Blue Steele Box Set Books 13 18

Donald Wells - 2013
    Blue Steele 14 In the aftermath of Ramón's abduction, Blue is joined by a powerful ally to help with his safe return, even as she learns that a terrorist has made her a target. Blue Steele 15 Blue and Ramón grow closer even as circumstances turn deadly, and as Jace lends a helping hand, Blue and Ramón face overwhelming odds. Blue Steele 16 Blue and Ramón take the fight to the enemy's camp as they travel to Europe to search for Natalie Stone. Blue Steele 17 Blue plays hardball against a terrorist organization in her quest to find Natalie Stone, but when tragedy strikes, it leaves her devastated. Blue Steele 18 Blue confronts Natalie Stone in London, even as her efforts send ripples through the terrorist's world.

Hell Hath No Fury 10: USA

Les Macdonald - 2019
    Part One holds 12 stories of women who have killed their children. The misbehaving ladies in part one are Amber Pasztor, Lacey Spears, Brenda Wilson, Christina White, Stephanie Adams, Cynthia Palmer, Kimberlynn Bolanos, Isabel Martinez, Teresa Moses, Lillie Stanton and Kelli Murphy. Part Two offers up four stories of women who have murdered their partners. They are Rita Gluzman, Adraiana Vasco, Kelly Forbes and Heather Horst. Part Three holds four Quick Hits. They include Stephany Lafountain, Kayla Giles, Keisha Holmes and Catherine Kieu. For the end of the book bonus chapter, we dusted off an oldie from Scene of the Crime 2 called The Old Orchard Beach Murders.

The Often Misunderstood Black Widow – A Bedtime Story Picture Book for Kids Ages 3-5 years and above : A fun interactive tale for learning about spiders

Elisa Anderson - 2022

Turnback Creek

Tierney James - 2019
    One of those things was the land that ran along Turnback Creek belonging to the Holt family. The only way to get such a prize was to make sure they met with an untimely death.Believing their small boy was away from home, he never bothered to tie up that one loose end. The day came when a lawman showed up, bent on taking back what was rightfully his, and bringing the man to justice who killed his parents.

Old Magic

Timothy Ellis - 2021
    Merlin.He’s lived a normal life, but now a whole new one begins for him.A life in a world based on,Old Magic.

Children's Books: My pooping puppy ! (New edition): Funny Rhyming Picture Book for Beginner Readers (ages 2-8) (Giggletastic stories Series)- (Beginner and Early Readers)

Joshua McManus - 2016
    This book is a funny, silly rhyming picture book for children, A wonderful rhyming childrens book for early readers ages 2-8 and jam packed with lots of kids humor !

Minecraft: Minecraft Cheat Codes Handbook: Over 60+ Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Secrets FREE! (minecraft, minecraft codes, minecraft construction, minecraft mods, minecraft hacks)

Wimpy Minecrafter - 2015
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This Hoe Eats Chitlins

Quan Millz - 2018
    Everybody hates them. But there are a lot of people who love them. Rasheeda is one masterful soul food chef with a secret down south recipe for Chicago's best chitlins. Owner and operator of Miss Evey's, an upscale soul food eatery on Chicago's South Side, she meets the seemingly gregarious yet cunning player Krey'Shawn who has plans to slime his way into her life. But little does Krey'Shawn know that Rasheeda already prepared a secret recipe for him. READ MORE in THIS HOE EATS CHITLINS by bestselling author Quan Millz & Stormy Reddick.

Attack From the Dark

Michael Anderle - 2022
    Without a friend in the galaxy, she finds herself dragged away for something those treacherous bastards did.What else could go wrong in one day?Help is coming, just not the kind Daria was expecting. A dapper gent she's never met blasting the doors off her cell pulls Daria deeper into the rabbit hole. She must decide whether to fight the charges against her or make a run for her life with her rescuer.As it turns out, this wasn't what Captain Lombe had in mind, either.Still, any port in a storm. For the down-on-her-luck merc and the gentleman smuggler whose hopes rest on her, the winds are a-blowing.Daria comes on board with the motley crew of the Atlanta. Neither she nor Lombe has a clue what lies around the next bend, but fortune favors the bold, right?Their misadventure takes them tearing across the space lanes, surrounded by miscreants and malcontents on every side.Death is a wink and a hair trigger away, but like Daria, what do you have to lose?

