The Lies I Never Told You

Valérie Tong Cuong - 2020
    It's unputdownable." -Le Pays Briard"An intense and powerful novel." -Le Point"The characters are no angels... they resemble us." -Le Point"A rare pearl. Each page has us question our idea of humanity." -Le Parisien"A novel that will have you delve into the intimacy of its' characters flawed lives." -Carrefour Savoir"Immerse yourself in the meanders of the human mind, its sense of guilt and everything else that is part of human weakness." -Le Pays Briard"A strong novel." -Tele 7 JoursWhen Pax, a middle-aged second-rate actor, scores an audition for a blockbuster, he is convinced fate has taken pity on him and he will finally get to spend some time in the limelight.He leaves his flat in a hurry, ignoring the alarming sounds coming from the apartment above. He is beside himself when he learns what devastating consequences his decision had: not only was his neighbour Alex assaulted and left for dead, he is also his girlfriend Emi's son . . .Before long, Pax is faced with an impossible choice: should he continue to deceive Emi, the one person who always believed in him, or tell the truth and destroy their relationship?

Malice (Jo McDaniels, #2)

Anne Patrick - 2014
    The serial killer who managed to elude them in Maine has resurfaced. Harland Briggs is every sadistic monster Jo has profiled rolled into one. Leaving his hunting grounds in Maine, he's making his way across country leaving a path of destruction in his wake. After learning that in the past three years an alarming number of teenage girls had been abducted across the country, Jo goes against her husband's wishes and agrees to go after Briggs. Once again, her sanity, as well as her life, is in jeopardy…and the life of her unborn child.


Jonathan Baine - 2007
    Chronicling the sordid world of a teenage prostitute, it was the biggest bestseller of the year. It broke conventions, inspired a cult following, and made Peter Robertson rich, admired...and scared. There, on the edge of the crowd, he always sees her. She not only looks like Angel, she embodies the desperate creature he created. Everywhere Peter goes, she goes, obsessed with everything about him. What could she possibly want? Soon, curiosity will get the best of him. So will the girl with the haunted eyes. Because what she's really after is something that will explode Peter's world.

Guilty Money: A Florida Thriller (Will Harper Mystery Series Book 2)

David Crosby - 2016
    It seems that budget cuts have led to police departments turning to creative schemes to raise money. Grove County’s version involves arresting citizens for minor charges and then driving up their bail when a search of the citizen’s home too conveniently turns up drugs.But the usual guilty money scheme has been improved upon by a corrupt deputy, Deke Snyder, who’s skimming money from the jail. Once Will finds that out, Deputy Deke sics all his buddies on him–every deputy in the county, it seems–and it looks like even the Gulf of Mexico might not be big enough to hide in!Now the story’s a lot bigger. Explosive action punctuates author Crosby’s adept use of Will’s magazine article to put human faces on the troubling excesses of the judicial system. When the whole system is corrupt, the danger comes in all forms and from all sides, on land and at sea. The pulse-pounding chase is on! Those who’ve read Lee Childs’ Killing Floor, Stephen King’s nominee for Best Corrupt Southern Town, will especially appreciate this action-packed page-turner set in an idyllic Florida marina.WanderLust, Will’s liveaboard trawler, will feel like home to fans of marina-living PIs like John D. McDonald’s Travis McGee and Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford; and to more recent Florida tales like Wayne Stinnett’s Caribbean Adventure Series and Matthew Rief’s Florida Keys Adventure Series.

The Last Justice

Anthony Franze - 2012
    Supreme Court when an assassin guns down six justices as they are hearing a case. Solicitor General Jefferson McKenna, the government's top lawyer in the Supreme Court, is appointed to the multiagency commission investigating the murders. As Congress draws battle lines over who will replace the slain justices, the commission follows clue after clue, each one pointing to an unlikely suspect in the conspiracy: McKenna himself.From its explosive first page to its haunting conclusion, The Last Justice explores the politics of law, the bounds of friendship and love, and the frightening price of unbridled ambition.

