Dead of Night

Blake Banner - 2020
    He’s been sent home, to New York, where he was raised an orphan ‘til he was old enough to split and join the special forces.Now he’s back, and unemployed; until Russian Mafia boss Peter Rusanov offers him a job wiping out the Albanian Mafia. It’s a job he figures could make him rich, until Colonel Jane Harris shows up, takes him for a ride to Pleasantville, and tells him about Cobra…Then all hell breaks loose.

Book of Spies PB

Alan FurstJohn le Carré - 2003
    The Book of Spies brings us the aristocratic intrigues of The Scarlet Pimpernel, in which French émigrés duel with Robespierre’s secret service; the savage political realities of the 1930s in Eric Ambler’s classic A Coffin for Dimitrios; the ordinary (well, almost) citizens of John le Carré’s The Russia House, who are drawn into Cold War spy games; and the 1950s Vietnam of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, with its portrait of American idealism and duplicity. Drawing on acknowledged classics and rediscovered treasures, A Book of Spies delivers literate entertainment and excitement on every page.

The Spy Killer (John Smith Book 1)

Jimmy Sangster - 2019
     "An exquisite series launch. A tight and often violent tale of intrigue. Spy fiction fans will revel in this dark, witty story." Publishers Weekly Ex-British spy John Smith is nearly broke, has bad teeth, is lousy in bed, and drinks too much. But he's no fool. He's a man who knows his own limitations and works within them. He blackmailed his way out of the secret service years ago and is barely making a living as a London private eye when his ex-wife comes calling and asks him to follow her philandering husband. But that sleazy, all-too-common job leads to some uncommon trouble...and Smith is thrown like a chunk of raw meat into a lion's den of international espionage, betrayal, and killing. His only hope of surviving is to outwit his clever and brutal adversaries at their own deadly game. "Very astutely plotted, with many surprising twists and a sharp bite" The New York Times "There's nothing ordinary about this adventure. It's big league intrigue." Kirkus Reviews "A deadly, cold, serious drama of counter-espionage." Atlanta Constitution "A witty spy story in the anti-James Bond tradition." The Cedar Falls Courier This novel was originally published under the title private I and was adapted into a feature film The Spy Killer starring Robert Horton, Jill St. John and Sebastian Cabot.

The Humble Salve

Melissa F. Miller - 2017
    The handful of grudges she's nursing has started to cause problems at work and at home. When an old adversary and an old ally both come back into the picture, she'll learn whether she has the capacity to forgive and forget. It's a task that just might prove harder than bringing down killers, running a law firm, or parenting twins. Note from Melissa: This novella (approximately 75 printed pages) is a glimpse into Sasha's personal life for readers who can't get enough Sasha and Connelly. It's definitely NOT a good starting point for the series--you'll be woefully confused. If you're new to the series, pick up IRREPARABLE HARM (Book 1, available as a free ebook) instead. The next full-length Sasha McCandless legal thriller will be available in 2018.

As the Crow Flies / The Prodigal Daughter

Jeffrey Archer - 2005
    That day comes suddenly when his grandfather dies leaving him the floundering business. With the help of Becky Salmon, an enterprising young woman, Charlie sets out to make a name for himself as "The Honest Trader". But the brutal onset of World War I takes Charlie far from home and into the path of a dangerous enemy whose legacy of evil follows Charlie and his family for generations.The Prodigal DaughterWith a will of steel, Polish immigrant Florentyna Rosnovski is indeed Abel's daughter. She shares with her father a love of America, his ideals, and his dream for the future. But she wants more to be the first female president.Golden boy Richard Kane was born into a life of luxury. The scion of a banking magnate he is successful, handsome, and determined to carve his own path in the world-and to build a future with the woman he loves. With Florentyna's ultimate goal only a heartbeat away, both are about to discover the shattering price of power as a titanic battle of betrayal and deception reaches out from the past-a blood feud between two generations that threatens to destroy everything Florentyna and Richard have fought to achieve.

