The Christmas Adventures of Archie

McDonald's UK - 2019
    When Archie accidentally pops his football, it starts him thinking about Christmas - and especially Christmas PRESENTS! On his journey to deliver his wish to Santa, Archie meets Robyn, Willow and Nigel and discovers what Christmas is really all about.

Hugo The Happy Starfish: The Last Bully

Suzy Liebermann - 2011
    Sadly, they are bigger fish with the wrong attitudes – they are bullies! After seeing his friend getting bullied, Hugo decides enough is enough. He forms the Anti-Bully Club and teaches the bullies a valuable lesson about respect.By working together as a group, Hugo and his friends manage to show the bullies that there is always a bigger fish in the sea and that happiness comes from respecting others not bullying them.THE LAST BULLY is great tale to teach a lesson about one of the biggest issues around.Meet HUGO – a little starfish with a BIG HEART. His passion is to make others happy but he still has a lot to learn. Luckily he does not only have a big heart but also a CURIOUS MIND.Through his adventures, Hugo learns many valuable lessons of character, life skills, and ecological alertness – all amid the backdrop of a magical underwater world and mystical islands.In Hugo, children, parents, and educators will discover a lovable and engaging role model with whom they can identify.Suzy Liebermann has written this charming series of children’s books to help educate children about their feelings, their attitudes, their choices, and the consequences that follow.Each book offers a themed vocabulary to introduce the Spanish language to the reader. Each book also comes with a number of worksheets which are downloadable at no cost on our website. We are sure you’ll agree that life skills and character traits are two of the most important lessons to teach the young. Age-appropriate children’s books are crucial to child development and well-written books that contain a message can expand not only a child’s cognitive abilities, but also their emotional, moral, and spiritual capacities. The key theme behind the HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH series is that building character based on a positive attitude leads to a happy, self-confident and successful human being. We believe this distinctive way of sharing a “message” through the medium of an exciting narrative is what has given the books their charm. The stories were developed in conjunction with Suzy’s teaching experience at an International Baccalaureate® School and support the different learner profiles and attitudes of the IB PYP

My First Book of ABC and 123: An Educational Picture Book for Young Children (Beginner Series: Book 1)

Lisl Fair - 2012
    The book contains 26 listening games for children from 6 months to 5 years of age. Good listeners make good students and good friends who can understand and follow the rules in a classroom or during games. The number section includes a sequential memory game for preschool children to help them practice their memorizing skills while learning to count from 1 to 10.The book can be used by parents, teachers and therapists to lay an early foundation for good listening skills. The book contains two supplementary books: Noah's Ark Activity Book and Fun Day on the Farm Activity Book.FORMAT:This book has been formatted to display well on eReaders and devices such as Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kindle apps for smartphones, tablets (including iPads) and computers.

The Bath Time Book

Michael Yu - 2012
    Alfie doesn't want a bath. He just wants to play.Read along as Alfie turns this nightly chore into a fun, imaginary adventure. From safari hunts to slaying dragons, bath time will never be the same.This is the perfect book to read before bed or bath!

St Clare's: The Final Years (St Clare's Collection)

Enid Blyton - 2014
     'Mam'zelle beamed. 'You will like the little Claudine! For she is French. She is my niece!' But Mam'zelle is in for a shock! Out to break every school rule, new girl Claudine is no teacher's pet...'     The twins of St. Clare's and their friends are back in this volume collecting their final three years at the famous school.   There's plenty of action, adventure and drama as a new girl causes havoc, and a first former has a mysterious secret...and who will become head girl?

