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Desolation by A.J. Alexander


Taken by the Boss

Brook Wilder - 2020
    A monster who needed a wife to help cement his power and fortune. So he did what ever monster would do: He took someone by force:MeYears ago, he showed me what kind of man he was. What kind of things he was capable of. I thought he was out of my life for good. Until he placed the ring upon my finger like a shackle.Each night, he reminds me:I am his wife. His comfort. His property.His to keep--for better or for worse. Til death do us part. Taken by the Boss is an exciting new Dark Romance & Psychological Suspense by bestselling author Brook Wilder.WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.


K.A. Ware - 2016
    I gave him my heart when we were just sixteen, and I never got it back. We were so in love, but it wasn't enough. Duty to his family drove a wedge between us. We tried to hold on—secret meetings, hooded glances, and stolen kisses. Proclamations of love whispered into the night. We tried to let our love get us through, but as much as we longed for a life away from everything that stood in our way, we knew it was hopeless. He was the heir to the DeLuca family throne, and I was just the housekeeper’s daughter. Our lives were never meant to intertwine in a tangle of love, passion, and promise. It was his duty to bring the two most powerful families in Sicily together. A deal struck by two fathers with no regard for the wishes of their children. It was a different time, a different place, one where compliance was the only option—anything else was a death sentence. I fell in love with the boy, vowed my heart and soul to the man, and was forced to watch as he became a monster.


Ashlee Price - 2020
    Pull the trigger. Done deal.Except that I can’t.I wanted her the moment I saw her.I’m obsessed with those bright eyes and killer curves.Her full lips, and those long gorgeous legs.Allie knows too much but she doesn’t deserve to die.She deserves justice, despite the secrets she’s keeping from me.Her enemies are relentless.But I’m ruthless and won’t let them get to her.I’m the only man who can protect her.I will save her, even if it kills me.

Crossing Roman

Ginger Ring - 2016
    He's all she can think about, but the son of a mafia boss is not the kind of man she’d had in mind. She wonders how being involved with him might impact her life—and the lives of those she cares about. Roman Caponelli is looking to expand his family’s business on the legitimate side—not the mafia side—and perhaps find a little romance… Roman is captivated with Madison, but this local beauty wants nothing to do with a criminal like him. Madison said no to him once, and come hell or high water she won’t deny him again—and if he has to use mob tactics to make that happen, so be it. Roman sets out, determined to win the only woman who has kept his interest for more than one night. Madison is everything he wants in a woman, and he will stop at nothing… Not until the entire town knows that Crossing Roman is not an option.

Taken for His Pleasure

Mae Doyle - 2020
    Innocent.I touch everything I destroy.I can't keep my hands off of her.I'm going to ruin her if she's not careful.Eva is everything good in this city.But loving her is more dangerous than I could imagine.When she sees something she shouldn't, I don't have a choice.There's nothing I won't do to to protect my family.She's in my heart and in my bed.Now that I've had a taste, I don't think I can let her go.

Beneath The Surface

Abbi Cook - 2020
    It's all I'm supposed to be.I take no prisoners. Until Lily. For her, I make an exception. But only for a week. When I walk in, time starts ticking down to zero. Her father has seven days to save her. Until then, she's mine. Mine to have. Mine to take. Mine to keep. Beneath The Surface is a standalone in the Captive Hearts series.

Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy 6 (Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy #6)

Raven Dark - 2017
    Presenting the 6th and FINAL book of the sizzling serial, Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy. I am Kane Davros, and I am my father’s son. At least, that’s what I need the world to think. Vicious and unscrupulous, I do my father’s dirty work, but it’s part of my plan for the day I can claim his empire and take him down before he turns me into the mobster I refuse to become. When mysterious, sassy Anika returns my wallet, it puts her on my radar, not a place a good girl like her should be. Her mix of innocence and jaded fire quickly turn my desire into an obsession I can’t control. We said one night. No strings, no morning afters. But with a woman as perfect as Anika, one night is never enough. When she refuses to give me more than one night, I discover a secret in Anika’s past that’s had her on the run her entire life. Her father’s substantial debt to a powerful mobster offers the perfect snare. I offer to pay his debt on one condition. Her body, and her sweet submission, must be mine for six months. Bargaining with me is getting in bed with the devil, but it’s either that or let the monsters that want her family dead destroy her. I guess it’s true what they say, no one deals with a Davros and comes out unscathed. ***This series has plenty of light kink, and absolutely no cheating. Prepare for some violence and death. At over 101,000 words, this installment is a full length novel that concludes the series.

You Have a Piece of My Heart

Willow Winters - 2022
    (set within the Merciless World)Flirting with a Good Night. (set within the Tequila Rose World)Beauty & the Beast (set within the Midnight Dynasty World)A Single Night (an extended epilogue from the A Single Glance trilogy)Too Much Work and Not Enough Play (an extended epilogue from Knocking Boots)The Things You Do to Me (an extended epilogue for Carter and Aria)

The Recluse Heir (The Lupu Chronicles, #2)

