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Crossed by C.J. Graves


Murder in a Good Neighborhood

K.K. Chalmers - 2011
    So when Roxanne finds the body of a beautiful young woman the week before Halloween, she is more than happy to leave the detecting to her son Marc, an Eastport, Virginia homicide detective...until a retired astronaut who also happens to be an old flame is arrested and the abbess from a nearby monastery insists Roxanne must help clear his name. Only neither woman realizes that by unmasking a killer, Roxanne is placing someone she loves in mortal danger.MURDER IN A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD was the 2009 winner of the Best Unpublished Novel Contest sponsored by James River Writers and Richmond Magazine. (63,800 words)The author is currently writing a sequel.

Matanzas Bay

Parker Francis - 2011
    Augustine, he didn't count on digging up a murder victim. In the nation's oldest city, Mitchell discovers links to ancient sins, comes face to face with his own past, and unleashes powerful forces that will do anything to keep their secrets-even if it means taking his life.In this award-winning debut mystery, author Parker Francis taps into an undercurrent of violence hidden behind the sleepy facade of the historic town. When Mitchell's friend, the City Archaeologist, is charged with a brutal murder, he must find the true killer while fighting inner demons and the corrosive residue of racial violence dating back to the Civil Rights Movement. As he learns, St. Augustine was birthed in blood-Matanzas means "place of slaughter" in Spanish-and violence is never far from the surface.

First, Kill All The Lawyers

Patricia M. Clark - 2010
    At least that’s what Sgt. Edward Pulaski secretly believes when attorneys start popping up dead all over Washington, D.C. in the thriller, First, Kill All The Lawyers. If reporters could be next on the hit list all his dreams would be fulfilled. An obscure poison, no suspects, and no forensic evidence hinder the investigation until a federal judge is the target and Pulaski’s friend, FBI agent Shawn Cleary, joins the task force. Shawn, fresh from a shootout that may leave her partner a quadriplegic, throws herself into the investigation to assuage her guilt and stop the horrible flashbacks of the event. As the body count rises and crosses state lines, lawyers from across the country begin to panic and demand action. Patterns emerge as pieces of the puzzle begin to come together. The breakneck pace accelerates until Sgt. Pulaski reluctantly realizes all the clues lead to Shawn Cleary as the main suspect. She does nothing to dampen his suspicions when she flees instead of turning herself in. Worlds collide when powerful people in Washington seem more interested in a shoot to kill order than capturing Shawn alive. Pulaski is torn when Shawn calls him professing her innocence. Working both inside and outside the system, Pulaski and Shawn continue to connect all the dots until the killer’s next move becomes obvious. Aware her life hangs in the balance, Shawn tells Pulaski she is determined to save someone she loves and capture the killer before he gets away. Pulaski must choose between trusting a friend and doing what his bosses want. As Shawn races to the historic theater where the climax awaits, she prays she can make it in time while Pulaski wonders if he made the right choice.

Delusions with Murder

Jenn Vakey - 2012
    When the opportunity arose for her to join the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing a secluded country town, she packed up her life and moved without a second thought. But as her special skills brought her closer to the killer, her fellow detectives were not the only ones to take notice. As the case finally pulled together in front of her, tragedy struck leaving her with the heart wrenching decision to risk her career and her secret getting out, or losing someone close.

Blind Switch

John McEvoy - 2004
    A two-time loser at the marriage game as well, Doyle, usually ultra-confident, fishes himself out of a bottle to take stock, realizing, “with a thumping finality, that Life sure as hell did have his Number and was crunching it.”At loose ends, Doyle accepts a most unusual offer from an acquaintance, Moe Kellman, to fix a horse race. The context of making the deal, a Cubs game at storied Wrigley Field, sets the tone for the drama that follows. Thus begins a chain of events that will lead the FBI to Doyle’s door where they “coopt” him into a quest after people who are maiming or killing thoroughbred horses for their insurance values. Their number one target is a loathsome media mogul who can’t bear to lose…at anything.Built upon recent factual events, spiced with satire and peppered throughout with engaging loonies, Blind Switch is a noteworthy first novel with a hero forced to ask in its ultimate line, “Where have I gone right?”