The Tiny Potty Training Book: A simple guide for non-coercive potty training MULTIMEDIA VERSION

Andrea Olson - 2015
    After disposable diapers and the related message to wait for "readiness” hit the scene, American kids are now potty training at about 3 years old, leaving parents wondering: When is it okay to potty train? and How do I do it? The Tiny Potty Training Book answers all of these questions and more, empowering parents with accurate information and step-by-step guidance to potty train with confidence at any age. With this book parents can complete potty training in an average of 7 days, without force, coercion, sticker charts, or bribery.Toddlers 18 months and up will gain mastery and dignity through the swift and gentle method laid out in this book, complete with troubleshooting section and access to private support*.*NOTE: The Reader's Website and Private Support Group are included in this new MULTIMEDIA VERSION. The website will include videos & downloads (forthcoming; in editing process) and the private support group. You will receive lifetime access to these materials via the link found in your book.About the AuthorAndrea Olson, M.A., is a pioneer in helping parents reduce diaper dependence with any age child or baby, from birth through toddlerhood. She has her Master's Degree in Psychology and presently lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband and children. She is also author of Go Diaper Free, a book about infant potty training for babies 0-18 months, and Tiny Potty, a board book for babies age 6 months and up.

Franky the Frolicking Fox

J.S. Yee - 2012
     Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership Franky is a juvenile fox who loves to frolic about, until one day, he ventures out too far from his family. His quest back home brings him into the path of numerous animals that all have clues that eventually lead him home. The end of his adventure reunites him with his family and friends, frolicking about!Young readers will love the charming illustrations of the fox and his friends, while parents will appreciate the moral at the end of the story.

Harry Potter Spell Book: The Unofficial Book of Magic Spells from the Harry Potter Series

Sadler Mars - 2017
     A fantastic gift for someone who loves Harry Potter, and has a sense of humor. (Some jokes in this book may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. Parental discretion is advised.)

Robin Hood and the Castle of Bones

Angus Donald - 2020

Bellingwood Book 15 Vignettes

Diane Greenwood Muir - 2016
     In the first, Heath and Hayden Harvey are working at the Bell House. Just a quick peek into one of their conversations. Vignette #2 shows us a moment in Andrew's life with an ungrateful neighbor. He's such a good kid. The third vignette is a conversation between Jeff Lindsay and Stephanie in the office. He's lucky to have her around. Vignette #4 drops us into the coffee shop where Sylvie has a motherly conversation with Stephanie. Those are always good. The final vignette occurs in Doug & Billy's apartment over Polly's garage. Sometimes boys are just plain clueless. The Bellingwood books are written from Polly's perspective and every once in a while it's fun to look at what's happening behind the scenes from the viewpoint of other characters. These vignettes were originally published on the website and in the monthly email newsletter to Bellingwood readers.

My First Gruffalo: Touch-and-feel book

Julia Donaldson - 2011
    Touch the Gruffalo's terrible tusks, feel his knobbly knees and tickle his purple prickles in this bold, eye-catching book with touch-and-feel elements on every page.

The Super Olympian: Bloodhound (Shapechanger Tales)

Laer Carroll - 2012
    And she has strange powers. What can feed her challenge-addiction now? Fighting crime? There is plenty of it.

The Weeping Lady Conspiracy : A Marquess House Saga Short Story

Alexandra Walsh - 2021

The Missing Collection: Found; Sent; Sabotaged; Torn; Caught

Margaret Peterson Haddix - 2013
    But when sinister messages start to suggest an unimaginable secret in his past, Jonah and his sister, Katherine, are swept up in an adventure greater than time itself. Because Jonah isn’t just any kid—he’s one of the famous missing children from history. And if he and his friends can’t fix the past, then the future—and the present—are in grave danger…Ideal for newcomers to the series and loyal fans alike, this collection of the first five books in The Missing series includes Found, Sent, Sabotaged, Torn, and Caught.

Diary of a Spider Chicken, Book 1: An Unofficial Minecraft Diary

Dr. Block - 2016
     A spider chicken should not exist. I mean, just saying the words "spider chicken" sounds wrong. But, because of a mad scientist villager, he does exist. Read this first book in the Diary of a Spider Chicken series to find out how the spider chicken came to be and what he plans to do about it. Scroll up and grab your copy now!