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On a Whim by Win Day


Cowboy Time (Cowboy Up Book 4)

Allison Merritt - 2016
    A book bundle by some of the hottest Western authors around. Each story is unique… from sweet to sizzling with a story sure to please fan of Western Romance. Happily Ever After, Cowboy by Allison Merritt She’s planning the wedding of her dreams with a pretend groom and a fake ceremony. What could possibly go wrong? A Cowboy’s Magic by Leslie P. Garcia Every cowboy needs a little Magic in his life… A Pigskin Cowboy by Melissa Keir Being financially secure is Charley’s biggest dream. Clearing his name is Kane’s. When the media comes looking for the big story, will Kane and Charley’s relationship survive the drama or will the football player run again? Keep Calm and… Cowboy by Autumn Piper Everyone knows his area of expertise falls squarely between the sheets, but nobody knows his best friend just asked him for a crash course in all things sex. Sadie’s Fantasy Cowboy by Sara Walter Ellwood What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; that is until the heart is involved… Lily’s Summer Cowboy by D’Ann Lindun Friendship turns to passion …but can they heal one another?

More Cowboy Country

Sandy Sullivan - 2016
    When hunky horseman Travis Brooks answers her ad, she knows he’s the man for the job. Will her husband's memory come between what could be the best thing to ever happen to her? The Bronco Boys: Blake by Deb Julienne~ Blake Bronco is an FBI agent shot in the line of duty and goes home to recuperate. Hannah Parks is a nurse who swaps physical therapy treatment with a real live cowboy willing to teach her to ride a horse. Murder and mayhem seal their fates. Coverall and Cornstalks by RaeAnne Hadley~ Madysen has a job to do, Nate sees a future between them. Can he convince her he's worth the time? Shot Through The Heart by D’Ann Lindun~ Laramie Porter has been left for dead by her drug-crazed brother in the Colorado wilderness. Derrick Garrison must get his cattle out of the way of a forest fire, or lose everything. Can they escape danger and fall in love along the way?

Unlikely Dad

Sydell Voeller - 2004
    She feels content knowing that the B&B is a wonderful way to give back to her community and that smalltown life affords Michael some much needed security. Because of Rachel's divorce from his father, Michael has suffered emotionally and is failing in school.Chad Merrick, Rachel's old boyfriend, returns home to help his mother sell her property. Once again, Rachel is powerfully attracted to Chad, yet she is also cautious. Chad is a renowned international wildlife photographer who loves wide open spaces. She can't imagine that he would ever settle for the humdrum smalltown life. She's convinced, as Chad is, that his visit is temporary.Chad begins tutoring Michael and soon fills in as his dad for a community Boy Scout project. While Rachel is grateful for Chad's help, her caution meters skyrocket. Before she knows it, Michael has become too attached to Chad. Can Rachel protect her son from further hurt and abandonment? And most of all, can she allow herself to fall in love with Chadthis time forever?

Holiday Fling

Kristina KnightRobyn Neeley - 2015
    A change of scenery and a sexy stranger leads to sparks flying for these charming couples. But when their holidays are over, can they figure out how to turn their flings into forever love? What a Texas Girl Wants: The last thing Jackson Taylor wants in his life is a down-to-earth girl like Kathleen Witte, so why did he just wake up next to her on a Mexican beach with a ring on his finger? Once they're back in Texas, though, this all-business marriage might just turn into an all-consuming love. Summer Promises: Drama queen Carly Foster is stuck performing in a touristy ghost town with charming Asher Day. Is he flirting with her because he's bored or is there room for passionate play off stage, too? Jade's Treasure: Jade Sawyer simply wants to be left alone to manage her family's mountain resort and design her jewelry. Then world-famous author Matthew Riley McLaughlin books a room as a hideout, and their shared need for privacy becomes personal. But can she overlook a shocking betrayal? The Spanish Acquisition: When multibillionaire business mogul Carlos meets struggling art student Lily on vacation in the Dominican Republic, passion ignites. But they must overcome their differences as well as a mix-up of mistaken identity. California Wine: Italian Marcos Gamari has one goal in life: to create the finest wine from the best vineyards in the world. Then he meets single mother Elizabeth Ladina, who shows him that his real dream just may reside here in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Between the Sheets: An annual retreat is the perfect setting for music teacher Maggie Schafer to turn over a new leaf in her love life, but then a pretend romance with handsome Randy Devers gets surprisingly real. All About Charming Alice: Quirky Alice Treemont gives up hope of finding love in rural Blake's Folly, Nevada, until dashing and well-to-do author Jace Constant comes to town to research his new book. Opposites indeed attract, and soon the whole town is determined to make a love match. Just for the Weekend: Multimillionaire Sam Mason is sick of gold diggers. When he meets a role-playing kindergarten teacher at a sci-fi convention in Vegas, she seems like the real thing. Then - surprise! - he wakes up married to this sexy stranger . . . only to find his new bride has vanished. Is he looking for a swindler or the love of his life? Christmas Dinner: Amanda dreads returning home single for Christmas, but the only available man to play escort is her rival for the TV anchor spot. When he agrees, much to her surprise, they both see a different side of each other under the mistletoe. Trapped in Tourist Town: Cady Eaton dreams of the bright lights of New York City, but she's stuck playing tour guide to travel writer Burke Sanders in tiny Scallop Shores. When deeper feelings develop, can he convince her that everything they need is right in front of them? Sensuality level: Sensual

