A Drop of April Snow

Christopher Sword - 2014
    The police warned drivers to stay off the roads. Families huddled inside their homes, wondering if they would lose power. In the morning everything was covered in a glittering layer of frosting, including the body of a young man found off to the side of a rural highway without a jacket, shoes or socks. With no identification on the body the police come up empty-handed. The small town raise enough donations to hire an investigator. Darren Holloway is known for solving missing children cases. But not missing like this, where there seems to be no happy ending in sight, not for the frozen boy, or for Darren’s crumbling marriage. In a large city to the south, two women are unknowingly connected to the mystery of the frozen boy found in the field. Their lives intersect through minor touch points, but they are more connected than they realize. Their past clings to them, unwilling to let them go.

The Trap

Sarah Wray - 2008
    Surrounded by forests and built above a labyrinth of underground tunnels, there is more to Camp Hope than meets the eye. Are the rumours true that three campers disappeared a few years earlier?

The Abduction of Grace

Anthony Hulse - 2012
    Her parents suffer turmoil as they are suspected, although never charged with the crime. Anna Curren, an investigative journalist becomes obsessed with the case, and with the blessing of Grace's parents, who have lost confidence with CID, she employs the services of a private investigator. The trail leads the team to Majorca, Prague, and the South of France, and ultimately to links with the Russian mafia. A complex tale of obsession, greed, and passion, ultimately climaxing in a frightening and surprising scenario. This novel is a guaranteed page turner!

Dark Room

Tom Becker - 2015
    But she stands no chance of fitting in with the image-obsessed in-crowd at her new school. Then one of her classmates is brutally killed when taking a photo of herself. A murder Darla herself predicted in a bloody vision. When more teens die in a similar fashion it appears that a serial killer is on the loose - the 'Selfie Slayer'. Darla alone is convinced that the murderer might not be flesh and blood...

Sidekick to Memory Man

Anna Gooding-Call - 2015
     Warning: This is an independent companion to Memory Man, meant to enhance your experience of the novel. If you have not yet bought David Baldacci’s novel, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial Sidekick. A knock to the head left Detective Amos Decker with an unusual medical condition: he can’t forget anything. Over a year has passed since he came home to discover the bodies of his wife and daughter, but he still sees their images vividly in his mind. Now, a new case which seems related to the murders offers him the chance to find out what really happened—but to do so, he’ll have to peer directly into the agony of his past. A master of suspense, David Baldacci has published twenty-nine novels, all of them bestsellers. Memory Man is the first novel in his new Amos Decker series. With this Sidekick, you’ll: • Learn what you might have missed on your first read of Baldacci’s novel • Discover some of the book’s secret gems and underlying themes • Explore possible alternate endings and imagine ideas for a prequel • Spend some more time with the characters you’ve come to know and love, delving deep into their psyches and hidden motives • Get a chance to discuss Memory Man with other savvy readers Sidekicks are entertaining and insightful reading companions, filled with delightful commentary and thought-provoking questions. What are readers saying about Anna Call's Sidekicks? "Makes the book much more interesting," "a real eye-opener," a "beautifully written perspective into what is actually happening between the lines." Designed to be read side by side with the novels they complement, they’ll give you even more reasons to love some of today’s best books.

Handy Man

H.H. Durrant - 2013
    He trusted his instincts and they were telling him that this was something else entirely. Murder – brutal and gory in the extreme it may be, but it had nothing to do with the gangs on the infamous Hobfield Estate. Someone was secretly working on a quest of his own. A killer with an inventive mind who killed with skill and left bloody remnants of his victims strewn out all over Leesworth. Finding the culprit would prove challenging and in the end give him the shock of his career so far.First in the Calladine and Bayliss series of detective novels.


Chris Bradford - 2018
    Perfect for fans of Alex Rider, Tom Clancy's The Division , and James Bond! When surfing champion Charley Hunter is assigned to protect teenage rock idol Ash Wild on his sold-out US tour, she soon finds out what it really means to live the rockstar lifestyle. Faced with a growing number of death threats, several suspicious accidents, and an unruly celebrity, Charley has her work cut out for her keeping Ash alive on the tour. She certainly knows how to catch a wave--but can she catch a killer before it's too late?Combining pulse-pounding action, diabolical enemies, and an insider's knowledge of the tricks of the trade, this prequel story in the BODYGUARD series is the perfect target for fans of Alex Rider, James Bond, Jack Bauer, and Jason Bourne.

Dead Dreams

Emma Right - 2013
    Big dreams--of going to acting school, finishing college and making a name for herself. She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew. What more could she hope for? Except her dreams are about to lead her down the road to nightmares. Nightmares that could turn into a deadly reality.Dead Dreams, Book 1, a young adult psychological thriller and mystery.

