The Discovery of the Americas: From Prehistory Through the Age of Columbus

Betsy Maestro - 1991
    The text is useful for both the classroom and at home as it combines beautiful landscape illustrations with factual features: maps, timelines, chronological tables, and easy-to-use appendixes."The dazzlingly clean and accurate prose and the exhilarating beauty of the pictures combine for an extraordinary achievement in both history and art."—School Library Journal"The Maestros do a real service here in presenting the more familiar explorers in the context of all the migrations that have populated the Western Hemisphere.... An outstanding introduction."—Kirkus ReviewsSupports the Common Core State Standards

How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark

Rosalyn Schanzer - 1997
    Carefully chosen text from Lewis and Cark's actual journals opens a fascinating window into this country's exciting history.

Around the World in a Hundred Years

Jean Fritz - 1994
    Jean Fritz brings history to life once again in 10 true tales of 15th-century European explorers; from Bartholomew Diaz and Christopher Columbus to Juan Ponce de Leon and Vasco Nunez de Balboa.

Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus

Peter Sís - 1991
    in full color. The 15th century comes alive in this splendidly original picture book about Christopher Columbus. "The illustrations, executed in a variety of media, show scenes from the explorer's life as well as some imaginary creatures that populated the Europeans' picture of the outside world at that time. The details on each page invite individual readers to pay close attention, but the brief, clear text and framed illustrations lend themselves equally well to group sharing. Make room on your crowded Columbus shelf for this one."--(starred) School Library Journal.  From the Trade Paperback edition.

George Washington's World

Genevieve Foster - 1941
    Learn about the fascinating lives of the great philosophers, musicians and inventors of the 1700 s. Recommended in Laura Berquist Syllabus Grade 5Author: Genevieve Foster Grade: 4-8 Pages: 355, Paperback Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books ISBN: 096438034X

Pedro's Journal

Pam Conrad - 1991
    Pedro captured his experience between the pages of a journal. If he did not return alive perhaps someone, someday would find it and learn of his incredible journey to the New World.

Lives of the Explorers: Discoveries, Disasters

Kathleen Krull - 2014
    But what do you really know about these bold explorers? What were they like as kids? What pets or bad habits did they have? And what drove their passion to explore unknown parts of the world? With juicy tidbits about everything from favorite foods to first loves, Lives of the Explorers reveals these fascinating adventurers as both world-changers and real people.The entertaining style and solid research of the Lives of . . . series of biographies have made it a favorite with families and educators for twenty years. This new volume takes readers through the centuries and across the globe, profiling the men and women whose curiosity and courage have led them to discover our world.

King George: What Was His Problem?: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the American Revolution

Steve Sheinkin - 2005
    This isn't one of them." What it is, instead, is utterly interesting, antedotes (John Hancock fixates on salmon), from the inside out (at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, hundreds of soldiers plunged into battle "naked as they were born") close-up narrative filled with little-known details, lots of quotes that capture the spirit and voices of the principals ("If need be, I will raise one thousand men, subsist them at my own expense, and march myself at their head for the relief of Boston" -- George Washington), and action, It's the story of the birth of our nation, complete with soldiers, spies, salmon sandwiches, and real facts you can't help but want to tell to everyone you know.King George: What Was His Problem? is a 2009 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

Guns for General Washington: A Story of the American Revolution

Seymour Reit - 1990
    Seymour Reit re-creates the true story of Will Knox, a nineteen-year-old boy who undertook the daring and dangerous task of transporting 183 cannons from New York’s Fort Ticonderoga to Boston--in the dead of winter--to help George Washington win an important battle.

The Trail of Tears

Joseph Bruchac - 1999
    Young readers learn about this epic true tale of friendships, hopes, fears and dreams.

The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin

Katherine Noll - 2010
    Readers will get tips on how to play games on the site, how to adopt a puffle, decorate their igloo, and much more. Full color.

Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal

Amy Krouse Rosenthal - 2007
    It’s a birthday book! It was born from the simple idea that birthdays provide the perfect annual opportunity to preserve a sweet moment in time as your child changes from year to year. So it’s a multi-layered confection: annual touchstone, cherished ritual, and eternal keepsake. This journal provides fun, fast, and casual birthday activities for ages 1-18 as well as space to stick birthday photos and a random picture from each year, amusing and thought-provoking questions to ask your kid, and a time-capsule envelope for stashing away odds and ends (artwork, school papers, hand tracings, birthday cards, invitations, and other memorabilia).From toddler hood to young adulthood to every hood in between, you’ll return to the same four activities for each birthday. The questions prompts, and tone may shift each year, but the essence intentionally remains intact.

A Lion to Guard Us

Clyde Robert Bulla - 1981
    Her father left three years ago for the new colony of Jamestown in America, thousands of miles away. But now that her mother has died, Amanda is left to take care of her younger brother and sister all alone back in England.As the new head of the family, Amanda finally decides to take her brother and sister to America to find Father. The ocean crossing is long and hard, and the children don't know whom to trust. But with her father's little brass lion's head to guard them, Amanda knows that somehow everything will work out.

Susanna's Midnight Ride: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War

Libby McNamee - 2018
    While her brothers are off fighting for the Patriots, she longs to do more than tedious household chores and attend spinning bees in sleepy City Point, Virginia. When British General Cornwallis invades her family’s Bollingbrook Plantation, she overhears his secret plan to defeat the Patriots. Much to her shock, she finds herself at the center of the war. Now America’s fight for liberty hinges on her. But can she overcome her mother’s objections, face her own fears, and outwit the famed General and his entire Army?

Buffalo Bill

Ingri d'Aulaire - 1952
    Recommended in Laura Berquist Second Grade Syllabus Author: Edgar D Aulaire Grade: 1-6 Pages: 42, Paperback Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books ISBN: 0-9643803-7-4