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The Mystic Wolves

Belinda Boring - 2013
    . .In this 4 book box set, fall in love with Mason and Darcy as they face challenges head on--both as a couple and as leaders of the Mystic Wolves Pack. You'll find The Mystic Wolves, Forget Me Not, and Testing Fate, along with the BONUS novella, A Very Mystic Christmas (an assortment of memories and favorite recipes.) This is an amazing collection to get any lover of paranormal romance started!The Mystic Wolves - Book OneWhat would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator? Someone is trying to send a deadly message to Mason, arranging the deaths of those he loves and it puts the entire pack and Alpha on high alert. Darcy understands the primal instincts driving her beloved Mason's commands. With the help of those he sets as protectors, she learns about herself and the things she'll need to help support her Alpha and pack. When events turn dire however, one truth offers her strength - once given, oaths are unbreakable ... even if it means risking it all.Forget Me Not - Book TwoOnly a fool would think they could steal from a werewolf … Anticipating a quiet night alone with the man she loves, Darcy’s world is sent into a spin with the arrival of someone from the past—Mason’s. She is further shocked by the intruder’s claim she may not even be the true mate of the Mystic Wolves Alpha. Accusations start to fly, leading to her new enemy being granted asylum, and this is just the beginning of trouble.Relying on the reassurances of Mason and the support of her friends and Pack, Darcy soon falls under attack. Suspicions are raised, and with no other choice, she must flee with Devlin to safety where hopefully they can untangle the lies hidden behind the use of magic. Time is quickly ticking away, leading to a showdown where everything is on the line. They need to uncover the truth before it’s too late, or once again, Darcy will need to fight to hold onto her dreams.Testing Fate - Book ThreeNothing burns as bright as the flames of the refiner’s fire. Moments after hearing the Council sentence her enemy to life imprisonment for attempted murder and illegal use of magic, Darcy is whisked away by the Fates—accused of tampering with destiny. The cherished dream she shared with Mason has been called into question, placing doubt about whether they are actually true mates. To resolve it, a price must be paid—the Heart or Death—a grueling series of tests designed to reveal a person’s worth.The stakes are high and Darcy finds herself facing the unknown in conditions that leave her more vulnerable than she’s ever been. Separated from Mason and her Pack, with Devlin as her only companion, she is pushed to her very limits. She must succeed—or lose everything. Will she crumble under the pressure or emerge stronger for testing fate?A Very Mystic Christmas - Bonus NovellaIn this heartfelt Christmas novella, readers can enjoy tender, funny, and swoon worthy moments with characters they've grown to love--memories such as "Ho, Ho, Who?", "Wish Upon A Star," and "Love, Santa." Also included are delicious recipes of treats that are guaranteed to make your mouth water! So, snuggle under a blanket before the fire, pour yourself a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and reminisce with Mason, Darcy, Devlin, Daniel, and Vlad.

Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart

Denora Boone - 2016
    If he pursued her he had to be serious because she didn’t just give her “heaven” out to anyone. For so long she stayed away from bad boys until one bad boy in particular from her past came back into her life. Knowing what he was about, she didn’t even entertain the idea but it seemed as if God had a sense of humor. Would he be able to knock her off the path she had set up for herself or could she continue to stand strong?Smash and pass. That was the motto that Qyree Reeves lived by. To him that was law and, since he called himself a law abiding citizen, he would uphold it at all costs. It had never been an issue for him to get a woman, his only problem was getting rid of them when he was done. Once he had obtained their most prized possession, their body, it was on to the next. Qyree had always been a ladies' man. How could he not be when his father was the one and only Jaxon Reeves, CEO of one of the largest music companies in the country? That was until he reconnected with someone from his past. Had he finally met the one who would make him turn his life around or will she just fall in line like the rest of them?Vonetta Sims made many mistakes in her life and one huge one landed her in jail for almost ten years after she set up the rape of her best friend. Once she is let free, Von ends up with Cheynese as her parole officer. But just as she thinks Cheynese is there to help her God shows her it’s the other way around. Feeling like she has been given another chance at friendship, this time she will protect it at all costs. Come hell, high water, or someone her and Cheynese both have in common...Qyree. Betrayal, lies, deception, and affairs never end up good and everyone involved ends up hurt in one way or another. Qyree was always taught that his treasure lies in the heaven between a woman’s thighs but will he be able to hear the voice of God before he enters a hell that he can’t come back from?

JOKES : Collection of Best Jokes and Funny Short Stories (Jokes, Best Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Short Stories, Funny Books, Collection of Jokes, Jokes For Adults)

Krisanta Bella - 2016
    Live well, laugh often, love much and share God's blessings. We all know that laughter is the best medicine, and this is true, Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. Read our collection of jokes and funny short stories. These jokes and funny stories are collected from different sources in the Internet. Download our book now, and laugh out those stress away. Please note that this book is categorized under Jokes for Adults and may contain some offensive jokes and stories, and it is your discretion as a customer whether to share the jokes and stories with others.

Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle

Tasha Black - 2015
    With her mate gone, she’s left alone to defend her territory from rival wolves, dark magic, and worst of all, the threat of losing her pack if she doesn’t impress her superiors.Erik Jensen is not who he claims to be. When he comes to the shifter town of Copper Creek to help after a mining accident, he discovers there is more going on than meets the eye. Now he must uncover the secret of the sleepy little town, before the wolves discover his. Grace Kwan-Cortez knows how tough it is being a cop in a town full of shape-shifters, magic and who knows what else. What she isn’t prepared for are the feelings she can’t seem to shake since meeting Julian. And she can’t decide which option she dreads more, that he ensnared her in some sort of spell, or that the feelings might actually be real. Julian Magie is in possession of certain information. Information that could change Tarker’s Hollow, and the world, forever. Torn between his sworn duty and his allegiance to his friends, Julian must decide who to trust, and where his true loyalties lie. ˃˃˃ A Complete Story... Fate of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle combines all three episodes of the Fate of The Alpha serial in one place! It is a complete story of over 400 pages. No waiting for the next installment. And no CLIFFHANGERS! Check out the look inside, or just scroll up and grab a copy today.

Lupine Howl: The Complete Second Series

Amy Cross - 2012
    Their journey takes them from the shores of an English coastal town to the heart of a huge library, and from the island of Avalon to the deck of a boat sailed by the mysterious Mariner.Finally, with Duncan's life in danger, Jess finds herself having to find a way to save him and prevent the return of the psychopathic Thomas Lumic. And then darkness falls...This volume contains all 8 books in the second seriesBook 1: Black AnnisBook 2: MarinerBook 3: The Children of HerneBook 4: Broken SpiritsBook 5: ExcaliburBook 6: Ordinary WerewolvesBook 7: Lovers BewareBook 8: Darkness Falls


Jessie Blade - 2015
    Expensive cars, clothes and a million dollar home. All afforded by her husband NFL Superstar Quarterback Keith Nickels. But her dreams quickly fade to black when she discovers what Keith has been hiding. Tasha Keith’s ex-lover and mother to his children is on a mission to destroy Keith at any cost. Jealousy, deception and murder are sure to follow as Tasha attempts to ruin Keith and take Shirley’s dreams for her own. Will Shirley settle and humbly accept Keith’s past as a mistake? Or will she get her clean hands dirty trying to cover up her own?

Howl - Complete Set

M.L. Briers - 2018
     Howl's You Doin'? Book 1. Bree is the kind of witch that will throw caution to the wind and try any spell once. Unfortunately, once is enough in this case when she unleashes a spell that brings the wolves to the door - literally. Howl's That? Book 2. Kelly’s been run off from her home and is looking for a new little town in which to rest her head. When she runs into the big, bad wolf, she thinks it just might be time to move on, but when the vampire intervenes, and all hell breaks loose – things don’t exactly go to plan. Howl's Lotta Lovin' Book 3. The spell that Bree let loose doesn’t seem to be over just yet, and now there’s a new witch walking around pack land as if she has a right to be there, but one member of the pack is determined to run her off. Howl's That Happened? Book 4. The spell that Bree let loose just keeps on giving, and now there is a new witch in town, but is she a mate, and who would fall under that spell this time? Howl's It Goin'? Book 5. The spell that Bree let loose just keeps on giving. Whose turn is it to fall under that spell this time? Howl's About Us? Book 6. The spell that Bree let loose just keeps on giving, but this time that spell is about to bite Bree on the backside. It's a Howl's Lotta Fun.

