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Taming Her Bad Boy by Cass Kincaid


Don't Break (The Reluctant Heart Book 1)

Jeannette Winters - 2020
     The Reluctant Heart Series Book 1: Don’t Break Book 2: Don’t Hesitate Book 3: Just Trust Book 4: Just Feel Book 5: Don’t Quit Book 6: Just Believe

Whiskey Heart: An Alpha Billionaire Friends to Lovers Romance

Caroline Tate - 2018
     But when a casual fling turns serious, will they both be down for the ride? Riley Pratt is content living her quiet, less-than-thrilling life in the city minding her own business. Due to her hectic work schedule and self-made career as one of Savannah's up-and-coming interior designers, she's learned to keep her thoughts to herself and her eyes on the prize-- a fruitful, shining career in design. Until Cameron Alden waltzes into town.Always thinking up his next cocky comeback, Cameron is arrogant and annoyingly charming in all the wrong ways. Heir to the largest whiskey distillery in the South, he prides himself on being well-endowed but also claims he's prudish as hell. Official word around town? He's Savannah's hottest bachelor. And he takes complete advantage of it.Which... isn’t Riley’s glass of rosé. Though she can feel sparks flying rampant when they’re together, will Riley give him a chance? Or is she too sure that Cameron's old habits will die hard, making her just another one-night stand?

The Handmaid's Billionaire

Gigi Marlowe - 2019
    She ran away.Sickness stole Corbin’s wife and love of his life.Mattie ended her marriage the day it should have begun.Corbin and Mattie are strangers living in Malibu, unaware of each other...Until Valentina Del Torre steps in.The matchmaker brings the lonely billionaire entertainment entrepreneur and the creative Broadway musical writer wannabe together, but it’s up to them to build a relationship.Corbin wants to love Mattie, but something is blocking him.Mattie must face her past and make a choice.But will Corbin wait for her to make it?Is new love just as good or better than first love?

Country Love

Kate Swain - 2019
    Success, women, money. The name Walker Holcomb meant something. I was on top of the world. It was a damn long way to fall. My third album tanked, and I looked for answers in a whiskey bottle. I went from the top of every sexiest man list to the butt of every joke on late night. Only thing in worse shape than me is the family farm. Old place is as ramshackle and beat up as I am—another damned lost cause. Until I open my screen door one day and find her on my front porch. Luscious and fiery. Stubborn as hell. Irresistible. Nothing’s had me this fired up in a long time. She makes me crazy. I want to shout and cuss at her. I want to get my hands on that body. Part of me wants to throw her off my porch, tell her to keep walking till she crosses the property line. The rest of me wants to back her up against the rail and hike up her skirt. Even bloodshot eyes can see she’s just what I’ve been waiting for.

Sheer Suspicion

Hannah Ford - 2018
     The words burned against my brain, searing hot. Then another thought, more dangerous than the first. Tie her wrists, brand her, teach her. She was wearing a dress that was a size too small, and I knew immediately she didn’t have a boyfriend waiting for her at home, because no man would have let her out of the house in that. The dress was red. Short. A sweetheart neckline that was supposed to make her look innocent, but did nothing except push her full curves up and over the material. Her hair was dirty blond and long, tousled around her shoulders. She was sipping a glass of champagne and looking around nervously, her wide eyes flicking from person to person at the party, as if she were afraid she was going to get caught. What have you done, bad girl? Something you should be punished for? My palm burned as I imagined taking her over my knee, that short little dress pushed up, the place between her legs pulsing. The feeling of desire I had looking at her was like an electric shock to my soul. My instincts said to leave her alone, that this would end in nothing but tragedy. My instincts had always served me well in the past. But this time, I decided to ignore them. An innocent girl. A ruthless man. An inevitable, sordid devastation…

Owned by the Prince (Owned #1)

Tristan Rivers - 2021
    Now she’s my prisoner, at my mercy. I’ll claim her. Keep her. Possess her fully. I’ll lock her away in my palace, train her to surrender. She’ll submit to my dark desires until she craves the way I make her burn. And when I unravel the secrets she’s keeping, nothing will stop me from owning her completely. Owned by the Prince is a stand-alone royal romance with dark themes.

Burned (Wrecked Hearts #2)

Gabrielle Gibson - 2018
    They’re best friends. JUST friends. Jack knows he shouldn’t be crossing the line with this sweet girl, but he can’t seem to stay away. He’s nobody's hero, and Jessie deserves so much more than he could ever give her. When a mission to find a missing girl puts them in a compromising position, their friendship is tested in ways that neither of them could have imagined. Jack makes a choice that leaves Jessie reeling, and she must face a painful truth about her future. While Jack struggles with his demons, Jessie must explore her own capacity for forgiveness and her ability to resist the destructive path her heart seems determined to lead her. As the flames between them continue to rage, someone is definitely going to get burned… **Warning...the characters in this book may be dark, damaged, and flawed. It is the second book in the Wrecked Hearts Series and ends on a cliffhanger. It contains sexually explicit scenes and is intended only for readers 18+ who enjoy erotic, no-rules love stories.

