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Martha's Story by Rebekah Fisher


Amish Romance: Tessa's Baby (Tessa's Story Book 2)

Brenda Maxfield - 2018
    She had to do it-she could no longer live with herself. But how is she going to explain the sudden appearance of a baby in Hollybrook? How will she answer the probing questions sure to come? Tessa is tired of lies. Tired of deception. But her mother refuses to destroy their chance for a new life, a new beginning. So, the sham continues. When Tessa's affection for Levi Riehl grows into something unexpected, she knows it will never work. She struggles to stifle their growing love, but Levi isn't so easily deterred. But how can Tessa hold any hope for a relationship when she can't reveal the truth? And even worse, how can she hold any hope for peace or a normal life when she can't forgive herself? "In the tradition of the works of Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, and Wanda Brunstetter, Brenda Maxfield continues to bring you gripping Amish tales of love, struggle, and restoration." Enjoy this inspirational Christian romance today!

The Amish Broken Quilter (Amish Romance)

Emma Maas - 2018
    But even worse, she doesn't care. She blames God for taking her husband and has since lost her way in both her faith, and her community. But life must go on, and to support herself she makes and mends quilts for the Amish and Englishers alike. Living alone in an apartment above her shop, she works only to live and seemingly not much else as she feels the need to almost punish herself, and God, at the same time. But all that changes when Levi, himself a widow, comes into her shop to mend an old quilt as a surprise for his daughter's first child. He's immediately taken with Hannah. And as his job is repair and fixing broken things in his workshop, his trained eye spots a few problems around her home that could use some neighborly help. But his heart spots some problems, too. Yet Hannah doesn't want the help, or the attention. She resists, but Levi won't take no for an answer. He repeatedly shows up to work on things, trying to slowly chip away at her gruff exterior and win a smile, if not a friend. But Hannah is comfortable in her pain. She certainly has no time for friendships, let alone love. Yet God, and Levi, just might have other plans. Can two people find what they need in the other, when they both need it the most? A desire to mend against a desire to harbor old pains. Will love win out, in this sweet Amish Romance? Read this new book by Emma Maas to find out today...

Amish Fate

Katie Lantz - 2019
    There is something very familiar about Simon that brings Eleanor great peace, and Simon feels the same way. But when Eleanor's boyfriend, Abe, sees her talking to Simon, his jealousy is unleashed, and he warns her to stay away from Simon. Eleanor refuses, planning to break up with Abe - until an emergency changes her plan. But Eleanor cannot stop thinking about Simon and is shocked when he reveals a secret about their childhood years. Torn between Abe and Simon, Eleanor prays to Gott for an answer. Should she leave the possessive Abe and run to Simon?

Christmas Tales with the Schwartz Sisters

Hannah Schrock - 2018
     Katie, Elizabeth and Hannah Schwartz are three sisters that love their Amish lives, but one by one they are tempted by the outside world and love. When their mother died Katie, the eldest, took it upon herself to take care of her sisters and her father. At the age of twenty-six Katie yearns to love and to have a family of her own but she isn’t sure her sisters will manage without her. In a twist of events, Elizabeth and Hannah plan a trick to prove to Katie that they can. Will Katie find love this Christmas after all? Elizabeth had always enjoyed the company of her bible but when the Bishop’s wife is in a brutal buggy accident, she offers to find their son. Jacob and Elizabeth had been friends before he left the ordnung, when Elizabeth finds him and takes him to see his mother, she can’t help but wonder if they will ever be friends again. Will the bishop’s wife recover, will Jacob revisit his decision to leave the ordnung? Hannah had always been the curious one, younger than Katie by almost ten years, she is excited to go on rumspringa. When Hannah disappears without a word, Elizabeth and Katie are grief-stricken. But what they don’t realize is that Hannah had returned and was hiding out in their barn with the help of their farmhand Paul. What happened to make Hannah hide from her family? Can Hannah reunite with her family in time to enjoy an Amish Christmas?

Who Killed the Kaneez?

Vijay Kakwani - 2019
     Farzana is one of the prostitutes at Begum's kotha and Ramakant Bannerjee, the writer, loves her deeply. He's promised to marry her once he has enough money. He's currently writing his most ambitious novel, the story of Kaneez. As the story of Kaneez unfolds, so does the intriguing life of Farzana. What fate does she meet? Read on to find out.


Stephen R. King - 2018
    Sometimes it feels like we are all on a different planet earth. Sometimes we are!

The Unwashed

Seán Hogan - 2016
    Each story follows the life of a person living on a fictitious council estate in London. The stories illustrate the realities and struggles that ordinary people go through at a time when people are feeling disenfranchised and are frustrated at not having their voices heard. Ranging from a humorous look at the gentrification of London to the realities of living with addiction the stories place the reader in the shoes of each character allowing them to feel their emotions.

