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The Callback by Brandy L. Rivers



Rocklyn Ryder - 2017
     Maddison: Stone's bad news. Everything I know about him tells me he's a bad decision. He drinks too much, parties too hard, and in the years he's been our neighbor I've never heard him mention the same woman twice. He's not happily ever after material by a long shot, but I can't help but think that Stone Caldwell knows how to bend a girl over a desk. Stone: Maddie's watching me with that careful stare that she's been fixing me with for the last couple of hours. If I didn't know better I'd call it a good, old-fashioned eye-f*ck but I'm pretty sure that's just wishful thinking on my part. I'm no where near drunk. I might have had a little buzz going on there for a minute, which is probably why I started telling her all that stuff about missed connections and how I feel like...well it doesn't matter how I feel now. I should take her home. I should not take her out to the ranch, and I sure as hell should not do any of the filthy things that keep popping into my brain. *** ROUGH features a complete story with no cheating (I promise) and a guaranteed happy ending for one reformed bad boy turned cattle rancher and the free spirited woman that he almost let get away.

The Complete Inheritance Series: Special Anniversary Edition

Candice M. Wright - 2019
    Betrayal. Heartbreak. Follow along with Frankie, Gracie and Eden as they fight the monsters from their pasts in order to become the women they were always meant to be. Rewriting Yesterday - Book One Frankie Edwards escaped the brutality of her childhood by getting married when she was just seventeen years old. Five years later, Frankie’s husband is dead, leaving Frankie with a fortune in the bank and a target on her back. When his estranged son and his two best friends learn of Frankie’s existence tempers flare and sparks fly. Attracted to all three, she must navigate through unfamiliar waters in search of her happily ever after. But when Frankie is betrayed she finds herself at the mercy of the monsters from her past and this time they don’t want to break her. They want to destroy her. In this moment - Book Two Gracie Novak has always been the good girl. But when a night of celebration ends in disaster and heartache, Gracie realises that the facade that had once protected her has now become her prison. Finally breaking free from her self-imposed shackles, she catches the attention of five of London’s hottest bachelors. But as things begin to heat up, an enemy hell-bent on revenge waits in the wings, bringing chaos and tragedy to Gracie’s once ordered world and sparking off a chain of events that has deadly consequences. A good girl shouldn’t play with fire, Especially when someone wants nothing more than to watch her burn. The Promise of tomorrow – Book Three Hope for a better future can be a dangerous thing for Eden Myers, In her world, there are no heroes, And the monsters are very, very real. When the life she has built for herself comes under threat, She will have to rely on the protection of three men whom each have their own scars to bare. If Eve wants a chance to see the tomorrow she has always dreamed of, She must face the past she ran from. This Boxset contains the complete Inheritance Series. Each novel is a reverse harem story about a different leading lady and the men who love them. These books deal with sensitive issues that some readers may find upsetting. Due to adult language and sexual themes readers must be over the age of eighteen.

Fall by Winter

Cara Dee - 2020
    I didn’t want any kind of pole near my complicated mess. I was finally happy on my own. In fact, I was rocking this whole divorce thing. I was free. My ex-husband and I had a good thing going on. We remained close, we raised our rambunctious son and our hormonal daughter together, and I’d just moved into my dream house.I was going to cruise through the rest of my forties with a glass of wine in my hand and no one to answer to.No, the dating market could wait. I had work, I had my kids, I had my health. I had an ex-husband who’d just gotten engaged to another man, an ex-husband who was telling me that Mason, his older brother, was moving back to town. On my street, to boot.Now, that was a pole I shouldn’t be thinking about.

Grooming Mr. Right

Tonya Kappes - 2013
    . . under her parent's roof. Being home isn't so bad, after all, Luvie started Primp My Pet Mobile Pet Spa and is dating one of her client's owner, hunky Jase Nelson. When Luvie is offered her dream design job in New York City, she is forced to make a decision between a career she's always dreamed of or the new life she has created in her hometown with the man she loves

A Touch of Summer

Nichole Rose - 2020

Last Name

Rebecca Sharp - 2020
    Rebecca Sharp, comes a funny accidental marriage story about a loss, luck, and a little bit of chance...What happens in Vegas…A regret-free girls’ weekend was supposed to help Carrie Bishop forget about her last relationship and cross-country move. Because when you’ve lost everything, letting loose is easy.James Arden knew the stakes in Vegas were high, but saving a beautiful blonde at a Blackjack table wasn’t the kind of risk he thought he’d be taking.Unfortunately, there’s only one recipe for Vegas. One part instant connection. Two parts too much alcohol. A splash of scavenger-hunt serendipity. Shake and enjoy.Until Carrie wakes to a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate tying her to the illegible signature of a man who’s gone. It was supposed to be just one night, but now she doesn’t even know her last name.Coming home married was bad, but walking into work the next day was worse. Carrie’s mistake didn’t stay in Vegas, and her mystery husband is no longer a mystery: he’s her new boss. James knows what they have is special, and he’ll do anything to prove it. And as their undeniable attraction ups the ante, Carrie hopes she can get back her name without losing her heart in the process.

