alive. He had been pistol-whipped so severely that the mountain biker who discovered his battered frame mistook him for a Halloween scarecrow. Overnight, a politically expedient myth took the place of important facts. By the time Matthew died a few days later, his name was synonymous with anti-gay hate.Stephen Jimenez went to Laramie to research the story of Matthew Shepard's murder in 2000, after the two men convicted of killing him had gone to prison, and after the national media had moved on. His aim was to write a screenplay on what he, and the rest of the nation, believed to be an open-and-shut case of bigoted violence. As a gay man, he felt an added moral imperative to tell Matthew's story. But what Jimenez eventually found in Wyoming was a tangled web of secrets. His exhaustive investigation also plunged him deep into the deadly underworld of drug trafficking. Over the course of a thirteen-year investigation, Jimenez traveled to twenty states and Washington DC, and interviewed more than a hundred named sources.The Book of Matt is sure to stir passions and inspire dialogue as it re-frames this misconstrued crime and its cast of characters, proving irrefutably that Matthew Shepard was not killed for being gay but for reasons far more complicated -- and daunting.

Nobody's Child: Poverty, Justice, and the Insanity Defense in America

Susan Nordin Vinocour - 2020
    His grandmother stands accused of second-degree murder. Psychologist Susan Nordin Vinocour agrees to evaluate the defendant, to determine whether the impoverished and mentally ill woman is competent to stand trial.Vinocour soon finds herself pulled headlong into a series of difficult questions, beginning with: Was the defendant legally insane on the night in question? As she wades deeper into the story, Vinocour traces the legal definition of insanity back nearly two hundred years, when our understanding of the human mind was in its infancy. “Competency” and “insanity,” she explains, are creatures of legal definition, not psychiatric reality, and in criminal law, “insanity” has become a luxury of the rich and white. With passion, clarity, and heart, Vinocour examines the troubling intersection of mental health issues and the law.

Missing 411 Montana

David Paulides - 2020
    This book contains thirty all new cases and many updated missing person incidents from throughout Montana.There is a stunning chapter about a cluster of missing people in and around Glacier National Park, a read you will not forget.47 Photographs

The Vampire of Sacramento: The True Story of Richard Chase The Blood-Thirsty Cannibal (True Crime Explicit Book 1)

Genoveva Ortiz - 2020

No Angels: The Short Life And Brutal Death Of Brandaline Rose Duvall

Steve Jackson - 2020
    She was wearing a bright-red Chicago Bulls jersey bearing the number of her favorite player, Michael Jordan.It was the shirt, a favorite of the Bloods gang, that attracted the five young gang members in the car that circled the block and came back to where she stood. Why Brandy got in the car that night would remain an unanswered question. Was it voluntary? Was she abducted?Whatever the answer, the consequence was an unimaginable nightmare of torture, rape and murder at the hands of a vicious Denver street gang, particularly “Pancho,” a violent psychopath, and other members of the Deuce-Seven. The crime, the investigation, the betrayals and deals cut with the devil, and the subsequent court cases, including four murder trials and two death penalty hearings, tore apart families, and affected all who were caught up in the brutal crime and its aftermath.Now, twenty years after he first wrote about this horrific true crime, New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson returns with NO ANGELS, a gripping narrative delving into the circumstances that would forever change the fate of Brandy, two previously inseparable brothers, and the mothers who sat on opposite sides of the courtroom and yet shared a common grief.

The Torture of the 100 Pieces

Martin Bladh - 2020
    In this work Bladh’s presence exists primarily through the juxtaposition of Urbaniak’s photographs and accompanying written materials, these include extracts drawn from art criticism, true crime reportage, philosophy, explorations of literature, descriptions of public killings, online discussions of horrific videos, and mediations on the nature of acting. These text extracts share a common theme in tracing the complex and shifting relationships between the creative and the cruel, between art and violence, brutality and culture, and Bladh turns these words inwards, not simply through the process of reading but into his flesh. The close-up photography undertaken by Urbaniak makes the skin the primary focus of the viewer’s gaze; the textures and colours of the flesh resemble landscapes marked by disaster, inadvertently recalling aerial photographs of battlefields.

