The Station: A Novel

Rebecca J. Kelly - 2020

The Existential Worries of Mags Munroe

Jean Grainger - 2022
    My twelve-year-old daughter frequently moans that Ballycarrick is the most boring town in Ireland.Nothing ever happens here.She’s right.And as the local police sergeant, this is something I’m delighted about.I’ve enough to worry about - the polar ice-caps, the evil monster that’s shrinking my trousers, not to mention the hot flushes - without having to be like one of those gritty Netflix cops, chasing criminals down alleyways and busting drug deals.So, life is calm and fairly predictable.Until something unthinkable happens in our sleepy backwater.A crime, but not like anything I've ever seen before.It's a complete mystery.And it's up to me to solve it.


Max Carver - 2017
    Rapid expansion into habitable worlds brings immense prosperity and a new age of exploration unlike any humanity has seen. WAR Conflicts over control of the colonial worlds spawn a massive, generation-long war among humans. Under a shaky armistice, humanity has just begun to crawl out of the shadows of destruction, but suspicion and bitter hostility run deep. INVASION On a rocky, desolate planet, a small band of gold prospectors find themselves making a discovery they never expected—valuable and powerful relics of the galaxy's deep past. The prospectors also discover a hostile alien species, ruthless beings who do not tolerate humans and wipe them out on sight. Humanity's first contact with intelligent aliens becomes a war for survival. The invasion has begun...but the beginning of the invasion is also the beginning of the resistance. "Resistance is a terrific space opera adventure. It combines mystery, heart-pounding action, and a good dose of humor. It's Aliens meets Tremors. I can't wait to read the sequel." -Daniel Arenson, USA Today bestselling author of the Earthrise series

The Crying of Ross 128: Book 1 in the Ross 128 First Contact Trilogy

David Allan Hamilton - 2018
    Against this backdrop, space exploration is on the cusp of new technological breakthroughs. Jim Atteberry, a mid-30s English professor at City College in San Francisco, spends his free time listening for alien signals on the amateur radio astronomy bands. His life as a single parent to his precocious daughter is turned upside-down when he hears an intelligent cry for help from the Ross 128 system and realizes we are not alone. First Contact This signal unleashes a chain of events pitting Jim and his brilliant, mysterious colleague Kate against a power-hungry scientist with his own secret agenda. Jim must learn the truth about the signal, the strange disappearance of his wife Janet, and the meaning of true love before it's too late in this first contact science fiction thriller. The Human Side of Hard Science Fiction The Crying of Ross 128 is a sci fi mystery thriller and will appeal to fans of Robert J. Sawyer, Ted Dekker, Michael Crichton, and Ursula Le Guin. As well, readers of Star Trek will recognize the human side of hard science fiction presented here.This is the first book in the Ross 128 Science Fiction First Contact Trilogy.

Jessica Christ Volume 1: The Early Years

H. Claire Taylor - 2017
    Lord help her… NOTE: This volume contains the first three books of the Jessica Christ series, including ... Book 1: The BeginningBook 2: And It Was GoodBook 3: It's a Miracle!*Plus* the first chapter of Book 4: Nu Alpha Omega The Beginning Jessica McCloud knows first-hand that it’s tough to fit in when you’re God’s only begotten daughter. While she has the power to smite, and she’s privy to most of the juicy gossip in her West Texas town, nobody is knocking on her door with frankincense and myrrh. The Messiah-in-the-making still has to contend with algebra tests, her first crush, and menstrual cramps with the power to spark lightning storms…As if dealing with her overbearing Father and a scheming preacher wasn’t enough, Jessica must face down the demons that lurk around every corner. No matter what she wants from life, everything seems to lead to a final showdown with the devil. The daughter of God has a choice: face the destiny thrust upon her or find some way to forge her own path…And It Was GoodAs she enters the uncharted territory of high school, Jessica McCloud could use a few more friends who believe in her. Of course, that means something entirely different for the daughter of God. After her two-millennia-dead half-brother visits her in a dream and tells her it’s time for her to stop messing around, Jessica begins the hunt to discover what miracles she can perform. And if one of them happens to win the heart of her long-time crush, Greg, then so be it. But when a reporter with a grudge against God catches wind of her first miracle, Jessica stumbles her way through one scandal after another until she wonders if the world wouldn’t be a much happier place with no miracles at all. It's a Miracle! Miracles happen when you least expect them. And if you’re Jessica McCloud, God’s only begotten daughter, they happen when you least want them. Is an uneventful senior year of high school too much for Jessica to hope for?Yes. Yes it is.Instead of focusing on college applications, Jessica must juggle Jimmy’s newest scheme, Eugene’s latest slander, and a gruesome (unpaid) internship at Midland Memorial Hospital. And just when she’s starting to get the hang of it, a serious PR blunder ignites a firestorm of brand new accusations. It would take nothing short of a miracle for Jessica to come out on top this round, and she isn’t holding her breath…

EVA (Field Series Book 4)

Simon Winstanley - 2018
    The future lies where genetics, A.I. and time collide. You don’t want to miss the conclusion of the Field Series main arc! Complete your journey with one small step,The future has arrived. Now.

