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Plenty Good Room by Cheri Edwards


Confessions of a First Lady

Denora Boone - 2014
    Veronica and her husband Marvin served as the heads and founders of “Clover Hill Church of God in Christ” in Atlanta, GA. From the outside looking in, one would never be able to tell that this family had not always been perfect in God’s eyes. The Millhouses had three beautiful children - a son Marvin, Jr., and a set of twin girls Destiny and Dynasty. Even Marvin Jr.’s girlfriend was an example of near perfection. They were admired, loved and respected by their entire congregation. But what happens when buried secrets and hidden indiscretions get exposed for the whole world to see? Iesha was a bitter, deranged female who had been scorned by her ex-lover. Having lived years as a prostitute had taken its’ toll on her and she looked for someone to blame. Her life’s focus was to get revenge and cause havoc in someone’s life that did not want her and had moved on. She went through hell and high waters to make sure she destroyed her ex lover’s life by any means necessary. Her move from Chicago to Atlanta had nothing to do with a job, as she had told her family; she was finally putting years of planning into motion. Everyone has a past. Take a journey with the Millhouse family and find out firsthand how secrets, lies and betrayal can turn a family upside down.

Full Figured 6

Electa Rome Parks - 2013
    Big, bold, and beautiful are three adjectives that describe Erika to a tee. Named after her mother's favorite soap opera vixen, Erika Kane is self-assured, headstrong, and opinionated. But Erika is also unlucky in love. Whenever she thinks she's found everlasting love, it always ends up being short-lived--literally. She has three dead husbands to prove that point, and it has earned her the title of The Black Widow. Just when Erika is about to give up on true love, she learns that, like it does in the soaps, love sometimes shows up when you least expect it--though sometimes it can be deceiving. Once again, life has gone wrong for Artemis Clay. It seems like she's always been unlucky in love, and this time is even worse than she could imagine. Her own family looks down upon her, and everything looks hopeless. Artemis decides to leave everything behind for a last-minute getaway. While she's enjoying her newfound freedom, she comes across not one, but two reminders that maybe not all hope is lost. Is she ready to take a chance on love again?

I'm Doin' Me

Anna Black - 2013
    All was well and things were perfect for Tiffany until the day she got the news that her show was going to be cancelled, before going home to catch her man in bed with the hired help. Determined to find a new home for her show and to get over her two-timing ex boyfriend Jeff, she seeks out every network on the roaster, but get's nowhere until she gets interest from TiMax, a cable network ran by Langley Green, father of Tressa Green who happens to be the fiance of Tiffany's old high school crush Kory Banks. The queen of L.A. Tressa, Kory's soon to be bride, not only wants to keep Tiffany and Kory apart, before they jump the broom, she also wants to make sure Tiffany's show never airs on her father's network. Although Kory and Tiffany realize that there is still an attraction for each other, Kory decides to move on with Tressa and Tiffany decides to focus on her career, but love is love and Tressa's schemes and manipulative devices to destroy Tiffany, causes her to lose more than Kory in the end.

The Education of Nevada Duncan: A Family Business Novel

Carl Weber - 2021
    N. Phillips for this fresh, enthralling spin-off to the Family Business series as the heir to a crime family finds himself targeted by an enemy and he'll need more than his family by blood to save him...Nevada Duncan is the heir to the Duncan and Zuniga crime family fortunes, but before he can take the mantle of power, he has to be educated about the family business. So, with the encouragement of his father and grandfather, he enrolls in his father's alma mater, Chi's Finishing School. Chi's is the world's most elite school for the children of underworld figures.On Nevada's first day of school, he hooks up with a group of misfit freshmen from around the world who quickly become his new best friends. However, Nevada is unaware of the deadly adventure that awaits him with a sinister new enemy lurking in the shadows. Montez wants what Nevada has, and he will do anything to get it.Accustomed to relying on his family and his superior intelligence, Nevada Duncan will soon learn the importance of friendship when the threats are aimed directly at him and he's the only Duncan around.