A Dream of Death: How Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s Dream Became a Nightmare and a West Cork Village Became the Centre of Ireland’s Most Notorious Unsolved Murder

Ralph Riegel - 2020
    The brutal killing of Sophie Toscan du Plantier just days before Christmas in 1996 has proved to be Ireland’s highest-profile, most baffling and controversy-stalked murder mystery.In this definitive account of Ireland’s most notorious unsolved crime, Ralph Riegel, who has covered the case from the very beginning, delves into the facts of the murder that caused shockwaves across both Sophie’s native France and the quiet Cork countryside where her dream turned into a nightmare.

Mosquito Point Road: Monroe County Murder & Mayhem

Michael Benson - 2020
    There’s Killer of the Cloth, The Baby in the Convent, Mosquito Point Road, Death of a First Baseman, The Blue Gardenia, and Pure/Evil. Three of the killers are female. serial killers on the internet

Eileen Ormsby - 2020
    The internet has put them in our is a chilling look at what happens when murderous minds meet modern technology by the bestselling author of The Darkest WebThis book expands on three cases originally released in edited form for the Casefile True Crime podcast:Pedro Rodrigues Filho, aka Pedrinho Matador, aka Killer PeteyDnepropetrovsk Maniacs, aka the Hammer ManiacsMark Twitchell, aka Dexter Serial Killer

True Crime: British Killers - A Prequel: Six Disturbing Stories of some of the UK's Most Brutal Killers

Jason Neal - 2020
    The true crime short stories within this book are unimaginably shocking. Most news articles and television true crime shows skim over the offensive details of truly unsettling crimes. In my books, I try not to gloss over the facts, regardless of how disgusting they may be. My goal is to give my readers a clear and accurate description on just how demented the killers really were. I do my best not to leave anything out. The stories included in this book are not for the squeamish. Many of my readers know I have split my last several years between London and Arizona. As these past few months of 2019 and 2020 have been my final months in London, I thought it would be fitting to write a book about some of the most notorious killers in UK history. This book is not officially part of the True Crime Case Histories series, but it’s written in a very similar style. A sampling of the stories include: The Camden Ripper - A homeless man reached into a dumpster and felt what he thought were salmon fillets in a plastic bag. What he found were two human legs severed at the knees. London police started a manhunt for a demented murderer intent on fulfilling his obsession of Jack the Ripper.   The London Cannibal - At 23 years old bludgeoned to death a young girl he had a crush on in broad daylight. Found to have “diminished responsibility”, he was committed to a psychiatric ward. Within 11 years the killer found to be “no major risk” to society and was free to go. Within hours of his release, he had dismembered a friend and was frying parts of his body in a pan. Sent back to the mental hospital, his killing didn’t stop.   The Acid Bath Killer - One of the most notorious killers in UK history, wrongfully believed if he could make a body disappear, he couldn’t be charged with murder. Led by greed, he dissolved his victims in vats of acid before acquiring their assets. The Black Widow - Dena Thompson was a bigamist that hated men. Her first husband she drove into hiding from an imaginary mafia. Another thought he would be getting kinky sex, but instead got beaten within an inch of his life. Her second husband wasn’t so lucky. The Bus Stop Killer - A sadistic predator terrorized southwest London for years following young blonde girls from bus stops. He would beat them on the head with a hammer simply for the sake of extinguishing life. The Suffolk Strangler - The quiet area of Ipswitch in Suffolk normally sees very few killings in a year. In 2006 in a span of only six weeks police found in the bodies of five young women strangled. Some posed to resemble a crucifix. Plus One Bonus Chapter. The six true crime stories included in this collection are dark and chilling and will leave you with a new understanding of just how fragile the human mind can be. True Crime Case Histories Volume 4 is coming May 2020 featuring 12 more short stories of; True Crime, Murder & Mayhem, Serial Killer Biographies, and True Murder Case Files.

Tortured With Love: The True Crime Romance of the Lonely Hearts Killers

J.T. Hunter - 2020
    Loneliness led her to Raymond Fernandez, but love led her all the way to the electric chair.This is the tragic story of the Lonely Heart Killers.