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Blue Justice by Jeannine Kadow


Wifetress: One Man's Wife, Another Man's Mistress

Melinda Graves - 2015
    But she will soon out and someone is going to pay!Aliyah is attempting to put her life back together after an unsuccessful suicide attempt due to a horrific husband when someone from her past gives her a reason to live. Will Carlos let that happen?

Stackin' Paper Part 5: Stay Schemin'

Joy Deja King - 2018
    Amir's deception has made him an outsider to the man he respects the most. Will Father and Son ever see eye to eye again? Supreme, Nico, T-Roc and Lorenzo all team up for the greater good, to put an end to Arnez's reign of terror but is it too little too late? Caleb admires Genesis and wants nothing more to be accepted into his inner circle but will his ties to Genesis's arch enemy make that impossible? Precious has always been a woman who played by her own rules. But is she ready to change how she plays the game, to save her daughter Aaliyah? With the stakes so high, the only choice you have, is to Stay Schemin' in Part 5 of the Stackin' Paper Series.

Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 3: An Urban Romance

Twyla T. - 2017
    progresses with the pandemonium of ever changing twists, secrets, lies, and love in Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 3, the final book of the series. Ashanti McNeal finally walked away from the only relationship that she had ever known with Kentay Mills. However, Kentay vowed to never let his wife Ashanti go, especially to his brother Ahmad. But, is he fighting a losing battle? Despite Kentay’s protests, Ashanti has moved on with her life to delve in new beginnings with the only man who has shown her what true love is about, Ahmad Jones. Just when Ashanti and Ahmad thought their footings were on solid ground, life came blazing in a flash to interrupt their fresh start. Will the new couple’s life together end before it really had a chance to begin? Fate had a way of testing the new couple’s commitment and love to each other. Will the tests proved to be too much? Or, will Ahmad and Ashanti stand strong in their love for one another? Karma finally came crashing into Kentay Mills’ life and sent him to the place that he didn’t want to go, prison. However, his circumstances didn’t prevent him from hoping to see the outside world again. Kentay still behaved and acted like the boss that he was, even behind those prison walls. Due to negligence on behalf of the police department, Kentay received word that his sentence would be cut short. Unfortunately, an unexpected brawl sent him to the infirmary that led him to come face to face with his past. Kentay had no choice but to succumb to the shocking secret from his past. How will this new eye-opener affect him? Will Kentay become a changed man after his stint in prison? Or, will he continue down the same old path that led to heartache and destruction? Ashanti’s world is rocked upside down when lies and secrets are discovered. These revelations will undoubtedly have a crucial impact on her life. Can she still trust the people who were always supposed to be straightforward and honest with her? Kentay and Ashanti. Ashanti and Ahmad. Brother versus Brother. Revelation after revelation. Will the turmoil ever cease? Will love win in the end? Find out in this final installment of the Pretty Lips That Thugs Love.

Lucy: The Complete Lucy Kendall Series with Bonus Content

Stacy Green - 2016
    This book will keep you up late in order to turn those pages. This book will cause your heart to race and even skip a few beats. –Amazon Reviewer This set includes: All Good Deeds (Lucy Kendall #1) See Them Run (Lucy Kendall #2) Gone to Die (Lucy Kendall #3) All Fall Down (Lucy Kendall #4) Bonus Content: Additional scenes from each novel featuring Chris Hale. Bonus Content: An essay on writing the series from author Stacy Green. ALL GOOD DEEDS (bronze medalist, thriller, 2015 IPPY Awards) A former social worker turned vigilant killer of pedophiles believes she’s saving children. The disappearance of a child shatters her illusions and forces her into diabolical web she may never escape. SEE THEM RUN Lucy Kendall still believes she can control justice. After fighting to take down a child sex trafficking ring, she becomes a murder suspect and runs straight into the enemy’s trap. GONE TO DIE Lucy Kendall is ready to end her life when she realizes her closet ally has gone after a monster and is missing. Lucy knows the only way to save her friend is to step back into the darkness she’s terrified will consume her. ALL FALL DOWN Lucy is determined to start over, but the murder of a former foster child contains a taunting message. Lucy rushes home only to find the one person she’ll still kill for has been taken and the gauntlet thrown.

