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A Place Within Her by D.P. McHenry


Irish Inheritance

Paula Martin - 2014
    Curious about their unknown benefactress and why they are considered 'family', they discover surprising links to the original owners of the house.They soon unravel an intriguing tale of a 19th century love affair. At the same time, their mutual attraction grows, despite personal reasons for not wanting romantic involvements at this point in their lives.A local property agent appears to have her own agenda concerning the house while other events pull Jenna and Guy back to separate lives in London and America. Friction builds over their decision about the house and its contents.Will their Irish inheritance eventually drive them apart – or bring them together?

Sparkling Stilettos (Sparkling #1)

Jess Wright - 2015
    Dylan Dunkin-Buckshaw is a great catch. Handsome in a sharp, confident kind of way, he's everything she’s ever wanted in a man and a husband. A match made in heaven—right?With a fledgling shoe design business that’s set to take off, Megan decides to take control of her life and strut her stuff. With the help of loyal friends and a handsome stranger she begins to turn heads and get noticed. She’s hitched her wagon to the stars and she’s planning on enjoying the ride, wearing her best stilettos whilst she does it!But will she reach those glittering stars? Is there something lurking in the shadows to hold her back? Under all the excitement and sparkle of her new found adventures there seems to be an ominous presence trying to take the shine from her happiness.

Life or Something Like It

Annie Lyons - 2015
    She runs a PR company with her best friend (and secret crush) Jesse, and is never happier than when her high-profile celebrities are glittering in the spotlight.But when her footballer client gets in the press for all the wrong reasons, Cat’s career takes a sudden nosedive. So when her brother Andrew unexpectedly needs her to look after his kids for a few weeks, she can hardly say no. She’s happily single, hasn’t exactly been the ‘World’s Best Auntie’ over the years, and what she knows about looking after children would fit on the back of a postage stamp. But it’s only temporary until she gets her real life back on track – isn’t it?

A Mountain Man for Christmas

Deja Voss - 2018
    Will their romance survive into the New Year?A Mountain Man for Christmas is a sweet and steamy 32,000 word Christmas novella with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA sure to melt your heart (and steam up your ereader) this holiday season!

Without You

E.L. Black - 2013
    As she struggles to find a new way, Emily gets involved with a devious, underhanded man and his brother. Will she find out too late what they are up to? Take an extraordinary wild ride with Emily through love, deception and renewal as she learns that with every thorn there is a rose ready to bud.

A Husband for Beauty (Beastly Love, #3)

Lindsey Hart - 2018
    A musical genius, he locks himself away and lets music dictate his life. From the minute Leena Armstead met her husband, she knew that she loved him, and it had only made sense to enter a marriage of convenience. He got to hide away from the world and she got the theatre she always wanted. Just being near Dallas was enough for her… until it wasn’t. After a horrible accident leaves her with no memory at all, Leena struggles to make sense of a life that makes no sense at all. She’s married to a man who never ventures out into the world. A man haunted by the past, a man in love with ghosts. She’s married to a man who doesn’t love her. Worst of all, she’s sure that she’s madly in love with him. As Dallas and Leena get ready to put on the first production that they ever wrote together, both their worlds are rocked by the growing attraction burning bright between them. Will it consume them both or will they find that love was there right from the start? This is a full length stand-alone steamy romance novel. No cheating. No cliff-hanger. And the kind of ending you will just love. HEA all the way!! *Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts*

Me or Her?

Carrie Stone - 2016
     When Ruby secures her dream job at JMT advertising agency, she is delighted to get the charming Giovanni as her boss. With her sensual looks and commanding nature she’s in no doubt she’ll manage to reel him in. Bohemian and free-spirited Paige is struggling with both the prospect of dating and growing her interior design business, so when she finds herself at the centre of Giovanni’s attention and becomes an unexpected modeling sensation, it leaves a seething Ruby trailing in her shadow.... As Paige leaves London and her unpretentious ways behind her to flit amongst the Miami jet set, Ruby begins a new journey of her own, unraveling her career and navigating the rocky path of romance.

The Love I Want to Be In

M.J. Fredrick - 2015
    Local jack-of-all-trades Blue Maddox was her sister's high school boyfriend, but stayed behind when she went off to college. He's now drawn to Brioney, admiring her drive, her determination to give her daughter the best life she can. But will Brioney look past his beach-bum facade to see who he really is?

Something to Hope For

Heather Watkins - 2016
    She decides to join a gym and starts working at her best friend, Ann's, boutique. Jane tries to remain sedulous for her children, but she really feels like a jigsaw puzzle. Although Jane resists, Ann, buys two tickets to set sail aboard a ten night Caribbean cruise. As the women sip on drinks and soak up the sun, the last thing Jane wants to think about is love. Dmytro, an adonic Ukrainian waiter, is intrigued by Jane. With his exotic accent and tender use of words, Jane learns quickly how easy temptation works. What initially started out as lust, quickly grew into a new found love, until suddenly Dmytro was called home to defend his beloved Ukraine. Would Jane's heart become wounded once again or would this battle end in victory?