Maximum Dare

Vanessa Fewings - 2020
    Kind of. Because I’m not even sure who the invitation came from to join the Dare Club.But I’ve narrowed it down to two men:Max Marquis, a tall, gorgeous Brazilian lawyer with an accent to die for and Nick Banham, a dashing English athlete who may have just broken my heart. Their reasons? Could be love. Could be a desire to watch me suffer. Or maybe those two are the same.Oh, yeah, and they’re half brothers.And I’m in love with both of them.So you see, thrill-seeking is just what I might need to sort this all out.If I don’t fall to my death first.But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, when it comes to love, you have to hang on tight.Maximum Dare is the STANDALONE contemporary romance novel from Vanessa Fewings, USA Today Bestselling Author of the The ICON Trilogy.

Perfect Match

Alexis Alvarez - 2017
    She’s the matchmaker…he’s her sexy client. What could go wrong? L.A.-based matchmaker Fia Martin has a tough competition: Find the perfect woman for arrogant, handsome TV-host Dylan Chambers, before her rival, Connie Birnbaum, can do it––on national television. If Dylan declares her the winner, Fia’s business will skyrocket.Dylan is picky. He’s smug. He reminds Fia that he’s only doing this competition at all because he lost a bet to his TV co-host, and he doesn’t believe in true love. He’s polite on dates picked out by Connie, but the ones Fia sets up? Those seem to end in complete disaster. And every time she tells him to behave, he flirts with her shamelessly.A stolen kiss turns to a night of unbelievable passion, but Fia knows that Dylan’s not interested in anything more than a fling. How could it mean anything when he’s still going on dates for the TV challenge like nothing happened?When Dylan chooses Connie’s company for his final dream date in Hawaii, to a woman who looks perfect on paper, Fia figures she can pretty much kiss the trophy goodbye. The problem is, she won’t just be losing the competition. She’s about to lose her heart, too…to the one guy who’s completely unavailable.Perfect Match is a full length 75K word romance novel with a very high heat level, poetic prose, and some laugh out loud moments. Like all of my books, it has a wonderful HEA. This one has some mild kink...not a lot of pain, but a whole lot of pleasure!First published Sept 26th, 2017 inside the box set Hot and Sinful Nights - a box set which hit the USA Today Best Sellers List. It will come to Amazon and KU on Nov 6, 2017.

Love Complicated

Shey Stahl - 2017
     Love is not simple. I'm friendless. It happens when you discover your best friend has been sleeping with your husband. As if trying to navigate being a single mom and a divorce isn't enough, to complicate my life even more, I can’t seem to stay away from the one man who’s constantly on my mind. He’s arrogant, dangerously handsome, and impossible to ignore. He’s also not my husband. He’s my son’s second grade teacher. Ridge Lucas. Like I said, complicated. Everyone remembers when Ridge left town, but nobody knows his intentions now that he’s back and looking for the girl he left behind. Love is complicated. She was the good girl, the town sweetheart. She never once looked my way, despite my efforts to get her attention. Everything I did was to get her to notice me, until she finally did, and I let the chance slip through my hands. She chose the all-star football player over the troubled bad boy. I can’t say I blame her. Ten years ago, I left town and turned my world upside down. Now that I'm back, I’m wearing down her defense, and she’s questioning everything she thought she knew about love. She’s about to find out the good guy isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes you need the delinquent with the rebel heart to show just how good bending the rules can be.


Teagan Kade - 2015
    I was ready to forget him... until he put that chivalry into action and went all dream man on me. Now he has a proposal—marry him for thirty days and pocket a million dollars in the process. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement, he says. He needs a wife to keep his company and I need money—bad. No job, a pending eviction and a dependent sister have seen to that. But I promised myself I'd only marry for love, that I wouldn't end up with a cheating ass like my father. I've got trust issues, yes, but they're sure as hell justified. It’s only supposed to be a temporary arrangement, a business transaction, but I’m not so sure. Question is, can a relationship that started as a sham become something more, something... amazing?