The Fight for Britannia

Saxon Andrew - 2018
    They found a habitable planet and erased everything in the colony ship’s data banks about Earth in the hopes that none of their descendants would ever attempt to find mankind’s home world. Now, thousands of years after Britannia was settled, a war is looming between the Union and Coalition. Captain Grady Henricks is given a secret mission to discover how a small scout ship’s hull survived destruction from powerful blaster beams that destroyed everything but the hull. However, time is running out for Grady to finish his mission; the Coalition is becoming more aggressive and the war is going to kick off before Grady can complete his assignment. During his mission, Grady discovers that the scout wasn’t attacked and destroyed by Coalition warships. An alien civilization has found Britannia and it quickly becomes clear that not only is the Union threatened by the Coalition but all of Britannia is in danger of being attacked by the aliens. War breaks out and the aliens decide to strike in the aftermath. The Fight for Britannia is on and it appears that the humans living on Britannia don’t have long to live. Grady is forced to do something that the original colonists prayed would never happen; he goes in search of an ancient planet that might be able to save the remaining humans on Britannia. Earth must be found and quickly. Excerpt from The Fight for Britannia: Taffy stood behind the Hermit and saw the computer’s screen activate. She saw the startup screen appear and then go dark, as the Hermit turned a nob on the keyboard. Each time it clicked, another dark screen appeared. After ten clicks, a view appeared on the display. She heard the Hermit mutter to himself, “They left the polar satellite alone.” He began moving the cursor and the view changed. An image began zooming in and she saw a city appear. The image grew larger and she recognized that it was the city she lived in just over the mountains; the Government Tower was in the center of the city and that building couldn’t be anywhere else. She suddenly saw three large shapes move out of the mountains toward the outskirts of the city. Suddenly, brilliant beams of light stabbed out of the three objects hitting the ground. Her heart started pounding harder; where those light beams hit, massive explosions erupted, and everything caught on fire. The three-large objects moved out over the city and the only thing left behind them was a fire bright enough to be seen from space. She watched the fires move out into the city and saw her parent’s neighborhood go up in massive flames. The Hermit moved the cursor again and she saw numerous star ships moving toward the monitor. The Hermit pressed a button on the wall turning on the lights in the giant facility as he jumped up out of his chair and ran across the huge room. She followed him and suddenly saw a small ship in the center of the large cavern. The Fight for Britannia is a thriller and is the latest novel from the international bestselling author Saxon Andrew.

True Crime: 12 Most Notorious Murder Stories

Scott Black - 2014
    Brilliantly written, well organised gripping page turner. A must add Mystery/thriller true crime book.

Void Blade (The Transcended #5)

Anthony James - 2019
     The enemy are down but they not defeated. The detonation of the galaxy bomb has brought something new into the fight. The Scions are not a natural living species and now their mysterious creator has taken an interest in the human Confederation. The Hyranus is coming and it has power beyond anything known. Left unchecked, it will not only rebuild the Scion fleet, but destroy humanity in the process. Keller and Nation are given a mission with incredible scope and if it succeeds, it will end the fight once and for all. Somehow, they must accomplish the impossible and subdue an alien god. This time, the Confederation does not stand alone. An ally from the distant past has once more taken an interest in the affairs of the universe. The Ghasts have returned and they have not been idle. Their spaceships are fitted with the only weapon capable of tipping the scales. Even the invulnerable Hyranus can be hurt by the void blade… Void Blade is a high-action science fiction adventure involving massive space battles, overwhelming odds and exciting technologies. It continues the Transcended series and picks up straight after book 4: Galaxy Bomb.

Minecraft: The Ultimate Survival Handbook: Spectacular All-in-One Minecraft Game Guide. An Unnoficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft Books)

William Herobrine - 2015
    In this book, experts will guide you by the hand and teach you everything that you want to know. You will also get step-by-step guidelines for amazing recipes and ideas. You'll be playing like a pro in no time!

Highlander’s Blossom of Hope : A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Highlands' Golden Hearts Book 3)

Adamina Young - 2020

Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Ender Dragon: Legendary Minecraft Diary. An Unnoficial Minecraft Book for Kids Age 6 12 (Minecraft Diary of a Wimpy, Books For Kids Ages 4-6, 6-8, 9-12)

Steve Diary - 2016
    If you’ve always wondered what goes on in the head of the lonely Ender Dragon, then the Diary of a Wimpy Ender Dragon will be perfect for you. Join Ander as he gives you glimpse into his lonely, hectic life. Life isn’t easy when you are the only dragon in Minecraft and the Diary of a Wimpy Ender Dragon highlights this and more. Uncover the secrets of the Minecraft dragon and get to know how he deals with pesky players who are always looking to kill him. Find out more about this unique dragon today. Get your copy now!