Montgomery House (The Lighthearted Collection)

Katharine E. Hamilton - 2017
    Unfortunately, rumors spread of mysterious happenings haunting the property, and the only contractor willing to take on the project is Jackson Dean, the long lost nephew of her grandmother’s chief enemy. Jackson Dean moves to Georgia to reignite his family relations, but his work poses a threat to a peaceful transition. He accepts the job on Montgomery House to prove his skills as a contractor, but what he is not expecting are his feelings towards the granddaughter of Sissy Montgomery, and his personal quest to mend more than just the house. Elizabeth and Jackson must learn to work together on more than just construction, and their hearts must face more than just family prejudice. Can years of family rivalry truly be forgiven?

Norwegian Prince’s Baby: A BWWM Romance

Destiny Davis - 2021

HUGE: Volume Two (Ten Book Romance Box Set)

Kelly Favor - 2018
    And my crime was being unlucky enough to work for Drake Barrett… A body that looked like it was made for giving women the best sex of their lives. And eyes as cool as polished steel. That was the man who would become my boss…and my tormentor. When billionaire mogul Drake Barrett took over the hotel I worked at, I had no idea that he would turn my life upside down. Gorgeous, intimidating and cold as ice, he marched into our workplace like a conquering general and immediately began cleaning house. Tales of his firings, his insults, and his demands began spreading through the hotel like wildfire. But those rumors were nothing compared to the man himself. Drake Barrett was rude, insulting, cruel and callous. So I couldn’t be blamed for venting about him in the bathroom to one of my colleagues. I told her exactly what I thought of our new boss, in great detail. It wasn’t meant to hurt anyone; I just said those things out of frustration. But when my comments were inadvertently overhead by Drake himself, I became his number one target. And he decided to make an example of me. Now, I have to deal with Drake Barrett’s series of unforgiving punishments meant to teach me a lesson. And the worst part of all? The worst part is how much I like it. Wicked Stepbrother by Lila Price My cocky, controlling stepbrother is in charge of me for the summer… I hate him. I hate the way he touches me, the way he makes my stomach flip, the way he always looks like he has a secret I’m too naïve to know. I’m home for the summer from college, and I’m supposed to have the house to myself. But instead, he’s here. In the driveway, washing his car, his abs glistening under the sun, his broad shoulders flexing. The first thing he does is spray me with the hose, soaking my shirt and making it see-through. I can tell he’s looking. But that’s ridiculous. Tristan dates models – I’m nowhere near their league. But that night, something happens between us. Something wrong. Something forbidden. Something totally hot. And before I know it, I’m not upset that he’s in charge of me. I’m begging for more – more discipline, more kissing, more lessons, more of him. Hiding our relationship is hard enough. Dealing with Tristan’s demons is another thing altogether… Because Tristan has a secret. One that's darker and more dangerous than I could ever imagine…. HUGE: Volume Two contains these stories and more…ten romances from today’s top romance authors!!

