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Little Sh*t by J.D. Light


Snakeskin Boots

Xara X. Xanakas - 2011
    Not that his luck with snakes has been any better. It's not easy being a wereboa constrictor in a world that worships werewolves.When the customer he's been watching for months turns out to be an interested wolf, his first instinct is to flee, but his attraction to Brad Cannidy is undeniable despite the strained relations between their families. Then Jeff’s anaconda ex-boyfriend re-enters his life as a pair of snakeskin boots, the hunt begins for the murderer who is turning weres into accessories, and Jeff will have to decide if a boa and a wolf can really mate for life. Read an excerpt here

Stealing His Heart

Bru Baker - 2019
    He’s part of the wealthy and powerful Connoll Pack, but only nominally. He abandoned that world to volunteer with supernatural kids, and he isn’t looking for a mate….Max is a shifter who is also a detective. He’s working a case that could make or break his career. Danny’s caught up in the case he’s on, and he’s also irresistible. They’re a bad match—Max, an Alpha having trouble with his new powers and Danny, who trusts Alphas as far as he could throw one. But they can’t get enough of each other, and they might bond before they even see it coming.They could be amazing together, but they have to get past a few obstacles—especially since someone close to Danny might be involved in the thefts Max is investigating.

A Cobra's Charm

Meghan Maslow - 2016
    A cobra shifter, he’s held captive by a collector who keeps him—and other shifters—in a private harem-style “zoo” in the Libyan desert. Considered a dangerous predator by the other shifters, and little more than a boy toy to the collector, Jiri is friendless, timid, and despondent.Miksa is the collector’s latest find. But honey badgers are known for their bad attitude, fearlessness, and fighting spirit. Miksa has no doubt he’ll escape, even if it means taking the whole zoo down with him.When honey badger and cobra meet, there should be instant enmity—after all, honey badgers eat cobras—yet both men find themselves oddly drawn to the other. Romance blossoms, but can it survive captivity and beyond? In order to do so, Jiri will have to find a strength he doesn’t know he possesses and Miksa will have to open a heart long closed to anyone except his immediate family.

Black Wolf

Jade Buchanan - 2008
    He's virtually penniless, is being threatened by his landlord, and now he's late for work at his new job. Expecting to be chastened by his boss, Adam doesn't expect Cody to provide him with a protector instead. He definitely doesn't expect his minder to be a big, bad wolf with attitude. Marcus Black has just arrived at Del Fantasma after his latest black ops mission. He's ready for some R and R, but Marcus won't refuse Cody when he asks him to help a little tabby cat. When Adam is threatened by his landlord in front of Marcus, his alpha wolf won't let him stand by and let it happen. Adam is about to find strength in submission, and his own set of claws. Marcus is about to find the mate he's been searching for in a deceptively small tabby. Now, if only they can hold on long enough to survive.

All That Glitters

Jordan Castillo Price - 2019

Beary Scary: Halloween Bone-us

Kiki Burrelli - 2018
    As Halloween looms on the horizon, Sawyer agrees to help his fellow pack mates, Gaia and Maggie, with turning their inn into a haunted house. It all goes smoothly until things actually begin to go bump in the night. Sawyer can't explain the disembodied voices or creepy messages written in blood and he certainly doesn't know who or what is responsible for the mutilated cattle found throughout the area. While Sawyer ignores all the creepy things that are happening around him, his friend, Chuey, is experiencing his first Halloween since being rescued from the Mexican wilderness and starting a family. Chuey isn't sure how he feels about candy corn, but he likes the idea of dressing up his older, sexy alpha husband. Join these friends, old and new, as they celebrate the spooky holiday! Beary Scary Halloween Bone-us is a holiday-themed story set in the same Mpreg world you've come to know and love. It features cameos of characters from the previous series and is the perfect book to keep you company while you pass out candy to all the neighborhood witches and ghouls...