The Sleepover

Samantha King - 2019
    . . Was it his last?Izzy is thrilled when her shy, 12-year-old son is invited for his first sleepover. Nick has spent years being isolated and picked on; he deserves a night of fun and friendship.But Izzy is also nervous: it's a year to the day since bullies put Nick in hospital. She drops him off at his new best friend's house with mixed feelings. Arriving to collect him the following morning, her worst fears come true . . .Nick isn't there.Who has taken her son?And will she ever get him back?A gripping and emotional psychological thriller perfect for fans of Karen Cole's Deliver Me, Lesley Kara's The Rumour and Nuala Ellwood's Day of the Accident. From the Top Ten ebook bestselling author of The Choice.

La muerte me da

Cristina Rivera Garza - 2007
    The body lies at the end of a back alley, next to a piece of paper with enigmatic verses of the Argentinean poet Alejandra Pizarnik. The woman who called herself Cristina Rivera Garza- notifies the finding to the police, and automatically turn herself into the mysterious informant. What did she see? What does she believe these verses mean, that start with Be Careful with me my love.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - Review Summary

J.T. Rothing - 2014
    Solve the mystery behind Jane’s past and how it connects to her newly found circle of friends. Enhance your experience, expand your imagination with the use of this powerful study guide. It’s the perfect guide that keeps you glued and acquainted to the story, chapter after chapter. Big Little Lies is a story of three women with unique backgrounds, each coping up with the lives they have chosen. Read how three women’s lives linked together in one event that will change their lives forever. When you get hold of the study guide Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - Review Summary, you will come to understand each character and get a better hold of the plot, the theme and the representation of each character, a type of symbolism that represents the realm of our society. You will get chapter by chapter summary, analysis and essential quotes. Plus, get a sneak peak of critical reviews from various well known publications, editors and world acclaimed critics. Use this study guide to help you cope with your literature class, book club or just to help you better grasp the book itself. A WORD OF WARNING FOR READERS – This book is not the original copy of Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty’s book. However, this is a detailed summary and study guide that is designed to help you read the original work. Buy the original work along with this study guide!

Sycamore Row: by John Grisham -- Analysis

BookBuddy - 2013
    If you are looking for a deeper reading experience, then this analysis is the perfect companion. In Sycamore Row, we return to the character of Jake Brigance and the town of Clanton, Mississippi. With the Carl Lee Hailey case well behind him, Jake is frustrated and bored with the status of his professional life. But as he immerses himself in defending a will during an intense jury trial against powerful opponents, he gets out of the professional doldrums. The experience seems to breathe new life into his personal affairs, as well. John Grisham crafts a tale of revenge and forgiveness with a gentler voice than in A Time to Kill. Fans will appreciate Grisham's range, as the reader enjoys the building tension as Jake does battle without the threat of death hanging over his head. With this analysis, you will gain a better understanding of the characters and plot while receiving rich insight into the novel's themes and symbolism. Examine Grisham's writing style to see how he expertly builds tension in ways not seen in his previous works. This analysis covers an in-depth view of the setting, including the location, time period, and social issues. A convenient character reference list helps you keep track of the entire cast in Sycamore Row. The chapter-by-chapter analysis covers the plot while adding insightful details. Spoiler alerts tell you when to stop in case you are reading this analysis along with the book. Learn what drives each key character while you explore the major themes and symbols throughout the novel. Challenge your mind with the discussion questions and responses at the end of the analysis. Get the most out of your reading with the help of an expert's perspective while you enjoy Sycamore Row by John Grisham.

Murder Among Friends

Janice Frost - 2020
    After her husband dies she leaves her job as a teacher to volunteer as a special constable with the police.On her very first shift Jane is called to the scene of a murder. A young man has dragged himself to the top of Greestone Stairs to die. Following her instincts, Jane finds herself becoming very involved in the case . . .For Detective Steph Warwick, specials have no place in a murder investigation — and this upstart rookie is meddling where she doesn’t belong.The victim ran a group at the university teaching men how to pick up women. Jane and Steph must venture into a dark and dangerous world of online misogyny.Steph knows about abusive men. But can she work with Jane to put this killer behind bars?MURDER AMONG FRIENDS is the tantalizing first instalment in the new Warwick and Bell series.