Shallow Waters: A Port Stirling Mystery Book 1

Kay Jennings - 2019
    A new, handsome police chief with his own shadowy past. The last thing Port Stirling Chief of Police Matt Horning needed on day one of his new job was for the mayor’s daughter to turn up dead - stabbed to death - in a mysterious tunnel on a remote Oregon beach. Horning, escaping professional troubles in Texas, accepts the vacant job in Port Stirling, Oregon, looking for a fresh start in what he thought would be a peaceful coastal town where the far west meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. Nothing much ever happens here…or does it? The crime doesn't make any sense, and there is no apparent motive for the murder of little Emily Bushnell. She wasn't sexually assaulted, her family is respected in the small community where everyone knows everyone, and there doesn't appear to be a reason for her death. Human bite marks on Emily's body discovered by the medical examiner during the autopsy add an even stranger twist to the puzzling homicide. With only a ragtag county crime team to assist him, Horning must match wits with a diabolical killer, the likes of which this quiet village has never seen. An aggressive county district attorney with political ambitions, who doesn’t fancy relinquishing the limelight to the new chief of police, makes Horning's job even more difficult. Will Matt be allowed a new beginning in his life, both personally and professionally. or will the forces in play be too many obstacles to overcome? For one week in the wild and stormy month of January, Horning calls on all of his detective skills to investigate the unlikely murder. As soon as he starts asking questions, Port Stirling begins to unveil its dark underbelly amid stunning revelations. From the 300-foot bluffs ringing the white-sand pristine beach, to the posh golf resort at odds with the blue-collar town, Chief Horning and his new team work at break-neck speed to uncover the facts. Without a murder weapon and very little physical evidence, will Matt and his new colleagues find the killer before he – or she – strikes again? Will a psychopath ruin Matt Horning’s new life before he can even start it? In this shocking story set in a beach town not unlike where she grew up, native Oregonian Kay Jennings introduces a thrilling new mystery series set alongside Oregon’s rugged Pacific coast. Shallow Waters combines an intriguing police procedural with a spooky murder mystery, in a remote part of southwest Oregon you aren't likely to forget.

The Protected Witness: An Alex Booker Thriller

Al Macy - 2018
    Alex is reluctant to expose the crime until he's analyzed the heck out of it, but at the urging of his less-cautious assistant, he brings his discovery to the FBI.When Alex's life is threatened, he's placed into an experimental witness protection program. As a guinea pig for a risky scientific procedure he is changed in ways he never thought possible. That's when things start going wrong.If Alex can't overcome his cautious nature and fight the president while maintaining his anonymity, the United States will be forever changed.

Skin in the Game

D.P. Lyle - 2019
    Of a sort. Employing the skills learned from the “family” and their training, they now fix the unfixable. Case in point: Retired General William Kessler hires the duo to track down his missing granddaughter, a Vanderbilt University co-ed. Their search leads them to a small, bucolic, lake-side town in central Tennessee and into a world of prostitution, human trafficking, and serial murder. The question then becomes: Will their considerable skills be enough for Cain and Harper to save the young woman, and themselves, from a sociopath with “home field” advantage, a hunter’s skills, and his own deeply disturbing agenda?


Lisa Jackson - 1991
    But in the aftermath of an averted tragedy, his protective instinct proved to be too potent for Kaylie. Feeling more like a prisoner than a wife, she saw no other option than to leave. Now, years later, even with a new threat of danger, Kaylie isn't convinced she should let Zane back into her life.

Flowers for the Dead

C.K. Williams - 2020
    I am their cautionary tale. Nineteen years ago Linn Wilson was attacked. Seventeen-years-old and home alone, she’d been waiting for her friends to arrive when she heard the doorbell ring. But when she opened the door, Linn let in her worst nightmare. The culprit was never found. It was someone I knew. I am going to find out who did this to me. Now, Linn is determined to get to the bottom of the night that changed her life forever. Returning to the village where she grew up, she knows that someone must know something. The claustrophobia and isolation of small town living means secrets won’t remain secrets for long… A wonderfully tense and gripping suspense thriller that will have you hooked! Perfect for fans of D.K Hood’s Detective Kane and Alton series and Sheryl Browne.