Mary B. Morrison Bundle: Soulmates Dissipate / Never Again Once More / Darius Jones (Soulmates Dissipate, #1-2, 8)

Mary B. Morrison - 2011
    Morrison links two beloved series in a riveting tale of envy and seduction that has basketball star Darius Jones up against a woman who takes being a fan to the next level.Darius Jones is living the good life. He's got a chance to become the league's most valuable player, he's crazy in love with his wife, and his relationship with his mom has never been better. But Darius also has a stalker who's determined to be the number one woman in his life. And no matter where he goes, she's there. . .scheming to kill his wife, Fancy; charming his manager and mother, Jada; manipulating his son's mother, Ashlee; and worst of all, dragging new mother Honey Thomas into the mix with one of the most heartless schemes ever. With his life quickly unraveling, Darius must gamble all he's worked for to save his wife, reclaim his son, and stop a madwoman from ruining the lives of everyone around him. . . . Never Again Once MoreIn Soul Mates Dissipate, her phenomenal Essence® and Blackboard bestseller, Mary B. Morrison left readers cheering with her tell-it-like-it-is-and-then-some story of Jada and Wellington, two lovers whose connection is tested, but never broken. Now, in this eagerly awaited sequel, Jada and Wellington find themselves facing new conflicts that will challenge the decisions they made years ago.Do we choose love, or does love choose us? That's the question Jada Diamond Tanner can't seem to stop asking herself after ten years of marriage. She thought she'd chosen the right man in Lawrence Anderson, her steady, reliable husband and the man who helped raise her son Darius. But did she choose the right life when she turned her back on Wellington Jones, the soulmate whose fiery kisses took her body and spirit to a higher level than she ever dreamed possible?For twenty years, Jada has struggled to keep her distance from Wellington, and he's paid her in respect. But now, the cracks in Jada's carefully constructed life are beginning to show. Darius is a young man out of touch and in trouble. When his destructive behavior threatens to destroy him, Jada reluctantly lets Wellington take more control and be the father Darius needs.With each day back in Wellington's company, Jada begins to question the choices she has made in her life--choices made out of fear, out of foolish pride, out of denial. Slowly, she begins to realize that she still has one choice left: to get true to herself. Armed with the courage and the fire she's been missing for years, Jada's out to seize the opportunity she thought she had lost--and this time, she'll say, "never again once more."Soulmates DissipateBringing the soulful, sexy, and totally uncensored voice of black women to readers everywhere, Mary B. Morrison is blazing a new trail in African American erotic fiction that has made her one of the most exciting, and most popular, authors writing today. Exquisite ebony-skinned fashion photographer Jada Diamond Tanner may have her pick of fine men, but no one has captured her heart like gorgeous financial advisor Wellington Jones. From the moment of their first embrace, Jada is sure he is the soul mate she has waited for. But while the love she shares with Wellington is exhilarating, Jada finds herself facing challenges she never could have imagined--from Melanie Thompson, bright, beautiful, and talented, but hungry for the love she has never had. . .and from Cynthia Jones, Wellington's overbearing socialite mother, who believes Jada will never fit into her circle of aristocratic friends. Forced to make difficult choices, Jada will soon learn some painful lessons about love, trust, and commitment. But she will also discover deep emotional strengths in herself, along with the courage to celebrate the joy each day can bring--with or without the man she loves.

In the Midst of It All

Tiffany L. Warren - 2010
    Between her schizophrenic mother and their tough neighborhood, her life has never been even remotely near normal. When the Brethren of the Sacrifice Church offers them acceptance and a chance at stability, even skeptical Zee can’t resist. Especially when Tristan, a handsome, fervent young member, acts like he wants her to be his one-and-only…and his wry older brother Justin reveals he’s more interested in Zee than he pretends. But when she falls hard for Emil, the Brethren’s outspoken rebel, her belief in mercy and tolerance puts her at odds with the Brethren, her new life—and her mother. Now Zee must come to terms with betrayal, deceit, and false faith. As she fights to grow spiritually and live on her own terms, she will discover how love, forgiveness, and God’s guidance can bring the most unexpected blessings.

