Possessive Figher

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    If you bet on the right fighter.Trouble is the guy we owe all the money to? He also runs the fights.As soon as I see him though, my fighter I just know he’ll win. And I’m betting more than all our money on him.I’m betting my life he’s the man I think he is.A lover and a fighter. Is there such a thing as both?I can’t wait to find out.DillonGo down in the fourth. Get paid, go home.Simple.Marconi’s fights means Marconi’s rules and until today I never cared less about who won or lost, as long as I got paid.But as soon as I sense her, even before I even see her sweet thick curves, I know she’s the only thing I want to be going down for.Throwing a rigged fight, a Marconi fight? It’s suicide.But I’d rather die trying to help who I can see clearly needs it than die wondering what could’ve been, what should’ve been just one thing.Mine.*Possessive Fighter is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

The Beast: Vietnam 1969

Raymond Hunter Pyle - 2014
    For Marines, the Vietnam conflict was different in I-Corps along the DMZ, different and more massively deadly than the conflict in other parts of the country. That’s not to say the Army and other Marine units didn’t have a deadly time further south, but in northern I-Corps along the Z, south to Khe Sanh and the A-Shau valley, east to Cua Viet and west to Laos, and all of the combat and fire support bases in Leatherneck Square and on the ridges and in the valleys to the west, the war was constant and especially vicious. This was the area most easily supplied from the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This was the area where Ho Chi Minh sent his troops in division strength to challenge the Americans. This area was known as The Meat Grinder, and for the Grunts, combat here was called The Beast. The Grunts and Cannon Cockers on FSB Russell and FSB Neville sitting alone on ridges just south of Mutters Ridge near the DMZ had to face The Beast every day, and one squad from Echo Company 2/4, stuck on a small hill outpost about five klicks south of FSB Russell, would come to know and embrace The Beast intimately during the month of February, 1969.

Space: Japanese Design Solutions for Compact Living

Michael Freeman - 2004
    A photographic exploration of Japanese architecture and design in size-constricted areas explores imaginative, ingenious, and revolutionary solutions to space-compromised living.

Heavy Hogs MC: Books 1-6

Elias Taylor - 2020
    He’s strong and ambitious.A bad boy with a kind heart.But I can’t trust him.Not when he talks about leaving town and starting over.I won’t let him stomp all over my heart.Should I be the one to walk away first?TristanTristan can only be a fake family man.He’s a bad, bad boy.Tristan is blackmailing me.I’d punch him in the face if he wasn’t part of the same club as my father.He needs a fake fiancée to secure his promotion.And I need him to delete my embarrassing moment from his phone.Accompanying him to a few office parties is one thing.But getting accidentally pregnant?That was never part of the plan.I can’t deny that I want Tristan.His touch sets my skin on fire.But being with him destroys my chances of ever having a normal life.Besides, did I mention that he can only be a fake family man?BrentGoing to Vegas with my brother and his best friend was a horrible idea.I hated Brent at first.The constant bickering and his alpha male attitude.But that night showed me a different side of him.His fun side.Drinking, dancing, and accidentally showing up at a chapel.I didn’t remember a thing.Then a marriage certificate showed up at my doorstep.And my whole world spun out of control.I’m holding it in my hands right now.What the heck am I going to do?ChristianHe’s my ex-best friend’s ex-boyfriend.I shouldn’t care, except that I have to.I’m breaking the girl code.Dating Christian would be a mistake.But I can’t keep my hands and my mind off him.Christian is the kind of man I’ve always dreamed about.A biker bad boy.His strong hold sends shivers down my spine.Things are perfect between us.Except the drama.My ex-best friend is trying to rip us apart.Will she succeed at shattering our love into pieces?CarterJoining a motorcycle club has been more exciting than I thought.It’s where I met Carter.He’s a man who challenges me.A bad boy who’s been groomed to think that women are disposable.But he seems to like that I’m feisty.He enjoys my loud personality.And me? I love his rough skin against mine.Carter thinks that marriage is only worth it if I get pregnant.Well, that’s already happened.Can he change his playboy attitude and be a one woman man?Or is he going to change his mind once he finds out about the pregnancy?

