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Do It By Hand by Shea Balik


Plan Hayward And The Wedding Planner

Bellann Summer - 2015
    We hope you can join us for the evening celebration.The Haywards want to get married to the loves of their lives as a family. They are going to need a lot of help to pull this wedding off as Christmas is less than two months away. Thank goodness their father’s best friend is a wedding planner. He’s also the man they know is the real love of their father’s life.For thirty years Lonnie Shaw has waited for his chance with Glen. He’s delighted when a future together is within reach. But someone shooting at them, cake mishaps, and ex-boyfriends almost derail their love again. No worries though, the children have a plan in motion. Let Plan Hayward and the Wedding Planner commence!

A Very Messy Motel Brothers Wedding

Kate Hawthorne - 2020
    Back in Cherry Creek with his boyfriend, Luke, Cameron wrangles everyone who means anything to the family into town, ready to celebrate. Joined by their loved ones, Cameron sets to righting his relationship with Eddie and planning the wedding of Eddie and Charlie's dreams. But as it often happens, emotions run high, and words from the past resurface, leaving Cameron doubting his future with Luke. Thankfully, his brothers and their boyfriends rally to his side, and when all is said and done, maybe two couples will end the day with rings on their fingers. --- A Very Messy Motel Brothers Wedding is a short story that takes us back to Cherry Creek for one last hurrah before saying goodbye. A Very Messy Motel Wedding is best enjoyed after reading the entire Room for Love series, and it gets back into the heads of your favorite Motel men and their partners for the wedding to end all weddings.

Worth the Risk

Lynn Hagen - 2017
    Sex is the only thing Darien is interested in, until a scoundrel from Matthew's past resurfaces. Now, it's up to Darien to pull Matthew back from the brink of self-destruction, and he doesn't understand why he's going out on a limb for a guy he barely knows.When Matthew and his friends invest in a podunk town, he has no idea what he is in for. Darien makes it known that he wants Matthew, but after a bitter betrayal from a past lover, Matthew doesn't trust anyone. He thinks Darien isn't worth the risk. Or so he thinks.When his life begins to spiral out of control, Matthew is shocked that it's Darien who comes to his rescue, refusing to allow Matthew to sink into the depths of despair.

One Good Thing

Arden Steele - 2020
    If he doesn’t go, people might think he still cares, which he doesn’t, thank you very much. Showing up alone isn’t any better, but he has neither the time nor the inclination to jump back into the dating scene. So, what’s a guy to do? Hire a fake boyfriend, of course! +One isn’t a dating agency. Fine. He’s not looking to make a love connection, just survive one week with even a shred of dignity intact. Then, Jace Harkins walks through the door, and Greyson knows he’s in trouble. Jace is the total package—successful, witty, gorgeous—but falling for him wasn’t supposed to happen. Yet, every smile, every touch, every whispered endearment pulls him in a little deeper until the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. Too bad it can’t last. After all, it’s just make-believe, right?

A Gentleman's Wager

Stormy Glenn - 2016
    There was just one stipulation: Steven had to go dressed as Ms. Stella. Considering he was gay, it was going to be pretty hard to catch a cowboy if everyone thought he was a girl.Chase Montgomery was obsessed both with his lover of three years and with Steven Stewart, a man he had only seen in a picture. The weekend theme party he was throwing was the perfect time to introduce both to the fantasies in Chase’s mind. Now, if he could only get his lover to agree.Warner James was someone who refused to give up control. While that attitude served him well in the business world, it was hard on his love life. He never dreamed his lover was thinking of bringing someone else into their relationship…until he met Steven. Warner might even be interested in a bit more than just a weekend fling—if he can get both men to understand he was the one in control.