No Weapon: Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

Andre Ray - 2016
    After being divorced for several years and being in her late forties she didn’t want to be alone any longer so she began to pray secretly for the Lord to send her a man who would love her and possibly be her husband. During a Sunday service little did she know the young man sitting next to her would change her life forever. His name is Malachi Steel who is a brown skin man she couldn’t keep her eyes off of. Malachi, on the other hand, didn’t come to church to hear the Word of the Lord, but to carry out the evil mission of pulling Sister Sandra Washington out of the hand of God and into a world that she would rather die than to live. Who sent this tall brown skin stranger into Sister Sandra Washington’s life? Meet Keisha who is straight from the hood and could care less if you live or died. Her connection to this whole twisted nightmare will come as a shock as the story comes to life before your very eyes. Will Sister Washington get the man she had been secretly praying for? Will Malachi Steel achieve his mission that if he failed would not sit well with Keisha? Will Keisha finally see her master plan come to life or will the Lord come in time to put a stop to this nightmare before it’s too late?

The Mothers' Board: Mothers Know Best

Lashaunda K. Jackson-Williams - 2016
     But hold everything! The Mothers’ Board has been quiet for too long, and they refuse to lay down after seeing their beloved pastor vanish. What follows is a rollicking adventure with the mothers sticking their noses in plenty of people’s business and causing a fuss wherever they go—whether it’s breaking and entering a house to search for clues … or investigating the seemingly psycho church secretary. Along the way, the mothers show a heap of God’s love to some hurting folks—and put the smack-down on the devil every chance they get. It’s their church, after all, and mothers know best!

Forever an Ex

Victoria Christopher Murray - 2014
    Now eight years later, their exes are back, wreaking havoc on the lives they’ve worked so hard to rebuild. Sheridan has found love again after her ex-husband left her for a man, but her old wounds are reopened when her daughter tells her she’s gay and Sheridan blames her ex. Kendall is forced to reunite with her former husband, who left her for her own sister, when her father wass diagnosed with cancer. And Asia must reevaluate her life when her L.A. Laker ex-boyfriend reminds her that her lavish lifestyle will end when their son turns eighteen next year. With her trademark writing that “has the kind of momentum that prompts you to elbow disbelief aside and flip the pages in horrified enjoyment” (The Washington Post), Forever an Ex is Murray’s best novel yet.

Ms. Ely's Christmas Wish: A New Life Tabernacle Short Story

LaShonda Bowman - 2017
    Ely, the beloved character from the novel, Taste & See, is back in her very own Christmas story! All Orella Ely ever wanted was for her loved ones to be happy and blessed. But now that they are, it seems they have little time left for her. And with Christmas fast approaching, that fact has become painfully clear. Encouraged by some to retire and restart her life elsewhere, Ms. Ely has a hard decision to make. Is it time to move on? Or does God have other plans in store for her? Find out along with Ms. Ely as she learns how God can turn the dark parts of our lives into something bright and beautiful.

Dysfunctional Family Values

Raegan Dennis - 2018
    The only issue was, somewhere along the line, life caused her to forget how to pray. Raised by a mother that despised her after the death of her grandmother, Mia lost all faith in the God that her grandmother taught her so much about. Kain came along at the right time and saved Mia from her mother's wrath. But when her woman's intuition starts sounding alarms she begins to see Kain for who he really is. Mia knew she could never trust her mother, but when she has to pull her trust away from Kain the heartbreak is unbearable. Secrets are revealed, the drama unfolds, and the only way Mia will get through this is to remember what her grandmother taught her.

Colored Sugar Water: A Spiritual Tale

Venise T. Berry - 2002
    Lucy is thirty-five, single, and in great shape thanks to her career as a fitness manager for a string of Texas health clubs. Adel is the vice president for human resources at American Oil, pulling in a six-figure salary and annual bonuses. Unfortunately, neither is happy.Lucy struggles with her emotional and spiritual dreams. Her boyfriend Spencer, a basic kind of guy who loves his mama, sports, fried chicken, and Lucy in that order doesn't seem to measure up. So she decides to get out of her rut with a Sexy Soul Psychic named Kuba. Self-assured and sensitive, Kuba seems to know exactly what women want. Or does he?Adel struggles with a husband, Thad, who refuses to grow up and a job that is less than satisfying despite its financial gains. She is eventually forced to reexamine her faith as she searches for a life that brings her closer to happiness and fulfillment.Filled with the humor, passion, and pathos of modern relationships, Colored Sugar Water tells the story of two women who discover the power of their unique spiritual gifts. It further establishes Venise Berry as one of the freshest, wittiest, and wisest writers on today's fiction scene -- as New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey wrote, "magnificient and honest, Venise Berry's writing comes from her soul."

