Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals

Iris Murdoch - 1992
    Can we reject the literal truth of the Gospels yet still retain a Christian morality? Can we defend any 'moral values' against the constant encroachments of technology? Indeed, are we in danger of losing most of the qualities which make us truly human? Here, drawing on a novelists insight into art, literature and psychology, Iris Murdoch conducts an ongoing debate with major writers, thinkers and theologians - from Augustine to Wittgenstein, Shakespeare to Sartre, Plato to Derrida - to provide fresh and compelling answers to these crucial questions.

2002 Lesser Known Tales From The Mahabharata: Volume 1

Sharath Komarraju - 2017
    Now at your fingertips. The Mahabharata is the world's longest epic. It contains within it numerous fables, anecdotes and pieces of practical wisdom that make up what we today call Indian culture.Two thousand tales from this ocean of Vedic literature are now being retold for your reading pleasure. Crisp, comprehensive, contextual.In this volume you will find stories such as:- The three disciples of Dhaumya the sage- The strange adventures of Uttanka- The tortoise that fought with an elephant over years by a lake- How Sesha came to become the supporter of Mother Earth- Who the second Indra was and how he was 'defeated'And many more. Whether you're a casual reader of mythology or a die-hard fanatic, this is a must-read.

The Only Revolution

Jiddu Krishnamurti - 1970
    meditations on interior change

The Ultimate Intimacy

Ivan Klíma - 1997
    When a beautiful married woman walks into Pastor Daniel Vedra's life and conjures up memories of his first wife, Jitka, he struggles with the chaos the affair creates for his wife, his children, his vocation, and his future.

The Voice Of Silence

Osho - 1999
    Discourses on Mabel Collins' "Light on the Path"

Views from the Real World: Early Talks Moscow Essentuki Tiflis Berlin London Paris NY Chicago as Recollecte

G.I. Gurdjieff - 1973
    First published in 1975, this book has established itself as an authentic source for those interested in Gurdjieff's ideas and his approach to practical "work on oneself".

Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis

Greg L. Bahnsen - 1998
    The result is a carefully organized digest of all that Van Til taught about apologetics with running exposition by Bahnsen.

Jalamanta: A Message from the Desert

Rudolfo Anaya - 1996
    Rudolfo Anaya returns to the deeply spiritual themes of his hugely popular Bless Me, Ultima with this insightful tale of a prophet and his message to save humankind from itself.


Maxime Rodinson - 1961
    Thirty years after its first publication in English, it remains the definitive introduction to the Prophet's life.Drawing on wide-ranging scholarship and imaginative insight into the Prophet's personality, family, background, and wider society, Rodinson's Muhammad offers a vivid account of how he spread the word of Islam, created a sect and state, and defeated his enemies, establishing the first great Muslim military power -- a power that was soon to control territory stretching all the way from the Pyrenees to the borders of China.For anyone who wants to understand the historical roots of one of the world's great religions, Rodinson's Muhammad provides the ideal guide to a fascinating and timely subject.

Interpretation of Dreams

Omar Khayyám - 2013
    “In this book, the author provides a definition of the word “Dream”, discusses the various types of dreams, mentions some dreams that were interpreted by the Prophet (Peace and blessings Be Upon Him), etiquette to be observed by the person who has a dream and the person who interprets it, and provides the interpretation of a large number of dreams, among some other issue related to subject. The author is the well-known erudite scholar sheikh Muhammad ibe Abd-Allah ibn Raashid Al-Bakri (d. 736 AH/1336CE). The English reader will definitely find this book highly interesting and thought-provoking.

Pebbles Of Wisdom

Sadhguru - 2008
    The selection of gems by Sadhguru is something every reader will want to return to time and again.

Discussions on Youth

Daisaku Ikeda - 2009
    He details practical ways for youth to overcome issues relating to bullying, relationships and insecurity by drawing on and tapping their "inexhaustible wellspring of infinite potential"--or Buddhahood--to forge a robust self and to create both individual happiness and a future of peace for all.

Scientology: A History of Man

L. Ron Hubbard - 1952
    Ron Hubbard began his search into mankinds past. There was no knowledge of it in existence. There were numberless superstitions, countless guesses, as many theories of one thing as in favor of another. Some people believed man had lived before. Others believed man was born innocent, died and went to a place called Hell. Most believed that once you had lived once that was all.It became L. Ron Hubbard s business to uncover the truth. His findings are recounted in Scientology: A History of Man.

Complex/Archetype/Symbol in the Psychology of C.G. Jung

Jolande Jacobi - 1957
    Jung for many years, Jolande Jacobi is in a unique position to provide an interpretation of his work. In this volume, Dr. Jacobi presents a study of three central, interrelated concepts in analytical psychology: the individual complex, the universal archetype and the dynamic symbol.

Dalai Lama on What Matters Most: Conversations on Anger, Compassion, and Action

Noriyuki Ueda - 2013
    This little book is the result. In it are some surprising truths and commonsense wisdom."The attachment that seeks what is good is worthwhile. Seeking enlightenment is a kind of attachment that we should keep, as is the desire for an unbiased heart.""Anger that is motivated by compassion or a desire to correct social injustice, and does not seek to harm anyone, is a good anger worth having.""I'm not only a socialist, but also a bit of a leftist, a Communist.""The type of competition that says, 'I am the winner, and you are the loser' must be overcome. But a positive competition allows us to lift each other up so that everybody ends up on top."Open the book to any page and find great wisdom on what matters most. And what matters most is not adherence to any one doctrine or political system but living with an open mind and heart.