Saved by A Billionaire

Miss J. - 2021

The Sean Duffy Collection: Books 1-3

Adrian McKinty - 2016
    Brilliant!' - THE SUN 'It blew my doors off' - IAN RANKIN SPINETINGLER AWARD WINNER NED KELLY AWARD WINNER STEEL DAGGER AWARD SHORTLISTED BOOK 1: The Cold Cold Ground Two dead. Nothing seems to link them, but Sean Duffy knows the links that seem to be invisible are just waiting to be uncovered. And as a policeman who has solved six murders so far in his career, but not yet brought a single case to court, Duffy is determined that this time, someone will pay. BOOK 2: I Hear the Sirens in the Street Sean Duffy knows that one tiny clue is all it takes to solve a murder, so when a dismembered torso is found in a suitcase, he knows there'll be a way to find the killer. Now he's fully fit after the severe trauma of his last case, he goes from country lanes to city streets, and wherever he goes, he smells a rat ... BOOK 3: In the Morning I'll Be Gone Sean Duffy heard about the spectacular escape of IRA man Dermot McCann from Her Majesty's Maze prison, and he knows, with chilly certainty, that their paths will cross. Can he outrun the most skilled terrorist the IRA ever created? And will the past catch him first?

Midnight Beach: A Port Stirling Mystery

Kay Jennings - 2020

Beyond the Breaking Point (Six Points Security #5)

Lori Sjoberg - 2020
    Now he’s finally uncovered where the scumbag is hiding in the jungles of Central America, and it’s time for a little payback. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but Wade plans to deliver it piping hot and ram it down the bastard’s throat.He didn’t expect to rescue a beautiful American doctor along the way.He didn’t want to feel the sizzle of attraction.And he sure as hell didn’t expect her to awaken things inside him that he long considered dead.His thirst for vengeance may have kept him alive, but only love can give him something worth living for...

Maisie Dobbs

Jacqueline Winspear - 2010
    It is #25 in their Mysterious Profiles" series. In this book, Jacqueline Winspear tells about the "origins" of Maisie Dobbs, the heroine of her popular mystery series. This booklet is NOT to be confused with her full-length mystery with the same title.

Jade (The Gems & Gents Series)

Iris Bolling - 2021
    The life-changing decision leads her away from the security of her family and the footprint of larger-than-life brothers and sisters. Jade makes the decision to follow her passion to dance. The odds of success are against her, but hey, she is a Lassiter, damn it. Lassiter’s can make anything happen… right?The Momma’s BoyBlake Thornton. voted the sexiest man alive for three years in a row, is living the life of fame, and fortune, with women from coast to coast at his beck and call. Then he realizes that fame and fortune do not equal happiness. A child star turned adult heartthrob brings its own set of problems. His overbearing mother is willing to take out anyone—anyone who threatens to intervene in her control of her son, especially if their last name happens to be Lassiter.The ConundrumThe past is threatening to interfere with the future when a dance between Blake and Jade exposes an attraction, they were fighting for ten years. The two open their hearts, their bodies, and their souls to each other. When Blake’s mother finds the two together all hell breaks loose. Several attempts made on Jade’s life cause Blake to think his mother has gone too far.Can the chemistry between Blake and Jade turn into something more…something that is strong enough to save both of their lives?

State of Terror

Hilary Clinton

The Window

Kevin Wignall - 2012
    The job is simple, to kill a man and get out of town immediately. Why would he stay? He hates Christmas, and hanging around after the crime could be dangerous, but a stranger's compassion forces him to question everything he's always believed, tempting him to stay just another day longer... First published in the Christmas edition of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Jan, 2004), this story was subsequently reviewed in Mystery Scene, which described it as "bordering on the magnificent". (Please note - this is a short story of approximately 45 Kindle pages.)