Fear of Falling

Cath Staincliffe - 2018
    Bel becomes pregnant by accident and has a fraught relationship with daughter Freya, while Lydia and love-of-her-life Mac, after failed fertility treatment, choose to adopt. Gorgeous toddler Chloe challenges them more than either of them had ever expected and as a teenager her behaviour escalates increasingly out of control, pushing their marriage, and Lydia and Bel's relationship, to breaking point. A modern tragedy. A harrowing and heart-breaking story of the splinters that can tear mothers and daughters, husbands and wives - and friends - apart. ----- Praise for Cath Staincliffe: 'Harrowing and humane. A real knockout' Ian Rankin'It's always exciting to see a writer get better and better and Cath Staincliffe is doing just that' Val McDermid'Remarkable depth ... The most grown-up writer in British crime fiction' Telegraph'Complex and satisfying' Sunday Times'Powerful, humane and moving' Ann Cleeves'Emotionally unsparing, powerful, humane and moving . . . This is a timely, brave and brilliant book' Crime Review

Cross Fire-Free Preview: The First 30 Chapters

James Patterson - 2010
    Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooked politicians, sparking a blaze of theories--is the marksman a hero or a vigilante?A murderer returnsThe case explodes, and the FBI assigns agent Max Siegel to the investigation. As Alex and Siegel battle over jurisdiction, the murders continue. It becomes clear that they are the work of a professional who has detailed knowledge of his victims' movements--information that only a Washington insider could possess.Caught in a lethal cross fire As Alex contends with the sniper, Siegel, and the wedding, he receives a call from his deadliest adversary, Kyle Craig. The Mastermind is in D.C. and will not relent until he has eliminated Cross and his family for good. With a supercharged blend of action, deception, and suspense, Cross Fire is James Patterson's most visceral and exciting Alex Cross novel ever.


Andrew Diamond - 2016
    Someone is eavesdropping on his WiFi, watching him at the funeral, waiting in the alley. By the time he finds out why, all the FBI can tell him is that he’s in more trouble than he understands. It seems an old friend has bequeathed him one last gift before departing this earth: digital clues to the location of a stolen fortune. As his enemies close in from all sides to recover the money he can’t even find, Russ begins to understand that none of the clues are what they seem, and that the only way to find the money is to unravel the mysteries of his friend’s paranoid and slightly deranged mind.

Fast Track to Glory (Nina Monte Mystery #1)

Tomasz Chrusciel - 2016
    A mystical object has been discovered in a 15th-century galley, buried at the bottom of Lake Garda in Italy. At the recovery site, Monte makes a shocking revelation—the relic in her hands holds the power to change humanity’s perception of existence.But Monte soon finds herself trapped in an insidious intrigue, and is forced to abandon everything she knows and trusts. Joined by local hotelier, Alessandro Pini, she is determined to unravel the truth surrounding the discovery.A heart-stopping race to decode the four-thousand-year-old mystery leads Monte and Pini from Italy through the mighty Austrian Alps, right to the banks of the most sacred river in India. But the professor and her friend are not the only ones seeking answers, and it will take courage and cunning to outwit those who believe the truth is worth dying—or killing—for.

The Silent Child Boxset: A Collection of Riveting Kidnapping Mysteries

Roger Hayden - 2018
    These stories have accumulated over 300 five-star reviews and have been boxed together for the first time! The Missing A detective nearing retirement must solve a string of child abductions before it’s too late Detective Charles Knight has seen a lot in his long years as an investigator for the Melville County Police Department. Nothing, however, can prepare him for a missing children’s case involving two young girls, eerily abducted around the same time. The search leads to several potential suspects and one mysterious person who sends anonymous letters to Detective Knight’s home, promising more abductions to come. The clock is ticking, the town is on edge, and Knight must use all his resources to save the girls, with the aid of newly-arrived FBI Agent Tanya Garrett. Will they save the girls in time, or will the kidnapper’s deadly game spiral to the point of no return? The Secret Letter A mysterious chain letter is only the beginning to an inescapable nightmare. Homicide Detective Michael Dobson has seen many things in his long years on the force, but nothing can prepare him for a series of murders linked through the same mysterious chain letter mailed to the victims before their untimely demise. The answers lie in the victims’ pasts, leading Dobson and his rookie partner on a serpentine quest through the dark recesses of vengeance and betrayal. Can he stop the killer in time, or will a brutal fate await all who have made the killer’s list?