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Star Force: Divergent by Aer-ki Jyr


Exodus of the Phoenix

Robert Stadnik

Of Treasons Born

J.L. Doty - 2016
    But what events led up to his reluctant enlistment? What spawned York's almost fanatic loyalty to his friends--and his doubts regarding the imperial uniform he once wore with such pride? York rarely recalls his childhood, which began with a mystery and ended at age eleven when he was given a harsh choice: Join the navy or face certain death on a prison asteroid. The navy has its own code of justice, but a youngster with curiosity and grit is able to rise in the ranks . . . if he's given a fair shot. A few rigorous years later, as a newly commissioned ensign, York is assigned to the hunter-killer ship The Fourth Horseman. But when an unexpected foe kills his superior officer and leaves the crew stranded in enemy territory, the young ensign must do whatever he can to save the ship--even if it means he'll be court-martialed for treason. Of Treasons Born is a novel of the Treasons Cycle; the series was written so that it can be read in any order.

Vengeance from Ashes

Sam Schall - 2014
    Then they took away her freedom. But they couldn't take away her duty and honor. Now they want her back. Captain Ashlyn Shaw has survived two years in a brutal military prison. Now those who betrayed her are offering the chance for freedom. All she has to do is trust them not to betray her and her people again. If she can do that, and if she can survive the war that looms on the horizon, she can reclaim her life and get the vengeance she's dreamed of for so long. But only if she can forget the betrayal and do her duty.

The Lost Gunboat Captain

J.D. Oppenheim - 2017
     Alone in the cold black with 36 hours of oxygen. Jolo Vargas, Federation Gunboat Captain, is trapped in a runaway escape pod zooming towards Federation space. But will he be dead before he gets there? He's in a tight spot. But he's a war hero, just the type of man who could work his way out of this jam. But there's just one little problem. He doesn't remember who he is. Will he find out his identity and his place in the universe, or will he run out of air on the edge of Fed space?

Valor's Child

Kal Spriggs - 2017
    Jiden wants more for herself and she is ready to step into a bright future, one which may lead her far from the frontier world of her birth. She has no dreams of following in the footsteps of her military family's heritage, no desire to live a life of hardship.She's just got one obstacle in the path to her dreams: five months of military school. She'll be away from her friends, subjected to long hours and a crushing work load. She'll learn to shoot, to fight... and how to kill.Jiden will need every skill she's learned, because her family's enemies have put her in their sights. She's going to have to rise to the challenges in order to survive. She soon learns that her dreams might not be as good as she imagined. With her life on the line, Jiden will need to fall back on the skills she learned and prove that she's a child of valor.

Knight's Move

Christopher G. Nuttall - 2013
    But the end of the war brings no peace. The Terran Federation is struggling to keep itself together in the wake of the war, human and alien refugees are scattered everywhere, planets are demanding independence, while shadowy figures prepare to take advantage of the coming chaos. Captain Glen Knight is ordered to take his starship into the Bottleneck Republic – the most restless part of the Federation – and re-establish the Federation’s authority. But when a mysterious group of raiders starts to wage war on the colonials, Glen must uncover the truth and stop them ...... Before humanity’s fragile unity explodes into a whole new war.[As a matter of principle, all of my self-published books are DRM-free. You can do what you like with them (well, at least anything you can do with a paperback book.)]


Gavin E. Parker - 2015
    The nation breathes a sigh of relief, and looks forward to the resumption of elections.Across the solar system, the leading industrialist in the USAN’s small colony on Mars is thinking about independence. When the Martian population votes in favour, Mars secedes from the union.It seems to be a fait accompli until it’s suggested that a massive dropship carrying spacecraft, Ephialtes, built to patrol the Earth, could be refitted for interplanetary spaceflight. Maybe the USAN could use its military might to persuade the colonists to reconsider.With an enormous instrument war of heading toward them, the Martians resolve to defend their independence. Limited resources force them to rely on wit and ingenuity as they prepare their defences. Can they prevail against the mighty Ephialtes?Political intrigue, heart-pounding action and page-turning drama abound in this gripping opening to the Ephialtes Trilogy.

Naero's Run

Mason Elliott - 2012
    Naero Amashin Maeris works in her Clan's merchant fleet, dreaming of her own ship and developing psyonic powers without going nuts. After tragedy strikes her Clan in the Unknown Regions, agents from the Corps stalk her, believing she holds the key to secrets priceless and deadly: lost tek data from an ancient, godlike alien race.Soon she's caught up in a white hot intrigue of raiders, assassins, and warring interstellar spies and fleets. Even worse, the greatest threat might yet lurk deep within herself. And Naero's Run has only just begun to heat up.

