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Danger in the Barn by H.K. Kiting


Sweets Shop Cozy Mysteries Box set

Maisy Morgan - 2019
    Taking a leap of faith, she moved to Brooks, Georgia and opened her own sweets shop. What she was not prepared for was bringing Tripp, her less than thrilled 14-year-old grandson, with her. This makes for an uncertain, and sometimes amusing, start to a new chapter of life. Soon after they arrive in Brooks, there’s a murder in town. And that’s where Mary meets easy on the eyes Officer Preston. From there, they discover they make quite the detective duo. Each book in this Cozy Mystery series has individual mysteries from this Sweet Southern town. From murders to bank robberies to family secrets that rocked the community, Mary and Officer Preston will give you the best in Cozy Mystery! AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you for your interest in my Sweets Shop Cozy Mysteries Series! If you like reading about murder mysteries, women who own sweets shops, cats named Sweet Feet, family life and a little clean romance on the side, you’ll likely enjoy this series. It also deals with middle-aged woes and teenage angst, so this story can be enjoyed across the ages. And it’s written with no swear words, minimal violence (aside from the murders, which aren’t described in detail) and no steamy romance scenes. Download and immerse yourself in this fun four-book series located in the small town of Brooks, Georgia…

Pistolero: The Prequel (Widowmaker Book 3)

William McClintock - 2016
    the days just prior to the events depicted in the opening pages of ‘Widowmaker.’ A “prequel,” and the final installment of the Cole Matthews Trilogy, finds the wandering, gambling gunfighter besieged by bandits and troubled by dangerous ladies, taking on the Mexican Army, and thrown into a hole and buried alive...

Happy Land - A Lover's Revenge: The nightclub fire that shocked a nation

OJ Modjeska - 2020

Behind Closed Doors: Harry Briscombe Detective Mystery Crime Series, Prequel Novella. (A DI Harry Briscombe Crime Thriller Mystery)

Carolyn Mahony - 2018
    When his wife, Serena, accuses him of physical abuse and calls the police, PC Harry Briscombe is put onto the investigation in what proves to be his last case before transferring to CID. Ed Hamilton dismisses his wife as a fantasist with a habit of making false claims against him. His wife claims that this is not the first time he has hit her and that this time she will follow through with a Prosecution. As Harry probes further, he realises the extreme intricacies involved in establishing the truth. For who can ever really be sure what goes on behind closed doors? A gripping, page-turning Prequel Novella by the author of Cry From The Grave, The Jagged Line and Shadow Watcher. If you like Rachel Abbott, Claire Mackintosh and Patricia Gibney, then you'll love this series.

The French Diplomat Affair

Jack Murray - 2020
    A French Diplomat is murdered during a meeting with British and American delegates.  The prime suspect is British, female and the girlfriend of Kit Aston's friend, 'Spunky' Stevens. But all is not as it seems as Kit and his new manservant, Harry Miller, deal with deception and double deception as Europe faces a new, unknown enemy, intent on dragging it back into the carnage from which it has just escaped.The latest Kit Aston mystery is a gripping historical crime thriller, full of twists, perfect for fans of Agatha Christie with a dash of PG Wodehouse. This is post war Paris, a melting pot for the world's leaders, the new jazz music from America and modern art with a cast of characters including Georges Clemenceau, Arthur Balfour and Marcel Duchamp.From the global-selling author of 'The Affair of the Christmas Card Killer' and 'The Chess Board Murders'.

Stalked in Paradise: A Destination Death Mystery (Destination Death Mystery Series Book 1)

Charley Marsh - 2020

Wolves of Gypsum Creek Box Set

Serena Meadows - 2019
    The heroes in this boxset of steamy, standalone stories will get your heart racing…and tongue wagging. But you’d better watch out. The howling has started, and no lady is safe when the wolves of Gypsum Creek go on the hunt. Third Time a Charm A lone wolf-shifter, banished by the villagers.A fiery young woman, with secrets to keep.Jessie and Sophie’s love is obsessive, consuming…and forbidden. Triumph Kara has a carefully hidden plan….Danny keeps a fiercely guarded heart….Their chemistry is undeniable. But are their secrets greater than their love? Young Love When a shifter carrying a world of responsibility, Meets Michelle, a temptress with a dark and dangerous destiny…She’s all David wants, and the last thing he needs. Restoration Natalie has big dreams and is ready to chase them…Dillion’s running from a past he can’t escape… These two shifters are falling hard. But will they crash before they fly? Her White Wolf Bethany is held captive by a cruel, controlling father. Gabriel has spent his life trapped in his shifter’s form. All they ever wanted was freedom, but will love be enough to set them free? Lose yourself in the Appalachian Mountains with these powerful protectors, and the courageous women that claim their love. Warning: Adults Only

Unfinished Business: A Collection of Reader-Submitted Medical Stories

Kerry Hamm - 2017
     These stories are raw, hilarious, heartbreaking, infuriating, and confusing. Some will leave you laughing so hard you cry, while others will tug at your heartstrings and have you running for the tissues.