The Icarus Effect

Nick Thacker - 2018
    To escape from it all... but fate has other plans. Harvey Bennett is no stranger to tragedy. He's searching for something. But he's not sure what. Life, unfortunately, keeps getting in the way. When tragedy strikes Harvey during a family camping trip, he does the only thing he knows how to do: he runs away. The Icarus Effect is a coming-of-age story set in the woods and backcountry of the US, following the saga of a young man who just wants to find his place in the world. He's alone, scared, and stubborn. The runaway bestseller The Enigma Strain and the follow-up series of Harvey Bennett Mysteries has fans asking the question: "who is Harvey Bennett?" How did Harvey Bennett go from reclusive park ranger to head of the Civilian Special Operations? Now, discover the answer: Introducing the newest in the Harvey Bennett universe: the Harvey Bennett Prequel series. If you like authors like Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, and Matt Reilly, you'll love Harvey Bennett. Start reading The Icarus Effect today!

Trial by Fire: A Riley Donovan Mystery

Norah McClintock - 2014
    Riley is home alone when a neighbor’s barn catches on fire; when she realizes that he is trapped in the barn, she calls 9-1-1 and then tries to save him . But instead of being hailed as a hero, Riley finds herself the target of vandalism and violence. Never one to back away from a confrontation, Riley discovers that her neighbor, Mr. Goran is an immigrant from Kurdistan who is hated by most of the townspeople. When he is accused of arson, Riley is positive he’s innocent. In her determination to get to the truth, she makes some powerful enemies, uncovers the depth of the town’s prejudice and corruption, and figures out who is targeting Mr. Goran—and why.

Nancy Drew Files Vol. I: Secrets Can Kill; Deadly Intent; Murder on Ice

Carolyn Keene - 2019
    Keep up with Nancy Drew in this thrilling collection of mysteries full of intrigue, boys, and murder.In Secrets Can Kill, Nancy goes undercover to investigate the elusive thief stalking the nighttime halls of Bedford High. With her inside contact, gorgeous senior Daryl Gray, Nancy attempts to uncover the dangerous secrets that run deep at Bedford, but soon it’s a whole new game—a game called murder. And Nancy is the killer’s next target. In Deadly Intent, Nancy is ready to rock out at a concert in New York City—but the band’s lead guitarist vanishes minutes before they’re set to go on stage. Nancy and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ned investigate, and their list of suspects leads them to a conspiracy that threatens to shake the entire music industry. In Murder on Ice, Nancy and Ned head to a ski resort to rekindle their romance. But instead of love, they find deadly peril. Can Nancy find the killer, before an avalanche of murder buries them all?

These Little Lies

Gretta Mulrooney - 2019
    WHAT SHE GETS IS TWO DEAD BODIES.It’s Detective Inspector Siv Drummond’s first day back on the job, joining a new team in a new town. This fresh start isn’t going to be easy. Still mourning the death of her husband, she must push aside her grief to focus on her first case.Lauren Visser and Matis Rimas are found stabbed to death in the idyllic woodland by the River Bere. Their mutilated bodies lie within feet of each other. A photograph of an unknown girl sits on Lauren’s chest.She was an activist and wild swimmer. He was fishing illegally.WHAT IS THEIR CONNECTION?Siv and her team start ruling out suspects, but no one tells the truth when everyone has something to hide.What will be dredged up by the investigation?CAN DI SIV DRUMMOND FIGHT THE CURRENT OF LIES OR WILL SHE BE SWEPT AWAY?

A Nicer Way To Die

Sam Mills - 2006
    And James knows the nightmare has only just begun. For Henry hates James, bullies him in secret and has promised to kill him one day.

Burned Bridges

Marguerite Ashton - 2012
    Sealed by a shared bond, and unaware there is more to the secret than what she was told, Collins feels honor bound to protect her friend when a confrontation between Olivia and her childhood tormentor turns deadly. A mysterious text forces Traci to question Olivia's actions and re-examine her loyalties. When the answers to Traci's questions endanger a life she treasures more than her own, she must decide if friendship has a limit. For a bridge once burnt severs ties forever...

The Card: A Van Stone Novel

Jim Devitt - 2011
    Then, his life falls apart. Thrust into a deadly plot masterminded by unknown enemies, Van is in a race against time to save those closest to him. When Van wins an essay contest to become the new batboy for a Major League baseball team, he finds himself in a foreign world of million dollar athletes and fame. Forced into the spotlight, Van is uncomfortable in his new role. His instant fame at South Seattle High School has turned all eyes toward him, including unknown adversaries that want something he has. Jack Stone works for Biotrust, a large and secretive biotechnology company. Van's father is on the verge of making one of the most stunning discoveries in over a century, a technology that could change the world forever. While finishing the project, Biotrust forces Van's father into a leave of absence. In an effort to protect his secrets, Jack may have endangered his family. As The Card barrels forward, Van slams headfirst into a plot that threatens the people near to him. Working through adversity, Van finds an inner strength. He draws on his deductive powers and an unstoppable attitude, to battle the corrupt forces. Not knowing who to trust, Van sets out with his two best friends to solve the secrets behind an innocent gift, a Moe Berg baseball card. Set in Seattle, Washington, this fast-paced mystery takes you behind the scenes in professional baseball and into a world of cutting edge science and technology. Full of unexpected twists and high stakes drama, this first in a series adventure will keep you guessing until the final scene. As fresh as today's headlines, Jim Devitt, in his debut novel, weaves a suspenseful ride that blows the lid off scientific advancement, in a story of breathtaking action and suspense.