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Joanna, Jinxed by Judy Griffith Gill


Provence Flame: love in the hot lavender fields

Kate Fitzroy - 2015
    sharing a flat in Bloomsbury with her friend, Kim, and working as a talented art restorer in a nearby museum. Engaged to be married to a handsome Scot... how can it be that she finds herself immersed in the hot and passionate life amongst the lavender fields of Provence? Provence Flame is a genre-buster novel - a thriller-romance. The plot weaves at a fast pace as Kate Fitzroy transports us once again to the blue skies and glorious landscape of Provence.   Kate's fans will recognise characters from her other titles:  Perfume of Love  Provence Love Legacy  Dreams of Tuscany  You are cordially invited, as a reader-guest, to a roof-top, candlelit dinner party over-looking the lavender fields. Other guests will include Calinda and Daniel, Kelly and Leon, Alex and Zoe… and meet new friends, Amber and Luc.    Once you enter Kate’s hot and magic world it is hard to leave… be prepared to read Provence Flame in one sitting… or, better still… lying on a sun-lounger, under a pink parasol beside a turquoise blue pool. Escape into Kate Fitzroy’s world.  ‘words are the voice of the heart'

One In A Billion, Vol 3

Lola Silverman - 2017
    Titles Included:Nine MonthsDiamond tycoon, Aiden has everything money can buy, except a kid. Yeah, he’s a guy, but guys get broody, too. Besides, his biological clock is ticking. The only hitch is he doesn’t want the wife. Who wants to go through a messy divorce, especially if you risk losing half of your hard-earned fortune to your ex-wife? He could pay a surrogate mother, but it will contradict the very value of marriage his engagement ring jewelry business stands for, and he worked too hard to throw it away, now. When his CFO embezzles company funds, Aiden finds the solution to his dilemma. To prevent her father from going to jail, Jenna must give Aiden a baby. Problem solved.Secret VacationFrida thinks she has successfully managed to hide from what she was running away. She believes living in isolation is exactly what cures a broken heart. Till the handsome, witty and older, Gareth shows up. He is a guest in her B&B and therefore out of bounds, besides Frida doesn’t have the space in her heart for another man. Although she knows nothing about Gareth, what she does know is that he isn’t interested in anything serious. Frida cannot afford to have her heart broken again, especially by someone who is hiding secrets of his own.Tragic TaleAlready on the run from an abusive ex-husband, Holly Price doesn’t realize that when she accepts the job writing for billionaire Julian Petrokov, she is getting in over her head. Julian tells her dark stories about his past and though they frighten Holly, she can’t help but to be captivated by his history and his charm. When Holly is threatened by the gang who is after Julian’s head, the two of them are forced to flee to Julian’s private island, where they grow even closer as he weaves his tragic tale. It’s there that Holly realizes just how deeply she feels for Julian, but what she doesn’t know yet is that loving him could mean making the ultimate sacrifice, one that could cost her her life.Coded In YouBeaches and BenchesKaarin Lind is perfectly happy all alone, thank you very much, despite whatever her aunt might say. With a successful career as a lawyer, she feels no desire to seek out companionship outside of her half-feral tomcat. That is, until she meets Carson Deveroux. After a whirlwind romance that leaves her questioning everything in her life, Kaarin meets Carson once again--this time, in the court room. Carson Deveroux thought he had life all figured out. Until Kaarin Lind stumbled onto his private beach and turned his world upside down. Now, he must choose between his future and the woman he has fallen madly in love with, and his comfortable past and family. comfortable past and family.

The Heart Will Lead

June Francis - 2002
    When Rita Taylor is foisted upon her reluctant aunt, Margaret Sinclair, neither are happy. Rita didn’t even know she had an aunt, while Margaret is convinced her wayward niece will be nothing but trouble. Despite their differences the pair become unlikely allies in life and love, especially when Rita reintroduces Margaret to her long lost childhood sweetheart, William Brodie.As Liverpool slips into the Great Depression, Rita’s relationship with the Brodie family flourishes and secrets from Margaret’s past emerge. But will hardship and heartbreak get in the way of this blossoming friendship? Originally published as ‘The Pawnbroker’s Niece’, The Heart Will Lead is a captivating saga perfect for fans of Pam Howes, Dilly Court and Lyn Andrews.

Power and Elle: A Memphis Love Story

B. Love - 2016
    She had just gotten out of a relationship with a man who cheated on her because she devoted so much time to her dancing career. The last thing she wanted to do was get distracted and be disappointed by a failed relationship or be the reason a man fell for her and not be able to catch him.Power wanted Elle, and he was determined to do whatever it took to get and keep her. He refused to let his ex, Trina, or her ex, Rico, stand in the way of that. When it seemed as if they were free of their case of the exes, they found themselves faced with two obstacles that seem impossible to overcome – themselves.Elle’s fear of loving and losing and Power’s secret has the potential to rip them apart before love truly cements them together. Will they succeed in sabotaging the relationship that they both desperately need? Or will they get out of their own way and allow themselves to be loved by one another unconditionally?Read Power and Elle’s story to find out!

