Memories of Malgudi

R.K. Narayan - 2002

Kalki: Selected Stories

Kalki - 1999
    His collection brings together the best of Kalki’s short stories, which contain some of his most colourful and enduring characters and themes of Tamil popular fiction of the nineteen thirties and forties. There is in these stories the heady urgency of the freedom struggle, the piquant humour of the parodied Tamil gothic and devastating social satire. In her sensitive translations, Gowri Ramnarayan has succeeded in capturing the nuances of the gently mordant wit that made Kalki’s stories the highlight of the magazines they were originally published in, creating for themselves a dedicated following that flourishes undiminished to this day.Coinciding with the centenary of Kalki’s birth, this volume is a well-deserved tribute to a writer whose breadth of vision and genius imagined and served a new India.

Naked Voices: Stories And Sketches

Saadat Hasan Manto - 2008
    In one of the three sketches, which form part of this collection, the author brilliantly reveals himself to the world in a schizophrenic piece titled 'Saadat Hasan' calling 'Manto the writer' a liar, a thief and a failure! And in another titled 'In a Letter to Uncle Sam', Manto superbly couches his anti-imperialistic views in an innocent letter from a poor nephew to a capitalist and prosperous uncle in America.

The World of Premchand: Selected Short Stories

Munshi Premchand - 2001
    The selection reveals the wide range of Premchand's genius and the scope of his appeal. While most of the stories are woven against a rural backdrop, some also demonstrate an urban sensibility.

Collected Stories

Rabindranath Tagore - 2012
    These stories hold the readers enthrall from the opening sentence itself, bringing the various characters to life in vivid detail.

Flannery O'Connor Complete Stories

Flannery O'Connor - 2009
    Contents:Wise blood --The violent bear it away --A good man is hard to find --The life you save may be your own --A stroke of good fortune --A temple of the Holy Ghost --The artificial nigger --A circle in the fire --A late encounter with the enemy --Good country people --The displaced person.

The Painted Pony

Angharad Thompson Rees
    He enjoys his life in the carnival, thank you very much – until he meets a young boy called Sebastian, who has a rather peculiar gift. Sebastian can read Stargazer’s mind, and what starts as a fairground fun, turns into a great adventure. Their lives collide, and nothing will ever be quite the same again… Wild Horses will not Tear you Away! About Magical Adventures & Pony Tales Magical Adventures & Pony Tales is a collection of six enchanting pony inspired children’s short stories, drawing readers into magical lands with unforgettable characters and ponies. Fantastic friendships, battles between good and bad and magical mysteries all come together in this unforgettable world. About the Author Angharad Thompson Rees is a rather strange individual. She believes in the magical, revels in the whimsical and owns a pet unicorn. Angharad has spent a lifetime working with horses and ponies of all sorts, from Olympic show jumpers and world class racehorses to taming wild ponies using the art of Horse Whispering. She has always been horse mad and her love for these magnificent beasts can be seen on every page of the new children's book series, Magical Adventures & Pony Tales.

Akbar and Birbal: Famous Illustrated Tales

Maple Press - 2016
    This book brings together a selection of these stories, along with fascinating historical details about the Mughal court, the emperor and his witty courtier. With well-researched introductions to each aspect of Mughal life, Amita Sarin recreates Akbar’s court in all its grandeur and vitality. The stories in this collection are both amusing and thought-provoking, both historical and timeless

Kuttiedathi and Other Stories

M.T. Vasudevan Nair - 1959
    This collection brings together some of the most well known stories of M T Vasudevan Nair, fairly representative of his literary works. Written over a broad span of time from 1962 to 2000, the stories collected here reflect the built-in variety of his fictional concerns and the changing tones of his narration.

Short Story Classics (American) Vol. 2

William Patten - 2007
    2: AmericanThen he saw, an indefinite distance beyond him, burning like red-hot iron through the darkness, a little scarlet or crimson gleam, as of a lighted cigar.

The Frogs

Preeti Shenoy - 2018
    The Frogs is an unforgettable read by one of India’s most-loved authors.


प्राण कुमार शर्मा [Pran Kumar Sharma] - 2015
    Thus CHACHA CHAUDHARY was born in 1971.Tall and robust SABU, who is an inhabitant of planet Jupiter, gave Chaudhary an ideal company. A combination of wisdom and strength was formed to tackle any difficult task. It is said that " Chacha Chaudhary's brain works faster than a computer". Though both fight the criminals and tricksters, each episode ends with a touch of humour. The duo perform in lighter vein. The CHAUDHARY family consists of his wife Bini, a fat sharp tongue woman, Sabu, Rocket - the dog and Dag- Dag, an old truck who is half human- half machine. Chacha Chaudhary is the most popular Indian comics. More than 10 million readers enjoy this series regularly in newspapers and comic books in ten languages. A T.V. serial based on the comics has crossed 500 episodes and still continue to be telecast on premier channel "Sahara ONE".

मृत्युंजयी [Mrutyunjayee]

Ratnakar Matkari - 1983
    We should be able to conquer it. Death has unsubstantiated me. Yes, I will take revenge! I will conquer death! I know the language of being alone. Niramayee lifted the holy book. She joined her hands to show her gratitude............

The Blue Umbrella

Nimmy Chacko - 2000
    The umbrella becomes her constant companion and protector. But there are others, in the village, who would also like the umbrella for their own and will go to great lengths to get it.Sita lives with her grandparents on a tiny island in the middle of a river. One day, when her grandparents are away the river begins to rise. The friendly stretch of water becomes an angry, rushing flood and Sita watches as her beloved home is washed away. Will she be able to save herself?The Blue Umbrella and The Angry River, two wonderful stories from one of India's most loved storywriters, Ruskin Bond.


गुलज़ार - 1999
    The stories in this book have their roots in the Indian culture but express universal emotions that are experienced across the boundaries of regions, caste, and creed. Varied emotions of love, heartbreak, aloofness, anxiety, fear, and longing are expressed in this book.There is one story in which movie star Dilip Kumar breaks the heart of a young girl. There is another where a man pushes off another from a moving train. Raavi Paar also tells the story of a Muslim man whose wish is to be cremated after death and not be buried. There is also a story about a married woman who realises that the only reason for her husband to marry her was to use her as cheap labour.The title of this book is an incident from the author’s own life. During the India-Pakistan partition, the author was mistakenly claimed as their own child by another family. Raavi Paar consists of stories which will touch the reader’s hearts due to the simplicity and intricacy of emotions portrayed by the author.