Monique Moreau - 2021

Hidden Witness

Posey Parks - 2018
    I’ve been in hiding for 14 years. Starting over isn’t easy. I'm ready to kill at a moment’s notice. My name is Dillon Magarelli. New Jersey's mob boss was supposed to be my title, not construction boss. In Oregon, my name is Jeff Westbrook. Building a successful construction company was hard work. My wife wasn’t happy with the money I made. Her family is rich. She never had to struggle. Before I started over, I never had to struggle either. Lindsay only cared about having her needs met by the Grammy award winning singer Blake Schafer. Finding my wife in his arms I snapped, wrapping my hands around his neck. That was the day my marriage came to an end. My only concern was our two children. My heart turned into stone. No plans of finding love, again. Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store a beautiful woman captured my attention. I hadn’t felt my heart skip a beat like that in years. I admit, at first glance, all I could think about was kissing those sweet lips. A broken man like me doesn’t care about one-night stands. And love is not a factor in my life. Sierra is broken, too. Her husband Jeremy Crawford, Super bowl Champ, betrayed her. Sierra’s main focus is also her two children. She’s ready for a second chance at love. I’m not sure I am. But Sierra has a way of flashing those heather gray eyes and that gorgeous smile. She’s invested in me. Sierra is trying to heal my heart. Can I love again? ***This is a work of Fiction**** Author has created the story as intented. This book is a part of a series ***Warning Cliffhanger***Book 2 coming soon***series will end with a HEA always! Dillon is an Alpha who is broken. Can Sierra fix him? Mafia romance Second chance romance Alpha romance Sexy Divorced Dad Hot & Steamy Dillon will make you beg for more.... #Mafiaromance, #betrayal, #famiglia, #badboyromance #alpha #suspense, #Lovehard, #loyalty, #vengeance, #vengeful #poseyparks #hiddenwitness #IR #BWWM #secondchance #newadult #contemporaryromance #murder #betrayal #classic #Italian

Forever Lies

Jill Ramsower - 2019
    He was every crush and craving, each desire and fantasy, all rolled into one. The problem? There was something more sinister lurking beneath that tempting façade.Something dark and ruthless.Luca Romano locked his sights on me the moment those elevator doors closed.I couldn’t escape him, no matter how hard I tried.There was a mutinous side of me that didn’t want to run. As if I ever had a choice…"WOW! Just WOW...From beginning to end I was hooked on thisunique spin on Mafia Romance. HOLY PLOT TWIST! Did not see that coming...SOGOOD!" - Megan, Megan's Scandalous Book BlogFOREVER LIES is a full-length mafia romance complete with HEA. The book is a dark romance that contains adult themes and content that may not be suitable for sensitive audiences.

Hooked: A Christmas Romance: The Doyles, Boston Irish Mafia Romance

Sophie Austin - 2019
     Sia Fitzgerald is obsessed with Christmas. So she's decided to use her event planning skills to turn Martha's Vineyard into a winter wonderland. Which is about the last thing I want. Since leaving the Coast Guard, I own a fish shack. And once the season's over, everyone leaves. It's amazing. But now, Little Miss Christmas is screwing all of that up. Problem is, Sia also looks more delicious than any cookie she bakes up. And I want to trim her tree. I know she thinks I'm the Grinch, And I'll be one, if I can steal her heart. Hooked is a fast-paced, opposites attract romance full of sexy Christmas sweater contests, stolen moments under the mistletoe, and just the package you hope to find waiting when you're snowed in for the holidays. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a heartwarming, sizzling hot HEA.

Vincenzo (Mafia Heat Book 1)

Ella Jade - 2018
     NADIA I needed answers, The truth to the past, But what I find changes everything. A dead body, A murderer, And I'm the living, breathing eye witness, Of a crime they'll do anything to hide. Now, I'm on the run, And slamming into the hard, rugged body of Vincenzo Marchelli, Should send me racing for the hills, But something calms me, Gives me sanctuary. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, But it just may be the saving grace I needed all along. VINCENZO Liars, crime, coverups, and corruption, As an attorney, I can spot it all a mile away. As the son of a mob boss, it follows me everywhere. But when Nadia literally lands in my arms, With an unbelievable story, I know one thing: Her fear is real, And my desire is ignited. Come Hell or high-water, I will protect her, Save her, Even if it means going against her biggest enemy, My Family. **Book One in the Mafia Heat Series **Contains Mature Content

Royally Bad

Nora Flite - 2017
    Too bad it’s her only choice. Kain Badd looks great on paper: rich, handsome, and he’s even a prince. But after spending a few minutes together, Sammy sees the real him—arrogant, possessive, and too hot for his own good. If she hadn’t agreed to help plan his sister’s wedding, she could have avoided him. Instead, she’s waking up in his bed after an unforgettable night she definitely wants to forget. But he won’t let her.When Sammy thinks her life can’t get any crazier, the wedding is raided by the police, and she spends her first-ever night in jail. The irresistible Kain isn’t just bad in name—his family is connected to a dangerous underworld. Now she’s mixed up in a power struggle between his family’s empire and their rivals. She has no choice but to put herself back in this filthy prince’s extremely capable hands.Sammy must trust Kain to keep her safe. She’s just not sure she can trust herself to resist temptation.


A. Zavarelli - 2016
    A missing friend. Two loyalties, ripping me apart. I had a plan. Get in, get my information, and get out. Easy, right?Turns out, infiltrating the Irish mafia isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I just wanted a soldier. Someone I could flirt with to get me in the door. That’s when Lachlan Crow noticed me. Problem was, he wasn’t a soldier. No, he was next in line for the throne of the Irish underworld. And he was determined to hate me from the outset. My sob story about needing a job? Yeah, he wasn’t buying that either. Too bad for him, I won’t let anyone get in the way of my mission. Who cares if we have some kind of crazy chemistry? He’s the worst kind of wrong- and I would never in a million years be with a guy like him. Because they took her from me, and I’m going to make them pay.