Destiny Decides..

P.G. Van - 2015
    I reached out to run my fingers through his hair in response to the thrust from his tongue on my neck. He took in a deep breath against my neck and as he reached my ear lobe, he whispered in a very hoarse voice, “I wanted to do this at your front door.” " Almost a decade of pain pent up inside her, Sameera manages to lead a simple life with her older sister as her roommate. She wonders if she would have lasting happiness in her life as every time she finds happiness it is yanked away from her before she realizes it. Nick was her best friend in high school and is now back in her life after all these years and it is very clear that he wants more than just friendship. He expresses his need for her very early on shaking up Sameera’s quiet world. Will Sameera learn to stop bracing herself for the next big tragedy and learn to accept that she was destined to meet Nick? Is Nick the pillar of strength for Sameera to work through her challenges and internal conflicts? Can she trust the guy she had known many years ago? Nick is not a high school kid anymore; He is a successful businessman that leads a life of extreme luxuries. Nick seemed to know everything about her? How? She steps out of her comfort zone for Nick but can she hang on to him. Is Nick the guy that she was destined to meet or is he going to cause her another heart break? Take Sameera’s journey in this passionate love story as she discovers the meaning of true love and realizes the power of destiny.

Christmas Bride: A Gift For Geoffrey (Brides For All Seasons Vol.2 Book 3)

Terri Grace - 2016
    He decides to advertise for a mail order bride who knows sign language. Julie Tucker is amazed when the worst thing that could happen to a teacher, losing her voice completely, turns to be the pathway to a new career and a new calling. It seems that they are perfectly matched, except for one thing that stands resolutely in their way – Claudia, a young lady with designs on Geoffrey. Brides For All Seasons Vol. II is a beautiful historical holiday romance series. Each book in the collection is a standalone story designed to warm your heart with seasonal love and romantic adventure.

North Security and Investigations: The Complete 5-Books Series

Clara Kendrick - 2018
    Kindle Unlimited Love strikes when you least expect it…whether you’re ready or not... Part One When chaos strikes Kim Sander’s life and draws inBeau Halsey and the rest of the North Security and Investigations (NSI) security team, Beau is suddenly up against a faceless assailant intent on tormenting his new client, a belligerent sibling insisting he is better capable of protecting his sister, and a raging storm of emotions and passions he isn’t at all ready to weather. Part Two Four days before Tina Wellington’s death, Ethan Parker—member of the NSI—is unexpectedly caught in a storm of passion with the young woman, neither of them aware of the deadly threat to Tina that lurks much closer than she would have ever expected. Part Three What begins as a perfect romantic evening – one in which Paige Dawson hopes is the start of the healing process of her marriage – turns into a terrifying nightmare that spins Paige’s life into chaos as she is suddenly the prime suspect in her husband’s brutal murder. Liam Salinger is startled to find himself drawn to Paige—alleged murderer—and quickly becomes convinced of her innocence when a freak accident throws them together and he must decide if he will turn her over to the authorities—or help prove her innocence. Part Four Jessica Palmero’s ex-mafia father turns states evidence and Jessica suddenly becomes the target of a Cuban mobster. When the NSI team is hired to escort her across country to a safe location, Jessica comes face to face with her past in Newt Dancer—NSI member—whom she had believed to be dead. Faced with multiple threats as they head out across country, both Newt and Jessica must confront fears and secrets from their troubled past and learn to trust each other if they hope to come out alive and nurture the long dormant love deep within their hearts. Part Five With the receipt of four morbid Valentine’s Day cards, the NSI team and the women in their lives are pulled into a deadly game of cat and mouse, orchestrated by a disturbed individual from Hannibal North’s distant past bent on brutal revenge. WARNING: This series is darker and sexier than most of my books to date. Adult readers only. Touches on sensitive subjects. Read with caution.

Dancing with Destiny

AlTonya Washington - 2011
    She had escaped an abusive relationship and was in the process of reinventing herself. The climax of this "self renewal" took place on the night of her dazzling comeback performance. The lovely dancer had reclaimed her passion and proved that she was ready for anything. Anything, except another relationship.Kantey Swift was captivated the moment he spotted Zelda on stage. The gorgeous producer had a healthy, well-known appetite for women. Unfortunately, Zelda was tougher than anyone he had ever met. Though she couldn't help but be drawn to Kantey's sexy, dark features, Zelda had no desire to encourage him. After spending three years in a living nightmare, she’d decided a romantic involvement was not in her best interest. Kantey had made a decision as well: Zelda Drummond was far too beautiful to keep herself locked away. Her staunch refusals to his advances were met with fiery persuasion. After a while, his sensuous spell had worked its magic.The "magic" however, was threatened when Zelda's ex-flame Gary Stewart surfaced with vengeful intentions. The man became an unwelcomed fixture in Kantey and Zelda's lives, appearing where and when he was least expected. In spite of such intense obstacles; not to mention Kantey and Zelda’s own stubborn personalities, they managed to develop a powerful union. They would come to rely on every aspect of its strength to overcome the darkness threatening it.

