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B*e*a*s*t* of Burden by Rebecca Goings



Michael Esola - 2015
    However, the boardwalk is incomplete and in need of more funding. The creator, John Corstine, assembles a group of potential investors for a weekend tour of the boardwalk. Little do they know that high up in the rainforest canopy, they are being watched, but more importantly, they are not alone.

Caly's Island

Dick Herman - 2011
    These aging giants, calling themselves the ‘freakin’ old guys’ are hard-working leaders in their respective fields and have a menagerie of skills to show for it. But what starts out as a dream quickly turns into a nightmare.With these guys, the action never stops.While preparing to set sail, they have a run in with a teenage troublemaker that plagues the locals. The son of a senator, Sean has no respect for authority and is a little lost. The FOGs come from an era where a little rough handling never hurt anyone, and so strike a deal with Sean’s mother to have him sail along with them. She agrees, hoping that two weeks of hard work alongside six respected, intelligent men will get Sean turned around. Things quickly take a turn for the worst when the six small boats get caught in the crossfire of a mafia drug deal. It soon becomes clear that some of the group’s members may be hiding secrets and past lives from the others… Suddenly, the six boats are caught in an odd fog bank, and when they come out the other side, things are not as they seem. Their radios and compasses no longer work and time seems to have lost its way. Where are they? Things quickly start to defy the accepted order of things. Suddenly dropped into their own Odyssey, they fight against strange creatures and demi-goddesses as they try to find a way back home. Together, they must navigate this strange new land. Caly’s Island is a rip-roaring pseudo-fantasy thriller of a modern quest to conquer the unknown amongst seas of turmoil. Dick Herman retired from the US Air Force in 1983 with the rank of Major after serving for twenty- one years. He has flown over 200 combat missions himself and was stationed in Vietnam, West Germany and Great Britain. He has flown the F-4 and C-130 and received five medals, including the Bronze Star. He and his English-born wife now live in Fair Oaks, California. He is the author of several aviation thrillers from Endeavour Press.Venture Press is a science fiction and fantasy imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We are committed to the discovery and rediscovery of immensely talented authors in the SFF genre, and continue to push boundaries in search of great literature. Join us as we venture across universes and unknown landscapes – past, present and future. Sign up to our newsletter: Follow us on Twitter @venture_pressFacebook:

Red Claw Alpha

Zoey Harper - 2018
    A daring escape from the barbaric Bluewolf clan has left her wounded but not destroyed.When an unexpected attack leads to a rescue by a gruff, sexy-as-sin bear shifter, Tegan finds herself questioning her sanity. Colton represents everything she should stay away from, but her heart won't listen.Colton Lennox, the alpha of the Red Claw Rising MC, has been challenged to track down a smuggler. What should be an easy hunt, quickly turns into a deadly job.The stakes get even higher when a curvy beauty with a brave streak comes his way. Tegan is a dream, but he knows he could only hurt her.Colton has two choices. Stay away or draw Tegan into a world of monsters where he is both hunter and prey.


ይስማዕከ ወርቁ - 2009
    Written with a flawless literature coupled with a magnanimous storytelling, it has a particular style that is unique only to the author. Chapter after chapter Dertogada takes you on a voyage overflowing with suspense. It does not stick to a single theme; rather it is a sum of many complicated stories. Action and breathtaking speed follows along, as we turn each page. It manifests all the characteristics of a science fiction, a romantic, an underground action, and a historical novel. In this sense, the novel has shown us intricate events with such interconnectedness as we have never realized before. It is a magnificent novel, which successfully bonded the past with the future. Aha! About this last point, here lies only one of the ideas, the book included. It is about the battle between achieving material or intellectual wealth. Moreover, it is a book about nationalism... about who will give away... what or who, for the sake of one's own advantages? And who shall fight, 'Until the last drop of blood,' for the sake of his/her identity? And etc... The rest is left for the reader to contemplate...

Daniel X: Game Over - Free Preview of the First 4 Chapters

James Patterson - 2011
    This pair of wicked game masters wants to destroy the human race by turning brainwashed videogamers into an unstoppable army of doom! They're also running an endangered species hunting club on the side, and their next target is none other than Daniel. He'll have no choice but to turn to the aliens' rebellious son who needs help to stand up to his malicious parents. But can Daniel trust the progeny of this treacherous twosome? Or will it be "Game Over" for the alien hunter?


Richard Wold - 2013
    Plagued by amnesia and a head full of visions of death and destruction that fuel his ever-more disturbing work, he claws his way through a life he doesn’t recognize in search of his true identity. What he finds leads him to believe he is Satan, spit out from the bowels of hell to live among the mortal inhabitants of earth. Is he delusional, or is there truth behind this troubling revelation? One woman can help him find out. Enter Abigail: lapsed Catholic, lonely city dweller, and psychiatrist with a heart of gold. Meeting Stan makes her question everything she’s believed about faith and humanity for so long, but she must overcome her own troubled background to offer him the redemption he needs—and ultimately wants.


