Circle of Friends Cookbook - 25 Savory Pie Recipes

Gooseberry Patch - 2011
    From Flaky Chicken Pot Pie and Spaghetti Pie to Upside-Down Mexican Pot Pie and Slow-Cooker Sausage Pie, this new collection features 25 savory pies that are sure to get mouths watering and tastebuds tingling!

Your Guide to Weight Loss Smoothies: Healthy Smoothies to Lose Weight & Feel Great (Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Green Smoothie Recipes, Smoothies for Weight Loss)

Sara Elliott Price - 2014
    Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to unveil the power of smoothies... Not only will "Your Guide to Weight Loss Smoothies" motivate you to take action along your weight loss journey, but it will also provide you with proven weight loss inducing smoothie recipes. This book takes all the guesswork out of how to make lip smacking smoothies every time! As you know, one of the main road blocks to losing weight is not having a plan. Well, with this guide you don't need one! Simply read the book, grab the ingredients, throw them in your blender and drink! Yes, it really is that easy. Don't believe me? Check out what's inside... How smoothies will jumpstart your weight loss Why smoothies will melt the inches off fast Easy (and delicious) ways to get in your daily greens What to add to make your smoothies a complete meal Why smoothies alone, can take your health to a whole new level A variety of recipes to satisfy your taste buds Learn what surprising weight-inducing ingredients you should avoid Much, much more! Grab your copy today! If you're looking for a fast weight loss fix that's easy and proven, then download this guide now and create the body you've always wanted! Tags: weight loss smoothies, green smoothie recipes, smoothies for weight loss, smoothie recipes for weight loss, smoothie recipe book, green smoothies, green smoothie diet, healthy smoothies, smoothie recipes for health, diet smoothies, paleo smoothies, green smoothies diet, green smoothie cleanse, green smoothies for weight loss, weight loss green smoothies, green smoothie detox, healthy green smoothies, healthy breakfast smoothies, healthy fruit smoothies, healthy smoothie recipe book

Weber's Smoke: A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Everyone and Any Grill

Jamie Purviance - 2012
    Weber's Smoke shows you how and inspires you with recipes that range from the classic (Best-on-the-Block Baby Back Ribs) to the ambitious (Smoked Duck and Cherry Sausages). And best of all, many of the recipes let you achieve mouthwatering smoke flavor in a matter of minutes-not hours.You'll learn:Basic and advanced smoke cooking methods for traditional smokers as well as standard backyard grillsOver 85 exciting recipes such as Brined and Maple-Smoked Bacon and Cedar-Planked Brie with Cherry Chutney and Toasted AlmondsSmoking woods' flavor characteristics and food pairing suggestions that complement each distinct type of woodWeber's Top Ten Smoking Tips for getting the best possible results on any grill

40 Top Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss

Jenny Allan - 2013
    Look inside for details... <br><br>Are you looking for a delicious gluten-free carbohydrate that is easy to prepare? Do you need to be extra careful with your diet and eat food packed full of the right nutrients?<br><br>Quinoa is gluten-free, high in fiber, protein and low in fat and calories. It is the ideal food for people with diabetes mellitus, heart or kidney disease, anaemia and gluten intolerance. Quinoa is full of essential vitamins and minerals and all of the amino acids, making it a complete protein food.<br><br>Quinoa is quick and easy to prepare, simply rinse and simmer in water. It can be eaten plain, as a salad, main, side dish or even dessert. It is so versatile.<br><br>Check out these recipes that you'll find inside:<br><br>- Meditteranean Summer Salad<br>- Cranny Quinoa<br>- Berry Nice Salad<br>- Mint Tabouli<br>- Quinoa with Black Beans in Sauce<br>- Spinach and Tofu Quinoa<br>- Spicy Quinoa Pilaf<br>- Berry Sweet Quinoa<br>- Mexican Quinoa Casserole<br>- Dessert Bar<br><br>All of the recipes in this book are gluten-free, healthy and delicious. You may need to double the amount you make! Once you have tried Quinoa, it will become a regular feature in your diet. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.

Recipes Tried And True

Ladies' Aid Society of the First Presbyterian Church - 2000
    It is the longest continuously running Presbyterian Church school in New South Wales. Founded in 1888 by a committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, the school has a non-selective enrolment policy for all years. The decision to commence a Ladies' College was made in 1883 when the Assembly formed a special committee to investigate the establishment of Superior Boarding Schools for girls and boys. The church saw an urgency to provide Presbyterian education in the colony due to the growth in Roman Catholic secondary schools. As a result, it was established in 1924 with thirteen students to serve as a primary feeder school for the College. However, it did not receive adequate attention from college council and was forced to close in 1929. This school was reopened in 1930 by the assistant teacher, Miss Gurney, who named it "Arden." The school flourished under Gurney's leadership and thus "Arden Anglican School" is still in existence today.