Megan Disgraced

Viktor Redreich - 2020
    I’m just his maid, he’ll never love me…Late at night he sits at his desk, necktie loosened, the sleeves of his crisp cotton shirt rolled up to his bulging biceps.How I wish I could run my fingers through his hair, graze my nose against his cheek and massage his tense, muscular shoulders.How I’ve tried to get his attention.Prancing around him in cute little dresses, my cheeks a rosy shade of pink.Dropping a crumpled tissue on the floor to give him a peek as I bend over to pick it up.Spending half my salary on expensive perfumes just to give him a whiff of me as he rushes past.Anything to make him grab me and kiss me as he does to Stacey!Instead, all I ever get is a polite smile when I pour his morning coffee.The only time he notices me is when I burn his toast.Then his eyes turn red, his fists clench, and his powerful voice rumbles from deep within his chest.It makes my heart race…Maybe I should burn his toast again this morning.Smolder it to ashes.Then he’ll really give it to me.

Play to Win

A.C. Arthur - 2020
    Returning to their hometown where they’d been branded the “bad boys” wasn’t part of their plan, but now that they’re back, they’re determined to prove everyone in town wrong. For Ethan, that means making amends with the girl who’s heart he’d unintentionally broken during high school.Portia Merin left Providence and the awkward life she’d led there behind long ago. After a messy breakup and her retaliation leads to her unintended stardom as a sex instructor on YouTube, she decided to roll with it—despite her lack of actual experience on the subject—and is now on tour to promote her first instructional book. Life’s looking pretty good for Portia right now, until the weather and the sale of her godmother's house leave her stranded in Providence and her old high school crush shows up with a copy of her book.

Black Swan 7-9

Victoria Danann - 2016
    To Jefferson Unit. Winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES four years in a row!Book 7 Solomon's Sieve WINNER Vampire Romance Novel of the Year!"...exciting, suspenseful, passionate, and sexy."- Vampire Romance Books.comBook 8 Vampire Hunter"...a surefire hit!" - Night Owl Reviews TOP PICKBook 9 Journey Man"...action, love, dimensional travel, vampires, and five happy hearts (stars)."-Romance Authors That Rock 270,000 JUICY WORDS DRIPPING WITH ADVENTURE, ROMANCE AND SEX COMPILED AND BUNDLED FOR YOU!

Thorns (The Devious Fae, #1)

Katerina Martinez - 2021
    but I kissed him anyway, and now I'm here. My fault.Oh, where's here? It's definitely not the Blind Raccoon, one of Seattle's grungiest, dirtiest, most prestigious dive bars. No, that beautiful stranger at the bar is the reason I'm plucked out of the human world, where most things make sense, and brought to a place called Arcadia - the world of the Fae.A world of monsters.He brings me to a mansion called Emerald Hall, and while it's breathtakingly pretty, I'm a prisoner here, stuffed into a cell and warned not to be seen by the other Fae. I have to try to get out of here, using every trick I learned growing up, but I can't help wanting to know more about the man who stole me from my home and brought me all the way to his.You know, after he tried to kill me.There's something about him, about this place, and about me. Secrets just waiting to be unraveled, if only I cared to pull the threads. But who has time for that when there's escaping to do?

Going After What's Mine

Weston Parker - 2020
    Until the beautiful girl next door reminds me of what I’m missing in life. Love. Lust. Passion. All of the above. And somehow, she brings all three and much more out of me. But I don’t have the pleasure of indulging in the softer side of life. I’ve seen some things in the past and they’re creeping up to get me. My only job is to protect my little one and try to make life as normal as possible. Being born a fighter that won’t back down is my only redeeming quality. If I could take back what I saw that has us running and hiding, I would. All I ever wanted was a family to love and protect. And I got my wish on the protecting part. Against my own rules, I let this beautiful, curvy woman in, and before I can really enjoy her warmth, she’s gone. Taken by the guys who want my life. Good luck to them because I’m going after what’s mine. Her.

Jace's Pet

Nicole Trinity - 2017
    This is not a sweet romance. Mature content, strong language, abuse, and violence; you have been warned! 26-year-old Rose Chambers is a fairly quite woman living alone in a small town. She finally lands a job at the local bank as a clerk but the morning she starts her training, the bank is robbed. Among the three men who are there, Jace Blackburn, the leader, takes interest in Rose. Jace is a man who takes what he wants and right now, he wants Rose.

Those 365 Letters

Mia Ford - 2019
     I’d be devastated if my heart broke again.  So, is it better to let the past stay in the past?


Charlotte Byrd - 2018
     Attacked and nearly killed, I am still standing. I’m a fighter. A survivor. This baby in my belly is going to have a mother who is much stronger than she ever imagined she could be. But what about Aiden? He has been shot for trying to protect me. He’s lying in a hospital room. Everything is going to be okay, right? But what if it’s not? WARNING: This is a HOT, modern-day, dark erotic romance with a bad boy alpha billionaire for fans of EL James. It contains light bondage, NO CHEATING, No Cliffhanger and a Happily Ever After, for now.