Small Town Alpha Heat

Amber Adams - 2020
    Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle in to be romanced by these 10 hot alpha men. As they work to win the hearts of their strong and curvy women be prepared for:Ups and downSurprisesChallengeSexy heatMisunderstandingsAdventureChemistryConnectionMistakesTrust gainedTrust lostLove wonUnforgettable nights of passion and...10 HAPPILY-EVER-AFTERS!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Heroes of Hope CountyOnce you take that first step across the county line into Hope, you'll find things are about to heat up!At first glance, Hope County appears a simple, sleepy place, but once you venture inside, you'll be welcomed into a place of thriving, hot excitement and luscious, heart-stopping drama with the perfect places for love and happily ever afters. A mansion with suspense and seduction; a dance club with all the right moves and curves; a record shop that will send you spinning. Drive around and see for yourself if fiery passion is enough to turn into instant love.Take a trip with our steamy, alpha-male cast in this five part, stand-alone romance series as Myles, Graham, Miguel, Josh and Andre fall hard in love for their curvy counterparts. They'll stop at nothing to win their hearts and make their own happy endings.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Swanford Coast SeriesGet your romantic fantasies revving with Jake, Robert, Lincoln, Ben and Kai!They’re heating it up on the shores of the small town of Swanford Coast!But, just because they turn all the female heads in town, doesn’t mean that love comes easy for these yummy alpha men.Grab your beach chair and pull up some sand & discover...♥ Will Jake be able to live down his false reputation and win Amanda's heart?♥ Robert finally broke through to Victoria but has he dropped the ball and lost her now for good?♥ Lincoln is able to be private about his colored past but Jenny's not so lucky. Can he and Jenny ride the tumultuous waves of her's and not have the town shame her into running away?♥ Ben, the ex-military alpha... turned baker. Will the secret he's hiding cause Wendy to lose respect for him and leave him broken-hearted?♥ Kai doesn't like the beach so why the hell is he in Swanford Coast? He even wonders himself, until he meets Alanna. What she does is about to changes everything.These 5 hot, steamy, insta-love stories will leave you, not only dreaming of your own seaside romance, but also believing in true love and happily ever afters.Love really CAN change everything.(And it certainly doesn't hurt when your hero is a drop dead alpha stud of sizzling hotness.OMG!)

The Letter

Emma Sharp - 2020
    That is, until one morning, when, out of the blue she receives a mysterious letter. With life changing decisions to be made, will Laura take up the challenge of starting a new life in the French sunshine? Join her on the rollercoaster adventure, as she experiences highs and lows, opens new doors, makes new friends; and enemies along the way. Who can she trust in this unfamiliar country with the secrets that she uncovers? And, how is she going to deal with her belligerent, new neighbour? So much more than a rags to riches story.

unWanted: Husband

Sandra D. Bricker - 2000
    Charlotte has unlimited travel benefits to offer in return for the extra income she needs to pay for her elderly father's care...and Seth has a thriving business which costs nearly as much in travel expenses as he earns. That's how two people who vow to never tie the knot find themselves in the back seat of a pink convertible at a drive-thru wedding chapel saying, "I do!" But when they actually start falling head over heels in love—neither one knows what to do. Can they make this love work?