What Hurts the Most 2

Tynessa - 2015
    To make matters worse, it was right after Quintez had just confessed his love for her. The feelings are mutual, but deep down she feels Kacey still holds the key to her heart. Let’s just see how forgiving Kacey will be once he finds out what Tangela has been up to while he was incarcerated. Will Quintez find happiness with the woman that has captured his heart in a short period of time or will Kacey be willing to put up a fight for the woman that was supposed to hold him down no matter what?Nobody’s perfect! Those are the words Jay’vion needs for Asia to understand. Now that she has moved on, all she wants is for him to realize it’s over between them, but those aren’t the words Jay’vion wants to hear. He is determined to get his woman back by any means—all the while, he continues to flaunt his sidepiece around. Will Asia continue to stand her ground or will she fall under Jay’vion’s spell once again? The bigger question is, will Jay’vion be willing to leave Stacy alone once and for all?

The New and Improved Ada Lee Bixby

Rebecca Moisio - 2013
    She’s not really what her boyfriend David wants any longer; turns out, he’s “outgrown her.”When her friends convince her that a complete makeover is just what she needs to feel more confident about herself and make her ex jealous, Ada Lee reluctantly agrees. This new look brings surprising attention, but the flattery is short lived as Ada realizes that she is really just a pawn in a game. Is it time to re-evaluate her motives for wanting to change?While caught up in her own drama, Ada Lee has missed what was right in front of her the whole time. In a flurry of emotion, she hurts the ones she loves, grasps for ones she has no business pursuing, and just about misses the opportunity of a lifetime. "The New and Improved Ada Lee Bixby" is a story of self-discovery as Ada heals from tragedy on the road to her new and improved self, encountering a few surprises along the way.

What a Girl Wants

Reon Laudat - 2003
    But when his aunt passes away, she leaves her beautiful Victorian home to Ava and Harper. Inconvenient circumstances force the pair to share the place.Harper is wowed when he sees the woman Ava has become. What the heck happened to that skinny nerd who had a monster-size crush on him? She's a hottie with a boom-boom body. Trouble.Ava, who thinks she's finally overcome her crush on Harper, is hurled back to square one. He's even more handsome than she remembered. Trouble.Harper's matchmaking aunt always hinted that grown-up Ava and Harper belonged together. Both begged to differ.Living together makes their plan to keep things strictly business darn near impossible.Who will fold and turn up the heat first?What a Girl Wants was originally published by St. Martin's Press (2003). The ebook (2016) has been revised.

A Very Special Midwife

Gill Sanderson - 2005
     Dr Mike Donovan doesn’t believe in love at first sight – until he meets midwife Jenny Carson for the first time and is instantly hooked. He knows she’s the woman he’s been searching for, and won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Jenny isn’t so convinced; nicknamed “The Ice Woman”, she won’t let any man close to her after being burned by love in the past. Mike is determined to win over Jenny, and eventually they grow closer. But a devastating accident could threaten everything they’ve built together – can Mike thaw Jenny’s heart and keep the woman of his dreams?

The Ravished Rose

Suzanne Quill - 2016
    Instead, she is brutally attacked, forcing her to flee London and abandon her hopes for the future. Allan Ridgefield, Earl of Ridgecrest, no longer has a need for love, having had his heart crushed two days before his wedding when his childhood sweetheart fell from her horse and died. Ten years later, he desperately seeks a marriage of convenience in order to meet the terms of his father’s will and retain his estates and title.

Stopping Traffic

Pat Simmons - 2013
    As fate would have it, her daughter's principal assigns her to crossing guard duties as part of the school's Parent Participation program. With no choice in the matter, Candace begrudgingly accepts her stop sign and safety vest, then reports to her designated crosswalk. Once Candace is determined to overcome her fears, God opens the door for a blessing, and Royce Kavanaugh enters into her life, a firefighter built to rescue any damsel in distress. When a spark of attraction ignites, Candace and Royce soon discover there's more than one way to stop traffic.

Lost Lady of Laramie

Robert Vaughan - 2015
    A wife abandoned to the savage Sioux...a bold young beauty fights against two worlds of powerful men in search of love and fulfillment.