The One That Got Away

Egan Hughes - 2020
    You trust him. You can't escape him. 'A gripping debut' HELLO! magazine'This tense and twisty thriller will have you gasping for air' WOMAN magazine'Utterly addictive' CRIME MONTHLY magazine'This one really pulled me in' JANE CORRY'Tense, thrilling and full of twists and turns' ANGELA MARSONS___________________Mia thinks she has escaped her controlling ex-husband, Rob. She's found herself a new home, a new boyfriend and a new life.But when the police arrive to tell her that Rob has been found dead on his boat, things quickly fall apart. Mia is terrified she'll be suspected, however the police are keeping all options open. They know Mia had reason to hate her ex-husband, but she's not the only one. Plenty of people wanted Rob Creavy dead, not least his new wife, Rachel.What they don't know is that Mia has a secret, one she's desperate to protect.But someone else knows. Someone with very dark secrets of their own . . .A claustrophobic, twisty psychological thriller about love, trauma and revenge - perfect for fans of, THE HOLIDAY, SOMETHING IN THE WATER and THE WOMAN IN CABIN TEN.'Addictive, I was gripped from the opening chapter' JO SPAIN'Plunges the reader in and leaves them gasping for air' RACHEL EDWARDS

The Love Trap

Caroline Goldsworthy - 2020
    Instead, she got a nightmare.Concert violinist, Lily Gundersen broke her fingers. How? She mustn’t say. With her career over, she worries she’s going insane despite her perfect marriage and picturesque home. But after a car crash kills a young family and leaves her own body broken, she begins to suspect her husband’s involvement.Staying with him to protect her children, Lily slowly sees the scope of her controlling spouse’s grand gaslighting plan. But her hunt for damning evidence exposes the twisted man’s scheme for something far worse than a life of abuse.Can one traumatized woman reclaim the music within to defy a monster?The Love Trap is a chilling, standalone psychological thriller. If you like cunning villains, bold heroines, and stories chock full of twists and turns, then you’ll lose yourself in Caroline Goldsworthy’s mesmerizing tale.Step into The Love Trap and uncover the truth today!

East 43rd Street Level 5

Alan Battersby - 2001
    At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers offers exciting reading for every student's capabilities. It's Christmas in New York and Private Investigator Nathan Marley is hired by a rich attractive woman to reclaim a briefcase of jewellery from a locker at Grand Central station. Marley is right not to trust the woman and soon finds himself involved in a case of criminal activity involving fraud, computer hacking and kidnap. Paperback-only version. Also available with Audio CDs including complete text recordings from the book.

The Colours of Passion: Unravelling Dark Secrets behind the Limelight

Sourabh Mukherjee - 2017
    As ACP Agni Mitra investigates into the high-profile murder, he meets Neha Awasthi, with whom Manav broke his engagement to marry Hiya, Neha’s father Deepak Awasthi, who was eyeing business benefits through the alliance, Mayank Kapoor, an alcoholic model and Rituja Bose, the diva who had reigned over Tollywood over the past decade. When two more murders connected with the case make headlines, it’s time for Agni to find answers to perplexing questions and unveil shocking truths. The Colours of Passion breezes through Kolkata’s glamorous world of industrialists, movie stars, models and fashion designers laced with drug addiction and illicit liaisons, with a heart-wrenching tragedy at its core.

The Haunting of Highcliff Hall

Cat Knight - 2017
    She didn’t know what waited for her or why the village folk avoided her, or why the live in help moved out when she arrived. She should have believed the Hag. When foreign correspondent Catherine Davis inherits her grand aunt’s castle, it’s enough to convince her to leave her globe-trotting life behind and write her novel. But before she ever steps one foot out of London, a Hag, warns her that she is cursed. The always sceptical, Catherine disregards the Hag’s warnings. But when she arrives at Highcliff Hall and discovers that most of the villagers are afraid of her, she begins to wonder. What do the caretaker and the housekeeper know about Highcliff? What aren’t they telling her? Why is the house strewn with herbs? And why is the tower locked? Can Catherine survive the lethal confrontation with paranormal forces long enough to discover the answers, or is she doomed like those before her.If you love ghosts and Haunted houses, you really should be reading Cat Knight’s other books. List of Books The Haunting of Elleric LodgeThe Haunting of Grayson HouseThe Haunting of Weaver HouseThe Haunting of Fairview HouseThe Haunting of Keira O’ConnellThe Haunting of Ferncoombe HouseThe Haunting of Stone Street CemeteryThe Haunting of Knoll HouseIf you read stories in the occult, occultism, horror, supernatural and paranormal genres then add these to your reading list.