For Now and Always

Sarah Bates - 2011
    Ana Lund never knew how true this was until she went away to college. Now, back for winter break just after her first semester away, Ana desperately wants to stay home, but doesn’t know how to tell her parents. Then one day an old friend is in need of a last-minute babysitter, and Ana volunteers.Divorced at twenty-one with a three year old son, Caleb understands Ana’s fear of disappointing her parents, but he also knows that the sooner she talks to them, the better. With his encouragement she’s able to talk to her parents about what she wants, and as she settles back into her life on the island, she and Caleb start to grow closer. Both of them homebodies, they share the same desire for a quiet, uncomplicated life filled with family and friends. But after his disastrous relationship with his ex-wife ended in bitter divorce, Caleb is in no hurry to repeat past mistakes. In the end is love enough? Or are some things just meant to be repeated?

Addiction: Part 3 (The Hunted #2C)

Ivy Smoak - 2015
    find out what happens in the next installment of The Hunted - Addiction by Ivy Smoak.Temptation has quickly turned into addiction. Penny Taylor fell hard for the sexy, brooding Professor Hunter. But he's not a professor anymore.James losing his job isn't the only backlash that their illicit affair has caused. Relentless press, a hostile campus, and an investigation gone awry put tension on Penny and James' newly healed relationship. And James' younger brother moving in doesn't make things easier.Will the hardships bring Penny and James closer together or tear them apart? Find out if it was all worth it.This book is intended for mature audiences.

The Someday Series: Trilogy Boxed Set

Melanie Shawn - 2015
    Going away to college meant a fresh, new start for the girl who lived locked away in a prison of insecurities. She was ready to experience new things and meet new people. But she wasn’t ready for him… Jace Butler had encountered things no one person should have to endure. Trying to come to terms with his past, while living in the present, was a constant struggle for the man whose demons lie dormant beneath the skin of his rippling body and sexy smile. But when Cat walked into his world, his chance for a better life, came with her… After finding each other, Cat and Jace realize that both their past and present issues were trying to ruin their chance for a better future. Issues that will have to be dealt with – once and for all – together… or apart. Book #2: One Day His After finding each other and falling in love in Someday Girl, Cat and Jace’s incredible love story continues in One Day His. When the beautiful and sheltered Cat Nichols left her life in Malibu for a fresh start at college, she had no idea she would meet and fall in love with sexy former Marine Jace Butler. After confronting his difficult past together, the loving couple had hoped that the worst was behind them. But when a family emergency calls Cat back home, they will both soon realize that their newfound love is once again going to be put to the test. This time, Cat will come to face to face with the one person who, instead of loving her unconditionally, lives to darken her world, just to make their own shine brighter. Will Cat and Jace have the strength and courage to face their deepest, darkest fears when they are challenged in ways neither of them could have imagined? Or will outside forces tear them apart once and for all? You can’t choose the one you love, but you can fight like hell to protect them. Book #3: Forever Us They say nothing is worth having if you don’t have the courage to fight for it… After years of living in darkness and despair, Jace Butler found true love with his brown-eyed beauty Cat Nichols in Someday Girl. The former Marine made it clear to those who lived to make her feel insignificant that he would always be there to defend and protect her during their journey through One Day His. But when Cat’s mother Angelica James, the heartless, famous actress, exposes an impactful truth that changes everything, Jace will soon realize that someone else will need his love and protection… Will this new discovery, meant to breakup Cat and Jace, end their love or actually bring them closer together? Find out in the conclusion of this incredible love story….Forever Us. NOTE TO READERS: This is a NEW ADULT boxed set, it is written in the first person, and has stronger language than our previous Contemporary Romances. *Intended for Adults 18+*

in between the lines #2 in the PSU series

    Blake Day wants nothing more than to live out the rest of his college life without the media's spotlight on his back. What happens when Blake throws a deal out to Sloane that's almost too good to not consider?But what if the deal that he was just throwing to her- isn't the whole story? What if the deal is somewhat the truth? The deal is in between the lines.

The Reluctant Sister (Reluctant Series Book 3)

Melanie Brown - 2017
    I enjoyed the attention so much, that I became Ed’s real girlfriend for a few weeks that summer. I put all that foolishness behind me until my senior year in high school, when due to an accident, the school became one cheerleader short. My sister Diane was a star cheerleader at the school back in her day. Since I used to help her practice, the cheerleader coach thought I was the best choice for an emergency one night substitute. My fake boyfriend is starting to feel less fake. Being a girl just seems to come naturally to me. What am I? A boy or a girl? I’m not sure anymore…

Room 234's Virgin

Alexis Thompsons - 2016
    She was an angel that gave angels a run for their money. A freshman in a new college in a state away from home she always believed she could stay away from all of those till marriage, but what happens when The schools Bad boy, jerk, playboy and monster in the name of Lexis comes her way. She may be able to stay away from temptation but can temptation stay away from her?

Caught By The Bad Boys

Raathi Chota - 2016
    Yet all she wants is to get into Yale, far away from everyone, the incidents, the heartbreaker and the bullies. Four popular boys, suspicious about Lana, reignite an old bet that her 'true' self will be exposed as time goes on.One night in Lana's life changes everything. The only people to help her are her tormentors. This causes the boys to have more questions, fights, and arguments more frequently. The more people involved, the more questions arise, secrets reveal themselves, trust is shattered, feelings become blurred and friendship is ripped apart. While Lana sees, the good and forgives easily, others search for the bad to try and defeat it. People cross our path for a reason but for a second chance, it does not always mean to have a happy ending.

Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude: A Casebook

Gene H. Bell-Villada - 2002
    Each casebook reprints documents relating to a work's historical context and reception, presents the best critical studies, and, when possible, features an interview with the author. Accessible and informative to scholars, students, and nonspecialist readers alike, the books in this series provide a wide range of critical and informative commentaries on major texts. Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude is arguably the most important novel in twentieth-century Latin American literature. This Casebook features ten critical articles on Garcia Marquez's great work. Carefully selected from the most important work on the novel over the past three decades, they include pieces by Carlos Fuentes, Iris Zavala, James Higgins, Jean Franco, Michael Wood, and Gene H. Bell-Villada. Among the intriguing aspects of the work discussed are its mythic dimension, its "magical" side, its representations of women, its relationship with past chronicles of exploration and discovery, its portrayals of Western power and imperialism, its astounding diffusion throughout the globe and the media, and its simple truth-telling, its fidelity to the tangled history of Latin America. The book incorporates several theoretical approaches--historical, feminist, postcolonial; the first English translation of Fuentes's renowned, oft-cited, eight page meditation on the work; a general introduction; and a 1982 interview with Garcia Marquez.

The perfect spiral

Ashley Constantine
    book on wattpad

The Blind Man

D.H. Lawrence - 2014
    The arrival of an old friend of the woman brings into the open feelings and fears previously suppressed.

Stealing Emma (Nights in Madrid #2)

M.C. Roman - 2014
    So when her boyfriend Roy suggests they go to grad school abroad in Spain, she's all for the adventure. New city, new life, new friends. What could possibly go wrong? Max Durant is excited to be back home in Madrid and take a much needed break from his hectic life in London. He was looking forward to a new challenge in school...until it materializes in the feistiest girl he ever met on a basketball court. There's something about her that simply makes his blood boil and he becomes instantly hooked. But then his world comes to a screeching halt when he realizes she's already taken. Despite the obvious warning signs and potential disaster, Emma and Max become close friends when they're forced together as partners in the same study group. When the lines start to blur and things begin to unravel, Emma must decide if she should hold on to her past...or take a risk in her future.

Staying Selfless

Liz Tomforde - 2022
    I was in love. School was going great. I managed to hide the pain, to push it down, but it all came flooding back. The grief was almost blinding, but I saw Eli’s broken heart with perfect clarity the day I drove away from him. This was my year to be selfish. Falling in love with my best friend's brother wasn't part of my plan, but sometimes the best things in life are unpredictable. And the end of Eli’s senior year was anything but expected. EliMy priorities completely flipped when my brother's best friend moved to town. Everything I never knew I needed came in the form of a redhead from California with a heart too big for her own good.But Logan drove away from me, leaving me broken-hearted and alone.With my senior season winding down, it's my last chance to get called up to the NHL, and my dreams are within reach— it's everything I always wanted. But that was before I met her. How much do I need to sacrifice to prove to her that she's my dream too?If she asked me to, I'd selflessly give it all up for her.

Music Like Dirt: A Chapbook

Frank Bidart - 2002
    I wanted not a tract, but a tapestry in which making is seen in the context of the other processes—sexuality, mortality—inseparable from it.""Bidart has patiently amassed as profound and original a body of work as any now being written in this country. He has given form for our age to what is most urgent and most private in the human soul: the ordeals of solitude and mortality and hunger and, recently, that action through which being speaks: the drive to make or create. Bidart’s poems sound like no one else’s; they look like no one else’s. . . . He is, in the feeling of our jury, one of the great poets of our time."—Louise Glück, jury chair, 2001 Wallace Stevens Award The Academy of American PoetsThe inaugural edition in Sarabande's Quarternote Chapbook Series which will feature a select group of poets by invitation onlyFrank Bidart's collections of poetry include Desire (1997), which received the 1998 Bobbitt Prize for Poetry from the Library of Congress and the Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize, and was nominated for the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Pulitzer Prize; In the Western Night: Collected Poems 1965-90 (1990); The Sacrifice (1983); The Book of the Body (1977); and Golden State (1973). Among his many honors are the Lila Acheson Wallace/Reader’s Digest Fund Writer’s Award, the Morton Dauwen Zabel Award given by the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Shelley Award of the Poetry Society of America, and the Lannan Literary Award. He teaches at Wellesley College and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When Our Worlds Ignite

Lindsey Iler - 2016
    Dan Forrester and Violet Jones are the perfect couple. His devotion to the charismatic, beautiful firecracker has been the envy of their friends since high school. Until the day she throws his love in his face and walks away from them. Watching her change into someone she’s not is the most challenging thing he’s ever done. Loving Dan is impossible until Violet learns who she is. Violet’s concept of true love is shattered when her parents announce their divorce. Doubt taints everything she thought to be true. Fear becomes the reason for every decision she makes. Determined to find out who she really is, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Loving someone often means giving her the time and space she needs. As Dan and Violet smolder in a failed relationship, life takes them in opposite directions. But will love ignite the ashes and bring them back to where they belong?

Graveyard Special (Mill City 1)

James Lileks - 2012
    One waiter, one customer. The overnight fry cook rambles up to the pie case to take his nightly hit of dessert-topping propellant. It’s not a complete surprise when he falls to the floor; the stuff gives him the spins. That’s the point. It’s a bad moment for the boss to arrive, though. It’s worse when the cook turns out to be dead - from a bullet no one heard. For the waiter, it’s the start of the the worst few months of his life, and before it’s done he’ll be neck-deep in drug deals, romances with a faithless minx and an unintelligible Russian teacher - and a plot by campus radicals to blow something big. It’s 1980, after all. No shortage of things to deplore. They’re not too concerned with disco, though; that seems to be on the way out. “Graveyard Special” is another humorous mystery by the author of “Falling Up the Stairs,” and the first in a series of interconnected mysteries that span six decades.