The Byler Brothers: the complete series box set

Abigail Fisher - 2015
     Matthew hires Mandy Bowman, an Englischer in need of a place to live, to take care of the house and his youngest brother, John, who is blind. Mandy is exceptional with John and empowers him to do more for himself and build confidence and acceptance with his disability. Sparks fly between Matthew and Mandy, especially in a crisis, but when Mandy’s step-father arrives, everything changes. Will Matthew accept Mandy’s past and still love her? Will Mandy stay and accept the Amish way of life? Is there hope for two very different people to find love and happiness together? Find out now in THE BYLER BROTHERS Series: Book 1: "MATTHEW" Book Two: MARK: (Mark's Story: The Calling) Mark clings to his Amish faith in the aftermath of his parent’s fatal accident. After experiencing a spiritual calling similar to Paul or Samuel in the Bible, Mark is convinced that God has a special plan for him. Is he God’s choice to be the next bishop in his community? Hannah Hershberger lives next door to the Bylers. She has loved Mark from the time they were children together in school. After seventeen years, he finally notices her and asks her to attend the Fourth of July celebration with her. Is Mark truly interested in her or does he just want time with her grandfather, the bishop? When the bishop falls ill, Mark and Hannah spend time together watching over him, and he asks her to marry him while her grandfather is able to perform the ceremony. Hannah happily agrees. But when something happens that causes Hannah to question Mark’s intentions, she must decide what to do. Will Hannah call off the wedding? Will Mark learn to let go of his own intentions and trust God’s plan? How will God’s plan be revealed? Find out now in THE BYLER BROTHERS Series: Book 2: "MARK" Book Three: LUKE: (Luke's Story: Love on the Road) Two years after the devastating death of his parents, Luke Byler is sixteen years old and ready to get out of his small community and see the world. Amber Westbrook has graduated from high school and is determined to follow her dream to buy a trailer and experience life by travelling the country. Luke and Amber are joined by their sense of adventure and desire for new experiences, but when the world turns out to be more harsh than they expected, they turn to each other for support. How will a sheltered Amish boy and simple farm girl manage in a tough city? Will they stay strong with worldly temptations or learn from their difficult lessons? Where is peace found in the middle of chaos and trouble? Find out now in THE BYLER BROTHERS Series: Book 3: "LUKE" Book Four: JOHN (John's Story: Gift or Curse?) Being blind since birth, John Byler has developed sensitivities that are unique and cause him to see the w

I Hear Christmas (A Swiss Amish Christmas Book 1)

Tattie Maggard - 2017
    She’s thrilled when she’s asked to help with the Christmas program the Amish school is putting on—even more so when she finds Lucas Wickey has also volunteered to help. Despite being “slow,” Lucas can sing better than anyone in Swan Creek Settlement. As her feelings for him grow, she must decide what’s more important—what everyone else thinks, or what she’s hearing from her heart. Approximately 22,000 words

Corsican Gold: An Archaeological Thriller (A Darwin Lacroix Adventure)

Dave Bartell - 2021

Only When the Sun Shines Brightly

Magnus Mills - 1999
    The wind tries first, but however hard it blows it fails to make any progress because the traveller simply buttons his coat even tighter than before. Only when the sun shines brightly does he finally remove it, and the wind roars away in a bad temper.

Amish Ace of Hearts

Mary Lantz - 2020

Draupadi in a Brothel House

M Kaarthika Santhosh - 2018
    Can you imagine Draupadi in a Brothel house? How did she end there and who is responsible for that? Read this short story to meet her and know about her life.

The Amish Nanny: A Suspense Romance

Katie Fisher - 2017
    Will they lead her to love and resolution? Sarah Holtz doesn’t wish for much. All she wants to be is a great nanny for the children of the Jotters. An orphan, she has lived with the Jotters for two years now and knows what to expect from the holidays. Except, this year things turn out very differently when Alvan, the patriarch, is found murdered and Christmas is on the brink of ruins. While struggling to hold the family together, Sarah finds a box in the attic filled with newspaper clippings and a diary. And within the pages are dark secrets… Secrets that may point towards the person who killed Alvan Jotter… Investigating a murder by dredging through the past is not an easy task. The more Sarah learns, the more old wounds are opened. And when the eldest son Nathan joins her, he realizes that his Daed wasn’t the man he thought he was. Now, these secrets must be brought to light if the killer is going to be caught and Christmas is going to be saved. And in the midst of it all, Sarah struggles with her own feelings. Feelings that involve Nathan… Can Sarah unlock the secrets of the past while finding love in the present? AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 108-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

The Amish Bishop

Samantha Bayarr - 2018
    The Bishop is hiding a horrible secret that could expose his sins if he defends his son's sinful acts. For Eva, getting shunned for their sins could be the answer to her prayers.Lily can't forget what she saw; the community thinks she's making things up. When she suffers a breakdown after witnessing her mother's death from what is being called a freak accident, the Bishop says he has no choice but to shun her and her father, claiming it's for the good of the community, but what Lily knows could cause her to become the murderer's next target.