CICI B - 2016
    B is known for her amazing ability to make readers feel like they are walking beside her with every page that they turn, and this book, the follow up to the notorious "Letters To My Ex," is another testament to that. Fresh out of an intense break-up, and with her three closest friends by her side, Cici brings you with her as she learns what it means to take back control of her life, and to be her own woman. Completely raw and unfiltered, as always, she doesn't hold back. This is a story for the modern day grown woman. It will make you smile, laugh out loud, hold your breath, bite your bottom lip, and most importantly... Blush.

Highly Unstable

Mayank - 2020

Summer's French Kiss: 4 hot and humorous beach reads set in France

Alix Nichols - 2017
    She is his son's nanny, a 23-year-old virgin, and a guileless ingenue to boot...WHAT IF IT'S LOVE (Dante Rossetti Winner)When the hottest man in Paris - Rob Dumont - shows interest in geeky, introverted heiress Lena, she suspects something fishy... And so she should.AMANDA'S GUIDE TO LOVE (Kindle Scout Winner)One snooty career girl who worships Perfection. One handsome gambler who worships Freedom. One wild night that changes everything... ~ PRAISE FOR ALIX NICHOLS"Written in the spirit of pure pleasure, and it delivers just that." -- Kirkus Reviews"Exceptionally entertaining."-- Readers' Favorite"The numerous twists and turns will keep you hanging off the edge of your seat, and the magical setting in France will reel you in all the way up till the magnificent finish." -- RT Book Reviews"No one does contemporary romance like this, with the warmth and love of family and friends as well as the naughty sexy romance, all steeped in the inimitable charm of Paris." -- Melanie S."Engaging, witty, romantic ... kept me involved and wanting more." -- A Wonderful World of Words"Sexy and humorous - highly recommended." -- Perri Stephens​~ Grab this bundle now because you'll save 50% -- or 3 Kindle Unlimited borrows -- over downloading each book individually!

When Day Is Done

Elizabeth Gill - 2004
    But Vinia is tragically already married to Dryden's employer, Joe, manager of the Black Prince coal pit. Joe's jealousy over the growing connection between his wife and Dryden, sends Dryden into the arms of the beautiful and fiery Roberta Grant. But can Dryden ever truly forget Vinia?

In the Skin of a Jihadist: Free Sampler: Inside Islamic State’s Recruitment Networks

Anna Erelle - 2015
    Bilel is the French right-hand man of the most dangerous militant in the world, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of Islamic State. He offers Mélodie a way to fill the boredom in her young life: he cares about her, offers beautiful things, spiritual purpose and, in less an idyllic life. Bilel’s seduction is honey-tongued and forceful – and all Mélodie must do is join him and ISIS in their Syrian jihad. Every day he gives more detail, telling her how he drives a jeep filled with guns and bottles of the chocolate milk he loves for hundreds of miles on murderous missions of execution. Every night he lures, seduces and manipulates this vulnerable young woman.A riveting page-turner In the Skin of a Jihadist is a shocking inquiry into how technology is spreading radicalism, the lure of ISIS propaganda, and the factors that motivate young people – including many British teenagers – to join extremist wars in Syria and elsewhere.

Something In My Heart

Kimberly Brown - 2022
    At six months pregnant, she loses the child she is carrying, and it turns her entire world upside down. To make matters worse, she feels she is the only one taking her miscarriage as serious as it was. Her boyfriend of three years, Onyx Sawyer, is moving through life as though he hasn’t lost a child as well. When a secret comes out, Halani is faced with the fact that she may not have known her man as well as she thought she did.Onyx Sawyer was loving and living life. He had it all and to top it off, he had a beautiful woman on his arm. Life changed the moment he learned he was going to be a father. When Halani suffers a miscarriage, truths were revealed that costed him his relationship. Onyx thinks he is giving her time to come to grips, but what he doesn’t realize is his behavior is pushing Halani into the arms of the most unsuspecting person… his brother.Hendrix Sawyer has always picked up his brother’s slack. Once again, he is forced to deal with Onyx’s mess, only this time, it involves one of his best friends. With Halani suffering and Onyx in the wind, he steps up in her time of need. What starts with the innocence of being a shoulder to cry on, soon turns into a mess of forbidden feelings.Will Onyx get it together? Will Halani and Hendrix be able to fight their newfound feelings? Or will the weight of their worlds cause everything to come crashing down?

Yellow: The verses of hurting and healing

Urja Joshi - 2020
    Mohi symbolises ""the hurting"" and Kabir is all about ""the healing"" that comes after it. A book written and illustrated by author,which is for everyone. for those who believe in love and compassion and for those who don't. Those who have healed and those who are still in process. Those who aren't able to move on and those who have successfully done it. It is for feminists, the activists, the believers, the gender norm shatterers.It is a gift, a book on its journey to make difference in it's reader's life.

