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Cry Wolf by Cassidy Ryan


The Vampire King's Mate

Toby Aden - 2016
    Having the most gorgeous man he’s ever met tell him they are mated throws him for a loop, but hearing the man claim to be a vampire and learning that that he himself is a werewolf blows his mind and sends him running for the hills. But with the evidence put right in front of him, he is left with no choice but to adjust his thinking... especially since turning furry has become his new norm.A Siren Erotic Romance


Alice Cain - 2015
    Well not yet anyway. But at twenty-eight I'd already given up on finding Mr. Perfect and I was honestly willing to settle for Mr. Has-a-job-and-doesn't-fart-in-bed. That is until Declan Colbert entered my life. He's perfect. Literally perfect and I have no idea what he sees in me, but hey, if the guy wants to stick around, who am I to argue? Except that…well, my cats don't like him. I mean they seriously don't like him at all, and I have no idea what to do with that reaction. Are my cats just being brats or are they trying to warn me that not everything about Declan is what it seems? Hey, maybe he's just a dog person. I mean, he does have that tattoo…

Werewolves of Boulder Junction Box Set:

Martha Woods - 2018
     She’s trying to run away from her past. So why has fate crossed their paths? Skylar Moore is street smart. She’s always been able to talk her way out of murky situations. But when her gambling father gets into trouble with the wrong people, Skylar is once again dragged into his mess and the only option is to move thousands of miles away from Miami to escape. But has Skylar gone far away enough?Having made his fortune, Liam Conway has finally returned to Boulder Junction at the request of his Father. The only reason he moved back was to be close to his ill mother. Now, he is running his multi-billion-dollar business from the small town and is being pressured by his father to be prepared to take over as Alpha soon.But when an unknown hunter enters Boulder Junction and his number one priority is seeking revenge against the werewolves that murdered his parents, how will Liam protect his pack whilst maintaining his billionaire identity?Join Skylar and Liam on their epic adventure filled with twists and turns in the Werewolves of Boulder Junction! If you like strong female protagonists, deadly consequences and tales of redemption than this book will have you turning the pages all night long.  Scroll up and click the buy button now to uncover the truth... On SALE for the first time ever. Grab your copy now before the price goes back up! For A Limited Time Only, Includes 4 Bonus PNR Romances

Bitter Kisses

LifeGoesOn31 - 2012
    The only one who cared for her was her old Alpha, Xavier's father, but after he was gone, she was thrown out to face the world alone.Three years later, Cadrian is back. Not alone, no, she's back with her new family, one of the strongest packs in the world. She's no longer the girl who was too weak to take care of herself. Now she's a strong willed fighter with a stone heart, ready to take anyone and anything head-on. So what happens when she comes face to face with the people who had put her through the pain that has left her scarred forever?

Spirit Found

Ellen Quinn - 2012
    He's been exiled, hunted, and recruited as a pirate. He's developed a multimillion-pound gold bullion and stone dealership and is now Alpha of a very unusual pack.But one thing eludes him, the one thing he is desperate to find—his spirit walker.Daniel King has finally escaped from under his father's dominant, dismissive thumb. It was supposed to be a new start, but something very strange is going on. Iron gates open without any help. Everyone talks about walking ghosts. There are some very strange scents in the air, and as for his body, it doesn't feel like his own anymore.Now Enda has found him, he knows he can never let Daniel go, but getting him to accept this new world and his place beside him is going to be damn near impossible.

Trapping Quincy

Nicole Riddley
    He challenges her. He fascinates her while he irritates her like no other. He drives her insane. He makes her...ughh, so mad she could scream! The only thing he won't do is let her go.Quincy: I'm a human living among the werewolves. My mom is a werewolf. She had a drunken fun one night with a stranger, a human. The union was not supposed to bear an offspring. I'm not supposed to happen, but here I am, an outsider.They all hate me but my Nana loved me. Then Nana died. They moved me to the pack house. Now, their old Alpha three times my age wants to make me his. That is not the life I signed up for. My Nana nurtured me a dream to go off to college. So I run. I run not because I'm a coward. I run to save myself. I will have nothing to do with their kind anymore. I'll be a normal human among other normal humans. I'll be so normal, even the most average normal humans will feel like freaks next to my normal ass. They will bow down before me and call me Queen Normal.Then I see him. The best specimen of men...but I know he's not human. He's not a werewolf either, so what is he? There's this pull between us but I know I shouldn't get close to his kind...whatever he is. The trouble is, he won't leave me alone.Caspian: I've been looking for my erasthai for decades. My mother dearest, the queen of all werewolves and lycans is pressuring me to marry Lady Celeste. I'm supposed to take over the throne from my father and make lady Celeste my queen. I want nothing to do with her. I want my erasthai.Then I saw her. She's a human. The most beautiful mesmerizing creature ever, and she's mine!I thought it's going to be easy. It should have been easy. Come on, ALL girls want me. I mean, look at me. I'm gorgeous! Mirrors weep when I walk past them.She refused to give me the time of the day. Well, too bad princess. I'm not about to let you get away. I'll crush all other competitions. I'm Prince Caspian. I always get what I want.

Smilodon (The Primogenitor Saga Book 1)

Robert M. Kerns - 2021


Faith Gibson - 2020
    A lonely teen, ready to run. An adventure gone awry in the South Florida sunshine.Slade Ransom has waited two hundred forty-seven years for his mate. When he is tasked with watching over one of his Clanmate’s sons, Slade recognizes the attraction he feels for what it is - the mate pull. Slade enjoys Being around the teen, but the more time he spends with Matthew, the harder it is to not claim the young man. Even though Matt has turned eighteen, Slade does what he thinks is best and puts space between them.Matthew Hartley’s life is finally looking up. He has a family who loves him, a scholarship to play basketball for The University of Georgia, and a smoking hot Gargoyle bodyguard who has become his best friend. When Slade starts ghosting Matt, the teen doesn’t understand what happened.When Slade realizes he was wrong in staying away from Matt, he takes steps to get them back on track. While the two are on vacation in South Florida, things don’t go as planned, and Slade fears he has lost his young mate before ever getting the chance to claim him.