Party Nuts

Dani Gray - 2021
    He was a squirrel shifter from a large family and loved life with his three best friends. He loved being able to dress people up and make them feel their absolute best. He felt it was his calling in life to show people how to be true to themselves, no matter what others told them they had to be.Quentin Everett was a cougar shifter who’d been kicked out of his home at a young age by an uncaring mother. He had been raised by an older brother, until that brother was kicked out, then he became the oldest, raising his younger sibling until it was his turn to be banished. He never knew his father, just like the rest of his siblings. When he got older, he managed to put himself through school on scholarships and became a park ranger. He loved the freedom it gave his cougar, and himself.Getting tickets to the event of the year at The Underground, a costume party was something that everyone wanted. Sammy was dressed as a bandit, and even though he’d helped his besties with their costumes (much to their annoyance) everyone was dressed fabulous, when some skanky fairy came along and tried to steal his booty of nuts! Mayhem ensued as Sammy tried to collect his lost booty of nuts from the floor, as chaos with mates began.

An Unforgettable Love

Jerry Cole - 2019
    He has plenty to do, being the head ranger of the Tahoe National Forest, but living alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods isn’t exactly the most riveting life. He’s known excitement, too. For many years he served as a sniper in the marine corps, but a devastating shoulder injury has reduced him to civilian duties. These days, a walker’s twisted ankle or a trapped raccoon is about as exciting as it gets. Nothing can prepare him, though, for the day he comes across a man lying in the middle of a lonely forest road. The man is alive, but he’d certainly been left for dead. When he wakes up in the hospital, it becomes obvious that he’s suffering from amnesia. With nothing to identify him save for the huge angel tattoo that spreads across his shoulders, the hospital staff name him Gabriel, and tell Hopper that with nowhere else to send him, once he’s recovered from his injuries he’ll have to be sent out into the world. Against his better judgement, but always a sucker for swarthy looks and piercing blue eyes, Hopper agrees to allow Gabriel to stay with him. Perhaps, together, they can work at finding out who this mystery man is, why he was left lying in the forest, and who could possibly have attacked him so badly. What Hopper can never prepare himself for is how deeply he will fall for this handsome stranger, and how he will be able to let Gabriel go when the past, as it always does, comes to catch up. Please Note: This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approximately 82,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger." Themes include: Forest Ranger, Amnesia, Angel tattoo, Lake Tahoe, Falling in love, ex-marine

Capturing His Heart

Frey Ortega - 2015
    One day, he is given an invitation he can’t refuse: an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland for three weeks, sponsored by the Supernatural Council.As soon as he gets to Caer Tarw, the stage is set: mating season is close by, and the purpose they were all invited for was to help the Minotaurs find their mates. Hayden is among the lucky ones, finding Minotaurs Brian Connelly and Ronan Breckenridge, who are lovers, and are Hayden’s mates.But not all is well in their tiny slice of paradise. Hayden is clueless about Minotaurs and knows nothing about them. Ronan and Brian are clueless about how to bring their rabbit into their world. How exactly will they capture their rabbit’s heart?Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

The Secret Billionaire

Jason Collins - 2020
    Money isn’t who I am, so when I finally use a dating app, I make up a fake “me” with no strings attached. But when I meet Jacob, the spark between us is real.He’s the only man I want, but the closer we grow, the higher the risk he’ll find out I’m not the man he’s falling in love with. Worse, Jacob would never date a rich guy, and with good reason—but that doesn’t change who I am. And who I am could tear us apart when he finds out.He can’t fall in love with a lie.JACOB:I don’t date rich, and I don’t date risky.Another wealthy guy in my life is the last thing I need. My affluent boss used his power to harass me, and now I’m knees-deep in a lawsuit. But when a friend signs me up for the dating app Matched, I don’t exactly back out, and before I know it, I’m matched with Ben.Our date lasts until sunrise, and I know I’ve got to see Ben again. Feelings form fast, and I can’t keep my mind off him—or what he might be hiding from me. I can’t shake this bad feeling, and the more Ben hides, the more I’m worried there’s a dark secret that could pull us apart.Who am I really falling in love with?

Want Me Santa

Ashlynn Mills - 2021
    Such as lying spread out and tied up against my jerk of a boss's desk, calling him Santa. Gray Masters is a chore of a man, not to mention the world's biggest grinch. The last two years I’ve spent trying to impress him with my hard work and dedication to the company. I never expected my need for his approval to go beyond the office and into the bedroom. But when I receive a Christmas gift meant for someone else, one thing becomes very clear:I can't go back to how things were before. Especially not after seeing my boss in nothing but lace panties and a Santa hat.Want me Santa is a forced close proximity/enemies to lovers office romance with Christmas themed fun sure enough to brighten your holiday spirit.