M.C. Soutter - 2010
    The question is: what kind of genius? The awesome potential of the human mind is an incredible thing, but it is also a very dangerous thing. After several years of neurology research on autistics and children, Dartmouth psychology professor Frederick Carlisle has made a startling discovery. With a custom-made device and a simple set of steps, he can unlock fantastic mental abilities in his test subjects. But the brain is a delicate, complicated piece of equipment, and side-effects are inevitable; when one part of the brain ramps up, another will inevitably shut down...Charcot's Genius is part one of the Great Minds series. It is the story of two very different people: an asylum inmate who is haunted by memories of the murder they say he committed, and a self-possessed first-year Dartmouth student who is trying to escape a small town and a destructive father. Both grapple with the effects of Professor Carlisle's treatment, and both discover powers of thought they never imagined possible. But while our Dartmouth first-year simply hopes to lead a normal life, the asylum inmate is out for revenge. He blames Carlisle for his condition and his imprisonment, and soon he will make his return to the Dartmouth campus.Professor Carlisle has some explaining to do.


Jeff Sherratt - 2009
    But Jimmy's shining star obviously has some strings attached. When a prominent state senator's attractive assistant is murdered, the cops arrest a Mexican gardener. The DA's case is slam-dunk. It's all wrapped up nice and tight. Maybe a little too tight. Something's not right in Downey! It's 1972 and the Mob is heavy into politics. From the track at Del Mar to the neon strip of Las Vegas and back to Beverly Hills, this novice criminal lawyer finds himself climbing into the pockets of judges and fending off the threats of a garbage mogul. How much did the assistant really know about the senator's powerful backers? Enough get her killed?

Rejection (Lou Drake Mysteries)

Thomas K. Matthews - 2010
    Ten years later, fifty pounds heavier and three months from retirement, Drake works patrol in the backwater borough of Malcolm New York. He spends his idle time reading crime novels and writing one of his own.When Drake breaks protocol on another brutal murder scene, endangering his rookie partner, his captain demotes him to the booking cage. But when another body is discovered and both victims are identified as struggling literary agents, the NYPD Chief of Detectives decides Lou's writing experience could benefit the case and pairs him with his old partner one last time.As they look for clues in the struggling publishing industry, Drake finds himself thrust into the middle of a serial murder case where a methodical perpetrator is systematically killing those who rejected him. Drake must revive his old detective prowess and trust his writer's intuition to try and solve the case, while possibly exposing the truth about the old Hennings investigation - a secret that would expose a web of corruption that could shake the NYPD to its core.

Pompomberry House

Rosen Trevithick - 2012
    However, she meets five of the most hideous writers ever to have mastered a qwerty keyboard, and her problems quickly multiply. Things escalate further when the handyman winds up dead. After fleeing from the island, Dee attempts to get her life back on track but begins to notice that something strange is going on. The stories written on the island are coming true and hers is next - complete with a murder. Her estranged husband makes an unlikely sidekick as the two of them try to stop the literary copycat killing an innocent woman. Packed with topical references, Pompomberry House provides a satirical look at the emerging world of indie publishing.

Between a Smile and a Tear (A Crime Thriller)

Robert Bucchianeri - 2012
    He meets a fan, an attractive woman, in a coffee shop and she plies him with compliments and a Mickey. The next morning he wakes up at a seedy motel naked, reeking of alcohol, alone, and confused. A blackmail ensues and he becomes entangled in a shadowy underworld involving strippers, prostitutes, gangsters, corrupt politicians, and cops. His wife and son leave him and he plunges into the mean streets of San Francisco seeking answers to the riddles at the heart of those seeking to destroy him.My main character in Between a Smile and a Tear, Jack Waters, a successful novelist, is a recovering alcoholic coming to terms with the damage his drinking has caused to his family and friends. He's trying his best to make amends, but is it too late? Is it impossible to right some wrongs?I've read a number of James Hall's antic thrillers set in Florida (primarily the Thorn books) with their wild and crazy bad guys and they inspired me to create my villain here: Wallace Unger. I tried to make him both humorous and scary, a counterpoint to the serious and darker action and themes of the novel.Wallace is wild and crazy, funny and dumb, but also unpredictable and a dangerous antagonist made even more fearsome by his employer, the amoral gangster boss, NIck Ravelli.This is a "bigger" novel than others that I have written, featuring multiple point-of-view characters, more subplots, a wider range including political and social forces impacting the characters, as well as a deeper attention to location and geography.I've tried to make San Francisco a major character in its own right here. I grew up in the city and know it well, but supplemented that knowledge with research and maps and a couple of trips back to the Bay Area. I think San Francisco, in all of its beauty and mystery, comes alive in the novel and I hope you agree.I put my heart and soul into this book and hope you feel that while you read.Thanks for taking the time.