Not a Werewolf

Madeline Kirby - 2015
    His best friend Don is no help, though – he doesn’t even believe in werewolves! When the dreams lead Jake and Don to the body of a despised developer dumped along a Houston bayou, the only ones listening to Jake's theories are the dishy Detective Ruben Petreski and Jake's feline visitor, Boo.In a historic neighborhood under threat from developers, everyone is a suspect, but so far all Jake's new-found psychic abilities seem to be good for is finding kittens and talking to squirrels. He's really going to have to up his game if he wants to escape the killer's attention - and catch Detective Petreski's.Note: Contains excessive caffeine intake, cats, irritable detectives, lots of carbs, and no werewolves.


Adrienne Kress - 2013
    When one decides to terrorize her in her own backyard, it’s the final straw. She takes her mother’s shotgun and shoots the thing. So it’s dead. Or … not? In place of the creature she shot, is a guy. A really hot guy. A really hot alive and breathing guy. Oh, and he’s totally naked.Not sure what to do, she drags his unconscious body to the tool shed and ties him up. After all, he’s an angel and they have tricks. When he regains consciousness she’s all set to interrogate him about why the angels come to her town, and how to get back her best friend (and almost boyfriend) Chris, who was taken the year before. But it turns out the naked guy in her shed is just as confused about everything as she is. He thinks it’s 1956.Set in the deep south, OUTCAST is a story of love, trust, and coming of age. It’s also a story about the supernatural, a girl with a strange sense of humor who’s got wicked aim, a greaser from the 50’s, and an army of misfits coming together for one purpose: To kick some serious angel ass.

Hunter's Creek

Victoria Sue - 2019
    Drugged and desperate, he is ready to give up completely until one miraculous day he’s rescued by a stranger who not only says his rages are because he’s a rare unbonded wolf omega, but insists Sai is his true mate. Asher is used to shifters of every sort. Growing up, he was his mom and dad’s first successful foster cub and, along with his large family, they often get emergency calls about shifter kids in trouble. Except Sai is no child. He’s one hundred percent grown-up gorgeous male and one hundred percent Asher’s fated mate. He’s also rare. Very rare. Given time, Asher is sure he can explain who and what he is…except when the rogue wolves discover Sai’s existence and the baby he might be carrying, time is something they no longer have.Then the race isn’t about explaining how much Asher loves him, but becomes about saving Sai’s life.

Dark Hope

Monica McGurk - 2014
    Now, liberated by her mother, Hope prepares to start life over as a normal kid in an Atlanta, Georgia, high school.Normal, that is, until Hope meets Michael, a gorgeous emancipated teen with a mysterious past and a strong interest in Hope. And soon, Hope’s life is filled with questions. What’s behind the angry looks Hope gets from Lucas, leader of a gang of students? Who’s responsible for sending Hope a strange valentine inscribed with Bible quotations? How does this relate to the sinister business of human trafficking that operates on the periphery of Hope’s suburban world? And is Michael really a protector, or something more sinister—and just why does he seem so familiar?In an epic narrative that takes readers from the back streets of Atlanta to the height of Vegas penthouses and beyond, Dark Hope introduces readers to The Archangel Prophecies, a new young adult saga that blends the feeling of Twilight with a vast mythological scope and moral urgency, as well as to Hope Carmichael—a young woman instantly memorable for her endurance, heart, and determination—and Michael, Hope’s dangerous companion who’s fated either to save Hope—or to kill her.