Smörgåsbord of Musings

Rathnakumar Raghunath - 2020
    People living happy lives, some not-so-happy lives, people in love, hopeless romantics, people dealing with heartbreak, the ones who believe life is better with a bit of whimsy, this book, hopefully, has a little something that resonates with everybody, lets the reader find the silver lining when needed and discover the joie de vivre even when times are hard.

Diary Of A Farting Kid: A Parody In Cartoons (Diary, farts, farting, funny comics, comics for kids, Minecraft, big nate Book 1)

Wimpy Kid - 2015
    How will he handle it? Steve is a little new to this diary writing stuff but he thought he’d give it a try. His sister gave him the diary because, in her words, “…you don’t have any friends and diaries can be your best friend.” But Steve is a nice guy with a good personality, why doesn’t he have any friends? The truth is that he has a problem … He Farts He farts often and loudly. This diary is a compilation of his attempts to get through the day and find a friend. Will he be successful? Get this book now and find out! ACT NOW! Click the orange BUY button at the top of this page! Then, you can immediately begin reading Diary Of A Farting Kid – A Parody In Cartoons on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Rhythm of Remembrance

Samir Satam - 2020
    – Shubhangi Swarup (Latitudes of Longing)

Bachelor Brides Collection

Jenny Hambly - 2019
     Rosalind – Despite her grand title, Lady Rosalind is destitute, desperate and plagued by nightmares. She is determined to hold the blue-blooded men, who contributed to her father's downfall, to account for their actions. Bored, restless and guilt-ridden over the death of his own father and with his accusations of him being a selfish whelp still ringing in his ears, Lord Atherton heads off a bow street runner who is pursuing Rosalind and in an altruistic act he engages her to be a companion to his mother. Unaware that he has become the target of enmity from a desperate gambler from whom he has won a large sum of money, they are thrown into a series of increasingly dangerous situations. Sophie – Sophie is an independent woman of means who has just emerged from her year of mourning. She has no interest in, or any need of, a husband. She is determined to remain independent and travel to the continent to further her studies of classical antiquity. Little does she know, however, that when she encounters the handsome, but devout bachelor, Sir Philip Bray, her life is about to change. Katherine – Miss Katherine Lockhart is a woman of sense and reason. She has managed her brother’s household in an efficient manner for years. When he marries she finds her position in his household increasingly untenable and is sent to Helagon, his property in Cornwall. She finds a derelict house, an untamed landscape, and a man with a wild past. Harry, Viscount Treleven has a zest for life and an irrepressible sense of humour. But when he returns home after five years in exile, eager to take up the threads of his old life, he finds they have been slowly unravelling in his absence. When Miss Lockhart stumbles into his orbit their lives become entangled in ways he had never imagined.

A Collection of Rumi: Quotes and Poetry

Alayna Miller - 2016
    Rumi is one of the greatest poetical geniuses and spiritual masters in human history. His name stands for Love and ecstatic flight into the infinite. Today, Rumi is one of the most widely read poets in the west and has been described to be on par with Beethoven, Shakespeare and Mozart. During a 25 year period, Rumi composed over 70,000 verses of poetry focusing on diverse and varied topics. Rumi’s influence goes beyond nationalities and ethnicities with his work having been translated in numerous languages around the world. His work is mystical and intensely philosophical, with poems of fiery soulful expression, to passionate love verses filled with yearning and desire. Rumi describes the life of mystics as a “gathering of lovers, where there is no high or low, smart or ignorant, no proper schooling required.” He believed in a life journey following a love-based principle free of guilt, fear and shame. The bringing together of a wealthy nobleman and a poor wanderer serve as a reminder to us all that inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone can aid us in advancing our growth.

Secrets to Tell (Harper & Hattie Magical Mystery Book 2)

Stacy M. Jones - 2019
    Not exactly the life Harper planned in her 40s, but her gift couldn't have come at a better time.A missing photographer, a murdered patriarch, and a young woman who disappeared in the 1920s all have ties to the historic Willow House and the mysterious family who lives inside.Harper must use her newfound gift with the help of her Aunt Hattie - who recently discovered she can communicate with more than her deceased husband on the other side - to uncover the long-buried secrets of Willow House and lay to rest its ghosts before the house claims another victim. Can Harper & Hattie stop a killer intent on keeping the secrets of Willow House buried forever?If you like charming characters, an entertaining blend of cozy mystery and paranormal women's fiction, and a hint of romance, you'll love Secrets to Tell. Read Book #2 in the Harper & Hattie Magical Mystery series as a standalone or part of the series.

Unnatural Causes

Tober Charles - 2019
    Matt McRaid, whose ancestors left the island more than a century before, joins a team of ruthless treasure hunters in search of untold wealth. One of their number is killed within hours and others soon follow. At first their deaths are put down to freak accidents but after only a couple of days in this mysterious place it becomes apparent to Matt that the true cause is far more strange ... and much more dangerous both to them and the whole of humanity.

Quotes of Wisdom - 99 Buddha's quotes

Raja Vishupadi - 2013
    These quotes are a source of inspiration and motivation.Read these quotes to meditate and think about all the wisdom they contain.