Blizzard Ball

Dennis Kelly - 2011
    The jackpot has run up to a red-hot $750 million, the world's richest prize. A bungled convenience store heist triggers a happenstance theft of winning lottery tickets and trips up an insider's scheme to rig the results.Agent Kirchner, an old-school cop reluctantly teams up with a young tech-savvy analyst on an investigation that propels them into the world of numerical probability, conspiratorial politics, international ticket scalpers, counterfeiters, disgruntled players, and illegal immigrants looking to grab the brass ring. Caught in the crosscurrents of those in deadly pursuit of the winning ticket, the investigators are buffeted by unsolved murders, a bomb blast-and the curious giveaway of winning lottery tickets: acts of charity or criminal subterfuge?The whereabouts and redemption of the $750 million jackpot lottery ticket remains a mystery throughout, stirring anger and resentment among the lottery-playing public. The winning ticket, finally, surfaces but before the prize can be claimed a Faustian bargain puts Kirchner's job on the line.

The Commission

Michael Norman - 2007
    Concerned that a paroled perpetrator with a grudge may have killed Vogue, Kincaid teams up with Salt Lake City Police Department Lieutenant Kate McConnell to solve the crime and lessen the political fallout. The two think they have the case wrapped up, but they discover their chief suspect is dead, leading to a widening of the investigation as Sam and Kate uncover a cesspool of corruption in the prison system. Sam, a divorced father, quickly becomes a target, along with his aunt and young daughter. Fast pacing, plot twists, engaging characters, and an inside view of the prison system combine in this strong series debut. Sue O'BrienCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Deep Rough

Chris Blewitt - 2010
    Deep Rough takes the reader inside The Masters, revealing not only the historical backdrop of the famed tournament, but of a plot that could destroy the very fabric of the tournament itself. Filled with hole by hole descriptions, high stakes and even murder, Deep Rough will make even the casual golfer ponder what really goes on at the most famous golf course in the country.

Croaker: Kill Me Again

Paul Bishop - 1994
    Now, because of a streak of unsolved murders, she feels extra pressure to solve the murder of a mysterious woman who had multiple IDs in different names, a million dollars in cash, and only new clothing and furniture in her equally new condo at the time of her death. Fingerprints inexplicably reveal the woman had already been murdered – 18 years earlier in San Francisco. Despite this twist, the case appears to be open and shut – the woman's ex-husband, convicted of killing her the first time, was released on parole weeks before her second murder. However, the victim has many more surprises for everyone involved – especially for Fey, who finds herself becoming one of the suspects when her investigation takes a turn for the deadly.

Deadly Gamble

Connie Shelton - 1995
    Stacy's Rolex watch is missing and she begs Charlie to help locate it before her husband finds out. Things are complicated by the fact that Stacy had been seeing another man, Gary Detweiller, and he's the one she suspects of having stolen the watch. With a little detective work, Charlie and her sidekick dog, Rusty, retrieve the missing watch and all should be well. But three days later, Detweiller is murdered. All eyes turn to Stacy as the prime suspect. Once again, Stacy begs Charlie's help in proving her innocence. As she begins to ask questions, Charlie learns that Detweiller's life was not as simple as first perceived and that any number of people had grievances against him. And before she can pinpoint the killer, her own life is in danger as well. Includes new foreword from the author upon the 20th anniversary of first publication of this ongoing series' first title.