Resolution (Hot Holidays Novellas)

Jayda Marx - 2021

Nine-tenths of the Law

L.A. Witt - 2010
    He’s never seen this man in his life, and he’s not prepared when he finds out what they have in common—their boyfriend, Jake. Make that ex-boyfriend. With the jerk out of the picture, Zach hurries after the stranger to apologize… which quickly leads to some sizzling hot revenge sex.Despite starting on the wrong foot, Nathan Forrester can’t get enough of the sexy movie theater owner. Still, he’s jaded and distrustful—especially when Jake keeps materializing in Zach’s presence despite Zach insisting that relationship is over.With a devious ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage their fledgling relationship, Zach and Nathan need to learn to trust each other, or they’ll both wind up with nothing.This 61,000 word novel was previously published, and has been revised to include an extended ending.

Dragon Hearts

Cree Storm - 2017
    They were created centuries ago, by the great Heck, to find and destroy serialists by any means necessary. Each member was gifted with a dragon that was connected to their soul. If one died, so did the other. The men didn't shift into the dragon, but they would call out and the maharishi would join them in the fight against evil. Not wanting their secret discovered, D.O.A. lived in a town called Drago, just outside Poconos Boulevard, and they hid behind their image as a badass motorcycle club Children were being murdered and Rene, otherwise known as Pit, along with his men were out to find out who was behind the copycat murders of a long time serial killer known as the Alphabet Killer. While questioning a victim's mother, Rene discovered his sentience, his mate. Now all he had to do was figure out how to tell the man he was not exactly human, and he better do it fast because his dragon heat was already kicking in. Bren was the local town veterinarian. He figured something was off about SI Rene Telkin. If not from the leather jacket with a large D.O.A. patch on the back, then maybe because he drove a navy Blue Harley Davidson CVO Street glider instead of a tan sedan. Bren was not the type to get mixed up with a biker club, even if the man was a cop. However, something kept drawing him to the sexy man and it seemed that nothing would break the bond they were forming. Not even when he discovered the secret all D.O.A. agents held. A large dragon for a partner. Now Rene needs to do his best to claim his mate and also track down a serial killer, because on the last body was a note threatening the good doctor of Poconos Boulevard.

His Guardian Angel

David Horne - 2018
    The next time he meets the handsome trauma nurse, he’s hiding from the world in his twin brother’s luxurious beach house, trying to heal the wounds in his soul. He still can’t wrap his mind around losing his partner on that fateful night. The last thing Caesar wants on his vacation is company. He wants to hide until he can bury his pain. He isn’t expecting to fall for anyone, either. But he can’t hide from his feelings for Lucas. Lucas Cameron has accepted his friend’s invitation to spend his holiday in Gary’s vacation home on a small island, after six years as a trauma nurse in the ER at Bellhaven General. This will be his first real vacation since he started there. He doesn’t expect Caesar Polanco, the hard-nosed police detective he had cared for on that horrific night months ago, to be his vacation neighbor. The man had made an impression on him back then, despite his injuries, and now, six months later, even his grouchiness does nothing to stop Lucas' attraction to him. Neither man is looking to start a relationship, but they’re falling for each other. Can they find common ground, despite Caesar’s overwhelming grief? Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approx. 31,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger."

Taken by the Alpha Dragons

Marcy Jacks - 2015
    He was sold to the lottery by his own parents, and not the sort of lottery he wants to win, the sort where humans are handed over to dragons during mating season. If Jason tries to run, he will be branded a thief and thrown into prison, which, despite his best efforts, might actually happen.Warrior dragons Draco and Phobos have been searching for their third for over fifty years. They can smell him in the building, and that smell is creating a lust so heavy they can hardly stand it. After tracking him down and finding him in a cell, they're furious. They nearly lost their third because of a screw up, and now their new mission is to fight off the heat inside of them long enough to convince Jason that they are there to protect him, and they will not allow anyone to hurt him so long as they are around.