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Wicked Shadows by A.D. Justice


Starting Over

Evan Grace - 2014
    And if it weren’t for her brother’s imminent deployment, she wouldn’t even have considered coming back home. But she did. And now she needs to do everything she can to avoid the reason she left in the first place. Luke Carter. The man who turned his back on her when she needed him most. There’s just one problem…Luke seems to have other plans. He’s determined to set things right, making it impossible for Bellamy to ignore the connection they still share after all these years. But Bellamy has a secret. And it’s the kind of secret that has the potential to destroy every last bit of hope she has for a second chance at happiness. The question is, will the truth bring them closer together…or will it tear them apart for good?

Montana Guardian

Kris Michaels - 2018
    He'd fought in wars, survived firefights in forsaken hell-holes and moved like a ghost in foreign countries. His team performed missions flawlessly. He'd never regretted an assignment, until he met her. The sweet, brilliant code breaker who'd devastated not only the enemy’s communication cyphers, but also his heart. For Cassie Valentine, life was anything but hearts and chocolates--starvation and physical abuse at the hands of her father and uncle was the norm. Her intellectual genius at solving code brought her to the attention of Guardian and a man who showed her what life could have been like. A cruel glimpse at happiness that she could never obtain. Compelled by a threat to her mother, Cassie returned to the shack in the Bitterroot Mountains. Without a word, she vanished, leaving Van Wheeler, the man who loved her, to forever wonder why she'd left. A year later, battered, broken, and protecting her child, she fled her family's cabin at the top of the Bitterroot Mountains. Cassie knew she and her tiny son would share the fate of her dead mother if she didn't escape. On foot and ill-prepared, she set out into the wilderness of mountainous Montana, unaware that fate, in the form of a Guardian, was about to intervene.

The Wilde Series

Janelle Denison - 2012
    She needs to find out who is threatening her before her overprotective brothers find out. For that, she’s going to enlist the help of private investigator Cameron Sinclair – - the one man who seems immune to her flirtatious and outrageous personality. But Mia soon learns that appearances can be very deceiving. Born to Be Wilde Ex-Marine turned security specialist Joel Wilde thrives on the high-wire thrills that come with his job. And he isn’t about to give all that up to settle down – - not even with a sexy woman like Lora Marshall. Which means that while he’s protecting her from a violent gang, he’ll need to set a few ground rules to keep things professional. Good thing he’s always been a rule-breaker at heart. Wild for Him Ex-Marine and security agent Ben Cabrera isn’t going to complain about his latest assignment protecting the daughter of a gubernatorial candidate. After all, spending 24/7 with Christy Delacroix isn’t exactly a chore. But it turns out that Christy’s seduction tactics are top notch and it soon becomes impossible to keep things strictly professional . . .

Ruthless River

Lindsay Cross - 2017
    Her ex-husband, who just happened to be a cop, had a penchant for violence and, after Laney took their daughter and ran, he had a promise for revenge. She'd made a new life with a new name and had plans to stay hidden forever, but even the best laid plans go wrong… Forced to rush her daughter to the hospital Laney's location is revealed. Laney had vowed to never seek help from the man again, until Riser’s 200 pounds of packed muscle made her his own personal mission. He vowed to protect her and her daughter from her ex, but could she trust him with their lives when she'd been burned so badly in the past? Riser Malone was an admitted adrenaline junkie whose distraction on a crucial mission last year had resulted in complete failure of his objective: protect the girl. Unable to face his failure, Riser accepted every mission put before him, but a lull in the terrorist tempo left him with too much time on his hands back home. He needed a distraction, and he needed it badly. And that distraction showed up in the form of Laney and her daughter. With an abusive ex bearing down on her, Riser saw his second chance at redemption. And after one night with her, Riser knew his bachelorhood was over, but if he ever had any hope for a relationship with Laney in the future, he'd have to make sure her abusive ex-husband would never harm her again. *This book was previously published as Riser's Resolve.*

Catch Me if You Can

Liliana Hart - 2011
    The last thing he needs is to have the daughter of America’s most infamous mob boss move into the apartment across the hall. Rachel Valentine is on the run from the only “family” she’s ever known. When Shane Quincy saves her life, she has no choice but to tell him who she’s running from, even though she knows it’ll make him the mob’s next target.

Serial Love

Maryann Jordan - 2015
    Pulling together like-minded men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, they were devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve. When the Campus Killer strikes again, Jack’s team is tasked by the Governor to find the killer, using whatever means they can. While following the trail of the serial killer, he becomes entangled in the life of the beautiful woman living next to his property. Bethany Bridwell moved in with her grandmother to take over running Mountville Cabin Rentals. She had no time for the handsome, mysterious man living next door who continued to intrude into her life...and her thoughts. >Jack battled his growing feelings for Bethany, worried his life would not allow for the white-picket-fence world she deserved. But he was unable to stay away. When the trail of the Campus Killer strikes close to home, can Jack protect Bethany long enough to give her what she needs? ****Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature and language that some consider crude, please be warned - for 18+ only! If you do not like alphas with heart who fall instantly in love with strong female characters while dealing with real life issues...again be warned!!*****