Nichelle Clarke Crime Thriller Series, Books 4-6: Box Set: Devil in the Deadline / Cover Shot / Lethal Lifestyles

LynDee Walker - 2018
    DEVIL IN THE DEADLINEA human sacrifice unlocks a chilling mystery, and leads Nichelle Clarke into a world of unimaginable danger."...You won't be able to read fast enough..."When Richmond Police find a young woman's bloody remains spread across a candle-lit altar in an abandoned power plant on the banks of the James River, they give crime reporter Nichelle Clarke an all-access pass in exchange for her help.But the information Nichelle gets from the victim's friends only draws her deeper into the mystery. Where did Jasmine come from? How did she end up on the streets of Shockoe Bottom? And why doesn't she have any dental records?The answer trail stops at the front doors of a sprawling compound in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, where Nichelle finds a secretive cult leader and his devoted following. It is a world where lies becomes truth, and money is the true idol. Money some people would do anything to keep collecting...Even if it means murdering a nosy reporter.----------------------------COVER SHOTCryptic online messages and a murder in a swanky condo complex don't strike crime reporter Nichelle Clarke as related--until a gunman sends a hospital into chaos."...if you're a fan of mystery, you simply must read this series..."When a body is discovered in a high-rise in Richmond, Virginia, crime reporter Nichelle Clarke races to the scene. The victim is a brilliant doctor with an unusual past. But before Nichelle can decide what to make of the murder, the local police radio is filled with a dreaded distress call.There is an active shooter at a nearby hospital.The gunman has taken hostages on a patient floor, and gives the police a single demand.He wants to speak with Nichelle.In person.----------------------------LETHAL LIFESTYLESThe groom is the prime suspect in a murder at his own rehearsal dinner. Crime reporter Nichelle Clarke doesn't believe he's the killer-but now it's up to her to find out who is.When Nichelle Clarke is invited to be the maid of honor in her friends' Virginia Vineyard wedding, she looks forward to the celebration.

Winter Black Series Box Set 3

Mary Stone - 2020
    As Ryan takes the team into the deep, dark web of sinister secrets, Winter receives an even more disturbing message from her brother than the last. She can feel him out there...watching, waiting. Lucky for Winter, she isn’t afraid of spiders. She’s only afraid when the spider disappears.Winter’s Storm: The night FBI Special Agent Winter Black took down The Preacher—the man who killed her parents and took her little brother—there was a massacre at the Riverside Mall. Now, the survivors are being murdered one by one. The hit list is long, and when the killer ends up dead, the path to solving the case grows even more twisted. Who is this assassin? Do they intend to finish what The Preacher started as well? And where does Justin, Winter’s baby brother, fit in? Is he the storm, or is he simply caught up in its force?Winter’s End: Sometimes, the beginning is the end. For thirteen years, FBI Special Agent Winter Black has been haunted by a man who performed heinous acts. Murdering her parents. Abducting her baby brother. Leaving her in a coma that changed her life forever. For thirteen years, she’s suffered mentally and physically, often doubting her sanity and ability to achieve her goal of bringing that brutal man down. Thirteen years of regret. Of hope. Of fear. Of hate. But now, the boy she longs for has transformed into a man she fears. She has to face him. Catch him. Maybe even kill him. Even if it means the end of her.

Forty-Four Box Set Books 6-10

Jools Sinclair - 2014
    But she didn't come back the same. She left her memory, the ability to see color, and a large chunk of her life at the bottom of that frozen mountain lake. In exchange she came away with the ability to see things. Things no one would want to see. Haunted, horrible things.Get this box set, containing volumes 6-10 in the series, and save more than 50% off the original price.