Goodnight Little One

Margaret Wise Brown - 1961
    Making faces at the skies, Little donkey close your eyes. A magical story from the hidden treasures of Margaret Wise Brown, perfect for sharing.

Spot's Christmas board book

Eric Hill - 2004
    Everyone in Spot's house has something to do: there's the tree to put up and decorate, presents to make and wrap, and Mom needs Spot's help in the kitchen. Spot is so excited, keeping a sharp eye out for any flying reindeer, he almost forgets to leave milk and cookies for Santa!

Disney's - Winnie the Pooh's A to Zzzz

Walt Disney Company - 1992
    Join Winnie the Pooh and his friends as they rhyme their way through this sunny alphabet book.

Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow

Sharon Gibson Palermo - 2016
    With colorful, child-friendly illustrations this is a sweet pick for cozy storytimes by the fire.

The Snowbelly Family of Chillyville Inn

Cheryl Hawkinson - 2005
    This spirited story tells how their bustling preparations this season go a little differently than planned.

The Midnight Farm

Reeve Lindbergh - 1987
    Secrets of the dark are revealed in this poem describing a farm at midnight.

Will You Read to Me?

Denys Cazet - 2007
    Sadly, he wanders off into the night woods with his book and his poems. And there Hamlet finds something powerfully surprising. Something good and grand and terrific.

Crispin: The Pig Who Had It All

Ted Dewan - 2000
    Crispin is the pig who has it all. And each Christmas he gets even more. But his toys always break or become boring. This year Santa has left Crispin a mysterious box that promises to be the "very best thing in the whole wide world." What could it possibly be?

Jingle Bells

Susan Jeffers - 2017
    With playful animals in their path, their journey gets a bit sidetracked. But soon enough they arrive at Grandma’s—where an unexpected visitor fills them with holiday cheer!

The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need

Stan Berenstain - 1999
    Stuff in the closets, stuff in the drawers, stuff in the attic--too much stuff everywhere! Mama Bear convinces the family that cleaning out the house can not only simplify their cluttered lives, but also benefit those who are in need!

One Snowy Day

Tammi Salzano - 2010
    One snowy day woolly hat, two warm mittens, three happy friends--and lots of fun! Foil-stamped snowflakes shimmer on the cover and every page of this cherry padded board book. The soft padded covers, rounded corners and sturdy board pages make this title a perfect fit for preschoolers!

Where Is Christmas, Jesse Bear?

Nancy White Carlstrom - 2000
    Full-color illustrations.

Twas the Night before Christmas (ILLUSTRATED)

Clement C. Moore - 2019
    A company of men, women, and children went together just after the evening service in their church, and, standing around the tomb of the author of "A Visit from St. Nicholas," recited together the words of the poem which we all know so well and love so dearly. Dr. Clement C. Moore, who wrote the poem, never expected that he would be remembered by it. If he expected to be famous at all as a writer, he thought it would be because of the Hebrew Dictionary that he wrote. He was born in a house near Chelsea Square, New York City, in 1781; and he lived there all his life. It was a great big house, with fireplaces in it;—just the house to be living in on Christmas Eve. Dr. Moore had children. He liked writing poetry for them even more than he liked writing a Hebrew Dictionary. He wrote a whole book of poems for them. One year he wrote this poem, which we usually call "'Twas the Night before Christmas," to give to his children for a Christmas present. They read it just after they had hung up their stockings before one of the big fireplaces in their house. Afterward, they learned it, and sometimes recited it, just as other children learn it and recite it now. It was printed in a newspaper. Then a magazine printed it, and after a time it was printed in the school readers. Later it was printed by itself, with pictures. Then it was translated into German, French, and many other languages. It was even made into "Braille"; which is the raised printing that blind children read with their fingers. But never has it been given to us in so attractive a form as in this book. It has happened that almost all the children in the world know this poem. How few of them know any Hebrew! Every Christmas Eve the young men studying to be ministers at the General Theological Seminary, New York City, put a holly wreath around Dr.

Twilight Chant

Holly Thompson - 2018
    A lyrical exploration of the transition between day and night and of the animals who thrive during this special time.

Four Friends at Christmas

Tomie dePaola - 1977
    But this year Mister Frog decides to make himself stay awake until Christmas Eve. Adapted from Four Stories for Four Seasons, this expressive and endearing yuletide tale is sure to make for another Christmas classic. Full color.