Frugal Cooking With Beans: Over 40 Deliciously Simple Bean Recipes Using Dry & Canned Beans

Sally Thomas - 2014
    And did I mention delicious? Yes, they are delicious and many times don't even need meat to make them so. So many varied flavors - You're sure to find one that's your favorite. This book has over 40 delicious & simple recipes - each with a full-color picture - most having both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. Soups, salads, breakfast dishes, casseroles, appetizers, snacks - so many ways you can use beans to add flavor and nutrition as well as help ease the strain on your pocketbook. Learn how to properly soak, how to convert from canned beans to dry if your recipe calls for dry (and vice versa). Plus a couple of my favorite bread recipes that were handed down from my mother to accompany your beans. Whether you're stocking up on beans for future emergencies, a vegetarian looking for more bean options, someone looking to save money on your food budget, or you just love beans - This book is for you! Here are some of the recipes you'll find inside: * Lentil Cakes * Tuna & Bean Salad * Chili Con Carne * 3-Cheese Pinto Stuffed Mushrooms * Chicken Bean Pot Pie * Tomato Basil Black Bean Soup * Black-Eyed Pea Salad * White Bean Gravy * Hashbrown Casserole With Beans * Pasta Fazool * Polenta & Pinto Porridge * And many more 43 recipes in all - plus the bonus bread recipes to go along with your beans!

Baking Basics and Beyond: Learn These Simple Techniques and Bake Like a Pro

Pat Sinclair - 2004
    Baking Basics and Beyond allows even absolute novices to prepare a wide array of delicious, healthy breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and more. In a warm, reassuring manner, Pat Sinclair leads beginning bakers step-by-step through each recipe, thoroughly explaining each technique and direction. After learning a basic technique, additional recipes provide further practice and more elaborate results. This second edition contains more than 100 recipes, from old favorites like icebox cookies, cornbread, and brownies to updated classics, including Butterscotch Cashew Blondies, Chai Latte Custards, and Savory Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding. Throughout, explanations and precise tips, based on Sinclair's years of baking experience, make readers feel as though there is a friendly teacher in the kitchen, peering over their shoulders, and guiding them toward perfect results, every time.This new edition of this basic, down-to-earth, reader-friendly baking guide is updated with beautiful full color photos throughout.

Pure Simple Cooking: Effortless Meals Every Day

Diana Henry - 2007
    Simple. Fresh.  This is the mantra of award-winning cookbook author Diana Henry. With a few core ingredients in your cupboard, you can transform humble staples, such as sausages, potatoes, and summer berries, into something special. Henry shows busy home cooks how to make no-fuss meals with an appealing mix of recipes inspired by her travels in southern France, Scandinavia, Italy, North Africa, Greece, and other regions.  More than 150 foolproof recipes, such as Pacific Lime Chicken, Seared Tuna with Avocado Salsa, Zucchini with Ricotta, Mint, and Basil, and Grilled Apricots with Blackberries and Mascarpone, offer casual but memorable dishes for creating convenient weeknight meals or entertaining friends on weekends. Fruit and vegetable recipes are organized seasonally, making it easy to feature fresh produce in your cooking. With its relaxed approach to making dinner accessible and inspiring, Pure Simple Cooking embraces the truth that good food is often best cooked simply.

The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen: With More than 150 Inspirational Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes to Maximize Your Health

Carolyn Ketchum - 2017
    She delivers a delectable array of recipes from easy family favorites to more gourmet, "date night" fare. Each recipe is made from fresh, accessible, whole-food ingredients and is free of grains, gluten, and sugar. From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, these recipes will inspire readers to get into the kitchen and enjoy cooking, every day. With more and more people turning to the ketogenic diet to regain health, lose weight, or simply feel their best, low-carb, high-fat diets have established their place in the mainstream and have become an everyday way of life. With the diet's rising popularity comes a greater demand for recipes that entice the palate, excite the senses, and deliver satisfaction without starvation. The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen answers that demand and shows people how to go beyond eggs, meat, and cheese and love the way they eat! The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen will enable readers to break free from the constraints of modern dieting and put them on a path to lifelong heath with a keto-adapted lifestyle. Ketchum teaches how to create keto-friendly recipes that taste just as good, if not better than, their unhealthy counterparts. Her recipes allow people to enjoy the taste, freedom, and sustainability of the keto way--without the restriction of typical fad diets. The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen includes 150 step-by-step recipes with full-color photos, a simple guide to getting started, tips and tricks on mastering keto cooking and baking, shopping lists, and much more! Sample recipes include: Cream Cheese Waffles Red Wine Braised Short Ribs Sautéed Green Beans with Crispy Prosciutto Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup Brown Butter Ice Cream Easy Peanut Butter Cups For aspiring home cooks, kitchen warriors, and anyone else looking for new and delicious low-carb dishes, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen is a must-have!