The Long Roll Home

Diana E. Anderson - 2020
    Although she hates having to go to the city, when a dear friend makes plans to come visit, Cassie makes the drive to the airport to get her friend. While waiting at the airport, an event occurs that will change her life forever. She is over a hundred miles from home when the power fails, cell phones die, cars cease working, and planes begin falling from the skies. As a disabled veteran who relies on an electric wheelchair to get around, Cassie and her service dog, Petra, must find a way to get home in spite the challenges of distance, lawlessness, and weather. She knows getting home might be the biggest challenge of her life. Will she be able to overcome the challenges to see her family again or will she become yet another victim? Excerpt Cassie reached over and turned the knob on the radio until music floated through the van. “There’s enough bad news in the world right now, and I’m tired of hearing about it,” she told the passenger sitting in the front seat. The passenger just looked at her without responding. “What’s the matter, Petra? You didn’t want to listen to that, did you? I know you’d rather listen to music while we’re driving.” Petra gave a small bark and went back to watching out the window. Cassie reached over and gave Petra a fond scratch behind her ears, causing the three-year-old German Shepherd to bark again. “What do you think, Petra, should we sing along to the music?” Petra barked once in response, bringing a grin to Cassie’s face. “That sounded like a yes to me.” Cassie began to sing along with the radio, and soon Petra was howling along with her. Petra was so much more than just a dog to Cassie. She was a best friend, a companion, and at times, a lifesaver. As a result, Cassie often treated Petra more like a human than a pet. She would hold long conversations with Petra, talking through some of her problems. Petra was a great listener, and even offered a bark or two in response to whatever her human was saying. After a while, the song ended and both Cassie and Petra became quiet. “We’re almost there, girl. Not too much longer now. Are you ready to get some breakfast and see Jen?” Petra barked with excitement, although Cassie wasn’t really sure if it was at the thought of breakfast or seeing Cassie’s friend. The sun was barely over the horizon as Cassie turned into the airport parking garage. Jen’s flight was not due to arrive for about an hour and a half, but Cassie liked to get places early. She hated being late, and she especially hated having to rush. Her plan was to settle down in one of the restaurants near the baggage claim area and enjoy a good breakfast while she waited. Traffic in the airport was light and Cassie was happy to find a handicapped parking space right up front next to the baggage claim area. After parking her van, she took a minute to look in the mirror. The face looking back at her was pleasant enough in a wholesome sort of way. She wore no make-up, but her deep blue eyes were shining with excitement. Her nose was straight, and lightly dusted with freckles. She wore her long dark hair in a single braid down her back. Dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots, Cassie was slender, but muscular. She quickly adjusted a few stray hairs and applied lip gloss, and decided she was as ready as she was going to get. She quickly activated the controls on her electric wheelchair and undid the safety strap that held it in place on the driver’s side of the vehicle. After turning the chair around, she opened the door and pressed the button for the ramp to deploy. Petra remained quietly in her seat until Cassie called, “Petra, come.” At that command, Petra jumped over the seat and hopped out of the van.

Amish Love & Faith Collection: 22-Book Box Set

Rebekah Fisher - 2019
    There are sure to trials and some tears, as well as unexpected turns, and ultimately joy as they trust God and find love. This Special 22-Book Collection contains: The Potter's Hands Beth's Remorse (sequel to The Potter's Hands) Harvest of Hope Harvest of Hope - The Sequel An Amish Heart, Tenderly Tilled Amish Dreams, Book 1 (The School Teacher's Dilemma) Amish Dreams, Book 2 (A Season of Change) Amish Dreams, Book 3 (A Time to Trust) Love Ripened Sweeter The Troyer Sisters, Book 1 (Miriam's Story) The Troyer Sisters, Book 2 (Rose's Story) The Troyer Sisters, Book 3 (Katie's Story) The Troyer Sisters, Book 4 (Abigail's Story) An Amish change of Heart A Strange Connection of Hearts, Book 1 (Lucy's Story) A Strange Connection of Hearts, Book 2 (Martha's Story) A Strange Connection of Hearts, Book 3 (Levi/Joseph's Story) The Amish Bakery, Book 1 (Daniel's Choice) The Amish Bakery, Book 2 (Marianna's Hope) The Amish Bakery, Book 3 (Lucinda's Wish) The Amish Bakery, Book 4 (Elizabeth's Longing) The Unexpected Stranger If you love authors such as Beverly Lewis, Wanda E Brunstetter and Cindy Woodsmall, you'll love this special box set. Read Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Rebel Tribe

Ramy Vance - 2021
    What do you do if you wake up hundreds of light-years from home in a strange ship and someone is trying to eat you?Jaeger can’t remember who she is or anything about her life, but she knows that's just wrong.The ship's AI tells her there are thousands of other lifeforms on board, but the instruments say she's alone—except for the killer.Something deep inside her screams that humanity’s fate hinges on her completing her mission…whatever it is.Jaeger must repair the ship and figure out her past while fighting for her life.Will she survive? If she can’t recall her mission, will humanity?