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Lawless 2 by Amarie Avant


Sweet Christmas Surrender

Dahlia Rose - 2015
    She was the daughter of the richest man in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and he was just a Sergeant in the Air Force. That didn’t mean a thing, because nothing felt as perfect when she was in his arms. The final day before he left for his nine-month tour, Wes slipped a ring on her finger and vowed he was coming back. He left her with another gift. Christine was pregnant from the man she loved. Her not-so-nice father was breathing down her neck, since he had promised his shady business partner she’d marry him, with or without her consent. If he found out she was pregnant God knew what he’d do, so Christine had no other choice but to run, to have her baby in safety, all the while dreaming about Wes and praying he came home safe. For the holidays he’d met the woman of his dreams, and while Christine hid in fear, her man was on his way. Wes was back, and mad as hell that her father made her run. He was about to tear New Mexico apart to find her, and his plan was to take down everyone in his path, including her father. Nothing was going to keep him from the woman he loved and being there for the birth of his child.

The Rancher

Olivia Saxton - 2019
    Her travels lead her to Texas and into the arms of a lonely rancher who is afraid of love. With patience and understanding, Faith breaks through Adrian’s walls. The happy times doesn’t last long when Adrian Matthews and his family are setup to lose the Lone Wolf Ranch and their freedom. By a twist of fate, Faith gets the upper hand to stop the troubles that has plagued the Matthews family. However, is she putting herself in danger for the rancher she loves? Warning: This work of fiction has explicit language and graphic sexual scenes.

Bad Cop

Linda Verji - 2018
    He’s the kind of man they warn women about. Checkered past, man-whore, cocky… and hot as sin. Good girls can’t handle him. And that’s exactly what Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Mitchell was when they first met; a dewy-eyed good girl who believed in love, roses and everything nice.Then he broke her heart!Now she’s back in his life and she’s different – feisty, a little cruel and outrageously irresistible. Innocent, sheltered Jasmine was cute, but this brave, new Jasmine is sexy as hell. Lucas knows that he shouldn’t get close to her because he’ll just hurt her again. However, that doesn’t change the way her sweet-as-sin kisses have his heart racing and blood boiling. Worse, she keeps diving head-first into danger and has somehow landed on a dangerous murderer’s kill list. Lucas will do anything to keep her safe. But can he keep his desire on a tight leash while he does it?*This sexy bwwm romantic suspense is a standalone novel with a little bit of crime, a happily ever after ending and no cliff-hangers.

Choyce and Zenia: Finding Love by Mistake

Hydiea - 2018
    She didn’t know that an argument about dishes would lead to her never seeing him again. Choyce is a 31-year-old Police Officer that is married, yet unhappy. He has a beautiful nine-year-old son, and a pregnant wife. Zenia & Choyce have many things in common, one of them being the people they took vows with didn’t deserve them. Did Choyce have a hidden agenda with Zenia? Did he play a part with her brother getting murdered? Was he covering for someone? Did he mean it when he said he loved her? Zenia wants answers, and she’s determined to get them. Find out how spicy things get in New Orleans with this amazing two-part BWWM series.


Kiki Leach - 2016
    Eight years ago, Mia Sullivan was known in and around her small town just outside of Crescent Beach, Florida as the 'good girl'. The 'preacher's kid'. The one who never stayed out late, always turned in her homework on time and never, ever said a word in front of anyone else that she couldn't say in front of her parent's first. She didn't drink. She didn't smoke. And sex before marriage was completely off the table. Her world was perfect. Her life plans were laid out in front of her. Everything was set in place. Until one night with the wrong man sent a girl well on her way to the top of the hill, sinking straight down to the bottom of the river like a stone.Eight years ago, Jacob 'River' Hawkins was just a man looking to finally catch a break in his life. Born into a world of drugs, booze, sex and bikes, he had long ago given up on his dream of winning the UFC World Championship title after snapping his opponent's neck during a staged cage fight. As a result, his mother encouraged him to finally become an official member of the only family he ever knew growing up, the Shadow Riders MC. A few years in was all it took before he was made VP and forced to help make decisions about a club that while saving him from the streets, was also draining away parts of his soul day by day. Parts he never thought he'd get back until the morning he found a girl almost half his age beaten, broken and laying half dead right outside his club. Eight years ago changed the course of two lives forever, connecting two souls that never believed in needing someone else until they had a need for each other. Neither of them knew just how much that need would eventually turn to lust, followed by love. Neither of them knew just how much that kind of love would almost destroy them both.

Metal Monkey

Brooklyn Knight - 2020
    My father told me a woman would come, but he couldn’t have meant her. He was talking about Megumi-Chan, the woman who’s been bred to be on my arm. She’s a Dragon and I’m a Tiger – it’s a match made in the stars.But Riyah…I can’t stay away from her, no matter how hard I try. She’s a Monkey, no good can come of it; but the strength of these feelings has me wondering if love is strong enough to overcome culture and tradition.RiyahI’ve been ruined by love. I’m off men and relationships. My best friend has convinced me that all I need to do is become the master of my emotions; so when I go to the Four Moons Mindfulness Retreat in Japan, Yukio’s enigmatic presence catches me completely off guard. He’s sensual and enigmatic.He’s also double-minded and unstable.I need to stay away from this man, if it’s the last thing I do. The only thing he’ll guarantee is heartache. Still, the attraction is unavoidable. His Tiger is on the loose, but this Monkey will escape its clutches, even if it means running away from my destiny.

