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Neither Witch nor Fairy by Nghi Vo


Jessica Christ Volume 1: The Early Years

H. Claire Taylor - 2017
    Lord help her… NOTE: This volume contains the first three books of the Jessica Christ series, including ... Book 1: The BeginningBook 2: And It Was GoodBook 3: It's a Miracle!*Plus* the first chapter of Book 4: Nu Alpha Omega The Beginning Jessica McCloud knows first-hand that it’s tough to fit in when you’re God’s only begotten daughter. While she has the power to smite, and she’s privy to most of the juicy gossip in her West Texas town, nobody is knocking on her door with frankincense and myrrh. The Messiah-in-the-making still has to contend with algebra tests, her first crush, and menstrual cramps with the power to spark lightning storms…As if dealing with her overbearing Father and a scheming preacher wasn’t enough, Jessica must face down the demons that lurk around every corner. No matter what she wants from life, everything seems to lead to a final showdown with the devil. The daughter of God has a choice: face the destiny thrust upon her or find some way to forge her own path…And It Was GoodAs she enters the uncharted territory of high school, Jessica McCloud could use a few more friends who believe in her. Of course, that means something entirely different for the daughter of God. After her two-millennia-dead half-brother visits her in a dream and tells her it’s time for her to stop messing around, Jessica begins the hunt to discover what miracles she can perform. And if one of them happens to win the heart of her long-time crush, Greg, then so be it. But when a reporter with a grudge against God catches wind of her first miracle, Jessica stumbles her way through one scandal after another until she wonders if the world wouldn’t be a much happier place with no miracles at all. It's a Miracle! Miracles happen when you least expect them. And if you’re Jessica McCloud, God’s only begotten daughter, they happen when you least want them. Is an uneventful senior year of high school too much for Jessica to hope for?Yes. Yes it is.Instead of focusing on college applications, Jessica must juggle Jimmy’s newest scheme, Eugene’s latest slander, and a gruesome (unpaid) internship at Midland Memorial Hospital. And just when she’s starting to get the hang of it, a serious PR blunder ignites a firestorm of brand new accusations. It would take nothing short of a miracle for Jessica to come out on top this round, and she isn’t holding her breath…

Griefing (King Henry Shorts, #5)

Richard Raley - 2013
    He returns to the Asylum adrift, unsure how to process the situation. But one thing is a constant: he's the Foul Mouth, he won't be grieving, he'll be GRIEFING, and it will be up to Ultra Class '09 to bear the brunt of the onslaught.

Astonishing Times #1 (comiXology Originals)

Frank J. Barbiere - 2021

फाशी बखळ [Phashi Bakhal]

Ratnakar Matkari - 1974
    How did he allow the other person to die? How did he help the other person to hang himself to death? He was terribly upset about this. The moment his eyes saw a rope in any form he used to remember everything.........

Big Bad

David Brian - 2014
    Over time he has learned to accept his confinement. After all, it is no more than he deserves given the heinous nature of his previous crimes. However, when a new member of the nursing staff begins taking an interest in Tommy, he learns things previously kept from him: Like why he is being permanently dosed with meds. How, and why, his parents really died. And is it just a coincidence his earlier crimes occurred at the time of a full moon? Nurse Jenny informs Tommy about the true nature of his world: Secret Government cabals, and their plans for a New World Order; the murder of his parents, and facing up to the reality of his life as a werewolf. Then, when she thinks he is ready, she tells him the biggest secret of all: Nurse Jenny has a way out of Broad-lands. But, as is often the case, nothing comes without a price. What is the real motivation for her aiding Tommy's escape? A tale of horror that unfolds beneath the light of a full moon.

The Messengers Menagerie

Joey Anderle - 2017
      Now, Sterling Booker Wells hasn't been in charge of her for 24 hours and they have already busted up one effort on her life, and even worse, there is a crossbow bolt hole in Alphonse's prized, painstakingly accurate, exquisitely restored, vintage replica of Steve McQueen's 1968 Mustang from the hit movie Bullitt.However, Booker argues in his defense, the Princess hasn't suffered a scratch. The Messengers Menagerie continues the first weekend when Sterling Booker Wells meets the Royal Elven Princess Auralee, what (else) could possibly go wrong? How about a new crew sent to do him in? And the Princess who will be by his side. Join Runner Sterling Booker Wells as he attempts to keep the Elven Princess out of harm's way... Again.

The Bear That Fell From The Stars

Keith C. Blackmore - 2011
    On the night he decides to strike, his life, and his world, are forever changed. Alien scientists from across the cosmos, abduct and place Kazaka in deep storage for centuries. When they revive him with the intent to subject him to extraterrestrial evisceration, the ninja escapes. The shadow warrior then begins to hunt his captors, one by one, leading up to a battle that will shake the galaxy.The Bear That Fell From the StarsA different kind of alien terror. NOTE: This is a Novella of approx. 20,000 words, or about 60 pages.Science Fiction Fantasy and not hard SciFi.Some scenes of graphic violence.