Courage Of A Highlander (Lairds of Dunkeld Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Emilia Ferguson - 2018
     Daughter of a duke, son of a baron, and a ruthless English knight… Lady Rubina Invermore has a luxury that not many girls enjoy in the Highlands, the opportunity to marry based on love instead of negotiation. However, she feels duty-bound to choose a marriage that will please her parents: one that will further their holdings and security in the face of a looming and bloody with England. Now her heart has betrayed her…and she’s in a bind. A Brave Highlander Sir Camden Invering is more confused than he’s ever felt after rescuing the beautiful Lady Rubina from her English captors. His heart is totally enraptured, and he thought that she felt the same. But her cold indifference has utterly confounded him. He begins to wonder if he’s totally misread her. When he is taken captive himself in retaliation for rescuing the damsel in distress, his fight is not for her love, but for his very life… A Love That Can’t be Stopped Soon Rubina must make the most challenging decision of her young life—she must choose between love and duty. Duty and romance beckon to her from different men…and the decision is solely hers. However, her handsome knight must once again be brave and survive the conflict that threatens to take the decision from them both…permanently. Should Lady Rubina choose the marriage she’s always anticipated—her distant cousin Callum, who she does not love but her parents will approve without question? Or should she follow her heart—her beloved Sir Camden, who both infuriates and ignites her in ways she never dreamed a man could achieve…and in the most delicious ways…?

A Man Like Mike

Sami Lee - 2013
    As if bright orange goo on her business shirts and terminal exhaustion aren’t enough to deal with, Bailey’s uncle shows up, insisting on being part of his nephew’s life. Roguishly handsome with a devil‐may‐care attitude, Mike Wilcox is always first with a quip or a flirtatious smile. When he breezily suggests he move in with her temporarily, Eve sees noway to refuse, as the cottage in which she lives was left to Mike by his late brother.On the surface, Mike seems like the perfect house mate. He’s a successful chef, so Eve’s diet goes from fast food to five star overnight, and he effortlessly takes on daytime care of his nephew, while working at a local restaurant in the evenings. But he wears muscle‐ hugging T‐shirts and makes the cottage seem like a home, things that appeal to Eve more than she cares to admit.A lonely, neglected child, Eve has learned to rely only on herself, but having Mike around soon makes her want to believe things can be different. How can she trust a man who’s lived life by the seat of his pants to stick around for the long haul?


Alison Chaffin Higson - 2013
    She arrives with her six year old nephew, Lucas, who’s staying with her for a few weeks ¬while his parents are in Europe.Placing storage boxes on top of the kitchen cabinets, Mack finds a diary, opening it to the first page it reads, ‘This is the diary of a Rose, dated March 4th, 1947’. Settling down to read this diary, Mack discovers a love story between Rose and a man named Jacob Evans.Realizing that Jacob is still alive and around eighty-eight years old, Mack tries to contact him to tell him Rose’s story. She leaves a message with Jacob’s housekeeper and hopes that he returns her call.While talking to her sister on the phone she watches a, denim and leather clad, guy dismount his Harley and move in next door. Unbeknown to Mack, he’s Jacob’s thirty-two year old grandson, Dean, who has come to Cape Elizabeth to find out why she wants to talk to his grandfather about a diary and to make sure she isn’t after his grandfather’s money.Within an hour of actually meeting, Dean has his hands on her legs, although due to spilled coffee, he discovers he can’t stop touching her. Dean was only too glad to escape to Cape Elizabeth, away from his mother, who wants him to be married to Cynthia, her friend’s daughter, who he has no interest in.Together Mack and Dean try to unravel the mystery of what actually happened to Rose in 1947.Thomas Degan the owner of Rose Cottage is a loveable eighty year old man who befriends Lucas, taking him fishing and spends time with him reading ‘Our Gang’ Comics.All these characters come together in a story of loss, love and friendship.View trailer here:http://alisonchaffinhigson.blogspot.i...

The Reluctant Rancher

Patricia Mason - 2006
    It seemed as if every single citizen of Fiddler Creek wanted something from the wealthy rancher. He’d learned early on not many cared to see past his looks and sour attitude and discover the man beneath.So when the generously curved Mary Carter hit him up for a loan to save her fledgling business, he made her a short-term proposition she couldn’t refuse. Only the more time the reluctant rancher spends with the lovely Mary, the more he starts to think about a long-term relationship.Mary Carter had fantasized about Luke Tanner since her first glimpse of the veritable mountain of a man with a perpetual scowl. She’d never been brave enough to approach him until circumstances forces her to seek his help.The Reluctant Rancher is the story of two individuals who have never experienced the soul stirring passion of true love – until they find each other.

Pieces of You

Kate Benson - 2018
    I never imagined he’d become my worst nightmare.I got away from him, but since I’ve come home, all that remains is the broken girl who ran away all those years ago. Suddenly, this town seems so much smaller than it ever did before.With my dad gone and a decade full of regret behind me, I’ve never felt more alone in the world.It isn’t until I meet my dad’s neighbor and her son, Nate, that I begin to feel anything.They say you can’t go home again.I never believed that until I tried.NateI’ve lived in this town my whole life and have loved it since the day I was born. Lately, though, I can’t help feeling like it’s walls are closing in on me.Maybe heartbreak does that to everyone.Or maybe that’s just what I’ve been telling myself.I’ve tried keeping my focus on my job and taking care of my mom, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. Until Ava.I’ve heard it said you can’t go home again.One look at her and I can’t help but wonder if you can.Pieces of You is a multi-POV standalone novel.


Olivia Hawthorne - 2015
    He betrayed my trust years ago and I haven't been able to forgive him ever since. I'm in college and the good girl in every sense of the word. Perfect GPA, perfect group of friends, and worlds apart from my Internet famous stepbrother who's famously known for breaking hearts and leaving throngs of screaming fans in his wake. So how can I tell my body to stop going crazy every time we're together? And when you're sharing a room with the hottest man you know in the most romantic city in the world, how can you possibly say no? She's almost unbearable and completely off limits. Jessa, aka JJ. My stepsister. She's perfect, focused, snide and hates me. And she's completely irresistible. She haunts my thoughts, my dreams. And she's the reason I do what I do. I'm a bad boy to forget about her. The only problem is, it isn't working. ***Originally published as a three part series, this edition includes a 6200 word BONUS chapter.