The Berenstain Bears at the Super-Duper Market

Stan Berenstain - 1991
    In this Berenstain Bear family tour of a neighborhood supermarket, toddlers will find out why they call them supermarkets!

The Cheerios Play Book

Lee Wade - 1998
    (No milk, please!) Teddies need Cheerios buttons, mice need Cheerios glasses, and fish need Cheerios bubbles. Pages are recessed to help children successfully place their own dry cereal pieces within the scenes. Tasty, interactive fun that toddlers will love!

Stir Crack Whisk Bake: A Little Book about Little Cakes

America's Test Kitchen Kids - 2019
    Help your little one experience the magic of baking without leaving the comfort of their own home."Today is a special day because we're going to make something together!"From gathering ingredients to pouring batter to swirling on frosting, little ones will experience the magic of baking cupcakes without leaving the comfort of their bedroom in this first kids baking book. Using an interactive storytelling style, Stir Crack Whisk Bake lets the tiniest chefs be in charge!In the same vein of interactive books for toddlers including Don't Push the Button and Tap the Magic Tree, kids can "magically" crack eggs or whisk ingredients together, simply with a swirl of their fingertips! Perfect for little ones who enjoy Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert and want a more interactive board book cooking experience.

Fingers for Lunch

Brandt Lewis - 2016
    Then start back at the beginning, this time with mom or dad's fingers in the holes--if they're willing to risk it!

The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher

Molly Bang - 1980
    But so does the Strawberry Snatcher, and unfortunately for the Grey Lady he is not far away and getting closer all the time. Past flower shops and bakeries he stalks her, silently, steadily, biding his time. He pursues her by foot along haunting red-brick paths, and then by skateboard into the mysterious depths of a swamp both beautiful and terrifying.Closer and closer he gets, and yet the Grey Lady escapes him, in fantastic and marvelously improbable ways, until, in the heart of the forest the Strawberry Snatcher discovers instead -- blackberries!In this wordless allegory, author-illustrator Molly Bang has created a visual feast full of surprise and wonder. Her lively tale skillfully blends fantasy, suspense, and humor, and the magnificent illustrations are a treat for young and old alike.

Bears and Blossoms

Shirley Parenteau - 2018
    The blustery weather is perfect for flying kites, and the bears can't wait to frolic under the cherry blossoms with the busy bees and eat a lunch of bread with honey. It's time to send the kites up into the air -- but the winds are so strong, they carry the little bears up off the ground and away! What will Big Brown Bear do?

You Are My Cupcake

Joyce Wan - 2011
    With a candy-colored palette and irresistible art, this is the perfect baby shower gift!

At the Supermarket

Anne Rockwell - 1979
    There are meats, fruits, and vegetables to put in the shopping cart; soap and toilet paper, too. But the most important ingredients are those needed to bake a birthday cake. Children love to help out at the grocery store. In her signature style, Anne Rockwell conveys the thrill of a trip to the supermarket from a young child's point-of-view.Thirty years ago, Anne Rockwell collaborated with her husband Harlow on this charming book. This beloved favorite has been newly updated for a new generation of young readers.

Bumpety, Dunkety, Thumpety-Thump!

K.L. Going - 2017
    Pebbles in the pond fall plunkey-plunk. Toes in the grass dance thumpety-thump. Bumpety-plunkety-thumpety-thump! Join two sweet siblings as they explore their backyard, get deliciously creative in the kitchen, and then spend a cozy evening preparing for bed. Along the way they’ll get muddy and messy and hungry and sleepy—just as all little ones do. Award-winning author K.L. Going’s celebration of imagination, creativity, and sibling love will have readers young and old chiming in—and yearning for some yummy pie!

A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon

Audrey Penn - 2014
    Now younger children can get in on Mama Raccoon's secret and find comfort in A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon, a board-book adaptation of the original picture book. Chester could feel his mother's kiss leap straight into his heart. "With a Kissing Hand," said Chester's mom, "We'll never be apart." "Just press your hand upon your cheek and feel that loving glow. It's Mommy saying, 'I love you,' wherever you may go." The Kissing Hand has become a children's classic that has touched the lives of millions of children and their parents. A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon conveys the heart of the story in rhyming verse, perfect for read-aloud and easy for even the little ones to remember and recite. With illustrations by Barbara Gibson that capture the warmth and beauty of the original artwork, toddlers now share in the benefits from Mrs. Raccoon's secret for making a child feel safe and secure.

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

Margret Rey - 1998
    When George and the man with the yellow hat go shopping at a chocolate factory store, George becomes curious about how the chocolates are made. Though he starts off following the factory tour, soon he is wanders off to investigate on his own. And when George follows his curiosity there is always fun to be had!

Pete the Cat's Trip to the Supermarket

Kimberly Dean - 2019
    But what happens when Dad loses the grocery list before they even get there? It's up to Pete and Bob to help remind Dad what was on their list!'PETE THE CAT'S TRIP TO THE SUPERMARKET' is a Level 1 I Can Read book, perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.RUNNING TIME ⇒ 4mins.©2020 James Dean and Kimberly Dean (P)2020 HarperCollins Publishers

Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum!

Anna Dewdney - 2016
    Get cooking with Llama Llama in this scratch-and-sniff board book! Llama Llama and his Mama are in the kitchen whipping up some delicious treats! Join in the fun by reading along with this super-sweet story and scratching and sniffing the fun scents on each spread, like pickles and ice cream sundaes!

JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake

Jane O'Connor - 2017
    They’ve mixed the batter, put the cake in the oven, and frosted it—but who is the cake for? Shh . . . it’s a surprise!Beginning readers will love this My First I Can Read that is carefully crafted using basic language, word repetition, sight words, and gorgeous illustrationsFrom the beloved New York Times bestselling author-illustrator team Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake is a My First I Can Read, perfect for shared reading with a child.

Max's Toys

Rosemary Wells - 1979
    and Noggin.Max's Toys introduces the numbers one through ten as Max finally trades all his toys for Ruby's doll.