Luke Romyn - 2016
    Prepare to have your nerves shredded in this pulse-pounding race for answers. "If you love suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat, can't-put-it-down-action-packed-thrillers ... the type of book where you can't wait to get up in the morning and read more as soon as you wake up, this is the book for you!" -- Tony Kaup A young man wakes up knowing nothing other than the fact that three killers are stalking the country, and they have now set their sights on him. Chance Ripley is not ordinary. He sees things others can’t see and knows things he cannot possibly know. As time goes on, and the tangled threads of his memory begin to unravel, the brutal truth of his past slowly seeps through, and Chance learns that to remain still is to face certain death. For the visions tormenting him are no mere fantasies, no flits of his imagination sent to plague his waking hours. They are real, just as the horrors they show him are real, and if he refuses to act, more people will die, himself among them. The problem is, he can't escape; he's locked in an asylum. "As usual, Romyn doesn't give the reader much chance to breathe once the action starts... If you're still thinking about a book several weeks later, it's done its job. I absolutely recommend this one!" -- Adina

Could You But Find It

Robert Cilley - 2013
    As he tries to get back, he finds something he wasn't expecting, something that points toward everything he thought he knew about the world and said, “No, it isn't like that at all.” He had a choice: pretend he hadn’t seen it, or spend the rest of his life trying to understand it. The ripples from the choice he made would, over the next two generations, spread as far as the other side of the world, and maybe, just maybe, even farther than that.This story is, however, only partly about Private Dawson. At another level, this is the story of a present-day 18-year-old boy's freshman year in college. And on a much deeper level, this is a story about what happens when you stare into Nietzsche's abyss, and the abyss does more than just stare back at you. Whether there are even more levels than that is for the reader to determine.Life is improvisational theater. You're given a name and a situation, but where the scene goes after that is up to you and the other players. The other players in this story represent every hue of the moral spectrum, from saint to sociopath, but each of them has a part to play. The props for this play include bells and pillows and bayberry candles, bullets and fireworks and plaid flannel shirts. Come on in, find your seat, and let’s cue the curtain. You’re going to enjoy this.

The Shadows Trilogy

Cege Smith - 2013
    Armed with the knowledge of a person’s true intentions, she learned it was safer to be alone. Then Jake Coulter slipped through her defenses by offering the promise of a normal, happy life. After narrowly escaping a dark truth that Jake hid from her, Ellie retreated from the world in an act of self-preservation. Drawn out of her protective bubble when a friend insists on playing matchmaker, Ellie meets a handsome doctor. With some persistent coaxing, Ellie warms to the idea that she may have found a reason to let her guard down. She rediscovers her hope for an ordinary, yet extraordinary life. Accepting a seemingly innocent favor, Ellie finds herself the caretaker of the Bradford mansion, an impressive home with its own mysterious past. Curious about a life that she could never have, she delves into the mansion’s history. Soon Ellie realizes that danger lurks in its empty rooms. When Jake resurfaces with premonitions of Ellie's death, Ellie's new life is turned upside down as a simple truth is revealed. Ellie’s life can never be normal because something old and evil has been searching for her for a long time. And now it has found her. SHADOWS DEEP (Shadows #2) Ellie Coulter made a deal with the devil to save herself and her new love, and now it's time to pay the price. It doesn't take long for Ellie to realize that the shadows that have swirled around her life since her parents' death were far from a coincidence. As more of her true destiny is revealed, it comes with the knowledge that she is a lynchpin in a much larger and more dangerous game. Mikel, Hell’s emissary to her new “home” in the Afterlife has her trapped and he has no intention of ever letting her go. As Ellie races to find a way to escape, she is sucked further into the darkness and must come face to face with ugly truths about who she really is. She has to decide who she can trust and that includes the man she loves. As facts give way to lies, Ellie begins to question everything. But one thing remains clear: Ellie must find a way to defeat her captor before she loses everything, including her soul. VEILED SHADOWS (Shadows #3) In the stunning conclusion of the Shadows trilogy, Ellie and David risk everything to uncover the truth about their pasts... Ellie Coulter is sick of being the victim of the shadows surrounding her new life. She's ready to find out the secret that her parents kept from her and what that means for her future, even if it means partnering with the one man that she thought she'd never see again. David Mitchell is grappling with the sobering truth that his life has been nothing but a sham since the day he was born. Although he loves Ellie, he knows that being near him puts her life in danger. The day his fate was changed caused horrible consequences that he must find a way to fix. Fates intertwine, and all is revealed as Ellie and David find out if they were truly meant to be together or if the darkness will swallow them whole.