MTIV Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer

Hillman Curtis - 2002
    Divided into three parts, this book offers a methodology for artistic and professional work and also offers technical advice for translating this to the web.

The Fear of Ravens (Esme Quentin Mystery Book 4)

Wendy Percival - 2020
    Can a 19th century curse still wield its formidable power? What connects Anna with the 24 year-old mystery concerning the whereabouts of the charismatic Ellen Tucker?​Esme must uncover the truth to save Anna from becoming a 21st century victim, in a cruel repetition of her ancestor’s merciless fate.

Begging for Bad Boys: A Bad Boy Romance Box Set

Hazel Parker - 2018
    From race car drivers, protective mountain men, hot doctors, and bikers, this armload of alphas will have you begging for more. Mega 21 Book Box Set just in time for the holidays! Includes FOUR box sets plus one EXCLUSIVE brand new book Rough Rider. The Alphas - The Nice Guy - The Client - The CEO - The Billionaire *new* Full Throttle Series - Scott - Mr. Gray - Cooper - Honey Boys: Alphas Vol 1. - Take Me - Preach to me Baby - Mr. Marine - The Italian - Doctor Her Boys: Alphas Vol 2 - Mount Me - In Deep - Sweet Revenge - Burn it Down - Breaking Red Rough Rider

Savage Kings MC #1-20

Carter Steele - 2020
    WARNING: The Savage Kings MC will have you on your KNEES! Prepare to be thrilled with this 20 book box set from Carter Steele.This huge boxset includes:1) Savage Redemption2) Stained Reunion3) Tainted Romance4) Forbidden Romance5) Tarnished Love6) Burnt Romance7) Darkened Souls8) Tortured Souls9) Twisted Romance10) Forbidden Sacrifice11) Forbidden Love12) Dying Love13) Lost Souls14) Fading Hope15) Devil's Sin16) Bleeding Desire17) Demon's Greed18) Promised Lust19) Reaper's Promise20) Final Absolution

1,000 Type Treatments: From Script to Serif, Letterforms Used to Perfection

Wilson Harvery - 2005
    Being able to craft type well and thoughtfully takes a deep understanding of the inherent complexities and a keen eye for the minute and subtle details. This book contains a collection of 1,000 instances of thoughtful type usage along with credits that note what fonts were used in the design. Like its predecessor, 1,000 Graphic Elements, the photography in this book focuses in on the typography so readers can get an up-close look at the work. 1,000 Type Treatments showcases an array of fonts in a catalog-like format, making it easy for the working designer to practically shop for ideas. The book is organized by style so if a designer has a traditional, elegant, or edgy piece, they can go directly to that section of the book, where they will find a wide collection of fresh ideas in the style they are seeking.Also included is a directory of font foundries and suppliers, providing busy designers with a quick reference guide to where they can find the fonts that pique their interest.

Chip Kidd

Veronique Vienne - 2003
    Chip Kidd is renowned and revered as a maverick graphic designer. Specifically, Kidd's book jacket designs for such major New York publishers as Alfred A. Knopf are among the most significant and innovative of our time. This richly illustrated book--the first critical selection of kid's design work--looks closely at this contemporary visual pioneer. Veronique Vienne presents a full and nuanced view of Kidd, discussing how he has developed celebrity status as a designer, design critic, lecturer, and editor. She also relates how Kidd is greatly influenced by popular culture, noting his vast collection of Batman memorabilia. Vienne concludes by examining Kidd's editorial involvement with books on cartoonists as well as his own first novel, The Cheese Monkeys, published in 2001 to critical acclaim. Chip Kidd reveals the fascinating life and career of a revolutionary graphic designer with a winning public persona, whose ambitions now also lean toward editing and writing. The book will appeal to anyone involved in design and popular culture as well as admirers of Kidd's extraordinary creative spirit.