Angela Verdenius - 2016
    Finding his employer and her irritating, curvy niece already overseeing the packing of moldering antiques and planning some ghost hunting was disconcerting.The heat of desire, the emergence of a scandalous secret from the past…Talk about unexpected…

Tennessee Heat

Cami York - 2019
    The shimmering mirage that can almost be seen in the air around them cannot be explained away so easily. He’d waited almost two years for her, and now he can wait no more. But she’s still skittish, they come from two different worlds after all, and she’s constantly reminded of how much better he can do by all the hangers on that are waiting in the wings. When she was transferred to a better school in a wealthier part of Memphis, Annabelle thought all she had to do was keep her grades up and get into a good college. That was her only way out of the rundown drug infested neighborhood that she was dying to escape. She was not prepared for the infighting and backstabbing that ensued when the wealthy debutante set at her new school felt threatened by her brains and beauty. And things only got worst when the coveted Chase Worthington set his sights on her. Teenage angst and a life spent hearing from her own mother that she was never going to amount o anything held Annabelle back from believing that Chase Worthington could have any real interest in her. He’s rich, handsome and an all around nice guy, no way could he want a girl like her from the gritty side of the city. Chase knows he’s fighting an uphill battle to win her over, but he’s willing to pull out all the stops. But there’s one thing trying to stand in his way, one hanger on who thinks that she’s more deserving to be on his arm and there’s nothing this spoilt little debutante won’t do to get ‘her’ man.

Training the Temp

Melinda Di Lorenzo - 2016
    All she has to do is get in, get the story, and get out. Everything is going fine, until she opens her big mouth and challenges the man of the hour to a bet. Thank goodness the only thing on the line is her career. And her integrity. Oh, and her hand in marriage... Real estate mogul Parker Stephenson likes to be in control, and he hates the press, so he'll do anything to keep from ruining his reputation, including taking on this pretty, mouthy journalist. Even if that means promising - in front of thirty witnesses, no less - that he can make her fall in love with him in just 28 days. Too bad he can't seem to take charge of her, the way he takes charge of everything else... Praise for Training the Temp "The humor, passion, and the characters in this book made this an exceptional story! I would give this more than five stars if it were possible." - Book Snuggle Reviews "I really loved these two characters in all of their stubborn, bull-headed, and set in stone glory. The banter is brisk, the sexy bits are steamy and intimate and the love that is right there for each to reach out for is true – they simply have to take the risk." - Keeper Book Shelf Reviews "I really loved this story. The characters were witty and I could feel the pull they had for each other. There is great dialog banter that made every chapter fly by. Plus, the story itself is just plain fun with enough angst for the characters. It is a must read!" - Paula Pugh, Goodreads "Melinda DiLorenzo writes a great story which at times made me laugh out loud. This is my first book to read of hers. I will definitely read anything she writes!" - Runner10, Goodreads "This is the first book I've read by Melinda Di Lorenzo and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The chemistry between our two lead characters... lit up the pages...This is a fast paced, funny, romantic story that sucks you right in. Check it out." - Cindy Hamilton, Goodreads

One Night With the Millionaire

Shannyn Schroeder - 2019
    Indulging in a one night stand is just what she needs. She doesn't expect to meet anyone she would introduce to her kids, especially not some rich playboy who acts like a big kid himself. Even if he keeps giving her the best sex of her life.Millionaire Miles Prescott can't get the sexy nurse he met at a fundraising gala out of his head. For the first time ever, he doesn't want a woman with no-strings-attached. He wants everything—even it comes with a ready-made family with a woman in her forties. Suddenly, helping with homework doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world, especially if it means being near Tess.But what happens when he’s ready to step up and she says no?

Change of Heart: A Seashell Cottage Book

Judith S. Keim - 2019
    But after being dumped by her boyfriend, she spends the holiday at Seashell Cottage on the Gulf Coast of Florida with Devin Gerard, a family friend who has no interest in her or any other woman and is instead concentrating on his pediatric medical practice and continuing medical missions in Costa Rica. Em, who's always wanted a large family, doesn't mind his disinterest. At thirty-two, she's decided she doesn't need a husband to have a child or to adopt one. First, she's going to fulfill her dream of setting up her own landscape design business in upstate New York and has promised to continue to help run her grandmother's flower shop. It isn't until Em and Devin become friends that Em realizes she might want more than friendship from him. But with his work in Miami and Costa Rica and her busy life in New York, it's out of the question until something happens that changes everything, even a couple of hearts.