Tell Me You Still Care: James and Liz

Tynessa - 2018
    Although the chemistry is still there, they both try to overlook it, thinking it will eventually fade away. Now in a ten-month relationship with the beautiful Delilah, James feels in his heart that she will be the one to replace the love he has for Liz. However, it’s not as easy as James thought it would be. For some reason, he can’t seem to get over Liz, and he struggles with telling her that he’s moved on. Will Delilah be able to handle keeping her relationship a secret from someone who James claims to not have feelings for? Dating outside her race wasn’t at all on Liz’s agenda until she meets the irresistible Rodrigo Santiago. Yet, there’s one question. How will James feel about her possibly moving on with another man? Will he be okay with the mother of his child entertaining another man, or will James let his fear of Liz loving someone else cause him to ruin his own relationship? Sometimes, it’s better to say what’s on your heart instead of trying to show it through actions. The words, I still care, may need to be spoken, especially in the case of James and Liz, who are so stubborn that they can’t seem to see what’s right in their faces.

A Savage Valentine: Erica and Drake

Nique Luarks - 2019
    But is she ready to take on Drake Morris? His unruly behavior, take charge attitude, and disrespectful antics may be too much for the eighteen year old high school graduate. Fresh out of prison, the last thing on Drake’s mind is being in a committed relationship, but good girl Erica seems to be all he can think about it. Though both are from two different worlds, they find a common ground in the power their last names hold. Rome is brand new to the life of luxury. With one brother at the head of a crime family and one a dominant force, she learns quickly the easiest way to survive is to face her fears head on. Royal becomes the distraction she didn’t knew she needed. As one of the Morris’ top hitters, Royal’s instant attraction to Rome creates a permanent fixation between the duo. This Valentine’s Day, the men learn women can be just as savage as them. Maybe even more. Follow these couple’s as they endure the unavoidable high and lows of love.

Karma and Myles 2

Traci B - 2018
     After learning that Karma now has a ring and a baby too, Kelis realizes that the title, wife, holds no weight against Karma. Kelis steps her game up in an effort to save her rocky marriage. The thing is, Myles doesn’t want his marriage to be saved. He simply wants to win Karma back after his secret comes out. All Kelis cares about is living happily ever after, and she will stop at absolutely nothing to get it. So, who comes out on top? Who truly gets their happily ever after in this installment?

Turned Out by a Thug

Shameka Jones - 2015
    Getting ready to graduate valedictorian, she took pride in her smarts and still holding on to her virginity. She is the oldest of seven children and she was determined not to end up like her mother, whom she hated. When her best friend's brother comes to town for the graduation, she starts rethinking her decision to remain a virgin until she is married. One major factor is their nine year age difference. With only a summer in front of her she tries to get close to him. Will she be able to make him look past her age and let her in? Or will he string her along all summer?

Kano & Montana: A Hood Love Story

Genesis - 2019
    He had to grow up at an early age and take on the role of becoming an adult way before his time. Starting off as a dope boy, he soon rises up the ranks before becoming the right-hand man inside of his uncle's drug empire. Kank has it all; money and the women, yet still he feels like his life is not fulfilled. That is until his best friends twin sister Montana comes back into town shaking up his life. Montana Mason has been through a lot in her life. After leaving Dallas for school, she finds herself head over heels for Isaac Thompson and soon she gives him the greatest gift a woman can give a man, her heart and a beautiful daughter. But everything that glitters aint gold and Montana soon realizes that Isaac isn’t all he made himself out to be. Now, Montana finds herself escaping an abusive relationship and ends up back home around the people she loves most. She finds love in the form of a child-hood crush. Kano and Montana are both trying to navigate their newfound relationship while still dealing with the upsides of life. Will they ever get it together or is their love not meant to be?

Bella and Braxton: A Hood Love Story

Jan'a Sullivan - 2016
    Hattie and Tommy done had babies again." Growing up in the hood of Covington, KY wasn't so great for sixteen year old Labella Jones. Living in a world where you have to teach your self how to be a woman because your mother's minimum wage job takes all of her time isn't so easy. Fighting everyday to overcome teenage jealousy and bullying because you don't fit in with the "it" crowd was a ritual for young Bella. When a harsh situation brings Bella and Choc, one of the most popular girls in school together, Bella learns how to love herself for who she is even with dirty clothes, nappy hair and all. Waking up everyday knowing that to the world you're nothing but to him you're everything made a big change in Bella's life. Meet Braxton " B", struggling to make it out of the hood but falling victim to the only resource available in the hood "drugs" to survive. B makes it a priority to teach Bella the true meaning of "Love your self first or no one will" while still trying to find himself. Being a black man coming from poverty they expect you to fail and thats exactly what the police is doing even if they have to play dirty to keep there statistics going. When feelings get involved, rumors are spread will Bella and Braxton be able to survive to tell their "hood love story?"