The Curse of Mohenjodaro

Maha Khan Phillips - 2016
    When footage of a team of archaeologists bursting into flames at the ancient site of Mohenjodaro goes viral, the world is horrified and shaken. While authorities suspect it to be an incendiary terrorist attack, Nadia Osbourne determines to find her archaeologist sister, Layla, convinced that she has survived. Her frantic search takes her to the ruins and forces her to confront her own demons – her inexplicable dreams about a woman named Jaya.3800 BC. The city of Meluhha is on the brink of a revolution and Iaf and his coterie of corrupt priests will do anything to maintain their power. Jaya is the only one who can read the Bloodstone, the heart of the Goddess Shakari, and divine the future. But with her daughter under Iaf’s control, will Jaya be able to prevent what is to come?Inspired by the legends surrounding the lost Indus Valley city, The Curse of Mohenjodaro is a gripping thriller about a powerful relic, a sinister cult, and family secrets that haunt generations.Maha Khan Phillips is a multiple award-winning financial journalist, and the author of Beautiful from This Angle and The Mystery of the Aagnee Ruby. She grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. She has a bachelors degree in Politics and International Relations and a masters in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent at Canterbury. In 2006, she completed a masters degree in Creative Writing from City University in London, where she currently lives with her husband and son.

Middle Ground

Denise Grover Swank - 2012
    His best friend James drops a bombshell and Megan makes a request Will isn't capable of giving. But when his old girlfriend show up, Will ends up questioning the goal he’s spent his entire life working to achieve.

The Formula

Sam Artigliere - 2018
    Lauren Remley. Salty Manhattan homicide detective Joe Tenacce and his partner, Jen Salito, are assigned the investigation.Tenacce quickly realizes that, to solve the case, he will need to enlist the help of his son Danny, a theoretical physics-graduate-student-turned-religious-cryptologist whom he despises. Their quest for "the book" and its meaning takes the Tenacces and Salito on a harrowing journey over two continents, through layers of increasingly complex ciphers, all while being pursued by a clandestine cult who will stop at nothing to obtain the book for their own nefarious designs.Can Danny and the detective duo find and decode the book? If so, what does the book say and can they keep it out of the hands of their enemy. Finally, what is the significance of the narrative—woven throughout the novel— that describes the tragic life of physicist Michael Richards?These are the questions that arise as the plot winds and turns toward its surprising end.A Dan Brown-like thriller, but with a twist!

Go Nitro: Rise of the Blades

Jeremy N. Dooley - 2017
    Dr. Phillip Redman, a scientist out to protect the citizens of the city, initiates his biggest, and most controversial experiment to date. Project Nitro. Five individuals are transformed zinto super-powered biohumans. Each with their own unique abilities to better help their cause. Together, they must fight through the ranks of The Blades, to reach their mysterious leader and stop whatever The Blades have planned for Lattice Light. However, with dangerous chemicals, new technology, and super-powered villains lining the streets, The Nitros will need to master their abilities and perfect the art of teamwork in order to survive and finally bring the reign of The Blades to an end.

Second Term - A Novel of America in the Last Days

John Richard Price - 2012
    STAT! ….Full perimeter. STAT, STAT.”With these frantically shouted words Secret Service Agent Steve Quinn was onlyconfirming what hundreds of thousands of day viewers could see with their own eyes –the President had been shot and was down.Normally, viewership of a day-time Presidential speech outside of DC would not beextensive, but this was no normal day. The elections were just eleven days away, andthis President was behind in virtually all of the polls, except for CBS, which gave hima lead so thin that the poll’s margin of error dwarfed the purported lead. Clearly, thequestion of the re-election of this President was in doubt. That is, his re-election was indoubt before the bullet sliced through his right shoulder.SECOND TERM is an exciting, yet frightening, look at what could happen afterthe re-election of an American President committed to fundamentally changeAmerica. Once re-elected, never to face the voters again, what would the Presidentdo to keep his promise, in his next four years? Would he lead the fight to abolishAmericans’ right to keep and bear arms? Would he lead the Congress in banning ‘hatespeech’, including criticism of public officials? What would his newly-created greenshirtedCCC Conservators do to deny Americans their Constitutional rights?With no holds barred, SECOND TERM, in three volumes, peers into the future ofan end times nation viewed through the lens of Biblical prophecy. Will violence in thestreets fulfill what Prophets foresaw centuries ago? Will America stand by or betrayIsrael? Is America’s future revealed in the Bible?SECOND TERM is fiction. Or is it?

Shadow Hunters: Complete Wolf Shifters Collection

Mila Young - 2019
    Each book features a powerful alpha and strong, sassy woman. Lose yourself in high action, sizzling romance, forbidden attraction, and burning love scenes that will leave you gasping for more.The collection includes the following standalone stories set in the same world.Cornered By The Wolf Their forbidden love will bring war to their doorsteps.Desired By The WolfHe's her enemy, her fated mate, her darkest desire, and her only savior from the encroaching danger.Mated By The WolfShe's forced to marry the enemy... but he's the wolf shifter who broke her heart years ago.Hunted By The WolfShe's running of her life... He's in the wrong place, wrong time. Will he risk everything to protect her?Seduced By The WolfHe's my enemy and completely off limits. A forbidden encounter that changes everything.Each complete novel offers an addictive paranormal romance. NOTE: this series has been previously published under the Wulfkin Series.