Love Under the Sun

Heather Rodney-DiazCasey Dawes - 2015
    From the crystal waters of the Caribbean to the sunny shores of Hawaii, the historic coast of Melbourne or a fishing village in Maine, these beachfront books will deliver the joys of summer loving any time of year! Island Pursuits: Former U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez returns to his homeland of Trinidad and Tobago only to run into a feisty island goddess with one flaw - she has no love of anything military. Caribbean Melody: Their dancing duo was an overnight sensation at the posh Martinique hotel, but is Kristen just Leon's ticket to stardom or something more? Surge: University transfer student Marcus sets out to earn fellow student Lara's friendship, but a secret could jeopardize everything he's worked for his entire life. As the heat rises, he must choose between love and his dreams. Doubts of the Heart: Recent breast cancer survivor Nica Dobson is trying to regain her spirit and accept the changes in her body and mind. Now an old flame and ancient secrets challenge her to embrace love, too. Naturally Enchanted: As a struggling journalist, Owen Cooper has to make a name for himself, and a tip that a real-life witch is living on Mango Cove may just lead to the big story he needs. Undercover as a shipwrecked tourist, he worms his way into Ezra's family and their secrets, but can he get her out of his heart? Seducing Phoebe: Phoebe Fitzgerald is about to marry wonderful Marco Petronelli - until her ex turns up and declares his undying love for her. Confused about her feelings, she calls off her wedding. Can Marco convince her their relationship is worth saving? His Hawaiian Christmas: When Clara O'Fallen gets a promotion to paradise, she can't help feeling homesick for her Wisconsin winters. But smiling surfer Kai Schmitt might just show this scrooge how to hang loose and catch the spirit of the season - the aloha spirit! Paradise Point: Inheriting half ownership in Paradise Point marina is a break Liv Barnette embraces with open arms. The sexy downside? Sharing her windfall with Army Ranger Adam Lark, who wants her gone . . . or so he thinks. California Sunset: Annie Gerhard is struggling to keep her Silicon Valley techie job during a recession, while John Johnson is trying to make a go of his bookstore. Neither has time for romance, but fate is taking care of business. Five of Hearts: As lead singer for the boy band Five of Hearts, Dean learned that women only want him for his money and fame. So he has a good reason for hiding his alter ego from his neighbor, Shannon, and everyone else in Scallop Shores. But the closer he gets to Shannon and her children, the more he realizes he may have made a mistake. Sensuality Level: Sensual

Cowboy, Yours (Cowboy, Mine Book 2)

Kathleen Ball - 2016
    From the best-selling authors who brought you Cowboy, Mine… Fall in love again with six sexy cowboys who know how to make a woman smile. Ryelee's Cowboy by Kathleen Ball: Ryelee Snyder is pregnant and alone. Fortunately, she finds a job as a nanny. Rancher Clint Maloney needs help with his daughter but he never bargained on Ryelee Snyder. Secrets, misunderstandings, and cattle rustling put an increasing strain on their relationship. Will they part or will love allow them to turn to each other? In a Cowboy's Arms by Krista Ames: Growing up on a farm with three brothers, Lacey Connelley was not attracted to Cowboys in the slightest. Wannabe cowboy Jordan Cross is the glitch she never expected and he's determined to prove her wrong about him. The Secret Truth at Dare Ranch by Cheryl Gorman: A woman struggling to save her failing ranch, overcome the tragedy of her brother's death and one man's determination to preserve his best friend's memory. Coming Home by Melissa Keir: Fate threw Shevonne and Jackson together in a desperate search for her missing father. Can a blind woman and the womanizer rely on each other to rescue Mr. Wilder or will insecurities and stress cause their blossoming relationship to self-destruct? A Totally Different Life by Lyssa Lane: Queen of Country Music, Miranda Wallen, has been divorced for almost two years with no love in sight. Finn Lindemann loves his job at Happy Trails R&R Ranch. Neither expect the relationship that ensues and both are scared of what it might lead to. Cooper's Redemption by D’Ann Lindun: Elizabeth Adams’ mother travels to Colorado to sell her inherited ranch…and vanishes. There is no proof JB Cooper murdered his neighbor, but the people of Salt Lick, Colorado believe him guilty. Can Cooper help find Elizabeth’s mother in time? Or will the dark eye of suspicion on Cooper tear them apart?

The Last of The Moon Light Pack

Samantha Abbott - 2021

Cowboys, Bulls and Buckles

Deb Julienne - 2016
     Sweet Cowboy Kisses by Stephanie Berget Can two wounded souls find a sweet future together? Bucked Off for Love by Lacey Wolfe What happens when a bull rider seeks physical therapy from the one woman who brings his body to life? Heart Rush by Lisa Huffman When two hearts collide, can anything happen? A Cowboy to Love by D’Ann Lindun Can a women dreaming of a family and a cowboy who is sterile find a way to build a life together?

Tides of Autumn

Amanda McIntyre - 2014
    Recently widowed, Darci Cunningham swims against popular current that she should take her time and heal after the sudden death of her husband. But in a bold turn, she decides to follow a dream set aside and moves to Mackinac Island to pursue her dream of writing.But as she prepares for her first winter on the island, she is unaware of the dangers that have washed ashore--one that may steal her heart, while the other may steal her life(*available in ebook and soon in paperback)