Alpha Marked; Complete Series

Celia Kyle - 2015
    So, off she goes to the Gathering, with her sisters in tow, for some werewolf speed dating. Gabriella - Having a Mark on her arm means that Gabriella's one of the few human women destined to mate with not one, but two Alpha werewolves. Thank goodness werewolves don’t come in “ugly.” Whitney - Whitney Wickham is at the darned annual werewolf Gathering all right. Only there’s one problem: she doesn't have a scar and that's sorta necessary to mate an Alpha Pair. Unfortunately the gorgeous, drool worthy, magic-mojo-wielding Wardens don’t know why she’s been summoned to the Gathering any more than she does. Rebecca - Rebecca Twynham hates nature, loves a juicy steak, is not Marked, and thinks wolves come in one form: on four feet and with fur. So when she’s hauled to the annual werewolf Gathering by this scary as hell magical vortex, she’s pretty surprised to find out werewolves are real. Plus, she really wants to climb the gorgeous Alpha Pair, Aidan and Carson, like a tree. Lorelei - At least Lorelei was kidnapped while she was at the gun range. Go Pink Pistol of Doom! So, they stole her, she stole a cell phone in return, and all is crazy in her new werewolf-laced world. It gets even crazier when, 1—she discovers her sisters have been kidnapped, too, and 2—werewolves are sexy as all get out. Lorelei is determined to come to her sisters’ rescue and well, see what Dylan and Zeke have to offer.Paisley - Paisley Twynham is over the whole werewolf thing. She's been kidnapped twice, had the crap beat out of her, managed to escape (twice), and then met two men who are supposed to be her mates. Yup, all kinds of “over” the Gathering. If you already own Scarlet, Gabriella, Whitney, Rebecca, Lorelei and Paisley DO NOT purchase this book.

Late Night Snack

Lou Harper - 2013
    Gabe is a slayer but his lover is a vampire. And so is his boss. When Gabe is tasked with capturing a delinquent blood sucker, he's determined to succeed, even if it means posing as bait. There is only one problem: Harvey, his possessive boyfriend, might ruin everything. Warning: hot fang-on-man action, role-playing, and one pissed off vampire.Words: 5,000 (approximate)

My Life Without Garlic

Bailey Bradford - 2015
    Man, was he right—but it just so happens that those weirdos really are vampires, and when one shows up at his place, Augustin’s world is turned upside down.First he’s got a psychotic vampire to deal with. Then he’s got one who is much more fun hanging around.Except now that Augustin knows that vampires exist, he can’t be left alive. Or can he? When an alternative is offered up, Augustin doesn’t care for it, either. After all, he doesn’t want to be whisked off to some disgusting vampire den.Tony’s the vampire next in line to lead the coven. He wants to be a fair man, and that means arguing against killing Augustin. If he’s also attracted to the sarcastic, adorable man, where’s the harm in that?The attraction between Augustin and Tony is undeniable, but deny it is what they both try to do. Someone is going to have to bend or break.Publisher's Note: This book was previously available on the author’s blog.

The Tiger's Innocent Bride

Reina Torres - 2018
    Keeping his Tiger a secret was no longer an option. Every day was a struggle for Tiger Shifter, Devlin Kerr. Booted from one Police Department due to his ‘questionable attitude,’ he’d landed in Sylvan City determined to give the career another go. What was an Alpha to do? Three weeks of even more bull and inside politics was already souring him on law enforcement all together when his Captain suckers him into working extra security at a society event. A society event that ends in gunfire and blood. And smack dab in the middle of the crosshairs? His mate. Secrets be damned, Devlin did what it took to save her and suddenly danger is coming at them from everywhere. Death, he could handle. Mayhem? Sure, just another walk in the park. People going after his mate? That wasn’t going to fly. He was going to do whatever it took to keep her safe from danger… …but who was going to keep Paige Lundin safe from him? Less than a day after they’d met, she was The Tiger’s Innocent Bride. *This is Book 1 of the Sylvan City Alphas Series. As the series goes on you'll meet Alphas of a number of different species who will find their mates amongst the citizens of this city, complete with lush woods and fields as well as a concrete jungle. These hard-edged heroes and their lusciously-curvy mates are turning this island into a shifter paradise filled with Happy Ever Afters. *

Infernal Affairs

Jane Heller - 1996
    A woman who's down on her luck unwittingly sells her soul to the devil -- and finds herself living a fairy tale life -- in this wildly witty favorite from national bestselling author Jane Heller.