The Grulla Paint Murders: A Sheriff Evan Coleman novel (Evan Coleman, Sheriff of Saguaro County Book 1)

David Huebner - 2016
    Deputy Evan Coleman of the Saguaro Sheriff's Department finds him at his hunting camp in the mountains adjacent to his ranch. Puzzled by the circumstances and condition of the body, Evan calls the Colorado CSI. Led by Doctor Cheree Nicoletti, investigators join Evan at the remote mountain crime scene early the next morning. Two clues point to a perpetrator, a strawberry blonde riding a grulla paint horse. Intrigued by both the case and Deputy Coleman, Dr. Nicoletti involves herself in the hunt for the perpetrator. The search leads to a young woman, Sarah Browning, who was brutalized by Pike and his two sons as a teenager sixteen years earlier. She has means and opportunity, but Evan is not willing to accept her as guilty. Soon after, Ben's elder son, Abel, is also murdered. Raleigh Pike, Abel's estranged wife, provides additional information that leads Evan back to Sarah and her brother Jake. Jake has motive, means and opportunity, too. Also the strawberry blonde hair is a genetic match to Sarah's young daughter, and Jake is acquainted with Raleigh. After pursuing some additional dead ends, including Jason Pike, Ben's younger son, and his girlfriend, a strawberry blonde named Veronica Valdez, Evan arrests Jake for the two murders. Believing he's been framed by Jason, Jake escapes custody and goes to the Pike place to confront Jason. At that point, everything deteriorates rapidly including the weather and Evan is forced into a gunfight during a raging snowstorm.

Bubbles the Unicorn

Lindsey Scott - 2015
    She was a brave princess unicorn who lived in a giant candy castle with her mom and dad. As the princess of Sugarlot, Bubbles spent her days helping the other unicorns of the village. One night, Bubbles is asked to travel to the hospital in the village to help a young unicorn in need. Although Bubbles really wants to help, she is scared to venture out at night because she is afraid of the dark! Will she be able to overcome her fear of the dark and save the poor little unicorn in need? What will Bubbles do?!

free books for kids:jokes for kids

ken job - 2015
    All the jokes within this e-book are one-liners; they are very easy to read, memorize and pass on to friends! Having a sense of humor is one of the skills that can get child far in life. It will improve its social relations, as well as make him or her the life of the party. As the child develops, so will their sense of humor – but it is you who needs to make the first step, and this book will be a great aid in achieving that. The jokes have been made from a variety of styles and categories – things that your child is familiar with, but also more complex issues that will make him or her curious about the exciting world that surrounds us. Deadpan, irony, puns – all this, and more, can be found in this volume of fun. So what are you waiting for? Fill your child’s mind with smiles and positivity now!

Blue Steele - Daddy's Girl

Remington Kane - 2018
    From REMINGTON KANE, the author of the TANNER SeriesBLUE STEELE - DADDY'S GIRLBook 7 of the Blue Steele Series & the Series FinaleBlue gets involved in a tense stand-off with a woman whose life mirrors her own, although they've walked on different sides of the law.

She Fell

Wendy Weiss - 2020
    But then while taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff, Jessica suddenly vanished. Emily was later handcuffed and jailed without bail. Encouraged by her parents, lawyers and her psychiatrist to plead insanity, she complies and is found guilty. Unable to convince anyone that she's innocent and having nothing better to do, Emily journals her story. While in solitary confinement her mind begins to unravel and forgotten details form a new, unexplainable reality. Emily begins to doubt everything she thought she knew. Was everyone right? Did she push her beloved twin sister to her death, or was it a selfie gone horribly wrong?

Books for kids: Super Boy : Free Stories For Kids Ages 2-8 (Kids Books Children's Books - Free Stories)

Michael Scollon - 2020
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