Becoming Vexx: An Eve's Fury MC Prequel

Rae B. Lake - 2021

Catia V5 R17 For Designers

Sham Tickoo - 2005
    The textbook covers all-important workbenches of CATIA V5R17 with a thorough explanation of all commands, options, and their applications to create real-world products. About 55 mechanical engineering industry examples are used as tutorials and an additional 35 as exercises to ensure that the user can relate their knowledge and understand the design techniques used in the industry to design a product. After reading the textbook, the user will be able to create solid parts, assemblies, drawing views with bill of materials, surface models, and Sheet metal components. Also, the user will learn the editing techniques that are essential to make a successful design. In this book, the author emphasizes on the solid modeling techniques that improve the productivity and efficiency of the user. Salient Features of the Textbook Consists of 15 chapters that are organized in a pedagogical sequence. These chapters cover the Sketching, Modeling, Assembly, Drafting, Wireframe and Surface Design, and Generative Sheetmetal workbenches of CATIA V5R17. The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that will be covered in it. Additional information is provided throughout the book in the form of tips and notes. Self-evaluation test and review questions are provided at the end of each chapter so that the users can assess their knowledge.Free Teaching and Learning Resources Online technical support by contacting techsupport@cadcim.com. All programs used in exercises and examples. Customizable PowerPoint presentations of all chapters in the textbook li>Instructor s Guide with solutions to all review questions and exercises in the textbook. Student projects to enhance the skills Class tests that can be used by faculty in the class To access these free teaching resources, please send your contact information to sales@cadcim.com, mentioning clearly your name, designation, university/college, street street address, city, state, zip, and country.

Blue Honor (Knight Security, #1)

Bex Dane - 2021
    He took her hostage, but she captured his heart.Former Navy SEAL Vander Knight usually relies on fear and intimidation to extract intel from an enemy, but his standard tactics won't work on the Colombian spitfire he's tasked with questioning.He'll have to resort to building rapport with his sexy prisoner to coax her into revealing her secrets.Breaking Misha without falling for her may be the toughest battle he'll ever face, but with his brother's life on the line, failure is not an option.Misha refuses to yield to the demands of the gorgeous commando who has taken her captive.Even if he bribes her with a sweet stray puppy, she won't tell him anything about her double life as a Russian agent.She'll simply retaliate with a seduction that will bring him to his knees.Vander may be a worthy opponent, but he's not the only one who can fight dirty.

Dark matter and trojan horses. A strategic design vocabulary.

Dan Hill - 2012
    With conventional solutions failing, a new culture of decision-making is called for. Strategic design is about applying the principles of traditional design to "big picture" systemic challenges such as healthcare, education and the environment. It redefines how problems are approached and aims to deliver more resilient solutions. In this short book, Dan Hill outlines a new vocabulary of design, one that needs to be smuggled into the upper echelons of power. He asserts that, increasingly, effective design means engaging with the messy politics - the "dark matter"- taking place above the designer's head. And that may mean redesigning the organization that hires you.

The Devil You Know: A Mob Romance

Claire St. Rose - 2018
     One drink too many sent me tumbling into the wrong man’s arms. Cliff Aurello is a bad boy, a mafioso, a savage killer. And now, he’s got his bloodstained fingers wrapped around my heart. Liana It was my fault from the start. I should have never let a mafia monster like Cliff into my life. Because the second I did, he turned my safe haven into a war zone. I had every reason not to trust him. But when he pinned me to the wall, hand pressed against my throat… When his breath, hot against my skin, said filthy things that made my heart race… It was impossible to tell him no. I can’t fight it. Can only submit every time he reminds me… I belong to him. Cliff I brought hell to her doorstep. She didn’t need my past or my problems. But after I got a taste of her, nothing would be the same. I owned her. Made her my possession and the center of my life. Now, a lunatic wants us dead. Down in the ground, six feet deep. I’ll take his life before he can take what’s mine. No one is taking her from me. Not now. Not ever. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is a full-length, standalone, super steamy, bad boy mob romance novel from bestselling author CLAIRE ST. ROSE. This suspenseful, action-packed mob romance is intended for mature audiences, due to violence, strong language, dark themes and elements, and explicit intimate scenes. The romance between the alpha male bad boy and the fiery woman he can't resist ends with a guaranteed happily ever after (HEA) ending, has absolutely NO CHEATING, and does NOT include a cliffhanger of any kind.