Cookie And Cookie Bar Recipes (Cookie, Cookie Bar And Frosting Recipes)

Sara Winlet - 2013
    In My Cookie And Cookie Bar Recipe Book, you will not only find traditional cookie recipes, but also everyday Cookies and Cookie Bars you can make all year. Whether you like the traditional Wedding Cookies or something even more special like Apricot Bars this book is for you.

The Quinoa Cookbook: Everyday Superfood Recipes for a Gluten-Free Diet

John Chatham - 2012
    While quinoa has become well known, what is lesser known is that the grain-like food, often referred to as the perfect protein, can be incorporated into practically any recipe from breakfast to dessert. Fortunately, that’s where The Quinoa Cookbook enters the story.IS IT DIFFICULT TO USE? One aspect of quinoa that you might not be aware of is that the superfood is easy to prepare. And The Quinoa Cookbook makes it even easier by offering hundreds of simple recipes to help you cut down on gluten (or eliminate it completely), lose weight and incorporate quinoa into your everyday life. The versatile quinoa can serve as the main ingredient in recipes such as the delicious Quinoa Risotto With Mushrooms and Thyme. At the same time it is a healthy substitute as demonstrated in the Flourless Chocolate Cake or Quinoa Porridge. DID YOU KNOW?• Quinoa contains all nine of the essential amino acids humans need to stay healthy• Quinoa is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, zinc and dietary fiber• Quinoa promotes weight loss and is one of the only plants with protein; it is closely related to species such as beets and spinachTHE QUINOA COOKBOOK INCLUDES:• Hundreds of recipes that introduce quinoa into every meal of the day and dessert too• A “Bonus Section” containing a sample menu for both everyday dining and entertaining • Recipes that incorporate quinoa into your favorite international dishes from Japan to Mexico• A chapter dedicated to ensuring that you understand how to work with quinoa and achieve the tastiest results

Paleolithic Slow Cooker Soups & Stews

Amelia Simons - 2012
    This gluten-free soup and stew cookbook containing 40 delicious recipes will:1.) Give you step-by-step instructions on how to cook really tasty quick breads in your crock pot so you don't have to heat up your kitchen2.) Instruct you on how to convert your favorite soups and stews to slow cooker recipes3.) Give you recipes for soups and stews featuring beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables4.) Allow you to make recipes that feed 6 or more people5.) Give you gluten-free and grain free recipes that are tasty and healthy and will have your family and loved ones asking for seconds

The Everything Potluck Cookbook (Everything Series)

Linda Johnson Larsen - 2009
    In addition, easy-to-understand icons indicate whether a recipe is easy, healthy, quick, or inexpensive. Everything you need to host, or attend, a successful potluck is here, including: 300 tasty and creative recipes Tips for transporting food safely Indications of whether a recipe can be made ahead of time Menu suggestions for a variety of potluck parties Guests can make the dishes on their own and bring them to the host’s home, or they can all gather in the host’s kitchen and make them together. With this book, cooking for the perfect potluck party has never been easier!

The Modern Dutch Oven Cookbook: Fresh Ideas for Braises, Stews, Pot Roasts, and Other One-Pot Meals

Rockridge Press - 2015
    Perfect for a wide-range of one-pot meals big enough to feed the whole family, the Dutch oven is the ideal cooking vessel for braises, stews, pot roasts, homemade breads, and just about anything else you can think of. In this Dutch oven cookbook, you will find new twists on one-pot Dutch oven classics, as well as recipes for homemade pizza, savory tarts, fruit-filled pancakes, and other out-of-the-box delights.The Modern Dutch Oven Cookbook contains: Over 100 Recipes serving delicious, foolproof and fuss-free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks Recipe Key designating gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, vegan, and under 30-minute recipes An Essential Overview covering everything you need to know about cooking with your Dutch oven every day, including how to pick and maintain the perfect Dutch oven for you Recipes in The Modern Dutch Oven Cookbook include: Pumpkin Blueberry Bread, Hearty Beef Stew, Spanish Paella, Duck with Olive Sauce, Braised Rosemary Lamb Shanks, Kale and Squash Lasagna, Pear Crisp, and much more!"This is the ultimate one-pot cookbook for soups, stews, roasts, and so much more...I highly recommend this book to anyone who is bored with the same ol' skillet and pot dinners."–Reader, Amazon Verified Purchase

The Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cookbook

Tyler Malek - 2019
    But that stumbling is what made them great. With barely an idea of how to make ice cream, they turned to their friends for advice: chefs, chocolatiers, brewers, and food experts of all kinds, and what came out is an ice cream company that sees new flavors and inspiration everywhere they look. Using a super-simple ice cream base you can make in about the time it takes you to decide on a scoop in their shop, here are dozens of their most beloved, innovative, (and a couple of their most controversial) flavors, like Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Roasted Strawberry and Toasted White Chocolate, Roasted Parsnip and Banana, Buttered Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Olde People. But more importantly, this book reveals what they've learned, how to tap your own creativity and how to invent flavors of your own, based on whatever you see around you. Because ice cream isn't just be a thing you eat, it's a way to live.