Caring For Justice

M.A. Comley - 2019
     Someone is intent on attacking pensioners in their own homes. Can Lorne and Pete put an end to these heinous crimes? Or will someone else intervene to give the investigation a helping hand? Other books and novellas in this series are: Cruel Justice #1 in Police Procedurals and1# Women Sleuths. Impeding Justice #1 in Police Procedurals Final justice #1 Action and Adventure Foul Justice #1 Hard-Boiled Mysteries Guaranteed Justice #1 Women Sleuths Ultimate Justice - #2 Women Sleuths Virtual Justice - #1 Hard Boiled #2 Psychological Thrillers Hostile Justice - #1 Police Procedural Tortured Justice - #1 Vigilante Justice Rough Justice - #1 Women Sleuths Dubious Justice - #1 British Detectives Calculated Justice - #2 Action and Adventure Twisted Justice - #1 Women Sleuths Prime Justice - #2 Police Procedural Shameful Justice - #1 Women Sleuths Immoral Justice - #2 British Detectives Toxic Justice - #2 Hard-Boiled Mysteries Overdue Justice - Final book. Short stories to accompany the series involving Lorne and Pete are: Blind Justice - introduction novella to the series. It's a Dog's Life - 20,000 word novella Merry Widow - a short story Justice at Christmas - a 10,000 word short story. Unfair Justice - a 10,000 word short story Mortal Justice - a 15,000 word novella. Irrational Justice - 10,000 word short story. Seeking Justice - 15,000 word novella.

The Second Universe in Flames Trilogy - Books 4 to 6

Christian Kallias - 2017
    Powers Unlocked. An Alliance is Born.Ten thousand years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians.Or so everyone thought.Now they're back, and a new reign of terror has begun.

War: A Four Horsemen Short Story

Dave Turner - 2019
    1965.  War's found himself deep in the glamorous yet lethal world of international espionage. Unhappy with both the treachery and restrictive dress-code, when a name from the past reappears in his life War realises he must risk everything to keep the world safe once again. This short story follows on from the How To Be Dead series and continues the tale of everybody's favourite grumpy Horseman of the Apocalypse...  What Amazon readers are saying about the How To Be Dead Comedy Fantasy Series: ★★★★★ “Dave Turner is a funny man and ‘How To Be Dead’ is a brilliant read.”★★★★★ “If Neil Gaiman and Simon Pegg sat down to write a story together they might come up with something like this.”★★★★★ “Hilarious and unexpectedly moving.”★★★★★ "Laughs and excitement combined!"★★★★★ “Laugh out loud funny… It’s been a while since an author has made me laugh more than Pratchett does.”★★★★★ "If you like Tom Holt, Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, Dave Turner's books will fit perfectly into your collection."

The Collected Stories of H. P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft - 2011
    P. Lovecraft's stories includes 52 short stories and novellas all in one Kindle book. This edition has a fully linked active Table of Contents, with date written for each story and novella on the title pages. Table of ContentsThe Alchemist (1916)The Beast in the Cave (1918)Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919)Dagon (1919)Memory (1919)The Picture in the House (1919)The White Ship (1919)The Cats of Ulthar (1920)The Doom That Came to Sarnath (1920)Nyarlathotep (1920)Polaris (1920)The Statement of Randolph Carter (1920)The Street (1920)Ex Oblivione (1921)Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family (1921)The Nameless City (1921)The Terrible Old Man (1921)The Tree (1921)Celephais (1922)The Music of Erich Zann (1922)The Tomb (1922)Hypnos (1923)The Lurking Fear (1923)I. The Shadow On The ChimneyII. A Passer In The StormIII. What The Red Glare MeantIV. The Horror In The EyesWhat the Moon Brings (1923)In the Vault (1925)He (Weird Tales, 1926)The Moon-Bog (Weird Tales, 1926)The Colour Out of Space (1927)The Horror at Red Hook (Weird Tales, 1927)Pickman's Model (Weird Tales, 1927)Cool Air (1928)The Call of Cthulhu (Weird Tales, 1928)I. The Horror In ClayII. The Tale of Inspector LegrasseIII. The Madness from the SeaThe Dunwich Horror (Weird Tales 1929)The Silver Key (Weird Tales, 1929)The Strange High House in the Mist (Weird Tales, 1931)The Whisperer in the Darkness (Weird Tales, 1931)The Other Gods (1933)The Dreams in the Witch House (Weird Tales, 1933)From Beyond (1934)The Quest of Iranon (1935)The Haunter of the Dark (Weird Tales, 1936)The Shadow out of Time (Astonishing Stories, 1936)The Shunned House (Weird Tales, 1937)The Thing on the Doorstep (Weird Tales, 1937)Azathoth (1938)The Book (1938)The Descendant (1938)The Evil Clergyman (Weird Tales, 1939)The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Weird Tales, 1941)I. A Result and a PrologueII. An Antecedent and a HorrorIII. A Search and an EvocationIV. A Mutation and a MadnessV. A Nightmare and a CataclysmThe Shadow over Innsmouth (Weird Tales, 1942)The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (The Arkham Sampler, 1948)

The Doll: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2017
    But when a child's doll appears in the middle of the road, the vacation comes to an abrupt end and Nightingale finds himself fighting for his life. The Doll is a fast-paced supernatural story about 10,000 words long.

Take Us To Your Trump

Andrew Stanek - 2018
    Okay yes, all that stuff too, but I'm not talking about that right now. The government has also been lying to us about space aliens. Aliens have landed on the National Mall and are asking to speak with the President of the United States. For the sake of the planet, diplomat Michael Wallenson is tasked with keeping them away from Donald Trump at all costs. Will Michael succeed? Or will these heavily armed, easily offended aliens succeed in reaching our leader? Building the border dome, coal-powered missiles, and the true identities of the men in black - all in Take Us To Your Trump, another hilarious satirical comedy from author Andrew Stanek.

Dandelion Kisses

Audrey Faye - 2015
    Her job will be to carefully hand propagate the seeds that Monsanto crippled, helping plants to do what they can't do for themselves. So that the people of Poseidon can eat. So they can breathe. The dandelion seed is one of three, sent from Earth. Scientific treasure.And then one day, seed meets girl - and everything changes forever.Dandelion Kisses is a short story. It's science fiction, and it's life, and it's what happens when a writer's little girl used to have a love affair with a certain yellow weed. :)

Worldlines: A "Many Worlds" Novel

Adam Guest - 2020