The Complete Sinner Saints Box Set

Adrienne Bell - 2017
     The bestselling Sinner Saints series available in one complete set! This set includes: CARTER After years of heading an elite Special Forces unit, nothing ever gets past Carter Macmillan…until the night slick-talking reporter, Ally Weaver, gives him the slip. RHYS No one understands secrets like Rhys Vaughn. Known for his cold efficiency, he’s notorious for having been the best Special Forces interrogator in the field. There’s no one he can’t break…until Rhys comes face to face with injured scientist, Tessa Rosenthal, the only person who has ever managed to see past his frigid shell. JAKE Ex-Special Forces operative Jake Thorne has never backed down from a fight…not until the day that a momentary lapse of judgment led to tragedy. Since then he’s been hiding at the bottom of a bottle, far away from the pity of those closest to him. But all that changes the night a beautiful stranger crashes his lonely roadhouse booth pleading for his help. MASON After a wildly successful career in Special Forces, Mason Wright has come to believe that there is no puzzle he can’t solve, no problem he can’t fix, no person he can’t charm. But all that changes the day he’s assigned the task of stopping suspected cat burglar Sara Baumgartner from stealing one of the world’s most famous diamonds. BOWIE Bowie Tamatoa is used to flying solo. After an infamous Special Forces career, he’s far more comfortable keeping his emotions under wraps and letting his fists do the talking. But every fortress has a weak spot, and Bowie is no different. *** Part romantic comedy, part thriller, and filled with plenty of intrigue, the Sinner Saints box set a complete collection of Adrienne Bell's contemporary romance series. Each book in the series is also available separately. ***

My Time in the Affair

Stylo Fantome - 2015
     Now, before you judge me, hear my story. Hear how much I'm like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own. Yes, I'm a horrible person. Yes, I've done horrible things. Yes, I don't deserve forgiveness. Yes, bad things happened because of my actions. But I'm willing to bet I've done things that maybe, just maybe, you have thought of doing. Maybe, just maybe, you're not as innocent as you'd like to think. Or maybe I'm not so guilty ... Full Length Standalone Novel, 85,000+ words

Ty and Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella

Elaine Levine - 2015
    He convinces Eden Miller to pin down their wedding plans and set a date, pronto! And family drama’s the hot sauce…When a woman from Cord’s past makes a startling accusation, the team discovers an unexpected new clue in the mystery they’re unraveling. Eden’s mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom, out for the nuptials, worry their daughter has fallen into the grasp of an insidious crime lord—a concern that Ty can’t, in all honesty, put to rest.

The Guardian

Cristin Harber - 2020
    That was okay; he’d planned to quit anyway. There was no better time than after proposing to Roxana Carter. But Jason hadn’t expected his employer to refuse his resignation unless he left in a body bag.Roxana loved many things about her man. The stability he offered after years of family tragedies was at the top of her list. Then again, his killer bedroom moves were also a strong contender for the number one spot. Ranking their relationship qualities was the most challenging part of her life until the arrival of a mysterious gun-wielding couple.Their message offered a shattering revelation. Roxana’s steadfast man isn’t who he seems.

Corps Security: The Series

Harper Sloan - 2015
    These six novels follow their lives as they take a chance at love. Can love truly conquer all? From broken souls to broken hearts, they all will find out if they'll get their second chance at happily ever afters and that love really is worth fighting for.Axel (Corps Security, #1)Cage (Corps Security, #2)Beck (Corps Security, #3)Uncaged (Corps Security, #3.5)Cooper (Corps Security, #4)Locke (Corps Security, #5)

Lust to Love

Mia Ford - 2018
    But, do they have a choice?Child abuse from her dad brought Prudence Evans to the child help center. But now she's all grown up and it's time for her to leave. But, deep inside her heart, she doesn't want to say goodbye to the one and only man in the world she trusts.Logan Bankers works for the child help center and is seen as a playboy but he prefers to keep his work and personal life separate. His strenuous job hardly gives him time for anything more than a fling. That is only until Prudence walks under his care.When this connection starts to develop deep feelings, they both know they would end up losing everything. But, it might be just worth it as long as they can have each other! 60,000+ words in this steamy, standalone second chance romance. HEA guaranteed. Kindle edition includes exclusive bonus content for your reading pleasure (including a never before published forbidden romance - Breaking the Rules).

Point of Return

Stacey Lynn - 2014
    Destruction. Death. Olivia Masters grew up familiar with all of them. The daughter of the President of the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, Olivia always knew she wanted nothing to do with any of it. Her plans were made to leave the town she grew up in as soon as she and her boyfriend, Daemon Knight, turned eighteen. But then Olivia was shot. Her mother killed in front of her. Fleeing became her reality. Forced to return to her hometown of Jasper Bay five years later, events beyond Olivia’s control put her directly back into the life she swore she’d never return to. Her dad wants her back in the family. Daemon wants her in his bed. But just as Olivia begins to accept her destiny, history finds a way to repeat itself. This time, will Olivia be strong enough to fight for the family she once turned her back on? Or will she once again flee from the only life that has ever felt like home? *Warning: Due to violence, language, and sexual content, this book is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.*

Dark Lessons

Julia Sykes - 2017
    That’s all it was supposed to be. So when my darkly domineering one-night stand turns out to be one of my instructors at Quantico, my life becomes far too complicated. I’m training as an FBI agent, but Jason has other forms of training in mind. Like bending me over his desk for a spanking.I try to resist him, but soon we’re stealing forbidden hours of lust when no one’s watching. It could cost us both our careers, but I can’t help myself. He’s broken, and I want to be his salvation.In return, he says he wants to protect me, to love me. But can he save me when my new job puts me directly in the path of danger?


Mallory Crowe - 2016
    Now he has to find the lost heiress before anyone else and claim his stake in the Farrell family fortune... even if that means claiming her.