Hearts and Tails

Bailey Bradford - 2013
    There's a race on to see who gets to the end of the trail first, and winner gets it all.

Human Omega

Riley Trent - 2015
    He was supposed to be civilized. Nice. The exception to the rule. But one whiff of Ian Bones on the full moon and all of Tate's morals and ideals go right out the fucking window. Ian smells like his, and Tate's wolf has no intention of denying them what is rightfully theirs... Warning: This story contains some dark themes before the happy ending, including kidnapping, unfair punishment, abuse of power and dubious consent. Do not read if this bothers you. (This book was previously published under the pen name of Riley Trent.) *** “Ian? Are you okay?” Tate suddenly asked, standing just inside the door. Ian looked up, gasping at the pulse of need that coursed through his body. Tate had changed out of his skintight uniform, and was now wearing a loose pair of sweats and a tank top. Ian could see the line of Tate’s member resting against his thigh, fat and huge, and the alpha’s muscles looked enormous. Ian wanted to touch them. He wanted to bury his face in Tate’s crotch, to sit at the alpha’s feet while Tate stroked his hair- No! This wasn’t him. Why was he feeling like this? Ian closed his eyes, trying to ignore the throbbing of his shaft and the way his hole fluttered and yearned for Tate’s knot. “Ian… If it hurts, I can help you,” Tate said, coming closer. Ian could smell him, musky and delicious, his mind fogging over with the intensity of his need. Why did he want Tate to stay away again? Breathing in that scent, opening his eyes to see Tate’s magnificent bulge so close he could reach out and touch it, Ian couldn’t remember...

The Prince's Fated Mate

Alex Ashmore - 2016
    All they needed was one quick look to know that they were meant to be together. Of course, Will’s a simple, practical omega happy with his simple, quiet life in the remote town of Hemslock, helping his father around at the inn they own. He never really expected to have a fated mate of his own — until the day his destined alpha strolls into town. The problem is, his alpha is none other than Prince James, the handsome and aloof First Son of the pack, who’s already engaged to another omega prince. Not only is he in an entirely different league from Will, he's also almost impossible to talk to. And an even bigger problem? Prince James seems to have no clue that Will is his fated mate and nothing Will does changes that. Can Will win over the prince’s heart and find his happy ending? Or is Will doomed to a one-sided destiny, watching his fated mate bond with another omega? The Prince’s Fated Mate is a standalone romance novel featuring gay werewolves and an alpha-omega pairing, and hot, steamy action between two men! Warning for mentions of male pregnancy. The story has a happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhangers.

Wildlands Omega

Ruby Nox - 2017
    And alphas are dangerous creatures who are to be avoided. With rules like that, Riley was perfectly content to live out his days on his small homestead. But when a wildfire drives him from his home, leaving him lost and wandering, his only goal is to find a place to rebuild his life of solitude. But when he is rescued by the tall and handsome alpha wolf Jack, he is both wary and intrigued. Despite his long ingrained distrust of alphas, he can’t quite bring himself to fear his savior. Jack’s life was going great. He had finally been given the honor of leading his pack’s hunts, and he was ready to stand by his brothers and help lead the Summerwood pack. So he’s not thrilled when raids by a band of rogue shifters puts the pack on lockdown. After a fight with his brother, he escapes the confines of his village, only wanting to get away for a little while. When he runs into a human omega with fiery red hair from the wildlands, he can’t stop himself from getting rather attached.


Skye R. Richmond - 2019
    He kissed his straight best friend at the guy’s stag do and now he’s run away to the Lake District to lick his wounds.All he wants, in fact, all he's ever wanted is a Prince of his own. Who knew running would lead Axel straight to his very own fairytale? No really. His new mate, yeah, that’s a thing, lives in a magical valley and there’s a castle and he’s telling Axel it’s going to be the two of them forever.  Did Axel mention in this fairytale he can have babies and his mate turns into a wolf? Only it's not a fairytale, it's really happening. Malek has travelled the world searching for his mate, and now he’s actually here, in Malek’s family’s forest. It’s turning out to be the best day of his life.  No angst, and lots of fluff. An MM Shifter Mpreg Romance.

Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory

SoulMated - 2012
    There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all rogues. Will he get the life he has always craved or will his pride get the better of him?

Stealing His Heart

Connor Crowe - 2019
    The reward? Freedom at last from the criminal syndicate that raised him and other orphaned omegas. When he stops to save a man in peril, the guards close in. Getting captured wasn't part of the plan. Neither was meeting the intimidatingly sexy Pack Alpha. Soon, he finds himself questioning if he really wants to leave... As the Alpha of Nox Bay, Markus is bound by duty to protect his land and his people. So when a thieving fox appears in their territory, it's his job to punish him. Except...this fox is different than the others. He smells suspiciously like Markus's fated mate. But can true love blossom between sworn enemies?  When Felix's crime family come to reclaim their 'investment', both men must make a choice. A choice that will set both their futures in motion—and the future of the little one growing inside Felix. Stealing His Heart is the first book in the Nox Bay Pack series. Readers should be advised for mentions of attempted assault and trafficking, but don't worry—you'll find mpreg elements, found family, low angst, no cheating, and always a happily ever after! Welcome to the pack <3