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My Stepbrother's Baby by Olivia Hawthorne


Naughty Neighbors

Amanda Martinez - 2018
    Not only was she young and beautiful, but she liked to have a lot of fun. Ken watched Donna from afar until the day that they finally had more than a few passing words for each other. It was his chance and Ken knew that he wanted to take full advantage of it. Donna needed satisfaction and Ken had just what she needed. All he had to do was convince her that he wasn’t like the rest.

Make Me Buckle

Mandy Morgan - 2018
     Luckily for Emma, she's rescued by a screaming hot cowboy named Clint, who offers her a job on his ranch, and before she knows it, the air is thick with desire around them, leaving her longing to be claimed by her sexy cowboy hero. But when Clint reveals his secret reason for not making a move on his cute and curvy new employee, Emma is shocked, and can't help wondering where things will go from here... Will Emma get a second chance at the powerful love that she's always craved? This steamy story about insta-love between an older man and a younger BBW is perfect for fans of Alexa Riley, Hope Ford, and Flora Ferrari. Go ahead and grab a glass of wine, get comfy, and let the Happily Ever After begin!

Stepbrother Roommate

Stephanie Brother - 2015
    Now she's finally found a guy that interests her and her head is getting in the way. Will she take a chance on love?This short story contains 11,700 words of stepbrother sexiness. It's a stand-alone tale with an HEA ending. Enjoy!

Protect Her Curves

Amber Branley - 2019
    He looks like a bad boy biker, and that type of guy isn't interested in girls like me. I’m too curvy, and I’m sure he isn’t into that. But a girl can dream, can’t she? I try to get him out of my mind. I try to stop thinking about that chiseled jawline, that short soldier haircut, those muscles, and the tan surfer skin. I try to think about something else, like my favorite TV show, or how crappy work is going to be tomorrow, or how my best friend is getting married to her boyfriend. I try to think about anything to get my mind off Jason. And it doesn’t work. He’s stuck in my head, and I can tell he’s not going to leave until I get him. Jason: It's impossible to sleep tonight. I’m lying in bed and all I can think about is the moment I laid eyes on her. Tina. She's everything I've ever wanted. Curves for days, and legs that don’t seem to end. And that face... How could someone possibly be so cute? Of course, I’ve got to be realistic. She’s my type, but we only just met. Maybe I'm moving too quickly. I may be an alpha, but beneath that tough guy exterior, there’s a whole lot of heart. I’ve had my fair share of messy breakups, and each time I get a little colder. If it happens again, my heart might finally turn to ice. But so far, this girl has managed to melt me inside. HER CURVES, HIS FATE is an instant-love, happy-ever-after steamy alpha BBW romance novella, featuring an older alpha male with a younger BBW. This is a standalone story in the ENDLESS CURVES series.

Sugar Me: Submitting to his forbidden pleasure...

Kenzie Haven - 2017
     I've known Michael for as long as I can remember. As my father's best friend, he's been around for everything; from my graduation to my first naughty fantasy. What I didn't realize is that he lives in a mansion and that he's had the same forbidden thoughts about me as I have about him. He wants me tied to his bed and exposed to do as he pleases with me. I want him, but he's made one thing clear. If we venture down this forbidden path, it'll be on his terms and I'll be his submissive. This is part one of the Obeying Daddy's Best Friend series.

The Billionaire's Virgin

Poppy Adams - 2017
     I had been cheated on by my last three boyfriends, and had decided that my dream of the perfect wedding night was nothing more than a fairytale. And then I met Lucas Windsor. For the first time in my life, lust overpowered me. I wanted to rip his clothes off. I wanted him to hold me. I wanted to look deep into his chocolate eyes and be transported to a different world. And so it happened. I lost my virginity to a one-night stand. It was worth every second. Wow. It was everything I imagined and more. And then I saw him again. And again. And again. If I wasn’t careful, I was going to fall in love… This is a standalone romance novella with a Happily Ever After! Enjoy!


Hope Ford - 2018
     Back To Me An Alpha Man and BBW Steamy Sweet Romance April Will was my best friend and we’ve been apart for ten years. When I run into him again, he’s the same but different. He wants me. Not just for one night, but forever. Will I let April get away from me ten years ago, but I won’t make that mistake again. Nothing is going to stand in the way of making her mine… not even a fiancé. She’s found her way back to me and I am keeping her. Forever An Alpha Older Man, Younger BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Carrie I was raised by my Uncle… who is trying to sell my virginity to the highest bidders. He doesn’t let me work or have any friends. My only escape is when he lets me go to the gym. He wants me to lose some weight, so he can make some more money. Little does he know, I’m taking self-defense classes so I can protect myself. But my Self Defense instructor ends up teaching me more than just self-defense. Derek I got volunteered to teach a self defense class. I end up falling for the woman with secrets. She won’t open up to me. She’s hiding something… but all I want to do is protect her. And make her mine, forever. My Everything: An Older Man, Younger BBW Steamy Sweet Romance Mack I found the love of my life when I was twenty-eight and she was eighteen. I planned to spend the rest of my life with her until I got hurt in the army. I came back not knowing if I would ever walk again. I couldn’t put her through that, so I pushed her away. I went through therapy and she went through college. I went to her college graduation because I had to see her. She wants me back… but I still think she deserves better. She makes a proposition… I give her one night and she gives me her innocence. But will one night be enough? Can I push her away again once I have her in my arms? #1 bestselling short romance author Hope Ford writes short, steamy, sweet romances. There is always an alpha male (because who doesn’t love an alpha male) and a woman he makes his queen. Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and get lost in this happily ever after story – that’s also a little naughty.