Second to No One

Keysha - 2015
    After learning that the two people she trusted with her life were snakes in the grass, Jazzy decided to move on. Rayshawn a boss in his own right always get what he wants and he always wanted Jazzy. The only thing stopping him was that nigga Jaylin, but things changed. Jaylin has messed up and Rayshawn is gonna do everything in his power to make Jazzy his... Even if he has to hurt a few people in the process.

Onyx and Starr

Lady Lissa - 2016
    When he meets Starr, a cute and sassy little eight year old, he had no idea how much his life would change. With so much in common, the two quickly become friends. As a matter of fact, they become best friends. For the next few years, they continue to shoot hoops, help each other with their homework and just have good times. So what happens when they start to reach puberty? When Onyx gets promoted to the sixth grade and switches schools, while Starr gets promoted to fifth grade and remains in the same school, the two wonder if their friendship will remain the same. The two continue to bond and nothing changes, that is until Starr begins attending the same school. Onyx is now an eighth grader and star of their basketball team. Starr is also on the girls’ team and they are both excellent players. Mandy, a cheerleader at their middle school, begins to take special interest in Onyx during this time and the two become a couple. Their relationship blossoms and continues until they reach high school, even though Mandy has insecurities concerning Onyx’s relationship with Starr. After voicing her opinion about their relationship for a couple of years, Onyx finally has enough and breaks up with her. But Mandy is not going to give up on him and their relationship that easily. She begins to spiral out of control and make Starr’s life miserable. Onyx discovers he has feelings for Starr that are more than just friendly. He wants to take it to another level, but Starr is afraid of risking their friendship for something new. Mandy has a feeling that Onyx is in love with Starr, but she is not going to stand by and watch her man be happy with a homewrecker. Even though she and Mandy have engaged in several confrontations, some resulting in fist fights, Mandy still won’t stop torturing the one person she is sure broke up her happy relationship with Onyx. How far will Mandy go to end Starr and Onyx’s friendship? Will Starr finally follow her heart and accept the love that Onyx is offering her? Or will their friendship be ruined forever?

Never Stop Loving Me: A Houston Love Story

Kee Nicole - 2017
    Only focusing on school at the moment, she never thought she would run into an old classmate at her job. His type was what she vowed to always stay away from. He was the hit it and quit it type. People can change right? When he starts showing interest and showing her he wasn’t how he use to be, she debates on giving him a chance. Would it all be worth it in the end? Could Future be her soulmate? Future Monroe was well known in Houston, Texas by everyone, especially the women. Future has his eyes set on Fawn when he bumps into her purposely at the store she worked in. Making her go on a date with him, she finally let’s her guard down. When Future starts having feeling towards Fawn, he starts to doubt if he could be that man for her, especially when another woman is trying to make him love her…

The Trillest Love Story Ever Told: Phyre and Supreme

Kellz Kimberly - 2018
    Private schools, designer clothes and rarely hearing the word ‘no’ is how she was raised. With her best friend by her side, she’s out in the NYC living her best life or what she thinks is her best life. With an old relationship coming to an end, a new flame gets ignited. Phyre is ultimately caught off guard by the new flame until she realizes it’s exactly what she been waiting for to set her soul on fire. Having both a mother and father growing up is a luxury most kids from the hood don’t have. Supreme Young was lucky in someways to have both his parents but when it came to those not so lucky ways, Supreme had to step up and be the responsible adult. With both of his parents addicted to drugs, Supreme did what needed to be done for his sister. His parents failed to give his sister the world, so he made it his mission to do pick up the slack. Hustling, providing a future for Mirage and running through hoes was his life and not once did he think there was anything wrong. A few run ins with Phyre, has Supreme ready to add her as another notch on his belt. Not one to take no as an answer he continues to pursue her & eventually finds himself trying to change his doggish ways. Old habits seem to die hard when it comes to Preme & from he outside looking in, it doesn’t seem like love is a new trick to teach an old dog. Everyone knows love is an indescribable feeling that tingles between your toes, gives you butterflies in your stomach, makes your heart beat double time, and causes you to lose all common sense when it comes to the one who owns your heart. If all of that happens when you simply love someone, what do you think happens when you add a trill a** hood n***a to the equation?

