That Fruit Is Mine!

Anuska Allepuz - 2018
    When five fruit-loving elephants spot a scrumptious hard-to-reach fruit high up in a tree, it's a race to see who can claim it first! But after one too many fumbles, the elephants begin to lose their cool, and the highly coveted fruit is whisked away by the teeny-tiniest of all jungle creatures—mice! The elephants soon realize they have a lot to learn from this cooperative little bunch.

Badger's Fancy Meal

Keiko Kasza - 2007
    Badger keeps searching until in frustration he shouts: “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” Unfortunately, a nearby horse doesn’t think that is so funny. Keiko Kasza, a master at surprise twists on the last page, includes clever panels to show what happens to the animals who escape Badger’s grasp, allowing kids to be in on the satisfying way they unwittingly get back at their tormentor.

Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose

Julia Donaldson - 2005
    "Don't just grab it," says angry Rabbit. Good manners are not on the menu at this meal. Duck won't eat his carrots. Moth's eating the cloth, and Sheep would rather sleep than wash the dishes. Thank goodness some of the animals know how to behave. Children's favorite foods and animals are combined in delicious rhyming phrases, making this story of the funniest dinner party ever perfect to read aloud.

Slop Goes the Soup

Pamela Duncan Edwards - 1996
    A-a-a-a-choo! What happens when a warthog sneezes? First, the soup slops; then someone slithers, and the lamp begins to wobble...Before long, the whole house is a mess! This clever book combines clumsy warthogs with onomatopoeia--the use of words that sound like their meaning--and produces some very slippery results.


Ethan Long - 2015
    Also by Ethan Long: Thank You! and Lion & Tiger & Bear: Tag, You're It!

The Starry Giraffe

Andy Bergmann - 2017
    Just when you think he has nothing left to eat for himself, a turn of the page shows otherwise: the starry giraffe is at an apple orchard and there are apples and trees galore! A disarmingly delightful debut picture book from Andrew Bergmann, an accomplished New York based artist and storyteller, The Starry Giraffe puts a surprising twist on a classic story.

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups

Tadgh Bentley - 2015
    . . HIC! . . . hiccups. It all started last week on chili night. Since then he's tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing—HIC!—works. So when his friend Franklin suggests that a good scare might do the trick, Little Penguin is willing to give it a try . . . all he needs is a little help from YOU!Can you help Little Penguin . . . HIC! . . . cure his hiccups?

Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell

Sue Hendra - 2011
    But will he be satisfied once he finds one, or will his dreams get bigger and bigger and bigger?

Betty Goes Bananas

Steve Antony - 2014
    Meet Betty, a gorilla. She wants to eat a banana, but . . . try as she might, she can’t open it! Poor Betty—she just can't cope, and her frustration quickly becomes a great BIG tantrum. She cries and sniffles, kicks and screams. Luckily, Mr. Toucan is at hand to peel the banana and help Betty calm down. But what will happen when Betty spots another banana? Both preschoolers and parents will laugh out loud at this simple, utterly hilarious picture book about tantrums.

Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!

Amanda Driscoll - 2018
    And waiting is SO hard. The narrator tries everything to keep him from eating the treats, from distracting him with a magician to visualizing tubeworm tacos instead of cupcakes (unfortunately, seals like Klondike are big fans of tubeworm tacos).Alas, these tactics are no match for Klondike's love of cupcakes. It isn't long before he caves to his cravings, and it looks like the party will be cupcakeless! Will he be able to whip up a new batch in time?"A picture-book treat."--Kirkus Reviews

Stanley's Diner

William Bee - 2014
    Then Stanley bakes and serves up a special cake--all for one very special "little" customer.Starring everyone's favorite hard-working hamster and his friends, Stanley's Diner will appeal to toddlers curious about restaurants and food, kitchens and cooking. Brightly colored illustrations framed in bold black outline and a cheery diner setting showcase recognizable menu items, kitchen tools, and appliances. The story ends in jubilant celebration but also with the responsibility of clean up. Then Stanley returns home for his familiar, comforting nighttime routine: "Time for supper! Time for a bath! And time for bed!"Perfect for fans of Maisy, William Bee's beloved Stanley series features adorable hardworking hamster Stanley and his community of rodent friends as they work different jobs and help each other along the way. The sturdy padded picture book format is ideal for readers at a transitional age between board books and picture books, and the books are trusted models of basic preschool concepts such as colors and shapes, kindness and teamwork, community helpers, jobs and careers, vehicles, and daily routines.Don't miss any of the titles in the Stanley series!

What Does an Anteater Eat?

Ross Collins - 2018
    Baffled and with his tummy rumbling, he consults the other animals. But Sloth is too busy, Toucan is clueless, and Crocodile has his own mouth full. Maybe the ants will know - and maybe the answer isn't quite as obvious as you may think! A delightfully silly tale that little ones will return to again and again.

Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake

Eileen Christelow - 1992
    Today is their mama’s birthday and they are going to bake a cake. They'll have to measure the flour, mix in the right number of eggs, and get it into the oven in time for the birthday surprise— all without waking up Mama! Eileen Christelow has created an original, high-energy romp, sure to delight any child who has tried to plan a surprise.

Pizza at Sally's

Monica Wellington - 2006
    She grows tomatoes in the community garden for the sauce. She gets cheese in the shop down the street. She buys flour from the mill for the dough. Festive artwork shows all her tasks as Sally prepares, mixes, and bakes delicious pizzas. The perfect tie-in to elementary school lessons about where food comes from, this book will be embraced by teachers. It's a delightful addition to Monica Wellington's nonfiction for the youngest readers, and it comes complete with a recipe so kids can make pizza with Sally.


Rebecca Cobb - 2012
    A visiting crocodile, bear and wolf, however, are starving. It's just as well that children taste revolting!