Just a Dream

Aliyah Burke - 2009
    Having lost her Navy husband to war, she knows she couldn't bear to suffer another loss. Her determination fades quickly on meeting handsome Gunnery Sergeant Liam Quinn. When Liam spies Caden's car stopped in a snowstorm, he's instantly struck by the dark beauty. A whirlwind courtship brings the promise of a lasting relationship, but Caden's stubborness proves to be a roadblock. Can Liam convince Caden that his love for her i


Xyla Turner - 2018
    However, that same hot-head rejected me on Christmas day without knowing, I would be the one standing between him and his next promotion. It didn’t matter if he was sizzling hot and sexy. He was a class A jerk and the kiss meant nothing. Right? HAZARD The chief brings in a mediator after I told him that the simple resolution was to get rid of the bad egg. What were the odds that the mediator had to be the sexy vixen from Christmas night? What I also did not understand was the force field between the two of us. We butted heads, she challenged me, and I just wanted to make her mine. I would too, but first I had to go through the mediation of another kind.


Shara Azod - 2016
    I fought my way out of hell. Now I fight for pleasure. I answer to no one, I trust no one. I need no one but my brothers.The O’Shea brothers are on a mission and not even Satan himself dares cross our path.But she did. Sauntering right into my life, switching that delectable behind that was just begging from for me to lay my hand across it. Hard. I want her. Begging and screaming my name and only my name—Shannon O’Shea.Hell itself will tremble if anyone gets in my way.NOTE: There are four stories in the Irish Sugar series. The readerexperience will be enhanced by reading all four stories; however each of themare standalone novellas and can be enjoyed separately and can be read in anyorder. Enjoy! Kieran- Kassanna Dwight - Shara Azod - Reana Malori - Marteeka Karland

Blind Date

Olivia Gaines - 2017
    However, he never expected to find a child or the woman he sent to handle, be so attractive. Making a call which could end his career or his life, he forever alters Shanice's life after one blind date. Shanice Olleh agrees to a blind date with her boss's friend, but the evening shifts when a hired hit man takes an interest in his mark. Welcome back to Venture, Georgia with this dark romance, and loving a bad guy, being so good.

Copperfield Lane

J.L. Long - 2017
    You can feel it in your heart, the way the strings tighten whenever that person is around. The way you are happier, at your best when they are near. Whether this be a friend or a lover, there is a soulmate for everyone in this extraordinary world. I found the love of my life on Copperfield Lane. He is my best friend. He is my lover. He is my soulmate. The flames are burning within us but the hold we have on each other is going up in smoke. What happens after you get your happily ever after? Does love strengthen or does it smolder to ash?

A Reservation for One

LaShawn Vasser - 2017
    . . tragic. A disaster. A catastrophe. She wanted off the break-up and make-up crazy train that left her unable to recognize herself. Her plan. End the ridiculousness and focus on getting control of her life. His plan. Which one? Love’s plan. Amp up the crazy. Love and life were about to get much more complicated. PLEASE NOTE: A Reservation for One is a 2-Part series. This NOVELLA is a traditional sweet romance and ends in a cliff-hanger. It is adult in nature and is for mature audiences only.


Sharon Cullars - 2012
    Having quit a lucrative banking job, she is looking for a better opportunity when fate throws a kink in her plan. Disappointed by a setback, she is not in the mood when a gang of bikers called the Demons roll through the streets where she is walking. One of the bikes nearly clips her and she responds with a foolhardy gesture that puts her in their sights. Unfortunately for her, the Demons do take prisoners and she finds herself snatched off the streets by one of the gang members.Eric McIntyre aka Dele Larson, is new to the Demons. Unknown to the gang, he is an undercover cop looking to get info on some bodies discovered in the Mojave Desert. The police suspect that the gang is responsible for the murders as well as other criminal enterprises. When Dele is forced by the gang leader to take the attractive woman prisoner, he has to play his hand deftly. But how can he keep her safe without blowing his cover? And how can he keep his growing feelings for her in check?


Bee Daniels - 2019
    In recent years, after too much blood has been shed and Theodoros Petrakis’s oldest son, Andreas, loses his wife, both families decide to put an end to their war with an arranged marriage between Giannis Drakos’s oldest son, Aris, and Theodoros’s oldest daughter, Evangelia. With their upcoming engagement, the war between two powerful families will end, and the streets of Athens will finally be clear of blood. Registered nurse Mia Williams cancels her engagement to her long-time fiancé, leaving her lost and unsure of what to do with her life until one night something happens that changes everything. When Mia comes across a man dying outside of her apartment, she must save this mysterious yet dangerous man who comes into her life unexpected, changing it forever. Mia still isn’t quite sure yet if it’s for the better or worse. Aris comes to New York from Greece to handle some business on his father’s behalf when he is attacked and left for dead. Fortunately, a young woman finds him and saves his life, and Aris must find a way to repay her back the debt of saving his life. But Aris finds that when it comes down to Mia Williams, a debt doesn’t always have to be paid with blood and money, but sometimes with love and lust. As Aris becomes more attached to the woman who saved his life, till the point that he doesn’t want to go back to the woman he has to get engaged to, Aris must make a choice. Either he must choose his new-found attraction with Mia or follow the word of his father and get engaged to Evangelia.

Darkly Desirable

Camille Mackenzie - 2018
    Only I didn't know that anyone was really listening. But he was and from the moment he spoke, Garrin swept me up into his world. Death surrounds him. My love can save him. If he just let's me in. If he just takes my light I can help him through the dark. Garrin Can we be alone together? That's what she said to the man in the shadows. That's what she said to me. An invitation to a world, that's lonely, bloody and dark. But with her, there is light and I need it. My love comes with a cost. A price that has to be paid in blood. Let her go...a better man would. I'm not a better man. I'm a selfish killer. And I want what I want. Her.