A Hip-Hop Love in Hollywood : A Rap Fairytale

Barbie Scott - 2019
    A young lost soul that is rescued by her Prince Charming after torment from her past life. Let’s meet our guest. 18 year old Blake Bailee who was abandoned by her mother and giving up to a pimp at the age of 15, is here to tell her story. Blake can you give us more details on your story and how did your love affair come about? “Well my mother traded me in for drugs when I was 15. I was giving to a pimp name Lenox. For years I sold my body until I was arrested. I did 2 years in jail so when I came home Lenox felt It was best I dance in a club. So I began dancing and on one of my many nights, a known rapper by the name of Yung Baby came to the club. Yung Baby was the hottest rapper in Cali and let’s not forget how sexy he is. Every girl in the club wanted him. I think every girl that crosses his path is smitten with him. Of course I felt I didn’t stand a chance, so when he summonsed me to his VIP I declined. Not giving up, Baby wouldn’t leave me alone and eventually I fell putty into his hands. One night in the studio Olivia Luv, his artist, couldn’t get her melody together so I called myself helping her. Yung Baby was blown away by my voice so he kept me on the track. Which is our hit song Ghetto Cinderella. Everything began to move so fast and It’s like I had become a celebrity over night. But, of course all good things must come to an end. Secrets about my life started surfacing and in a matter of one social media post my world crumbled down on me.

Through the Fire: A Standalone Novel

Latoya Nicole - 2018
    What u go through in life doesn’t define you, it’s how u go through it!!! Life has a way of showing you that you are harder than you give yourself credit for and Melody was about to find that out for herself. Already down on her luck and living in her own personal hell, she was shown that before things would get better they had to get worst. Only for Melody, they would get a whole lot worst. With her back against the wall she runs to her first love, music, for the escape that only it could bring her. After one life changing song selection at karaoke, Melody feels like her luck is finally changing for the better and decides to focus solely on her way out. What she didn’t expect was for happily ever after to come to such an abrupt end. In a world dominated by men, Melody realizes that the top is overcrowded and there isn’t much room left for her. Rap legend, Shocka never took no for an answer. Hailing from the streets left him with the mind frame that anything was attainable if he set his sights on it. With the streets behind him and a baby on the way, his focus should remain in his music but Shocka wanted what he wanted. And he wanted Melody in the worse way. Like the perfect lyric over the wrong beat, Melody showed Shocka that even when you see potential in something, that doesn’t mean it’ll go the way you plan it. Sharing a love for music isn’t enough for the pair, as one soars to the top of the charts and the other is left clawing their way back from the past they escaped from. What happens when the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t really a light, but flames threatening to burn everything that you cherished down?

A Dope Boy Stole My Heart 2

Heiress - 2016
    Drained from the drama, she lets go and embarks on a new job, new friends and maybe a new love interest. When old feelings come back and family secrets are revealed will this push Miaa further away from Cam or will it push her into his arms. Now that he is the Plug of Detroit, Killa Cam's life obstacles have only just begun. Balancing the streets, fatherhood and the love of his life is a challenge but he is prepared to overcome it by any means necessary. With this newfound maturity, will Cam be able to get what his heart desires or will the streets get in the way of his happiness. The story of Miaa and Killa Cam is back. Will they be able to move on from their love triangle drama and give love another try or will they decide that they are better off apart. When threats are made and truths are told, will they fight to be together or just become another unsuccessful love story. Find out in the finale of A Dope Boy Stole My Heart.

No Matter What

Nicole Jackson - 2019
    When you want what you want no matter the consequences things can get quite sticky, and a young Nunnie will find out the hard way!

Good Girl With A Dope Boy Fetish

Porschea Jade - 2017
    But when he starts to feed the habit of one of his neighbors, he starts to realize he bit off more than he can chew. Will he be able to slow down and get his life on track before it's too late, or will he end up being another victim to the streets? All Zoie Neal wants to do is finish school so she can get out the projects and never look back. With a perverted step dad and an alcoholic mom, she does everything she can to achieve that dream, but one thing seems to be standing in her way: O'Hajee. What starts out as them being worst enemies soon blossoms into something much more, but his lifestyle is the complete opposite of what she wants out of life. Can she convince him to let go of all his dope boy ambitions, or will she walk away from the only person closest to her? Take a walk through the lives of these three as they try to find their way in life without losing sight of the bigger picture. Can they beat their odds, or will they get trapped in the one place they don't want to be?