And You Call Yourself a Christian

E.N. Joy - 2012
    Never one to hold her tongue in the name of keepin' it real, it's no surprise that Unique has not been saved all her life. It's safe to say that Lorain wasn't born on the church pew either. Let the church folk tell it, the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree when it comes to Unique. Lorain--once known as the tight skirt, V-neck blouse, too much makeup-wearing leader of the New Day Singles Ministry--claims she's there to look out for her daughter and try to keep her in check. But how in the world does Lorain think she can even begin to keep her daughter on the straight and narrow with her own crooked life?Some might say Lorain has failed miserably as a mother when Unique ends up in jail for three counts of murder. One who would agree is the woman who raised Unique while Lorain was out living her life freely. As an all-out war takes place between Unique's birth mother and the woman who raised her, will Unique have any support while she fights for her life behind bars? Will all forsake her while they are too busy with their own agendas? Only God holds the answer to this one.

That Sunflower Summer

Autumn Macarthur - 2020
    Will they allow faith and forgiveness to heal their wounds and learn to love again? BOOK 1 : LEAST EXPECTED Can such complete opposites find a way to make their love work? When Maggie Golding, unconventional and artistic 50-something, agrees to help a friend by working as a window dresser at Pettett & Mayfields London department store, she never expected to fall in love with Edgar Pettett, staid and sensible heir to the business. Nor did she expect that he’d still love her when she revealed her past, the consequences of that long-ago sunflower summer working in Tuscany. Her daughter, Rachel. Between her shaky faith, their huge differences, and his mother’s disapproval, how can they possibly work things out? BOOK 2 : DOLCE VITA (Sweet Life) La dolce vita, a sweeter life of love, awaits Rachel. But can she accept it? Rachel Golding loves her uncomplicated life in Wales, until the trip to Italy to meet her Italian grandmother for the first time stirs unwelcome emotions. Between her cousin’s accusations, her mother’s wedding, and her realisation she feels way more than she should for her best friend Jonathan, Rachel’s organised life is spiraling out of control. Always ready for adventure, especially with the woman he loves, Jonathan Davies gladly accompanies Rach on a return journey to Tuscany. But now she needs his friendship and support more than ever, revealing his love is a risk he dare not take. Not without some sign she wants more. A sign she may never give. In the haze of a sunflower summer, can Rachel learn to surrender her hurts and fears to God and so embrace the life He intends for her? La dolce vita, a sweeter life of love. BOOK 3 : LA RISPOSTA (The Answer) One marriage ends, as another begins. Or can faith and forgiveness bring a troubled couple back together? When the harvest celebrations and a family wedding bring the entire Rossi family back to the villa at summer's end, along with their new loved ones, the final secrets are revealed. But can these secrets be forgiven, healing old wounds and mending broken hearts, or will the mistakes of the past be repeated? The future of a marriage about to crumble depends on the answer! BOOK 4 : INNAMORATA (Sweetheart) Too old for love? Widowed Isabella Rossi is content with her life at the villa. In the past year, all her grandchildren have discovered faith and love, and huge family heartbreaks have been healed. But what about her? When a beau from her teens returns to Tuscany, can the flame of love be rekindled? Or is eighty-something too old for romance? NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Please be aware that Books 1 & 2 use British spelling and grammar. All four books are previously published. Least Expected is also in my London Loves boxed set, and the remaining three books were part of the A Tuscan Legacy boxed set.

Get You Good

Rhonda Bowen - 2013
    But both are in jeopardy when her brother, Dean, announces his sudden engagement to the conniving Sheree Vern. Much to Sydney's dismay, Dean inherits ownership of Decadent, despite his lack of interest. Now he and Sheree are selling the chain to finance his dreams of becoming a music producer—or so Dean believes…Thanks to Sheree, Dean’s plans, the business, and his marriage, soon implode in ways he never expected—leaving Sydney determined to salvage whatever she can, and fix the mess left behind. Her only solace is her romance with Hayden Windsor. But Hayden is Sheree’s half brother, and it doesn’t take long for Sydney to wonder if Hayden knew about Sheree’s scheming all along? Soon Sydney creates a deception of her own to find out the truth. Her strategy is working, until the consequences threaten to destroy everything she values most—including her faith. Overcome with guilt, can she make things right with her brother, with Hayden, and with God?...