Harper's Unexpected First Time (Older Man Younger Woman First Time Pregnancy Romance)

Alexa Banger - 2016
    Except they think we’re only acting. Harper Layne is a young actress tasked with filming her first sex scene, and it happens to be with the hottest man in Hollywood. James Grant. His many years of experience and playboy reputation only add to his appeal. But they also make her nervous. What if she’s not good enough? Her fears are put to rest the moment they get into bed together. It all feels so natural, her body responding to his every touch, that she doesn’t have to act at all. But then James surprises her by making things a little more realistic. They're no longer simulating the scene, he's taking her for real—right in front of the director and everyone else on set! James is in for a surprise too though, because Harper's never done this before. She's just as innocent as the character she's portraying! With that realization, he becomes determined to claim her, through whatever means necessary. And what better way than getting her pregnant?

Filling My Little Girl - (A Fertile Taboo Romance)

Carla Knixx - 2015
     Brian, The Man of the House, does everything he can for his trophy wife, right down to taking care of his step daughter like she was his own. Soon, his lust is turned elsewhere after he realizes his wife doesn't really care for that sort of life. Except, its not just any woman that he sets his eye on. Kandace, the little princess, is everything that he wants and if she doesn't mind taking her direction hard, rough and without protection, Brian will give her the world. Including, a special bundle of her own.

Christmas With the Cooper Twins

Alexandria Hunt - 2016
    Identical twins who had tormented her all her life and who had finally left home to join the Army at age eighteen. Well, now they're back. Natasha just finished up veterinary school and the twins are home for Christmas. When talking about old times reveals some things that rock Natasha's world, she wonders if she'll ever look at her hot-as-hell stepbrothers the same way ever again. Besides, she should allow herself to have some fun, they're only back for ten days, aren't they? 18+ for steam level. Scorching hot really, so kick back and take a break in your hectic holidays to treat yourself. ***Originally posted as a serial under Olivia Hawthorne, A Christmas to Remember. This edition contains all instalments plus a super dirty updated epilogue of epic proportions!

Naughty Short Stories

Emma Scarlett - 2016
    Are you looking for short steamy romance books? Look no further! Read 6 steamy romance stories for a price of $0.996 Naughty Short StoriesSleeping OverThe Pool PartyThe Bachelor PartyMy Dad’s Best FriendLove or High NoonRemember the Past

Billionaire’s Nanny: A Single Dad Romance

Darcia Cobbler - 2020
    And although his heart has an empty space for the right woman, all his devotion belongs to Arabella. That is until on a company party he meets beautiful Samantha Robin. Fresh out of college, Samantha struggles to find a job in her specialty and, out of need, she decides to answer an ad for a nanny, just to bring in some cash. That's when Connor's and Samantha's paths cross again, only this time, the billionaire will not let her escape his advances. But the enemy, Connor's ex-wife Marla, is ready to destroy everything once again... Note: This sexy read is intended for adult readers only.


Amy Cummings - 2017
    Her boyfriend Jeff is obsessed with opening his own nightclub. He’s taken advantage of Sadie to do so, both financially and emotionally. Sadie’s bright spot is her career: assistant to the biggest and hottest Hollywood action start, Grant Baker. Grant is charming, caring, and beyond gorgeous. Sadie and Grant have become the closest of friends, with Sadie sometimes wondering if Grant harbors deeper feelings. Surely not! What hot, Hollywood movie star would date the curvy, plus-size girl? But secretly, Sadie yearns for Grant to rescue her. Grant has a secret of his own: he longs to be a daddy. The star does not long for just any baby girl, but for Sadie! Can he tell her? Would it harm their professional relationship and their friendship? There’s just something about that little cutie that Grant cannot resist. When Jeff’s reckless actions put Sadie in harm’s way, Grant searches for the woman, as if he’s in a real-life action movie. And the criminals who stand in his way learn that nothing will stop Grant Baker from finding his baby girl! And Sadie learns that sometimes, the action star does rescue the curvy girl. Rescued is an adventure-filled romance that features consenting adults engaged in age play. It features a loving, caring daddy and a sweet baby girl. It includes elements of ABDL, including pull-ups. If this is not your cup of tea, you might want to seek your reading pleasure elsewhere. If ABDL adventure is for you, then have fun! The story is gentle and has a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!


Flora Madison - 2019
    So what if I wanted to go out with my best friend on St. Patrick's Day? So what I used a crappy fake I.D. to get in? So what if Aidan happens to show up at the bar on the same night I'm swore to lose my V-card? My first time should be with someone special, someone I'm comfortable with. Even though he's the world's biggest player, he's also the alpha man of my dreams. Aidan: The thing about my best friend's daughter? I want to claim her. I have to make her mine, but her parents are the only family I've ever known. Still, I can't resist her seduction. I'm hungry for her. Sweet, innocent Izzy may not know it yet, but she's taken. And once she's mine, I'm never letting her go. **Possessive Irish Cop is a standalone sweet and steamy SHORT romance featuring an instalove alpha male who'll do anything to claim his curvy first time BBW woman. Filled with panty melting moments, it's the perfect one hour read when you're on the go or just need a high heat quickie romance to hold you over.**

Say Yes

Katy Kaylee - 2019
    Ryan grew up hot. And his perfect kiss just saved my life.Teasing eyes. Tempting lips. Muscles that could stop traffic.No wonder he’s a soap opera star.My voluptuous curves melted against his hard abs, and the next thing I knew, I was pregnant.My little brother’s gonna murder him, but only if he finds out.I’ve never been good at keeping secrets, and Ryan’s doing all he can to pry this new one out of me.What happens if I tell?The only thing worse than losing my family would be losing him.Has love always been a four letter word?