The Eternal Frontier Box Set (Books 1-3): A Military Sci-Fi Adventure

Anthony J. Melchiorri - 2019
    His life consists of experiments and research on all the strange alien lifeforms they encounter. He is content to explore the universe through a microscope. All that changes when the Argo is attacked by an unknown alien ship. Tag is the sole survivor. After crash-landing the damaged Argo, Tag is stranded on a deadly planet filled with mysterious creatures. He must figure out why the Argo was attacked and escape before his attackers return to finish the job. His only hope is to somehow find a crew that can help him—or create one from his biological artificial intelligence research. But creating a new unpredictable intelligent lifeform is only half the battle. Convincing it to help you instead of killing you and taking command of your ship is a whole other ordeal. In this three book set, Tag embarks on an expansive adventure filled with strange planets, exotic aliens, and interstellar conspiracies. He discovers new threats to humanity that he must stop… or else let civilization crumble.

When Karma Goes Upside Down

Dishant Huria - 2017
    His lady love plans the most unexpected surprise gifton their fourth love-anniversary – a break-up!In trying to accept that she is gone, he bumps into several girls, andan older woman who fascinates him no end. Will she be the anchorhe has been waiting for? Or is this also a part of his never-endingquest to understand love, relationships, career and friendship?Moving to a new city, finding new friends, getting beaten by thepolice, and experimenting with life in general – he does everything.Join Aarush as he tries – by hook or by crook – to find a way into loveand happiness When Karma Goes Upside Down.

Our Plantation: Life on a Southern Cotton Plantation during the Civil War

Richard E. Graglia - 2017
    Her husband and elder son rode off to save slavery in the Confederate Cavalry. Their plantation would now be controlled by a brutish slave master and sadistic slave overseers. Would their slaves revolt? Would Yankee armies attack and destroy their way of life? The slave master already had designs on Clare Ellen Fairchild and couldn’t wait until her husband rode off to war and hopefully die for his Cause. It was April, planting season. The very long and very hot summer awaited them. Clare Ellen was told that this war would be over by September and to ‘not worry her pretty little head’ about it. Clare Ellen was told wrong. She and her children should have worried their pretty little heads.

On the Edge of Darkness

Anthony Molloy - 2011
    He orders the new unit, to carry out clandestine missions along the enemy coast. Soon Barr’s small force evolves into an elite fighting unit, codenamed ‘Orca’, with its far reaching remit to harass the enemy held coast of Norway, it soon becomes a thorn in the side of Hitler’s Third Reich.

A Nancy McGovern Cozy Mystery Sampler: A 6 Book Box Set

Nancy McGovern - 2018
    JUST 99 CENTS! Nora Newberry! Rachel Rowan! Bluebell Knopps! Dani Hedley You'll meet Nancy McGovern's whole gang with this 6 book sampler set! Containing the 1st books from each of her popular series, you'll be ready to jump into all of the fun, often tasty cozy mystery adventures Nancy has been concocting since she began publishing in 2016! Includes: Death At A Diner (from Nancy's very first cozy mystery series, "A Murder In Milburn") Berry The Dead (from "Return To Milburn", the sequel series to "A Murder In Milburn", set 25 years later) Murder & Marble Cake (from the "Comfort Cakes" culinary cozy mystery series) Killer Dress (from the "Shot & Framed" cozy mystery series, about a talented photographer in search of a new start in the small Northern California town she once called home) The Locked Room Murder (from the witch-based "Bluebell Knopps" cozy mystery series) A Cherry Sinister Murder (from the "Slice of Paradise" culinary cozy mystery series, co-written with Nancy's friend from across the pond, Cyra Bruce) Each of these "1st books" leads to a series containing between 2 & 12 stories in total and all of the remaining books in each series are available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, either separately or in box sets! The biggest challenge will be choosing which to read next! So jump in today and get hooked with these fun characters, intriguing plots & tasty whodunits!

Mackenzie's Song: The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-Off

Cate McKoy - 2017
    Starting with losing her entire family in a home invasion in which she was the sole survivor and growing up in an orphanage, Ashley's life has had it's ups and downs. Against the odds she fell in love and got engaged. Her life turns bad after some good when her fiance saves her life from a crazed killer only to lose his own. Eighteen months later Ashley is dealing with her lot in life, moving pass the once debilitating grief and depression, finding solace in her work as an FBI agent, and helping others. Keeping true to form, Ashley''s life has more surprises: Her fiance isn't really dead and he has no memory of her being his fiancee. He's back, ready to work and catch those who tried to kill him. But, can he work with his best and most trying agent not knowing they used to be lovers and friends?

Surviving A New World: An EMP Survival story (New World Survival Book 1)

Connor McCoy - 2020
    There, he embraced a life free from the constraints of modern technology and life on the “outside”, but soon, his quiet life is no more. The country has gone powerless, which for him, doesn’t mean much… until someone needs his help. The altruistic former soldier knows not to turn his back on a person in need, so he does the right thing, but the right decision doesn’t always lead to a perfect outcome. Follow Christopher’s heroic journey as he reluctantly re-enters society and struggles to fit in in the new world.