Totally Bears: A 10 Book Paranormal Romance Box Set

Amira RainMaria Amor - 2016
    I couldn't believe my luck!" Niah Q "Every book is just as good as the other. What a catch! - Lauren Hillian "stories that put a new spin the Shifter culture!" - Kristal Holt It's totally awesome, it's totally sexy... It's TOTALLY BEARS! This box set is a collection of TEN steamy “WereBear” romances. Every book is a bestseller and EVERY book can be read standalone. So this bundle really does have something for everyone! This is your chance to own all TEN bestselling shapeshifter romances for one LOW price! No catches! The 10 TOTALLY Breathtaking Paranormal WereBear Romances included in this collection for you are... (Warning: All these books contain scenes of a sexual nature and should only be read by adults.) Book 1: Gifted To The Bear – Amira Rain Avery Clarke has just discovered that she has been gifted with supernatural powers. Now the FBI are after her and she has no choice but to allow herself to be protected by handsome WereBear Jim Duncan. Protected, in more ways than one... Book 2: The Bear On The Bike – Amy Star When Kara Lashbrooke got herself into a dangerous situation she found herself rescued by a mysterious man on a bike. Little did she know that this was no man, this was a WereBear and her life was about to change forever... Book 3: Unleashing His Bear – Ellie Valentina Ryan Walker is, or was, a WereBear. However, he has lost his ability to shift. But after a steamy night with curvy Kara Smith he rediscovered everything he had previously lost. And more... Book 4: Bear My Babies – Jade White Thomas McMillian is a WereBear. He is also a billionaire who wants nothing more than be able to reproduce. And he thinks that fertility doctor Melissa Rancic is the perfect woman to make this happen.... Book 5: Her ToyBear – Bonnie Burrows Divorced Jennifer Casey loved to have fun with a toy boy every now and then. However, her latest lover is not actually a toy boy but a toy bear and she is about to find out the truth and much more... Book 6: Her Burden To Bear – Angela Foxxe Sharon McKay was loving dating Billionaire Chad Rogers. However, Chad's secret life as a WereBear was about to be discovered and it was about to become more than a burden for Sharon too... Book 7: One Night With A Bear – Jasmine White When Tara White enjoyed a no-strings attached one night stand with handsome WereBear Colton Boswell she had no idea that their night of fun would come back to haunt them in more ways then one... Book 8: Blake, Her Bad Bad Bear – Amy Star He was sexy. He was charming. He was also so bad for her that he should have come with a health warning and innocent journalist Lilly was about to find out just how bad this bear could be... Book 9: A Bear In A Billion – Lilly Pink When Kara and her friends headed for a relaxing weekend at the Black Bear Lodge it was supposed to be girls-only. However, the owner of the ranch was a young, handsome Billionaire named Wes and Kara was going to find herself getting to know him in ways that she never expected...

Bear Club

Miranda Bailey - 2015
    Trudi has her life mapped out before her and it was going to stay that way. When her car breaks down on her way to that life Trudi starts to see how maps can sometimes be wrong. Her GPS sent her down a lonely highway, a place devoid of lights or life. Hungry and in need of a phone Trudi is leery of walking into the biker bar she stumbles upon, the only light in the darkness. These are not the kind of people she’d ever choose to be around. Stepping inside could change Trudi’s life forever, if she’s brave enough. Can the loud, wild freedom and laughter offered to her by the Ursa Majors motorcycle club rival what Senator Blake Shippington III has to offer? Can it replace her lonely childhood of dirt and poverty; can it be better than the sterile, luxurious lifestyle the senator offers? Can she break away from tradition and have two soul mates? Are Travis and Quinn, the most tempting men fate ever had to offer up, really worth revealing the secret she has always hidden out of fear? For Trudi the decisions are hard ones to make and she has no map to guide her way anymore. She lost that map the moment she followed a constellation to a place she’d never been before. Author's Note: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

SEDUCTION'S GAME (Seductions Game Book 1)

K.C. Blaze - 2015
    They test their friendship with their wickedly fun Seduction Game. Each woman implores the use of a different method of seduction in hopes of proving they are the better catch. The only problem is they practice their game on ONE very lucky man. Things get sticky when feelings get involved and backstabbing and foul play are sure to muddy the playing field. Is their friendship strong enough to survive? Or will they find out that matters of the heart are better left unplayed?

Stupid Young

    She has always ran to her sister when she couldn't take it anymore. Shonique decides to move in with her sister and her family. Her brother in-law starts giving her special attention; she knows she should resist his advances but she can't. The guilt consumes her. He teaches her things as they vow to keep this secret from his wife and her sister. Will their decision to deceive her sister catch up with her?

Jesus on a Park Bench (Park Bench Stories Book 1)

Shari Broyer - 2012
    A middle-aged woman, alone and broke on the eve of Christmas Eve, finds new hope when she gives hope to a stranger.


Mr. 777 - 2015
    Soon her cousin shows her exactly what she saw and how to utilize it to her benefit. Eventually, Ronnie develops into a young woman physically and somewhat mentally, and ventures off into the life of a Diva, or what is believed to be a Diva in her family. Soon she faced with an all too common dilemma. Abuse. Before she knows it, she loses her dad, and goes out in search of a father figure. What she finds is nothing of the sort. What she finds and experiences forces her to flee to another city where she runs into Mainyac, and old friend. Just when she believes she found the man of her dreams, all hell breaks loose.

Scarlett Baby (The Scarletts Book 1)

Brenda Barrett - 2015
    What he didn't count on was seeing Marla, his childhood sweetheart and his best friend's wife. And when emotions overwhelm them and a few months later Marla is pregnant, Yuri wants the impossible: his best friend's wife and the baby they made together...

The Billionaire Meets His Match

Alyssa J. Montgomery - 2016
    montgomery's titles bundled together:Echoes of the HeartRoses for SophieMistaken Identity