The Tenth Awakens

Michael Chatfield - 2018
     What can a broken ex-trooper really do? What are they good for if they’ve gone through the EMF and been tossed out the other side? If you were to ask Mark... Maybe, doing what the enemy couldn’t and following his brothers and sisters. Mark wakes up to a nightmare, to an unfamiliar place with unknown faces. A planet under attack, an enemy he’s never seen before, he just wants to escape, but when he sees others in danger, a trooper stands for something, they stand to protect their own. No matter the cost.

This Corner of the Universe

Britt Ringel - 2013
    Much to their surprise, Captain Garrett Heskan and his officers discover sabotaged navigation buoys and suspicious freighter activity that suggest a sinister presence in the system. Soon Anelace finds herself outnumbered and outgunned in a race against time to save the civilians operating Renard’s lone ore processing station from the threat that would drive the Republic from the valuable asteroid fields orbiting the Skathi star.

Ruth Longknife's First Christmas

Mike Shepherd - 2016
    She's got a sparkling tree to taste, a lot of presents under the three, oh, and because she's a Longknife, uninvited guests for the Christmas goose. This is a short story of 6,800 words and says a lot about Longknife holiday family dynamics, including grumpy old Grampa Al. A must read for those of you who enjoy Kris's world.

He Who Dares

Rob Buckman - 2013
    Even the man who raised him, his paternal grandfather, was a question mark. Beyond the love, understanding, and nurturing lay the unanswered question of why a disgraced ex-Royal Naval Admiral would pulled himself out of a bottle and take upon himself to bring a one year old child home as raise him as his own. The question of why his family, the Tregallion clan, refused to come to his aid went unanswered. Even so, between them they build a life for themselves until the fateful day he died. After that, Mike fled across the stars, swearing he would never again take the responsibility for another person’s death. Fate and destiny had other ideas, plunging him into one situation after the other where he had to take command, and decide the fate of others. With war on the horizon, and the future of the free stars hanging in the balance, Mike reluctantly accepted his destiny, and the part he must play. For better or worse, he would find the answered to his question, and make those responsible pay a terrible price.

The Search for Gram

Chris Kennedy - 2015
    With the latest war concluded, he turned his attention to deciphering the strange rod an ancient alien civilization gave him as a test. Was a little “down time" to work on the project too much to hope for? Yes. Something or someone is destroying the starships of the alien Aesir race. The elven Aesir are in need of help, and all of the signs point to Calvin as the hero they need. He has already defeated the merciless Drakuls and saved Earth from alien invasion, but is he prepared to face this unknown challenge? As the Theogony trilogy comes to a close, a new chapter for Calvin is set to begin. "The Search for Gram" initiates the "Codex Regius," a trilogy that will once again take Lieutenant Commander Hobbs and his Special Forces platoon to the stars. Not even the universe can hold him this time!

The Nameless War

Edmond Barrett - 2011
    Their aim, nothing less than the total destruction of humanity. All that stands in their way, five officers, a handful of ships… and the human need to survive!

Recruit (Iron Legion Book 1)

David Ryker - 2018
    Trained to fight. Sent to die. James Maddox is a colony rat. A tuber: born in a vat to live, work, and die on Genesis-526. The only way off a toxic dustball like Genesis is to enlist. But with a 7% three-year survival rate, the Federation's Ground Corps doesn't look too appealing... Still, the recruiters are always looking for fresh meat. And they don't take no for an answer. So when a Federation dropship descends from the sky, Maddox isn't given a chance to run. Hell, the damn thing nearly kills him. And that's before he's picked up, strapped to a rocket and fired at a training carrier in orbit. Ready to become cannon fodder on some alien battlefield. Until he's offered a lifeline - the Mech Corps. They're the elite. The first in and last out of every fight, piloting twenty foot tall steel beasts of war. But no tuber has ever made it into the Corps, and they want to keep it that way. The instructors want him out, the other recruits want him gone, and they'll stop at nothing to make sure it happens. But they've never met a tuber quite like James Maddox. Compared to working to death on Genesis, training is a piece of cake. And it's definitely better than getting shot at. After all, boot camp is a long way from the front line. But when your ship is capable of interstellar travel, it's closer than you might think...